Fifth Generation

412. William Douglas "Billy" HADEN was born on 7 July 1808 in Fluvanna County, Virginia.124,246 He died on 17 April 1887 at the age of 78 in Fluvanna County, Virginia.10

1830 Census. Fluvanna Co VA
William D. Haden: 2m age 20-30, 1f 20-30.

1840 Census. Fluvanna Co VA
William D. Haden: 3m -5 [Overton, John, & Socrates], 1m 5-10 [William E.], 1m 30-40 [William D.]. 1f 30-40 [Elizabeth]
On same page with Benjamin J. Haden [his brother], Beverly A. Haden [his nephew], William S. Lane [married to an aunt]

1850 Census. Fluvanna Co VA
William D. Haden, age 41. William, age 78. Elizabeth age 41.
William E. 18, Socrates 14, John R. 12, Overton B. 10, Joel 8, Sallie A. 6, James N. 4, and Bettie D. age 2.

1860 Census. Fluvanna Co VA, Lafayette Hill P. O. [living near his uncle William S. Lane and aunt Peggy D. Haden]
William D. Haden, age 52, Elizabeth age 52.
Socrates 24, John R. 22, Overton D. 20, Joel 18, Sallie A. 16, Bettie D. 12, James N. 14, Mary J. 10 and Elbridge G. 8.

Confederate Papers Relating to Citizens or Business Firms, 1861-65, NARA, M346; digital images on
Wm. D. Haden of Fluvanna County, do hereby appoint Joseph Payne of the said County, my true and lawful Attorney or agent to sign receipt for and receive payment of all monies due to me by the Engenierr Department of the Confederate States of America for services of my Negro Man Miles on the defence works in the vicinity of Richmond during the months of October & November 1862.
Witness my hand and seal at Palmyra, this 13the day of January 1863. Wm. D. Haden
Signed in Duplicate
Witnesses: S. Haden, O. D. Haden
There was no receipt for payment of the above. There was a receipt from C. C. Seay, Steward, General Hospital at Palmyra for 17 1/4 lb's of butter, 11 Jul 1863, and 22 lbs. of soap, 18 Jul 1863.
The file included a receipt for $90 for 2000 lbs. of hay, Palmyra, 19 Feb 1864, and another partial receipt for corn and fodder on 6 Jan 1864, but these are both signed, Wm. D. Haden, Jr. Since William's son William was William Edward, called "Ned", this is a bit curious. This may very well have been his nephew, son of his brother Jack Haden.

1870 Census. Cunningham Twp, Fluvanna Co VA Hh 509
William D. "Hayden", age 62. Elizabeth 62.
Mary J. 19 and Eldridge G. age 16.
Socrates was listed as the next household. No family.

1880 Census. Cunningham, Fluvanna Co VA
William D. Haden, age 71. Elisabeth, age 71. Mary J., age 28, daughter.

Pleasant Grove, the house built in Fluvanna Co by William Douglas was suggested for the National Register of Historic Places. I found the application online:
Here are excerpts - the description is quite lengthy:
Pleasant Grove, built by William D. Haden in 1854, is located between Va. Route 53 and the Rivanna River in Fluvanna County, Virginia. The two-story brick house was built when the Greek Revival was in full swing in Virginia, but it has many retarditaire features including a mousetooth cornice, architrave moldings, and a delicate stair with paneled spandrel. The outdoor kitchen with its robust chimney and worn siding, albeit much patched through the years, is a picturesque specimen, all the more so thanks to its simple delicate colonnade connecting it to the main house. A simple frame smokehouse is the only other outbuilding. The Haden family cemetery is also located on the nominated five-acre parcel. It is much larger than the typical family cemeteries that are found throughout the Virginia countryside.
Forty-seven Haden family descendants rest under ancient oaks in a fenced area within view of the house. The earliest burial was in 1862 and the most recent in 1980. This is an unusually large family cemetery for central Virginia. It contains long rows of tombstones reflecting the changing tastes of the past century and a half: single and double headstones, one with a pair of coupled columns, and a miniature obelisk. Impressive trees survive to provide a sheltered setting adjacent to open farmland.
In the 1760s, the John Haden family settled in what later became Fluvanna County.1 Haden eventually amassed over 3600 acres along the Rivanna River, Burke Creek and Cunningham Creek. The earliest family houses on the property were close to the Rivanna River, for the river provided the primary means of transportation in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The entire property now known as Pleasant Grove was home to succeeding generations of Hadens.2
William Douglas Haden (1808-1887), a great-grandson of the first John Haden, lived on the land all his life, and eventually, in 1854, built the substantial brick house for his large family of ten children.3 In the early 1850s three brick houses of strikingly similar architectural style were built in Fluvanna. Tradition says they were built by the same unknown builder, however this cannot be documented. The building style reflected an era of relative local prosperity, but was not as finely crafted as that in houses built in Fluvanna in the 1820s and 1830s.
In 1850 Haden owned over 1000 acres stretching over a mile along the Rivanna. By 1860 he was farming 600 acres, leaving the remaining land near river and creek bluffs "unimproved." He owned 13 horses, 8 mules or oxen, 18 milk or beef cows, 60 sheep, 50 hogs. He raised large crops on the fertile farmland: 1600 bushels of wheat, 2100 bushels Indian corn, 400 bushels oats and 20,000 lbs. of tobacco. The smaller lots provided many bushels of peas, beans and Irish and sweet potatoes to feed his large family and 30 slaves.
Haden, his wife Elizabeth, and their children were members of the nearby Cunningham Methodist Church, where Haden was a steward.5 He was a member of the 12th Regiment, 2nd Division of the Virginia Militia, eventually attaining the rank of Colonel. He also served his community by agreeing to a term as Overseer of the Poor. He was twice appointed Surveyor of the Road.6 At least three of Haden's sons (Socrates, Overton,
and Joel) served during the Civil War in Company E, 1st Virginia Cavalry, commanded by J.E.B. Stuart.7
Through the years various tracts that Haden had originally owned were deeded to his children. In 1883, he deeded 186 acres known as "Pleasant Grove, or the Home Tract," to his youngest son, Elbridge G. Haden.
Seven years later, this tract passed out of the Haden family and subsequently passed through five different owners.

The Pleasant Grove House Cemetery is on
Col. William D. Haden
Born July 7, 1808
Died, Apr 17, 1887
Elizabeth Haden
Born: Oct 14, 1908
Died: Apr 22, 1890
Wife of Col. William D. Haden

William Douglas "Billy" HADEN and Elizabeth DAVIS were married about 1828 in Hanover County, Virginia.10 Elizabeth DAVIS, daughter of William DAVIS and Martha Kirziah GLUZEBROOK, was born on 14 October 1808 in Hanover County, Virginia.10 She died on 22 April 1890 at the age of 81 in Fluvanna County, Virginia.10

William Douglas "Billy" HADEN and Elizabeth DAVIS had the following children:



Daughter HADEN was born about 1829. She died about 1829 at the age of 0.

Stillborn child.



William Edward "Ned" HADEN.



Martha Kirziah HADEN was born on 30 January 1834.10 She died on 3 December 1836 at the age of 2.



Socrates "Soc" HADEN.



John Richard HADEN.



Overton Davis HADEN.






Sallie Ann HADEN was born on 15 March 1844.10,246 She died on 2 May 1862 at the age of 18.

Sallie is buried Pleasant Grove House Cemetery, Palmyra, Fluvanna Co, VA - her father's home place. Her parents are buried there as well.



James Nicholas HADEN.



Bettie Douglas HADEN.



Mary Jane W. HADEN.



Elbridge George HADEN.