Julie's Family Tree

Julie's Family Tree

Julie's Family Tree files at this site contain the direct ancestors of Julie and the siblings of those direct ancestors.
All collateral lines are now located at
RootsWeb World Connect Project, database jwtrout,
Julie Wollard Trout's GEDCOM files.


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Julie's files also include many individuals who are not directly related to Julie but were members of Polk County, Missouri families that intermarried with Julie's Polk Co. families. To find these files, you need to go to Julie Wollard Trout's GEDCOM files at RootsWeb World Connect Project. The link below will lead you to the index of my specific files. All of the individuals in the above "Julie's Index of Names" are also included within these files at RootsWeb, along with MANY other individuals. You can also see a merged version of Julie's Family Tree and Brian's Family Tree at the link below.

Julie Wollard Trout's GEDCOM files
at RootsWeb World Connect Project


In memory of my "Poppy" and Grandma Wollard,
Cecil, 1917-2000 and Faye (Henson), 1916-1999

Cecil and Faye, 60th anniversary, 1998

Together on Earth for almost 61 years, Together now in Heaven!

In memory of my sweet Grandma Maxine,

Maxine (Shirley) Shelenhamer, 1923-2005

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The surnames listed refer to boards maintained especially by me but anyone can post information to these pages. You can click on the link at the bottom to go to the index of all other surname boards, including many names listed within my family tree pages.


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