First Generation

1. LAUGHLIN FLINN1 was born about 1679 in Ireland.1 He died in 1731 at the age of 52 in Kent County, Maryland.1

Laughlin and Margaret moved to Kent Co MD perhaps about 1718. He bought the Ruerdon/Riordan Plantation in Kent Co - mentioned in his Will. He has been given a father - a Thomas - and possible brothers - Patrick & Columb - by early researchers. However, the paper trail seems to end here with the earliest Laughlin. Other ancestors have no apparent proof.

I have no authority for his birth year. He could have been some older or younger.

Other than the Flynn/Flinn publications cited, Far Flung Flynns and Flinns of Auld Ireland, there can also be found an interesting series of posts from the FLYNN-L Mail List on Rootsweb, March 1999.
Look for Part 1-9 "Patrick & Laughlin Flinn". The posts were placed on the List by a Diana Flynn: "Bob Cawly and John Flinn have kindly agreed to share their research with
us. Below is part one of their wonderful document." John Flinn is also the author of Far Flung Flynns which at one time could be found online but is no longer available.
Bob Cawly also graciously shared his research document with me. He has spent a great deal of time and effort in attempting to find the origins of the Flinn/Flynn families in Ireland. Bob concluded it is likely that Laughlin Sr and wife Margaret arrrived in 1718 with a son Laughlin Jr. and perhaps also Patrick Flinn who died in Caswell Co, NC in 1781, and a Daniel Flinn who died, 1759, in Kent Co MD. [I suspect the Patrick in Caswell could have been in the next generation.]

It is likely the earliest Flinns in Colonial Maryland and Virginia were Scots-Irish, possibly coming first into Philadelphia, but not much else can be determined.

The Archives of Maryland Online has a few court records relating to the Flynns. The spelling is almost always "Flinn". My own line has used the Flynn spelling for generations. Othen than Laughlin, there was also a William Flinn, and Daniel Flinn, and Daniel Flinn, Junr, all referred to as planters, living at this time in Kent Co, Maryland.

The earliest of these is from Acts of the General Assembly hitherto unpublished 1694-1698, 1711-1729.
Acts of May 1719, was the earliest found
Vol. 38, p.253-4 Christopher Bateman of Kent Co petitioned that a certain Laughlin Flinn had obtained Judgment against him. Bateman was aged, had a wife and small children with nothing to support them, yet he was being held in gaol with no hope of being able to pay. All he has in the world will not amount to "near the sum". On condition Bateman surrendered all his estate for the use of said Laughlin Flinn he was discharged and Flinn debarred from any further Execution.

Nov Court 1725
Vol. 548, p123 Robert Green and Daniel Flinn, of Kent Co, planters, provided security for Bowles Green to appear in Court at the next session in the town of Chester, 3rd Tuesday, of the next March.

Nov Court 1726
Vol. 548, p.215 Laughlin Flinn was one of a jury of twelve men to hear the case of Katharine Kelley. She was judged not Guilty. 15 Nov 1726.
Vol. 548, p.248-9 Laughlin Flinn and Gideon Pearce, both of Kent County, Gentlemen, provided security for Edward Harris to appear at the next Court, 3rd Tuesday, March next to answer an information found against him for extortion of fees.

Mar Court 1726/7
Vol. 548, p.271 Case of His Lordship against James Watson. James Watson late of St. Pauls Parish, labourer, on the 10 of March 1726 did upon a certain Danl. Flinn with force and arms did make assault and beat, wound and "evilly" treat so that his life was much dispared.
James Watson said he was in no sort guilty. He who followed for the Lord proprietor said he was guilty.
Watson relinquished his plea. 25 Mar 1727, it was ordered that Watson pay 100 #'s tobacco as a fine for committing an assaulty and battery, and 435 #'s for costs. The sheriff of Kent Co to keep in custody until the sums are satisfied.

