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~Woolverton/Wolverton Links~

Woolverton/Wolverton Genealogy by Glen Gohr

Woolverton Family History

Ancestry Message Board For Woolverton


~Michigan Links~

50 Best Michigan Genealogy Links

Cyndi's List For Michigan

Library Of Michigan 1870 Census Online


~Sherman/Shearman Links~

Shermens Of Yaxley

General William Tecumseh Sherman Genealogy

Sherman Pioneers In Michigan

Sherman/Shearman Genealogy Pages

Sherman & Ross Buried Genes

Homepage of Susan Carter White Pieroth

Lisa's Genealogy

Solomon Phillips and His Decendants

The Hall Family Project

Ancestry Sherman Message Board

~California Links~

Cyndi's List For California

Sacramento Genealogical Society

California State Map

California History



~Cater Links~

A Carter Family Genealogy Page

Anncestry Carter Message Board

Johannes LeCarter of Wodemanse Manor


~Illinois Links~

Cyndi's List For Illinois

Early Illinois Women and Other Unsung Heroes

Vermilion County Links

Illinois Marriage Index for 1763-1900

Illinois State Archives Database

(A must see for research in Illinois)


~Scott Links~

Ancestry Message Board Scott

US Scots Online

~Ohio Links~

Cyndi's List For Ohio

Huron County Genealogical Society

Guernsey County Ohio Genealogical Society

Huron County Families






~McFarland Links~

Scottish Heritage of Antrina McFarland

Clan MacFarlane

Family Names of Clan MacFarlane



~Wisconsin Links~

Cyndi's List For Wisconsin




~Free Census Record Links~


Census Online

Library Of Michigan 1870 Census Online

~Purchase Census Records Books & CD's Links~

Heritage Quest

Published Census Indexes

Appleton's Books & Genealogy





~Other Links~

Cyndi's List

Yates Publishing Company

My Cinnamon Toast Genealogy

The Genealogy Funny Papers Charts and Forms 

Roots Web

Is there a US President in your family tree?

Family History Books

My Cousin's Website The Stapleton's 

Books in Print About Women's History

Family Tree Maker

Ancestral Quest

Archaic Medical Terms

Genealogical Standards

National Obituary Archive



~Where To Find Microfilmed Census Records~

National Archives Reference Branch, Archives I

History Library Salt Lake City

Heritage Quest

Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Mid-Continent Library, Independence, Missouri

State Historical Society Of Wisconsin, Madison Wisconsin

Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, Cincinnati, Ohio

National Archives Reference Branch, Archives I National Archives and Records Admin, Washington, D.C.




~Regional Records Services Facilities~

Northeast Region (Boston) Mass

Northeast Region (Pittsfield) Mass

Northeast Region (New York City) New York

Mid-Atlantic Region (Philadelphia Center City) Penn

Southeast Region (Atlanta) Georgia

Great Lakes Region (Chicago) Illinois

Central Plains Region (Kansas City) Kansas

Southwest Region (Fort Worth) Texas

Rocky Mountain Region (Denver) Colorado

Pacific Region (Laguna Niguel) Niguel, CA

Pacific Region (San Francisco) San Bruno, CA

Pacific Alaska Region (Anchorage) Alaska

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