My French-Canadian Family Tree

Kathi (Blais) Clark-Colton

Exilia Chartier Blais with Father Ernest Blais
Pastor of Notre Dame in Fall River, Massachusetts, at the time of this picture.
This church was as beautiful as most of the European cathedrals
and was in the process of being made a national landmark
when it burned down in the middle 1980's.
Father Blais was the son of Cyprien Edgar Blais and Marie Sadie Bouchard.

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Welcome to my French-Canadian genealogy site. The main surnames in my family tree are BLAIS, CHARTIER, LETOURNEAU, PLANTE, MORIN, CLOUTIER, FOURNIER, and many more, with over 4500 families and 7400+ individuals included (and more to be added). There are approximately 1000 Blais individuals in this family tree.

The work on our Blais family tree was originally started by my 1C1R cousin, the late Emma Blais, daughter of Cyprien Edgar Blais and Marie Sadie Bouchard, over 40 years ago. Emma took her vows as a Catholic nun with the Sisters of Ste. Chretienne, Giffard, Quebec in 1938. Emma was able to trace our Blais lineage back to Pierre Blais and Anne Perrot, as well as finding several generations of our GG+ grandmothers' lineages, and presented family members with copies of her family history at Christmas, 1980. Many of these copies were lost over the years, but fortunately, my sister was able to locate her copy, which she graciously gave to me. Without her original work, I would never have gotten so far, so fast with the rest of our family tree.

I would also like to thank my good friends, Christine Blais (an 8th cousin); Guy Letourneau, (a 7C1R cousin) who will be involved with the new Letourneau Family Association; Paul Plante of the Plante Family Association; Vernon Chartier, head of the American branch of the Chartier Family Association; Chris and George Christian, wonderful researchers who have given me so much Blais information and are still in the process of going through my entire Blais lineage; and finally, Jeanne Lurie, (my newly-found 3rd cousin), for all their help with locating my ancestors.

This tree is a work in progress, so if you find any mistakes, please email me so I can correct them. Also, please note that there are no living people listed in this database. If you think you might be related to a family listed in my family tree, but are not sure, please contact me and I will see if I have the information you are looking for. Thanks!!

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