Third Generation

13. Agatha WALTERS4,8 was born about 1760.1
Married Clechester Matthis/Matthews. Said to have left VA in 1785. [Her name was given as Agatha Matthis in her father's will.]

Agatha WALTERS and Chichester MATHEWS were married. Chichester MATHEWS11 was born (date unknown).

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 5
p.27 20 Oct 1778 Buckman Russell, planter, to Chichester Matthews, schoolmaster. 220#'s. On branches of the Lower Double Creek. 200 acres. Begin red oak corner of John Walters on George Carters Line; Crossing two small branches. Post oak in Thomas Walters line. Beach in Madden's Spring Branch. On George Carters line.
Signed: Buckner Russell, Rachel Russell, Manny Maddin
22 Oct 1778 Ack by Buckner Russell. Rachel his wife examined & relinquished.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 6
p.153 9 Jun 1781 Joseph Terry to Chichester Grubbs. 5000#'s. Tract on waters of Birch Creek, 200 acres. Signed: Joseph Terry.
Wit: Chichester Mathews, Clement Walters, Champness (X) Mading, Jno. Atkinson.
19 Jun 1781 Proved by two of wit; 21 Aug 1781, proved by another

Pittsylvania Land Tax Lists, 1782: Checehester Matthews: 200 acres

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 7
p.411 20 Nov 1784 Chichester Mathews and James McMurdry of Pittsy to Thomas Walters. 100#'s. 200 acres. Begin at said Thomas Walters corner red oak. Pointers on a branch, down the meanders. Signed: Chichester Matthews, James McMurdery. Wit: Archer Walters, Samuel Walker, Obadiah Walters18 Apr 1785 Deed with memoradum & receipt proved by oaths of the witnesses.

p.171 20 Apr 1795 Thomas Walters to Robert Walters. Sum of 100#'s. Tract on branches of Double Creek, 185 acres. Begin Robert Walters corner tree in Atkinsons line, sd Atkinsons line to Robert Madding line; to sd Thomas Walters line, meanders of branch to Robert Walters line & his line to the beginning. Being the plantation and part of Tract of the Land Deeded from Chichester Mathews to said Thomas Walters. Signed: Thomas (T) Walters.
Wit: Othe Thorp, William Finch Thorp, James Thorp, Obadiah Walters, Jackson Walters, Walker Gooding.
Sum of 100 pounds rec'd from Robert Walters. Signed: Thomas (T) Walters
Wit: Othe Thorp, Wm Finch Thorp, James Thorp, Obediah Walters
20 Apr 1795 Ack by Thomas Walters