Third Generation

11. Capt John WALTERS1,8,11,27,28,29 was born in 1753.1 He died before 18 January 1836 at the age of 83 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.1,8,12

Land Entries:
28 May 1773 John Walter entered 400 acres beginning at his North line and taking the vacant land between his line and Thomas Maddens.
16 Feb 1774 John Waller entered 400 acres or all the vacant land between Walters line and Madding and his own, on branches of Sandy Creek. [There were both Wallers and Walters living in Pittsylvania Co VA at the same time and seem to have been neighbors. Various public clerks, etc. seemed to have trouble with the spellings. These may very well be the two tracts surveyed in April of 1774 and patented June of 1780. See below.]
Pittsylvania Co VA DB 2, p.322
21 Jul 1773 Thomas WALTERS, planter, to John WALTERS, planter ..for 100£ both sides Lower Double Creek of Dann ...north side Lower Double Creek ...crossing Creek ...down the Creek ..Corner Jeremiah Videtoes ...near a branch corner of William Chandler ...200 acres. Signed: Thomas X Walters. Wit: George Carter, Richd Carter, Robt WALTERS. Rec. 22 Jul 1773.
[Definitely from Thomas to his son John, see DB 7, p.693, when John sold this tract to his brother Robert.]
Pittsylvania Co VA DB 4
p.308 18 Feb 1777 John Madding of Pittsylvania Co & William Chandler of Halifax Co to Buckner Russell of Halifax. Tract of 200 acres on lower Double Crk of Dan R, bounded by George Carter, John Walters, a stony ridge, Thos. Walker's line, Madding's Spring Branch, Madding's old line. Signed: John Madding, William (W) Chandler. Wit: William Betty, Nathaniel Hughs, Thos. Hill, Geo. Carter. Rec. 27 Mar 1777
Pittsylvania Co VA DB 4
p.313 21 Feb 1777 Thomas Walters, planter, to Robert Walters Jr, planter, 200 acres both sides of the lower Double Crk of Dan R, bounded by low grounds of the creek, the old plantation, Griffins Tract, Watkins's line near Wynne's old road, Walters old line, John Walters, said Thomas Walters old line. Signed: Thomas (T) Walters. Wit: John Walters, Thomas Mading, Thomas Walters. [Jr?] Rec. 27 Mar 1777
Pittsylvania Co VA DB 4
p.473 10 Feb 1778 John Watkins to Robert Walters. 125 acres on south draughts of Lower Double Crk of Dan R bounded by Robt & John Walters, a ridge near the path, John Hall, sd John Watkins, and Thomas Walters. Signed: John Watkins. Wit? Geo. Carter, John Walters, Joseph Hall. Rec. 26 Mar 1778.

VA Land Grant A, p.424
14 Jun 1780 John Walters. Surveyed 1 Apr 1774. 314 acres in Pittsylvania Co on branches of Sandy Creek. Begin Weatherford's corner pine, along his line to Robert Walters corner. Along Walters line. Crossing two branches, crossing the road, crossing a branch, back to Weatherford's. [See DB 7, p.692. Half of this sold to William Cox on 18 Sep 1786. The other half to Thomas Chilton/Shelton Jr 16 Apr 1787; see DB 8, p.48]
VA Land Grant A, p.488
26 Jun 1780 John Walters, Pittsylvania Co. Tract surveyed 1 Apr 1774. 335 acres. William Russell's corner, his lines to a pine in Timothy Stamps. line, crossing branch of Sandy Creek to King's line, on Robert Walter's line. Again to King's line, Tally's line, Tally's new survey, back to William Russell's line.