Jun Court 1728
Vol. 567, p.3 Benjamin Pearce of Cecil Co and Laughlin Flinn of Kent County, Innholder, were security for the appearance of Philln. [Phillander?] Church to appear in court at the next session. June, 1728, Church did appear and Pearce & Laughlin Flinn discharged.

Mar Court 1729
Vol. 567, p.123-4 case of His Lordship agst. Margret Flinn, wife of Laugh. Flinn
William Murphy ordered to give security for his appearance in the next counrt, 3rd Tuesday June next.
Joshua George of Cecil Co, Gent. also gave security for William Murphy.
Laughlin Flinn gave 20#'s sterling security for his wife's appearance to answer an indictment found against her for stealing seven yards muslin and two paid of women's glove, goods of a certain William Murphy.
Flinn also gave security for Mary Tobee to appear 3 rd Tuesday in Next and give her evidence agains Margret Flinn

August Court 1730
Vol. 567, p.148 His Lorship agst. Margret Flinn wife of Laughlin Flinn
Kent Co. The Lord proprietors present that Margret Flinn, late of St. Pauls Parish in Kent Co and wife of Laughlin Flinn, Innholder, on the 10th of Feb 1729, took seven yards of Muslin the value of 50#'s of tobacco each yard, and two pairs of womens gloves, of the value of 20#'s tobo each pair of a certain William Murphey, which she did feloniously steal and bear away. Margret Flinn said she was in no sort guilty. A jury of twelve was called and judged she was not guilty. She was ordered to pay costs of 1128#'s tobacco. Laughlin Flinn came in Court and said he would pay all fees, and she was acquitted.

Mar Court 1731
Vol. 567, p.271 13 Mar 1731, William Flinn of Kent County, planter proved security to make his appearance at the next court, 3rd Tuesday, Instant, and give evidence against Peter Green Junr.
21 Mar 1731, William Flinn appeared in court and the security discharged.
John Lee and William Flinn were sworn as evidences against Peter Green, late of St Pauls Parish, labourer, who on 10 Feb 1731, did upon John Lee with force and assault the said John and did beat, wound, and evilly treat so that his life was dispaired.
the back of the Bill endorsed: Test: John Lee Wm. Flinn

Mar Court 1731/2
Vol. 567, p.288 His Ldship agst Laugh. Flinn & Margaret his wife
Information for dealing with Mr. James Holydays, servt. Court continues the same until next Court, 3rd Tuesday in June. Daniel Flinn Junr, at last August Court entered his surety for his own appearance as evidence against Laughlin & wife at the Novr. Court next ensuing. Daniel did not appear and the same was continued to March next. The 3rd Tuesday in March was the 21st day, 1731. Daniel Flinn, Junr appeared and his security is discharged. Daniel Flinn Junr is to enter anew into recognizance for appearance at the next June Court.
Daniel Flinn Junr. and Bowles Green, both of Kent Co, planters, gave their security for the June Court appearance.

Jun Court 1732 His Lordship agst Laughlin Flinn & Margaret his Wife
at court in Kent Co, 16 Nov 1731, the court was informed that Laughlin Flinn of Chester Town, Innholder, and Margaret his wife., on the 26th of Aprill 1731, did barter, deal with and receive of and from Arthur Atkinson, the proper Servant of James Holyday, Esqr, 100 pounds of bacon of value of 2£10sh, Eleven pounds of hogs lard, value 5Sh, 6p, two Iron potts and hooks value of 16sh, one Trunk, value of 8sh, one fire Shovel, value of 2sh, one pare of fire tongs, like value, and one pair of blanketts, value 10sh. Tench Francis, attorney of the Lord proprietor did not have evidence sufficient to press the charge and will not prosecute. They were acquitted, but to pay costs of 871#'s of tobacco.
Daniel Flinn, Junr and Bowles Green asked to be discharged from their security.
Daniel Flinn Junr, said that he had attended in the cause of his Lordship against Laughlin Flinn and Margaret his wife, as evidence for 14 days. It was ordered he be paid 420#'s of tobacco by the Flinns.

