Mills-Hensley Families

Mills - Hensley

Our Family Name

Our family name,
One filled with pride,
Carries the history
Of generations gone by.

For those who have lived,
And those not yet born,
Our name strong and proud
Forever lives on.

I started researching for my family tree back in 1996. I gathered written information from my former husband, our sisters, parents and grandparents. Since then I have gone on line and gathered more information from genealogy and related websites, and other individuals. I have also purchased death certificates for several of my relatives.
I have over 4000 people listed in my family files, but the main family lines are as follows: Mills, Lawson, Sopha, Hillis, Hensley, Frazier, Helton and Patterson. A lot of the information I have recorded here has been verified by me. There is some information from others that I am unable to verify at this time, so please do not assume everything is correct. Even though I am now divorced, I will continue to maintain information on all families listed on this site. Please, email me if you have any questions about any information here. ~ Karen

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