Pittsylvania Co Land Tax Lists, 1782. Capt John Walters listed with 200 acres of land. This list is by neighborhood and Joseph "Flipping" and Capt John are listed next to each other. The following deed indicates they were indeed next door neighbors.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 7
p.292 3 Mar 1784 Joseph Flippin to John Watkins 50£. 165 acres. Part of tract whereon Watkins is now living. Begin on John Walter's line, bounded by Jonathan Hills, and John Halls. Signed: Joseph Flippin
Wit: John Walters, Mordecai Burgess, John Stamps
p.387 October 24, 1784 between Thomas Ayres of Surry County,North Carolina and Moses Ayres of P and John Walters of P for 100 pounds, a parcel of land on the Waters of Dan River adjoining the Land of Benjamin Thrasher and James Woody being formerly a part of the Land the said Woody now lives on containing by Estimation 161 acres
s/ Thomas (X) Ayres, MosesAyres Wit:  Eliher Ayres, William (X) Yourk
Recorded: December 20, 1784
p.692 18 Sep 1786 John Walters to William Dix Junr. 50£.Tract on branches of Sandy Burches & Fall Creeks on both sides of the main road that lies from PeytonsBurg to Dixes Ferry. Joining lands of Robert Walters Junr, the order line, Anny Daniel [or McDaniel?] & Humphrey Hendricks containing 157 acres being half of tract that John Walters surveyed & Patented obtained 1780. Signed: John Walters.
18 Sep 1786. Ack by John Walters. Ellinor his wife relinquished right of dower.
p. 693 15 Apr 1786 John Walters to Robert Walters. 200£. 200 acres. Begin corner red oak at John Walterses land, his line to Jonathan Hills line & Wilson's. Along Wilson's line crossing the creek, along Atkinsons line to Thomas Walterses, along his line. To Robt Walterses line to the beginning. Being the land that said John Walters' Father deeded to him being upon the Lower Double Creek.. Signed: John Walters. 18 Sep 1786. Ack by John Walters. Ellinor his wife relinquished right of dower.

Pittsylvania DB 8
p. 48 16 Apr 1787 John Walters of Pittsylvania Co to Thomas Chilton Jr of the same. 46£. pd to said John Walters. Tract in Pittsy Co on branches of Sandy Creek and bounded as follows. Oak in Robert Walters line and with the sd Walters line, pine standing Wetherfords Order line, dividing line between the within mentioned land and the said John Walters's Land. 157 acres.
Signed: John Walters
Wit: Wm (X) Chilton, Champ (X) Madding, Jesse (X) Runnolds
Receipt for 46 pounds. Signed John Walters.
16 Apr 1787, John Walters acknowledged and ordered recorded
[2nd half of grant dated 14 Jun 1780 for 314 acres.]
21 Jun 1784 VA Patent to William Twidwell of Pittsylvania Co. 440 acres on branches of Fall Creek adj John & Robert Walters. Grant Book N, p.56
[Fall Creek flows into the Dan River at Danville]
Capt of Pittsylvania Co Militia

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 8
____ July 1788 John Pettit of Caswell Co NC to Dan'l Farley of Halifax Co VA. 150£. To Danl. S. Farley the tract in Pittsy on waters of the upper Double Creek and Wolfhill branch. 362 acres. Grabriel Richards's line, David Allins line, Waddils line, named Danl. S. Farley's line to William Richardsons , Pleasant Shield's corner, his line to Nimrod Scotts line, his line to James Woody's line, to the beginning. Signed: John Pettit. Wit: Robert Walters, John Walters, William Harrison
20 Apr 1789 Proved by oaths of witnesses

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 9
p.457 8 Apr 1793 William Davise to John Walters. Bay mare, brindle cow with calf, formerly property of John Ball, black cow with calf, formerly property of James Woody. Signed: William (X) Davis. Wit: Ezra Walters, Keziah Walters, Chas. Hoyle. Rec. 21 Oct 1793.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 10
p.361 7 Nov 1795 Ruben Payne of Frankling Co, State of Georgia to John Walters of Pittsy. 50£. Tract on waters of Sandy Creek. Begin pine in Noel Waddils line, thence with his line, up the branch as it meanders, crossing the road. Tract John Payne Senr gave to his son Reuben Payne. 28 ¼ acres. Signed: Ruben Payne. Wit: Presley Carter, Charles Ewell Carter, Ezra Walters. 18 apr 1796 proved by wit.
[Charles E. Carter, son-in-law and Ezra, son.]