From the post on the FLYNN-L Archives of the Flynn mail list, RootsWeb, posted 20 Mar 1999, by Diana Flynn: "Bob Cawly and John Flinn have kindly agreed to share their research with us."
Maryland Calendar of Wills, Vol. 6
Flynn, Laughlin, innholder, Kent Co
Filed 10 Apr 1729, proved 3 Mar 1731
Entire Estate left for benefit of wife Margaret with power to sell the plantation "Ruerdon", Langford's Bay, for the benefit of the estate.
To John Griffith, who has served his time, 700#'s tobacco.
Wit: John Evans, John Hollinsworth, Abraham Milton

Inventory was taken 8 Mar 1731, filed 26 Jan 1732. Executors were Walter Dougherty and his wife, formerly Margaret Flinn. A list of debts was filed 1734/5 by Dougherty.

Although Laughlin did not name children in his will, the selling of his plantation for the benefit of the estate, suggests a distribution to heirs. If Margaret did not sell it in her lifetime, it would descend to her children. The land and other records in Kent Co give us some clues to his children.

Laughlin Flinn, Innkeeper, purchased 200 acres "part of a tract called Sewel adjoining Garrentts Cree" 22 Jun 1726 from Isaac and Temperance Caulk of Cecil County. Walter Dougherty, one of the executors of Laughlin's estate purchased this land from Laughlin Flinn [Junior] by 1736.

A Laughlon Fling is on the tax books in Kent Co, for the properties called Sewell alias Ulrick, and Rioerden, for 1733-1735. The senior Laughlin had died in 1731. One of the two younger Daniels of Kent Co, on 30 Oct 1750, testified he was age 43, and was deposing regarding the bounds of a tract called Utrick alias Sewell. Daniel was a schoolmaster. It would seem this younger Laughlin and Daniel had ties to this property.
Another part of the plantation called Ruerden was in the hands of Thomas Husbands. The tax rolls show he had Husbands Lott, and Ruerden, from 1733 to 1752. Thomas Husbands was married to Eleanor Flinn, daughter of the elder Daniel Flinn who died in Kent Co in 1738.

In 1733, other ownership in part of the Ruerdon Plantation goes to Joseph Sutton, Benjamin Sutton, Dennis Clarke, and John Clarke, Mary Clark received ownership in Sewell in 1736. Perhaps Laughlin Sr and Margaret had daughters that had married into the Sutton and Clark families.

LAUGHLIN FLINN and MARGARET [FLINN] were married.2 MARGARET [FLINN]1 was born (date unknown).

THE FAR FLUNG FLYNNS book claims that Margaret was Margaret Neal, b. 1683, from Ulster. Neals did live in Kent Co MD near the Flynns. No marriage record is cited nor actual source given..

Margaret remarried after the death of her husband:
Inventory of Laughlin Flynn, deceased, was taken 8 Mar 1731, filed 26 Jan 1732. Executors were Walter Dougherty and his wife, formerly Margaret Flinn. A list of debts was filed 1734/5 by Dougherty.

LAUGHLIN FLINN and MARGARET [FLINN] had the following children:






Patrick FLYNN1,3,4 was born in 1702 in Ireland.1 He died in 1784 at the age of 82 in Caswell County, North Carolina.1

Doubtful son of Laughlin & Margaret Flynn. I believe a birth shown in some genealogies as circa 1702 in Ireland, is purely conjecture. There is evidence of multiple Patrick Flynns and I have left him attached to provide that data.

Earliest reference to a Patrick Flynn found in 1726-1730 in Cecil Co MD.
The following marriage has no date but is prior to 1730. Patrick Flyn married Sarah McDemett, executrix of John McDemett of Cecil Co - from administration records.

A Patrick Flynn witnessed the marriage of Samuel Platt and Ann Reynolds of New Castle Co, Delaware, 12 Feb 1744. [I have seen evidence there may be other records of a Patrick Flinn in Delaware.]

I know of no evidence proving that any of the records above also apply to the Patrick Flynn in Lunenburg, VA, but he was certainly in some of the same places as the younger Laughlin Flynn and his family.

