Henry Clarke notes
Henry Clarke

~ Compiled 1 December 1995 ~
by Jerry W. Murphy

Surry County Records: Surry County, Virginia, 1652-1684; by Eliza Timberlake Davis (1980), Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, Maryland.

p.26 - Book I, 1652-1672
Page 117. 3 May 1658. Henrye MEDDOWES, I pray you confess judgement for your friend, Henerye CLARKE for a debt he owes Mr. Wm. BROWNE, this note shall bear you harmless. Your friends, Henerye CLARKE. Wit: Thos. CULMER.

Page 256. 1 May 1665. Henry CLARKE, Senior, Planter, of Hog Island, security of Henry CLARKE, Junior, sells to Randall HOLT a cow and cattle. Wit: Thos. AMRY, Ralph DUNSTAN. Thos. CLARKE Assigns all rights in the patent to Jno. RAWLINGS. 2 Jan. 1665.
Page 256. 15 March 1663. Sir Wm. BERKELEY granted unto Thos. CLARKE 50 acres of land being on the south side of James River on Upper Chippoakes Creek, formerly called Swan's Bay, N.W., on Main Creeke...to Capt. BISHOP...to Mary EMMETT land, being formerly granted to Wm. GAPIN, deceased, now in possession of Thos. CLARKE by marriage with the widow of Thos. GAPIN.

p.106 - Book II, 1671-1684
Page 163. 4 March 1677/8. Henry CLARKE, very sick, not able to attend Court, confesses indebtedness to Mr. William MATHEWS, Murrur MARKINA, and confesses judgement. Wit: Rand. HOLT.

Page 230. 6 Oct. 1679. Sarah BLAND, Atty. and wife of John BLAND, confirms to Walter BARTLETT all purchases made by him from Giles BLAND. Wit: Robert CAUFIELD, John MOVER. Confirms to Edward TANNER, likewise. 4 9ber 1679.
On back of this deed was written warrant of Atty. to Richard CLARKE, Sheriff, to acknowledge the indenture.
Page 236. 18 Dec. 1679. A jury was summoned at the house of Henry CLARKE, in Hog Island, to inquire into the death of a child, being left alone fell into the fire:
Timothy EASELL, Sr.
Charles AMRY
Owen MISE?

Page 339. 15 8ber 1683. John CLARKE indebted to Roger PULESTON.
Page 341. 1 Jan. 1683. Nicholas MASON makes his wife Mary his attorney. Henry CLARKE, Wm. HOLT.

Wills and Administrations of Surry County, Virginia 1671-1750; by Eliza Timberlake Davis (1980), Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, Maryland.

GORD, Henry: Leg.- To son, Harry GORD, land on Blackwater River in Surry County that I purchased of Phillip HUNIFORD. If he die before of age to go to my son, William GOAD, and if he die before 21 years old, to go to son, Nathaniel GOAD. To son Harry, my gun. After debts are paid, remainder of estate to the three sons. 20 Aug. 1677. Prob.: 15 9br 1677. Wit: Henry CLARKE, Robert SHAW, Rebecca. Book 2, p. 152.

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