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 11
[I believe the following should have been Walters based on location, neighbors, etc. although it plainly reads "Wallers" in the Deed Book]
p.85 13 Mar 1797 Abraham Harwick and Caty his wife to David Marys 150£ Tract on Waters of Sandy Creek 300 acres. Pine in James Smiths line, being John Barrens corner, with sd Smiths & Joseph Flippens line, John Wallers line, with Wallers line with sd Waller & Wm Stamps and James Seal Wit: Joseph Flippen, Asa Thomas, John (x) Johnson, William Stamps, Billey Holloway. 19 Jun 1797 Proved by three of witnesses.
p.271 3 Oct 1797 Noel Wadill Senr to Charles Waddill. 300£.Tract both side Sandy Creek 800 acres. Begin mouth of Noel Waddill Junior's Spring branch, to Charles Waddills line, his line to Robt Williams, along Williams to John Walters, along his line to Williams line across the Creek to Woddes, along his line toAkisson, to Burgess's, his line to the creek Signed: Noel Waddill Wit: Robert Walters, Wm Walters, Archer Walters Proved 16 Apr 1798 by witnesses

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 11
p.395 26 Nov 1798 Samuell Prewett Juner of Pittsylvania to Japbeth Pruett. 60£. 100a On waters of Sandy Creek. Begin white oak in John Walters line, along the same, along John Stamps & Edward Burgess line, new line. Signed: Samuel Pruett Jr Wit: Zachariah Butt [brother-in-law], Zachariah (Z) Pruett [brother], Edward (x) Holloway, George Spratton 21 Jan 1799 Proved by three witnesses
p.469 28 Jan 1799 Jacob Thomas of Persons Co NC to John Walters of Pittsy. 100£. Waters of Dan River, 106 1/2 acres. Metes & bounds, no neighbors. Signed: Jacob Thomas Wit: Presley Carter, Ezra Waters, Charles Carter, Achilles Whitlock, Spiers (X) Walters
17 Jun 1799 proved by 3 of witnesses. Dower release not recorded until 1803, DB 13.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 12
p.217 28 Feb 1800 Duret Richards & Co of Caswell NC & Presley Carter of Pittsy. $200. bounded by lands of John Lewis, Jnr, John Walters & James Woodey containing 242a. Deed executed by Carter to sd Durrett Richards & Co. Carter is to have & hold. Signed: D. Richards & Durrett Richards & Co. Wit: Henry Cook, Levin Carter, Charles Carter, John Thomas, John Walters. 20 Oct 1800 proved by 3 of witnesses [Mortgage Deed]
p.218 18 Oct 1800 Presley Carter to John Walters. 17£. 43 acres. Pine in William Owens line, etc. Signed: Presley Carter Wit: Ezra Walters, Speirs Walters, John Walters. 20 Oct 1800 Ack by Presley Carter
p.480 18 Jul 1801 Presley Carter to Timothy Stamps. 84£. Tract of branches of Sandy Creek, 140 ½ acres. Begin Levin Carters line, John Walters line, James Woodys line, across the road in Levin Carters line. Signed: Presley Carter. Wit: John Stamps, Thomas Stamps, William Stamps. Proved by two of witnesses 21 Dec 1801; 18 Jan 1802, proved by third.
p.532 ___ of ____ 1802. James Woody to John Stamps. 10sh. One acre including the meeting house, it being for the use of public worship. Bounded by said James Woody's land. Signed: James Woody. Wit: R. Jones, Allen Waddill, John Walters. 19 Apr 1802, ack by James Woody.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 13
p.139 27 Jan 1802 James Woody to the people of said county. For sum of $1 paid by Richard Jones. One acres between the forks of the road below sd Jones that leads to Sandy Creek and Milton & the use of a spring & a plenty of fire wood for use of a meeting house & school. Signed: James Woody. Wit: John Walters, Robt Walters, Jno. Dismukes. Ack by Woody 18 Oct 1802

p.338 Thos. Watson, John Vaughan, & Thos. Davenport, Justices of Halifax Co. Jacob Thomas sold on 28 Jan 1799 to John Walters, 106 ½ acres of land in Pittsylvania. Hannah Thomas, wife cannot conveniently travel. 18 Aug 1801
30 Oct 1801 Thos. Watkins & John S. Vaughan did examine Hannah Thomas and receive her relinquished dower. Rec. 20 Jun 1803.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 14
p.88 9 Apr 1804. James Chalmers of Halifax Co to Archibald Walters of Pittsylvania. 238£, 15 sh. Tract on waters of Sandy Creek of Dann River. 238 ¾ acres. East side Sandy Creek in John Lewis's line, Kings Branch. Signed: James Chalmers. Wit: Allen Waddill, Levin Carter, John Walters, James Lucas. 18 Jun 1804, ack by Chalmers. Sarah, wife was examined 16 Feb 18??

