Third Generation

14. Lucy WALTERS1,4,8 was born (date unknown).
Lucy married Samuel Walker about 1782.

Lucy WALTERS and Samuel WALKER were married about 1782. Samuel WALKER9,13 was born (date unknown).

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 7
p.411 20 Nov 1784 Chichester Mathews and James McMurdry of Pittsy to Thomas Walters. 100#'s. 200 acres. Begin at said Thomas Walters corner red oak. Pointers on a branch, down the meanders. Signed: chichester Matthews, James McMurdery. Wit: Archer Walters, Samuel Walker, Obadiah Walters
18 Apr 1785 Deed with memoradum & receipt proved by oaths of the witnesses.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 9
p.376 13 Mar 1793 Samuel Walker to Robert Walters. 50#'s. Tract on both sides of the rode leading from Dixes ferry by Millers Church. 100 acres. Begin at Robert Maddins corner on John Bennets line, with his line to Nathan Tates line thence to Benjamin Terry's line thence to John Spencers line, to John Harris line, thence Robert Maddins line to the beginning. Signed: Samuel Walker Wit: James (X) Collie, John (X) Collie, Charles Collie, Nathan Pearman 15 Apr 1793 proved by Witnesses
p.378 13 Mar 1793 William Collie to Samuel Walker. 50#'s. 150 acres. Corner of James Collie's in Weatherfords Order line, with Collie's line. Land where Collie now lives. Signed: William Collie Wit: Robert Walters, Margret (+) Walters, James (X) Collie, John (X) Collie, Peggy (X) Collie 15 Apr 1793 Ack by William Collie

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 10
25 Dec 1795 Edward Bryant to William Bryant for 50#'s. Plantation on S side upper Double Creeks. 100 acres. On Barksdale Hawkins, dividing line bet Edward Bryant Sent & Zachariah Butt; bet. Edward Bryant and Henry Vaughan, John Clarks line. Signed: Edward Bryant Wit: Wm Richardson, John Scott, Walter Murray, Daniel Everet, Archer Walters, Charles Collie, Samuel Walker. 15 Feb 1796 Proved by wit.
p.386 9 Oct 1795 James Holloway to John Waller. 20#'s 17 ½ acres. On waters of Sandy Creek. Caldwells line, down the branch as it meanders to sassafras on sd Wallers line, along his line. Signed: James Holloway. Wit: John Vaughan, Samuel Walker, Billey Holloway, John Holloway. 18 apr 1796. Proved by two wit. 18 Jul 1796 Proved by 3rd.
p.387 9 Oct 1795 James Holloway to John Waller. 50#'s 97 acres. Corner of tract formerly the property of Electious Musick, ridge below Wynne's, Ashby's line, now James Collies.
Wit: Same as p.386

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 11
p.435-6 16 Feb 1799. Robert Walters of Pittsy to Leonard Price of same. 60#'s. Parcel on lower Double Creek, 100a. Begin at Dodson's corner on the Wagon Road, with the road to NW corner Tates line, with Tates line to head of branch in said Tates little field. Down the branch to Tates corner white oak in Madings line, said Walters line to Dodson's corner & with said Dodson's line crossing a branch to red oak in George Dodson's line. Being the land formerly calld Samuel Walkers. Signed: Robert Walters Wit: George Dodson, Archer Walters, Hazle (K) Butt [Hezekiah?] 15 Apr 1799 Ack by Robert Walters.
p.147 13 Jun 1800 John Collie & Fanney his wife to Samuel Walker. 45#'s. Begin James Collies corner, to Burgesses corner, his line, dividing line to Dodson's line, to Samuel Walkers corner pine, along his line. 72A Signed: John (x) Collie Fanney (x) Collie Wit: Charles Shelton, Robert Walters, Ralph Dodson, Peyn Thomas 16 Jun 1800 Ack by John Collie. Fanny relinq dower

