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smarms.jpgEduard Georg Kälin was born 14 October 1867 in Einsiedeln, Canton Schwyz, Switzerland. He was the son of Johann Georg Kälin and Josephine. He was a typesetter in Switzerland. Eduard came to the U.S. in May of 1886 and settled in Santa Rosa, California. His name was Americanized to Edward Kaelin and he married Amalia Huber, 24 October 1900 in Santa Rosa Catholic Church. They had five children: Mathilda Gertrude (1901-1985); George Edward (1903-1972); Edwin Daniel (1905-1984); and June Josephine who is still living. Other information about Edward includes him being a prizefighter in his early days in the U.S. under the name Kid Kaelin; he served in the Spanish-American War; and he owned a saloon called the Humboldt Saloon. Edward died 1 February 1950 in Santa Rosa, California.

- Denise Kaelin Mills

smarms.jpgJosef Maria Kälin, born October 20, 1868 near Einsiedeln, Schwyz, Switzerland, was the youngest son of Josef Maria Kälin and Maria Anna Magdalena (Kälin). His paternal Kälin Family Line No.113 goes back eight generations to before 1609 to Konrad Kälin who married Anna Kälin. His maternal Kälin Family Line No.108 goes back six generations to before 1630 to Johannes Kälin who married Margaretha Kälin, who was from the Kälin Family Line No.98. Josef Maria's father, who was a shoemaker, passed away when Josef was ten years old. Josef and his best friend Louis Kälin (no relation but also born near Einsiedeln), came to America in December 1888 and they both settled in Nebraska. Josef's name was Americanized to Joseph Kaelin. He married Susanna Ida Spörri on January 4, 1899 in Broken Bow, Custer County, Nebraska. Ida was born near Hombrechtikon, Switzerland, and she was the daughter of Hans Jakob Spörri and Anna Barbara Keller. Joseph and Ida had six children: Emma Helen (1899-1989); Joseph Alfonce (1901-1977); Frank Richard (1904-1907); George Henry (1908-1974); and Doris Carrie (1911-still living). More information is available about the ancestors and descendants of Joseph Maria Kaelin. I also have information about the Kälin Family Line No.74(family line of Louis Kaelin) back to before 1615 starting with Meinrad Kälin marrying Anna Weidmann; and also Kälin Family Line No.89B to 1721 starting with Johann Baptist Kälin marrying Maria Magdalena Gyr.

- G. Scott Kaelin

smarms.jpgMaria Eloisa Kaelin was born 7 November 1826 in Einsiedeln, Switzerland. Although not yet proven, I believe her father to be Xaver Kaelin. She came to Louisville, Kentucky in 1844. She married Joseph Adelrich Ochsner, born 1827 also in Einsiedeln, Switzerland. They were married 23 January 1854 at St. Boniface Church in Louisville, Kentucky. Their children were: Josephine, born 1854; Mary, born 1857; Charles, born 1858; Rosa, born 1861; Frank, born 1864; Martin, born 1864; and twins, Auge and Magdaline, born 1869. Maria (Mary) Kaelin Ochsner died 24 February 1907 and is buried in a single grave in St. Michael's Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky. I don't have a death date for Joseph Adelrich Ochsner, but a check on the 1870 and 1880 census suggest that he may have died during that ten year period.

- Barbara Hahn Brooks

smarms.jpgAn unknown Kaelin married Carrie (Caroline?) Decker. They had the following children: Lulie, Elizabeth, Minnie, Jacob (1888-1966). Elizabeth Kaelin married a Lukat. They had one known child: Elizabeth Lukat. Carrie Kaelin married Ernest Walter, son of Edward Walter. They had the following children: Gilbert, Geneva, Edna, May, Vennard and Arthur Lee. Geneva married Sylvester L. Rutledge on 4 November 1931. Geneva and Sylvester had five children: Sylvester L. Jr., Walter K., Leonard J., and Donald C. After his death she married Otto Weiland on 3 March 1973. Walter K. Rutledge (1934-) married Doris J. Schuler, and they had four children: Kenneth W., Gary L., Karen L. (September 1959 - September 1959) and Bruce A. These Kaelins from Louisville are said to have originated in Switzerland.

- Ken Rutledge

smarms.jpgI will try to give my lineage, which starts with a SCHOENBACHLER and a KALIN and finally ends with a FLYNN and a MULLETT. I will give a listing of each of the children, as I know them. I have listings for many of their descendents but have not listed them. Also, some of the children have spouses listed others do not. However, I do have a fair number which are on other records than from the one which this was typed. As you know, the Schoenbachler's and Kaelin have come in and out quite a bit. In fact I probably have more Kaelin blood than Schoenbachler, the earliest eight grandfathers Schoenbachler married a Kalin, or daughter of a Kalin, save one. Some of my (g's)randparents siblings travel back again to my line. I have not attempted to list them though anyone having an interest can contact me and I will be glad to provide any information I may have, i.e. DOB, DOD, spouse, children. I have very little information on most of my many (g's)randmother's parents (also my grandparents) and would appreciate hearing from anyone having any such information. My email address is [email protected]

My direct lineage will be in bold.

