Photos of Kassel

This page contains photographs of the village of Kassel and of families who used to reside there.  If you have photos of Kassel or of families from Kassel that you would like to share, please contact us at

Today Kassel
is known as
Kamarovka, Ukraine, Russia

Long house in the former village of Kassel.,
June 1996.

Inside the church in Kassel.
June 1996

Katharina Rudolph and Jacob Boschee, both born in the village of  Kassel.  Jacob was born in 1868 and Katharina in 1872.  They immigrated to the US in 1884 with their parents and homesteaded in the Dakota Territory.  They married in 1891 and farmed in the Wishek, ND area.

John Rieger and Barbara Boschee were born and raised in Kassel.  They married in 1880 and came to the US in 1884 where they homesteaded near Wishek, ND.

Friedrich Boschee and Katharina Hauck, born in Kassel, immigrated to the US in 1906 and settled in the McClusky area of North Dakota.

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