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My name is Kathie Borotkanics . I am a 44 year old working wife and mother of three gorgeous (IMHO) girls. My husband, Daniel , is maintenance supervisor at the FUMC. I was previously a cashier for K-P Food Mart, where I had a lot of friends that I hated to leave behind, but I am now working for Albertson's Fuel Express and I am making new friends everyday. (Not to mention, some of the old pals are finding their way over to see me.)

I love the weekends. It's the only time I can sit on my patio in the wee morning hours(when everyone else in the house is still sound asleep) with coffee in hand and just enjoy the solitude. Here, I can watch the cows wandering in the pasture, listen to sounds of the water from my fountains splashing in the ponds, listen to the birds singing in the trees above me, and contemplate how I am going to spend the rest of my day. This is my sanctuary away from the everyday hassles of the hectic lives we live.

My favorite and most time-consuming hobby (when there's time)is: Genealogy. Come along on a never-ending journey and let's see what we will find.....


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