Patrick appeared on the tax lists in Lunenburg Co VA in 1748, 1751, and 1752. His wife was Mary at his death, surname unknown. He is most often placed as a son of Laughlin Flynn Sr of Kent Co MD. One of the most compelling reasons to place him there, is that Laughlin Jr and Patrick were both on the tax rolls of Lunenburg Co VA. Patrick did have a son named Daniel, quite possibly born after Patrick died, and there is strong evidence that Laughlin of Kent Co had a brother Daniel in that county. However, the name Patrick is not used in the family of Laughlin Flynn Jr, as one would expect if they had been brothers. Also none of the Maryland records found indicate that a Patrick inherited anything from Laughlin Flynn who died circa 1731.

There is a possibility that the Patrick of Lunenburg and later Caswell Co NC is a younger man, a contemporary of the sons of Laughlin.

1758, March Court, Lunenburg Co. Samuel Gordon petitions the court for payment of a debt owed him by Patrick Flinn. Sheriff says that Flinn is no longer an inhabitant in Lunenburg Co, suit abates.

Did Flinn go to the Kanawha Valley? Is this the same Patrick Flynn? Probably not!
West Virginia Place Names says that in Kanawha Co VA in the 1740's a Patrick Flynn built a cabin on Cabin creek. Allegedly Indians kidnapped two of his children, killed the rest of the family and burned the cabin in 1744. I find this date to be extremely early in this location and doubt this story. In fact it seems to have been 1774.
The Charleston Daily Gazette Thursday August 26, 1897
...sixteen years previous (July 17, 1774) Logan [Indian], in avenging the death of his kindred, had killed Walter Kelly, at his station, and Patrick Flinn and his wife on Cabin creek, and taken Rebecca and John Flinn, their children, prisoners. Rebecca married a subchief, a Shawnee ally of Logan, who had killed her parents and captured her...
It would appear that the Patrick Flinn of Cabin Creek died in 1774.

When a Patrick Flinn appears living in Caswell Co NC, it is somewhat curious that he is also allied with a Laughlin McAlley. If any relationship could be established, it would lend considerable support to this Patrick being the same Patrick in Lunenburg, and a son of Laughlin Flinn Sr of Kent County, Maryland.

Caswell Co NC DB A, p.378 20 Dec 1779 State of NC #148 to Patrick Flinn. 300 Acres on Hico & Reedy Fork adj James Long's old line.
p.485 20 Dec 1779 State of NC #171 to John Crisp, 315 acres on Reedy Fork adj Charles Stephens, Patrick Flinn
These early grants in Caswell Co were Granville grants, in some cases issued several years after the land had been settled. The Granville land grant office closed in 1763 and no grants were issued until the state of North Carolina confiscated the land during the Revolution and began issuing grants in the old proprietorship..

Caswell Co DB B, p.253 13 Oct 1783 State of NC #521 to William Richmond. 520 Acres on Country Line & Reedy Fork Crks adj James Long's old line, Elizabeth Coiles, Humphrey Donaldson, James Richmond, Martha Richmond's old line, Patrick Flinn.

Caswell Co DB D, p.133 10 Nov 1784 State of NC #681 to Laughlin McAley. 300 acres N Hico adj Carney, Patrick Flinn
and State of NC #858 to Laughlin McAley. 100 acres N Hico adj his own line, John Richmond Jr & James Curry.
p.145 10 Nov 1784 State of NC #717 to John Crisp. 250 acres on N Hico adj Patrick Flinn, Crisp's line.

