This  article appeared in a Kansas Newspaper, the Kincaid Dispatch, in 1916.

Kansas Town For Sale

Wanta buy a Town?
Znojmo is for sale.

Znojmo is what is left of a boom-day townsite is in Stevens County.  It was started during the boom days of the middle 80ís by a Bohemian colony.  Then the boom burst, the people left and all that was left of the town was the townsite and the name.  Some folks say the name was the only thing people remembered about it.  They couldnít forget that.

But now Znojmo is for sale.  The town lots are listed for sale for delinquent taxes.  Most of them are in the name of  Anton B. CHAPEK.  There are several hundred of them.  The taxes range from 72 cents to $1.19 per lot.  The sale will occur at the courthouse in Hugoton.