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I have just become the Comstock DNA Project Administrator. We have not had an organized project for our surname. There have been previous tests of four Comstock males and they will be invited to join the group for comparison, but for any of the test results to be meaningful, we need as many Comstock males tested as possible.

I would like to encourage any male still carrying the Comstock surname to consider testing. It is a simple painless procedure, involving a cheek swab. Test results will be published by an identification number only; no personal information is ever revealed. There are discounts for the tests if you apply through a group project.

Please contact me at khaden1959@gmail.com to join the project or simply to ask questions. If you have already been tested, please contact me to see if you can become part of the group project.

William Comstock, was in Watertown, Massachusetts Bay Colony by 1640, and died in New London, Connecticut, circa 1683. There is proof via a deed of grandsons, that William certainly had sons named John and Daniel. Various records and relationships suggest strongly that he also had sons Samuel and Christopher and a daughter Elizabeth who married Edward Shipman. His wife of record in New England was Elizabeth, perhaps Elizabeth Daniel although the surname is unproved. William Comstock appears to be the only possible parent available for these five younger Comstocks.

However, there is said to be a pedigree of nine generations of Komstohks in Germany and this pedigree has persisted in challenging researchers and encouraging some to presume that William Comstock, or some of those named as his sons, particularly Christopher, are not his sons at all but instead came from this German family. Recent research has not confirmed such a German family exists.

In order to settle these questions, we would hopefully find male descendants of each of the four proposed sons of William Comstock. DNA results, of course, do not name names, but the results, if there are enough participants, would show the likelihood that all four of these men were brothers, or closely related. If indeed some of them were not part of William Comstock's family, that should be readily apparent.

If you are a Comstock descendant, but no longer bear the surname, perhaps you would consider donating to a fund to help pay for DNA testing for those who cannot afford the fee.