p.513 16 Jan 1806 Durrett Richards & Asa Thomas, Executors of John Thomas to John Lewis. 201£, 6sh paid by John Lewis. On the 4th day of this present month agreeable to the Last Will & Testament of said John Thomas, sold at Publick auction to John Lewis a certain tract in Pittsylvania Co. Begin pointers in Wm Thomas's line, red oak on Nathaniel Thomas's line and along the same, Byrd's line, John Thomas's corner pointers on the road, along his line 281 acres. Signed: D. Richards, Asa Thomas Wit: John Walters, Jesse Harper, Jacob Johns, Thos. Gatewood, Allen Waddill, Daniel Everitt, James Woodey, Thomas Vaughan, John Akin
20 Jan 1806, presented in court and proved by three of the witnesses.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 15
p.400 21 Sep 1807 Leroy Shelton & Nancy his wife to John Walters. For 50£. 128 acres on waters of Sandy River. Begin Wilsons corner pointers, William Rosses corner, etc. Signed: Leroy Shelton. 21 Sep 1807 Ack by Shelton
p.408 9 Sep 1807 John Lewis to Joice Thomas. For 1sh to Joice Thomas her heirs and assigns forever, two small tracts of land in Pittsylvania Co on the north side of the Dan River in the Plantation on which the said Joice Thomas lives, the family graveyard in which William Thomas & some of his sons were buried, 1/4 of an acre or forty square poles. Begin at a stake a convenient distance from the graves thence North 8 poles to a stake, thence East five poles to stake, thence north 8 poles, thence west 5 poles to the beginning. The other is said Joice Thomas's Garden containing by estimate 145 square feet enclosing grave of the infant son Ichabod Thomas. Signed: John Lewis
Wit: T. Wilkinsin Jr. Danl. S. Farley, Francis Dabney, John Walters, Francis Epperson. 19 Oct 1807, proved by oaths of three of the witnesses.
p.494 17 Dec 1807 John Lewis to Charles Lewis of Caswell Co, NC. 200£ 13sh. Land in Pittsylvania on the north of the said Charles Lewis. Begin pointers in William Thomas's line, running with the said line, Nathaniel Thomas's line and along the same. 142 and 1/8 acres one half of tract sold by John Thomas's Executors to the said John Lewis. Signed: John Lewis.
Wit: Wm. L. Williams, Asa Thomas, Geo. Dabney, Francis Dabney, Francis Epperson, John Walters 15 Feb 1808. Proved by three of the witnesses.

1820 Census: p;65 John & Eleanor both over age 45. Living with them were two females age 16-26 and a boy under age 5.

1830 Census. John "Waters" age 70-80 [age 77], 1f age 70-80 [Eleanor]

When Joseph Smith made application for his Revolutionary pension in 1832 in stated he was 69 years old and could not find his discharge papers and those who had served with him had died or moved away. His near neighbor, Capt. John Walters made affidavit that Joseph Smith had served in the military from Halifax Co VA. The pension was granted.
In the 1787 tax listing, Joseph Smith is listed under Robert Walters who was charged with his tax - he was apparently hired out to Robert at that time. When Joseph Smith married Basha Humphry 19 May 1795, her father gave written consent, Ezra Walters was one of the witnesses and Ezra Walters also signed bond with Joseph Smith.
Pittsylvania County Virginia Heritage; 1767-2004, #996, p.315

Pittsylvania Co Deeds. Abstracts of deeds of gift [1767-1850]
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Aug 1834. John Walters to Joel B. Walters, gift of land.

Will is in WB I, p.407, Pittsylvania Co VA. Dated 13 Dec 1835. No wife mentioned. Daughter Kesiah Walters who married Charles E. Carter, $10. Daughter Rhoda Walters who married John Walters, $600. Two sons Ezra and Spiers who receive the slaves and remainder of the estate; they are also executors. Signed: John X Walters Wit: Branch Waddill, Larkin H. Davis, Wm (X) Shackleford, E. Hunt. Will probated 18 Jan 1836. Ezra Walters & Spiers Walters were granted certificate; securities with Timothy Stamps and Larkin H. Davis.

Capt John WALTERS and Eleanor SPIERS were married on 5 January 1778 in Halifax County, Virginia.1 Eleanor SPIERS4,19 died in 1831 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.8,12

Eleanor said to be the daughter of William & Mary Spiers.

Not mentioned in her husband's Will.

Capt John WALTERS and Eleanor SPIERS had the following children: