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This is a wonderfull time to be alive. All of the past and future have the opportunity to know about each other.

We have seen and heard so many things about how it was back then . Also we tell about how it was back then. In this continious cycle of life we learn and live much as our ancestors. We work hard , play hard , and enjoy our family being close to us. This is what I have learned in my short 49 years of life. I would like to dedicate this page to My Sister , Sharon C. Campbell. She wasn't able to be with us long enough to know all of the family I have found recently. She is with our Ancestors. Heaven is their home now. They watch over us .When you feel a soft warm breeze or hear the the ripples in a stream you know they are there . Watching , listening and reminding us how they still love us.

Here are some of my favorite websites:

A Really Cool page (https://sites.rootsweb.com)
Another Really Cool page (http://familyhistory.com)
The Coolest page of all (http://ancestry.com)

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