Kathie's Kousins Genealogy Pages

          Kathie's Kousins Genealogy Pages

These pages are dedicated to genealogists everywhere.  It is my passion. It is an all-consuming hobby. This is the hobby that takes up most of my time. It is not a hobby to be taken lightly. As my family can attest, it tends to consume you. The genealogy bug has a very addictive affect on you. Just ask anyone that haunts the cemeteries, courthouses and libraries searching for that one little lead. You know the one; it'll take them one step closer to finding where and how their family used to live. My aunt, Pauline, put together a genealogy of my father's family. After buying a copy from her, I was hooked. Now, you'll find me spending hours in the library going through microfilm/microfiche and pouring over old books. Holidays and vacations are spent going to cemeteries and courthouses of the places we visit. I enjoy traipsing around the old cemeteries. It may sound "morbid" but there is a lot of history to be learned in an old cemetery. My family doesn't exactly share in my enthusiam at times but, I have never let it halt my progress. I am like a dog with a bone. Once I get that one little lead, I follow it through to the next brickwall. So, these pages are dedicated to those past and present who share in my search for the knowledge of those who have passed before us.

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Let's traipse through a few cemeteries together

Beyond these gates, a mystery untold, may soon unfold

Let's take a look inside the family album

You never know who we might find here...

And, now, for the treasure chest of goodies...

Here you will find the various pieces of documentation I have gathered together.

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