Caswell Co NC Will Book B, p.35
9 Aug 1781; proved Mar 1784
Will of Patrick Flinn of Caswell County, state of NC
To son John 150 acres of land joining Long, Stevens, part of land whereon I now live; 2 cows & calves, 1 horse
To daughter Mary, horse, bridle & saddle, 2 cows & calves, feather bed & furniture, 1/2 of pewter [probably Mary Ann Owen, see later]
To son Patrick 150 acres including my Plantation where on I live but my wife to have her life on the land; 2 cows & calves, one horse bridle & saddle
To daughter Susannah, 2 cows & calves, 1 horse bridle & saddle, 1 feather bed & furniture & the other 1/2 of the pewter [Susannah Brown, see later]
To my loving wife [unnamed] 2 cows & calves, 1 mare, bridle & saddle, 3 sheep
Balance to be divided equally between wife and children
Loving wife & son John, Trustees to this my LW&T.
Signed: Patrick (X) Flinn
Wit: Jas. Roan, Mary (X) Flinn
Outside of folder: Caswell Co Mar Court 1784. Proved in open court by James Roan and Mary Flyn witnesses thereto and ordered to record.

His wife was Susannah. Caswell Will Book B, p.44
July Court 1784. Inventory of estate of Patrick Flinn by Susannah Flinn, exec.
p.62 Oct Court 1784 Appraisal of estate of Patrick Flynn filed.

Caswell Co DB C, p.90 11 Nov 1785 LAUGHLIN McAlley, once of Caswell, now in Surry Co NC to William Richmond for 72#, 300 acres North Hico adj Carney & Patrick Flinn. Wit: Thomas Stephens, William Stephens

Caswell Co DB E, p.221 1 Nov 1787 John Flynn to Wm Richmond for 55#, 150A on Reedy Fork of N Hico; 1/2 of 300 acres devised to John Flynn by his father Patrick Flynn dec'd adj Long, John Crisp, Wm Richmond. Wit: ? Dobbins, Ad. Murphey

Caswell Co DB F, p.183 18 Aug 1787 State of NC #900 to William Campbell. 115 acres adj William Richmond, Joshua Carney, the Courthouse Rd, Crisp, Jane Love, Flin.

Caswell Co DB G, p.300 16 Nov 1790 State of NC to John Low. 35 acres on Reedy Fork of Hico adj William Richmond, Widow Flinn.

Caswell Co DB K, p.100 31 May 1797 Thomas Roberts to Charles Mathews. 35 1/2 acres on Reedy Fork Crk adj William Richmond, John Flynn; tract Roberts purchased of Hugh Dobbins. Wit: Chas Dameron Sen., Vines Mathis, James Dixon

Caswell Co DB Q, p.228 27 Sep 1810 Power of Attorney. Toliver Browning, Henry Browning, John Flynn who intermarried with Lucy Browning, Milla Browning, Jenney Browning, to their brother Elijah Browning to demand their part in legacy as heirs of Caleb Browning dec'd by last will & testament of Edmond Browning dec'd of Caswell. From Clark Co KY.

Caswell Co DB S, p.335 30 Mar 1805 John Flynn & Susannah Flynn [John's mother] to Charles Mathis for $150. 75 acres on Reedy Fork of N Hico adj Benjamin Stephens, William Richmond, Christopher Dameron Jun., being part of tract granted Patrick Flynn dec'd by State. Wit: Chas Dameron Senr, B. Douglas, Edwd Brown. Proved on oath of Alexander Murphey to handwriting of Benjamin Douglas.

Note: Susannah Flinn married Edward Brown, 31 Mar 1798, Caswell, NC - presumably this is the daughter.

Caswell Co Deed Book T, p.212. 24 Feb 1807 Daniel Flynn of Caswell to Charles Mathis for $150, 75 acres on North Hico being remainder of land of Patrick Flynn decd and came to Daniel Flynn through his brother Patrick Flynn decd adj Robert Long, Christopher Dameron Jr., Charles Mathis, Robartis Carney. Wit: Patrick Flynn, Edward Brown. Proved Apr 1820. [Perhaps this is an additional name for the deed of 30 Mar 1805 - it seems to possibly be the same property. Only two sons were named in the will of Patrick in 1781 and each received 150 acres; they were John & Patrick. John sold his 150 acres in Nov of 1787. Patarick Jr. had died, leaving 150 acres to be divided among his siblings. Some have said Daniel was born after the death of his father - Patrick's wife must have been some younger than he.]