So to start… Jacob SCHOENBACHLER, born approximately 1584-1587 married Verena Kalin. They had four children, Catharina Jacob (who married Johann Jacob Kalin), Maria Jacob (m. Andreas Kalin), Martin Jacob and Johannes Jacob, b.1610 (m. Catharina Kalin).

Johannes Jacob Schoenbachler married Catharina Kalin, daughter of Johann Kalin and Elisabetha Kalin. They had ten children: Johann Wolfgang, Maria (m. Joseph Kurzi), Joachim, Martin, Ursula (m. Johann Jacob Grazer), Elisabeth (m. Ulrich Birchler), Johann Sebastian, Anna (m. Carl Grazer), Johann Jacob, b. 1652, (m. Barbara Kalin), Maria Magdalena.

Johann Jacob Schoenbachler married Barbara Kalin, daughter of Johann Kalin and Susanna Schoenbachler. They had six children: Martin, a priest, Maria Charitosa (m. Johann Kauflin), Maria Anna (m. Johann Martin Gyr), Joseph Theodor (m. Anna Mara Birchler), Elisabetha Lacher, Johann, and Johann Jacob b. 1689.

Johann Jacob Schoenbachler married Catharina Regina Kalin, daughter of Johann Kalin and Maria Bisig. They had four children: Maria Catharina, Maria Josepha (m. Meinrad Heinrich Kalin), Johann Martin, b. 1724, and Zacharias.

Johann Martin Schoenbachler married Maria Elisabetha Rohner. They had ten children: Maria Anna Josepha Antonia (m. Joseph Alderich Kalin), Johann Joseph, Johann Martin, Maria Barbara, Franz Carl, Maria Magdalena (m. Daniel Gyr), Maria Theresia, Maria Elizabetha Meinrada (m. Colestin Kalin), Maria Theresia (m. Felix Benedict Zogelmann), and Joseph Adelrich, b. 10/2/1775, Willerzell-Einsiedeln, Switzerland.

Joseph Adelrich Schoenbachler married Lucia Agatha Kalin, daughter of Jacob Anton Kaelin and Maria Elizabetha Bisig. They had one child: Joseph Adelrich, b. 7/24/1811, Willerzell-Einsiedeln, Switzerland.

Joseph Adelrich Schoenbachler married Josefa Catherina Schoenbachler, daughter of Maurus Schoenbachler and Maria Kalin. They had thirteen children: Josef Maria, Johann Dominik, Johann Martin, Maria Anna Elisabetha, Maria Anna Catharina (m. Johann Caspar Fuchs), Maria Anna Apollonia (m. Mathias Bisig), Augustin J. b. 8/28/1842 Willerzell Einsiedeln Switzerland, Josefa Benedikta (m. Johann Dominik Fuchs), Josef Alois, Luzia, Josephine Meinrada, Josefa Katharina, and Clementina.

Augustin J. Schoenbachler married Maria Agatha Kalin, daughter of Martin Kalin and Chatherina Kalin. They had eleven children: Agatha, Apollonia, Maria Anna Josefa, Joseph Meinrad, Julianna, b. 6/12/1869 Gross Einsiedeln, Switzerland, Bernardin, Augustin, Josef Meinrad, Josef Augustin, Katharina, and Alois.

Julianna Schoenbachler married Harry FLYNN, son of James and Margaret () Flynn. They had nine children: Lawrence, (m. Irene Hendricks & Odessa Rudachille), Julius (m. Elizabeth Steinmetz), Henry Edward (m. Della Bauer), Margaret Rose (m. Joseph Bechtold), Luther, Lilly May b. 9/22/1902, Louisville, KY. USA, Julia (m. Elmer H. Davis), John Oscar (m. Lula Wheatley), and Harry, Jr.

Lilly May Flynn, married Paul MULLETT, b. 5/1/1900. They had two children: Velma Jean and Paul Eugene, b. 8/11/1934, Louisville, KY. USA.

Paul Eugene MULLETT married Barbara Joyce Young, b. 8/12/1934, d. 12/11/1979. They had five children: David Jeffrey, John Michael, Sandra Jean, Mary Beth and Karen.

Paul Eugene Mullett later married Mary Ann Farris Quiroa.

- Paul Mullet

smarms.jpgThe following excerpts are from Registers in Switzerland. Number 1 is from Schwyz, number 2 is from Oberiberg:

1) Karolina Reichmuth, b. 11 November 1875, dau. of Franz Reichmuth and Magdalina Fassbind, m. Johann Hubli, the son of Franz Hubli and Cacilia Kälin.

2) Johann Michael Reichmuth, b.1745, d.1828, son of Johann Franz Reichmuth and Maria Magdalena von Euw, m. in 1765 with Maria Katharina Kälin. d.about 1801 (8children). In 1901 Johann married Anna Katharina Kälin and had 13 children.

Maria: dau of Johann Franz Kälin and Katharine Kälin.

Anna: dau. of Konrad Kälin and Anna Eberle.

- Alois Mathais Reichmuth, b.1849, d.1893, son of Franz Reichmuth and Magdalena Holdner, m.1875 with Maria Benedikta Kälin(Josefa), b.1846, d.1912. Dau. of Blasius Kälin and Gertrude Birchler. Maria had 8 children.