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 12
p.170 11 Sep 1800 John Templemon to Samuel Walker. 50#'s. Begin pointers in Samuel Walkers red oak in Benjamin Burgesses line. Robert Walters's old line, along the same. Dodsons line to Samuel Walkers corner, along Walkers corner. [no acres given] Signed: John (x) Templeman, Ann(X) Templemon Wit: Charles Shelton, Laban Walters, Elisha Ford, Daniel (x) Slaydon Junr, John (X) Hubbard 15 Sep 1800 Proved by oaths of 3 wittnesses. Anne, wife, relinq dower.
p.171 18 Apr 1800 John Collie & Fanney his wife to John Templemon. 20#'s. 78a on waters of Birches Creek. Signed: John (x) Collie, Fanny (x) Collie Wit: Charles Shelton, Daniel Slaydon, Laban Walters, Samuel Walker Jun 1800 Proved oaths of two. 15 Sep 1800, further proved
p.195 2 Aug 1800 Samuel Walker to Calland & Smith Merchants. 75#'s. 200a on waters of Banister River which sd land was Willd by Dewey Oliver decd to his son Thomas, along the land whereon Elisha Walker now lives bounded by Mitchells & Roberts's lines. Formerly surveyed for Richard Yates Calico. Signed: Calland & Smith Wit: Jno Thompkins, Peter Parrish, Richd Parrish, William Calland. 15 Sep 1800 proved by oath of one wit. 20 Oct proved by the other two. [Mortgage Deed]

Pittsylvania DB 13
p.98 22 May 1802 Henry Cook of Halifax to Achilles Whitlock . 177#'s, 2sh. Tract on upper double Crrek, 99 and ¼ acres. Begin at corner pine, metes & bounds. Signed: Henry Cook. Wit: Wm Barksdale, Samuel Walker, Bird Moore, Bartlett Cates, Presley Dodson, John Dismukes, Archer Walters, Jas. Richarson, Wm Walters, Robert Carter, Benjamin Marable, Stepn Edwards, Fleming Bates. 20 Sep 1802 Ack. By Henry Cook

Pittsylvania DB 14
p.48 16 Apr 1804 Henry Warren & Elizabeth his wife to Samuel Walker. 40#'s. Branches of Sandy River. 117 acres being residue of tract of land patented in name of Thomas Levingford. Charles Hendricks corner, patent line, George Arons corner. Signed: Henry (x) Warren, Elizabeth (x) Warren. Wit: Peter Parrish, Haskins Parrish, Judah Parrish. Ack by Henry Warren 16 Apr 1804.
p.332 21 Nov 1805 John Creel to John Shelton. 15#'s 30 acres North side Burches Crk. Begin pointers in Terry's line, pointers on the branch, Henry's line. Signed: John Creel
Wit: Samuel Walker, George Ingram, Elisha Madding, Garland (x) Ingram, James Shelton, George Dodson. 17 Jun 1805, proven by witnesses.

p.528 20 Dec 1805 Thomas Shelton & Sally his wife to Stokely Turner. $600. Tract on the main road leading from Danville to Petersburg, on the waters of the Double Creeks & Burches Creek being the land whereon we now live, 188 acres. Bounded by land of Samuel Beach, James Donelson, Gideon Ragland, Abraham Chaney's, Holland Hedgpeth's, now line between said Shelton & Hedgeth. Signed: Thos. Shelton, Sarah Shelton. Wit: Samuel Walker, John Shelton, John Mading, Tapley (x) Ingram, Ro. Wynne. 17 Feb 1806, ack by Thomas Shelton