Caswell Co DB S, p.195 10 Apr 1818 Susannah Brown to William Richmond Jun. for $25, all her right and claim to 150 acres willed by her father Patrick Flinn to brother Patrick Flinn Jr, dec'd on Reedy Ford Crk adj William Richmond Sen. Wit: William Stephens.

Caswell Co DB V, p.123 20 Dec 1820 Division land of Patrick Flynn dec'd to heirs: Susannah Brown 52.7 acres. John Flynn 52.7 acres. Heirs of Marianne Owen 52.7 acres. Commrs: N. Thompson, William Stevens, Benjamin Stevens, Will A. Lea, J. Womack.
This would appear to be Patrick Jr's 150 acres being divided between his brother John, sister Susannah, and perhaps the children of deceased sister Mary. It seems that there were originally 4 heirs - that they also had a brother Daniel as in the deed of 24 Feb 1807, Daniel received nothing in this division - had he died since 1807?

Caswell Co DB W, p.77 Jan 1825 William Richmond to Solomon Whitlow for $100. 52.7 acres on Hico Cr, lot laid off for Susannah Brown, a legatee of Patrick Flynn dec'd adj. Dameron. Wit: John Chandler
DB X, p.231 9 Jan 1828 Solomon Whitlow to Benjamin Stephens Sen. for $65, 52.7 acres on Hico Cr, being lot alotted to Susannah Brown, a legatee of Patrick Flinn, dec'd adj. Dameron. Wit: Wm. Love, Elijah Morton. [The Patrick Flinn inheritance could be either from her father, following death of her mother, or her brother.]

It would appear that John, son of Patrick may have removed to Surry/Stokes Co NC
The Flinns of Auld Ireland mentions that there another Flinn family in Surry Co - that of John Flinn, Revolutionary soldier. He is believed to be a son of Patrick Flinn who left his will in Caswell Co NC in 1784. Patrick named as his heirs, wife Mary, sons John & Patrick, and daughter Mary & Susanna; a son Daniel may have been born after his death. There had also been a Patrick Flinn in the Lunenburg tax lists 1748, 1750 & 1752, but there is no proof he is the same Patrick as the one in Caswell.
This John Flinn, who was born in 1757, died 20 Oct 1842 in Stokes Co NC; he married Nancy Whitlock in Caswell Co in 1784. He has a pension record. He had children, named by Nancy when she applied for the widow's pension: Patrick born 1784, John born 1786, Elizabeth born 1788, Nancy born 1790, Stephen born 1792, Alfred born 1794, William born 1796, Susanna born 1798, Isah born 1800, Jesse born 1802, Green born 1804, Mary born 1806 and Delila born 1808. In 1821, John stated he was age 64, his wife then aged 60 and two of daughters were still living at home; his other children had left him. In 1843, Nancy Flinn, widow, was 88 years of age, living in Stokes Co. Seven surviving children at her death were Alfred, John, Elizabeth Knight, Stephen, Zear/Zera, Mary Colham/Calhoun, and Delila Flinn. John enlisted at the "Red House" in Caswell. In 1821 he was living in Stokes Co. He died 20 Oct 1842. Nancy died 28 Feb 1845. He had enlisted May 1781 and was discharged at Camden 21 May 1782. He served under Capt Tilman Dixon and Col. Henry Dixon and was in the Battle of Eutaw Springs. He also served with the North Carolina Troops and was wounded at the defeat of Gates at Camden by a sabre cut on the head.



Daniel FLYNN5 was born about 1707.5 He died in 1759 at the age of 52 in Kent County, Maryland.

There were also multiple Daniel Flynns in Maryland. One of them was most likely a son of Laughlin and Margaret, but there is no direct proof and as yet, no way to positvely separate the Daniels. There was a Daniel "Fling", as well as a Philip & Brian Fling, who were already in Kent Co, MD before the arrival of Laughlin and Margaret. Perhaps they influenced Laughlin's decision to settle in Kent Co. The elder Daniel noted in the records, could well have been a brother or cousin to Laughlin. Both the elder Daniel and Laughlin appear to have named a son Daniel.