-Bernadin Reichmuth, b.1824, d.1815, son of Balz(Balthasar) Werner Reichmuth and Barbara Fassler. His 2nd marriage 1874 to Rosa Carmenzind, dau. of Kaspar Carmenzind and Rosa Kälin, Rosa had 3 children.

- Johann Josef Reichmuth, b.1838, d.1919, son of Johann Josef Reichmuth and Katharina Barbara Adderruthi, m.1865 with Josefa Rosa Kälin, d.1876, dau. of Albert Kälin and Maria Barbara Kälin.

-August Benedikt Reichmuth,b. 1879, son of Anton Reichmuth and Maria Anna Eberle, m.1902 with Anna Katharina Kälin.

- Franz Anton Reichmuth, b.1875, son of Josef Anton Reichmuth and Maria Anna Reichmuth Marty, m. 1907 with Mathilda Kälin.

- Anton Flecklin

smarms.jpgMichael Kaelin was born February 8, 1851 in Switzerland. His father was Meinrad Kaelin and his mother's maiden name was Katherine Fassler. Michael immigrated to the United States in 1870 or 1872 (census reports are conflicting). In 1876, he married Anna Steinken, of German descent. They lived in Covington, Kentucky area having eight children. The six known children were: Robin, Mamia, Theresa, Robert, John, and Florence. Per census records, Michael worked as a stable boss in 1890; by 1900 he was a farmer, and subsequently he was a contractor. Anna died in 1926, and Michael died in 1935. Their daughter Theresa married Edward Deters in 1904, and they had four children: Helen, Edward, Albert, and Clifford. Theresa died in 1913 of complications from childbirth. Reportedly Michael had relatives in the Louisville, Kentucky area but this has not yet been verified. If you have any additional information or would like to contact me, my e-mail address is: [email protected]

-G. Deters

smarms.jpgHenricis Kälin married Margaritha Kälin, there are ten generations starting from before 1610. Conrad Kälin married Anna Kälin, eight generations here from before 1637. George Kälin married Agnete Bisinger with seven generations dating from before 1648. Johann Kälin married Susanna Schonbachler (born 1619), seven generations on this line. Maria Kälin married Meinrad Bisig, there are nine generations dating from before 1614. There are over twenty Kälin lines connected with these Kälins, with some crossing each other. All the above Kälin lines originated in Einsiedeln, Canton Schwyz, Switzerland.

- David Neerman

smarms.jpgAnton Jacob Kaelin was born 4 July 1860 in Einsiedeln, Canton Schwyz, Switzerland. He was the son of Isadore Kaelin (b. 1828) and Anna Catherine Schoenbachler (b. 1834). Anton was one of eight children: his twin Aloisious, joseph, Louis, Carl, John, Bertha, and Catherine. Anton married Anna Catherine Schoenbachler, Anna Catherine, one of sixteen children, was born in Einsiedeln on 12 June 1866 to Benedict Schoenbachler (b. 1828) and Anna Catherine Ruhstaller (b. 1930). It is not known when Anton and Anna Catherine came to America, but they settled in Louisville, Kentucky. Anns Catherine died 27 July 1927 and Anton died 20 March 1945.

-Terry Kaelin

smarms.jpgJoseph Martin Kaelin was born 17 Fenruary 1867 in Einsiedeln, Canton Schwyz, Switzerland, his brother Dominik was born 11 November 1871; they were two of thirteen children born to Jakob Franz Kaelin and Josepha Meinrade Kueriger. On or about 31 July 1889, Joseph left Einsiedeln for Le Harve, France and from there left for America. Family history says Dominik left with Joseph but have not been able to confirm, but the both ended up in America. When they reached the U.S. they settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania were they found employment as bookbinders. In 1892, Philadelphia City Directories have a Thomas Kaelin (also a bookbinder) living with Joseph, it is unknown if this person is a relative.

Dominik was the first of the two brothers to marry. On 28 May 1894 he married Annie Stevens (b. 23 May 1870 in Germany). Annie died about May 1904; a few months later on 27 September 1904, Dominik married Marion Fritsch (b. 17 June 1870 in Germany). Meanwhile, Joseph Martin had also gotten married; He married Solame Trinkler (AKA: Sarah), on 28 June 1895. Sarah was born 9 April 1870 in Strasburg, Germany. They had five children: Solame Meinrada Dorothea (AKA: Sarah - 1896-????); Martin Joseph (1898-1955); Dorothea Louisa (1899-????); Mary (1900-????); and Frances Teresa (1901-1975). Solame Trinkler Kaelin was buried in Northwoods Cemetery on 18 May 1905. Joseph Martin remarried in 1906 to Barbara T. Fox (b. 23 May 1858). Joseph Martin died 30 September 1922; Barbara T. Fox Kaelin died 21 July 1941. They are buried, along with two of Joseph and Solame's children: Martin Joseph and Frances Teresa (and her husband John Shannon) in Holy Redeemer Cemetery. More information is available about the ancestors and descendants of Joseph Martin.

- Dee Kaelin Maialetti

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