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Our Photo Gallery is full of pictures of our ancestors, their ancestral homes, and the town of Einsiedeln, Switzerland. To save space and loading time, I decided not to use thumbnails. To view the picture just click on the underlined text


Schloss Grynau

Einsiedeln, Switzerland in winter

Interior of Klosterkirche, 1

Interior of Klosterkirche, 2

Interior of Klosterkirche, 3

Interior of Klosterkirche, 4

Interior of Klosterkirche, 5

Interior of Klosterkirche, 6

Monastery of Einsiedeln in winter

Bookpage from an old Bible

Black Madonna

Painting from a Massbook

Fresco from Monastery of Einsiedeln

Lady Font in front of the Monastery

Aerial view of Einsiedeln Abbey

Hotels in the square

Einsiedeln, Switzerland

Map of Einsiedeln

Gross, Switzerland

Ancestral House of Joseph Maria Kälin

Kälin House

Joseph Martin Kaelin and his daughter

Solame Trinkler Kaelin

Marie Katharine Paul Kaelin

Martin Joseph Kaelin and his wife

Kaelin - Trinkler Family

Street Sign outside of Einsiedeln

Various Pictures from Einsiedeln

Another Winter Picture

Horses in Meadow


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