Laughlin Flinn, Innkeeper, purchased 200 acres "part of a tract called Sewel adjoining Garrentts Cree" 22 Jun 1726 from Isaac and Temperance Caulk of Cecil County. Walter Dougherty, one of the executors of Laughlin's estate purchased this land from Laughlin Flinn [Junior] by 1736.

A Laughlon Fling is on the tax books in Kent Co, for the properties called Sewell alias Ulrick, and Rioerden, for 1733-1735. The senior Laughlin had died in 1731, so this would seem to be Laughlin Jr. One of the two younger Daniels of Kent Co, on 30 Oct 1750, testified he was age 43, or born 1709, and was deposing regarding the bounds of a tract called Utrick alias Sewell. Daniel was a schoolmaster. It would seem this younger Laughlin and Daniel had ties to this property, and perhaps to each other. Some references indicate the Daniel who testified is the same as the son of the Daniel who died 1738, but he certainly could have been the son of Laughlin and Margaret.
Another part of the plantation called Ruerden was in the hands of Thomas Husbands. The tax rolls show he had Husbands Lott, and Ruerden, from 1733 to 1752. Thomas Husbands was married to Eleanor Flinn, oldest daughter of the elder Daniel Flinn who died in Kent Co in 1738, as named in Daniel's will.

There were three Daniel Flinns in Kent Co, MD. The elder died in 1738, naming his wife Ann, daughter Elenor wife of Thomas Husbands, and children Daniel, William, John, James and Alice. James and Alice were apparently underage. Daniel also made provision that his younger children be brought up in the Roman Catholic Church. [Maryland was a Catholic Colong - the Scots-Irish Presbyterian. This seems to me to be an unusual provision.]

Another Daniel is the man who deposed, born 1707. His wife was a Lydia who was one of the executors of his will - she was age 60 in 1768 when she gave a despostion. This Daniel Flinn died in Kent County, 1759, and one of his executors was Edward Comegys who had been a previous owner of the property known as Sewell before Isaac Caulk, and he was a stepson of the John Evans that witnessed Laughlin Sr's will in 1729. Other witnesses to the will were Edward Jr. and Mary Comegys - they were Quakers.

There was a third Daniel who married Lydia Young [Yes, there were two Daniel Flinns that married ladies named Lydia], daughter of Jacob Young who died in 1709. They married 1754 and Lydia was at that time the widow of Daniel King. This Daniel died in 1769. His wife Lydia was also his administrator. Daniel Flynn and Alice Hadly were given as the next of kin. If this Daniel were a son of the elder Daniel, Alice was very likely the minor child named in his will in 1738, and a sister to this Daniel. The widow Lydia died prior to 1771 and "cousin" Daniel Flinn was the executor. The same next of kin shown as in her husband Daniel's will. Possibly the cousin [or nephew] was a fourth Daniel - son of Daniel who died in 1759 and grandson of Laughlin Sr. Her will was witnessed by John Milton, Hannah Milton, and Abraham Milton, Sr. [in 1729, Laughlin Flinn's will was witness by an Abraham Milton, probably father of this man]

Very probably one Daniel was the son of Daniel who died 1738, the other a son of Laughlin & Margaret. There was a John Fling whose will of 1737 doesn't indicate any son named Daniel. Evidence suggests the Daniel who died in 1759 was the son of Laughlin; the Daniel who died 1769, the son of Daniel.

Daniel had one known son, John, born ca 1755, according to Far Flung Flynns. There is no record in the Maryland records of such a son and I doubt that he exists. The birth year would be quite late for any of the Daniel Flinns in Maryland - perhaps a John was a later generation. Patrick Flynn of Caswell Co NC had a son John born about this time - he is possibly the John Flynn found in Stokes Co NC who died about 1842.