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 15
p.318 7 Mar 1807 John Hardy, aged & Inabled in body , place of residence for myself and wife Martha. Deliver to Samuel Walker of Pittsylvania the following property for the purposes of obtaining a Suport. Two cows, one calf & one yearling, feather bed & furniture, dishes, etc, one bay horse 8 years old. …..during the time we may be on the premesis of the said Walker fully authoring him as he may think proper to make sale Signed: John (x) Hardy. Wit: Benja. Watkins, Sto. Turner, Wm Walters, Archer Walters, William Walker. 20 Arp 1807, proved & recorded.
p.343 14 Apr 1807 John Clopton & Elijah Creel to George Dodson. $333 1/3 for 100 acres. Waters of the Lower Double Creek. Begin John Dodsons corner beach, Dodsons line, Johnsons line, Joshua Dodsons line, said Creels line, Hedspeths line, Chaney's line, John Dodsons line. Signed: Elijah Creel, John Clopton wit: thos. Shelton, Samuel Walker, Frances Duley, Sto. Turner, William Thompson. 15 Jun 1807, proved by oaths of three of witnesses.
p.355 Rec'd. 15 Jun 1807 of Jno Hardy full payment & Satisfaction of all and every claim of whatsoever nature that I have agt him. Signed: Samuel Walker. Wit: Spn. Speed. 15 Jun 1807 presented and ack and ordered recorded.
p.423 3 Jul 1807 George Dodson to Francis Cornwell. $200. 100 acres waters of Birches Creek. Begin William Colley's corner, Seals line, Robert Walterses old line, William Colly's corner with his line to the beginning. Signed: George (x) Dodson. Frances Dodson Wit: Samuel Walker, Sam. Cornwell, Samuel Flippen 19 Apr 1807 Ack by George & Frances; she relinq. Dower.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 16
p.143 1st Sep 1808 Daniel E. Slayton to Joel Mann. $244. 122 acres on waters of the Double Creeks. With Walters & Dodsons line, Rices line, Collys line, said Slaydens line, Joseph Slaydons line. Signed: Daniel E. Slayden. Wit: Charles Collie, James Walker, Samuel Walker, Jessee Mann. 19 Sep 1808, present & proved by three of the witnesses.

John married Frances Holloway on May 4, 1791, in Pittsylvania Co., VA. Then on October 27, 1792, ofr 35 pounds they purchased from John Givens and his wife, Betty, of North Carolina, 150 acres of land, adjoining property already owned by his brothers. This land was located on "Burches" (Birch) Creek beginning at James Collie (II)'s corner, with William Collie's line as part of the description, and Charles Collie signing as a witness, along with Billey Holloway, ROBERT WALTERS, and William Bennett (Deed Book 9 for 1791-1793, pp. 379-380). On June 13, 1800, John and "Fanney" sold 72 acres of that land to Samuel Walker for 45 pounds " good and lawful money of Virginia" (Deed Book 12 for 1799-1802, pp. 147-148).

Is this the same Samuel Walker? Certainly it appears to be the one found in many deeds during this time period.
Pittsylvania Co VA; Accounts Current, Book 4
p.36 Inventory of Daniel Slaydon Dec'd dated 5 May 1806. Taken by Creed Tanner, Martin Daniel & Samuel Walker. Recorded on 15 Sep 1806.
p.68 Inventory of John Wilson dec'd, taken by Samuel Walker, Royal King, Peyton King.
Recorded 20 Apr 1807. [Peyton King is believed to be a son of Edmund King. Royal King married Milley Corbin in Pittsylvania Co on 7 Feb 1799.]
p.113 Account of the estate of William Twedwell dec'd by Wm Wilkinson, surviving Executor. Twedwell's estate was left to wife Abigail during her lifetime, then descended to son-in-law James Nelson, who had also departed this life without ever making an accounting. Those commissioned to settle were William Payne, Isaac Hill, Samuel Walker, & Thomas Brown. They examined the records on 1 Dec 1807. Recorded 18 Jan 1808.
p.122 James Nelson's Inventory taken at his house on 30 Dec 1807, by Samuel Walker, Creed Tanner, and Francis Cornwell. Rec. 15 Feb 1808.

According to Mr. Mervin Walters, Samuel & Lucy Walker moved along with Gabriel Richards from Pittsylvania Co to Roane Co TN about 1809/1810. Gabriel Richards was the father of Elizabeth Richards, first wife of Archibald Walters [the elder Archibald, son of Thomas & Lucy]. After Elizabeth Richards Walters died, her parents are said to have raised their grandson Abner Walters who was the ancestor of Mr. Mervin Walters. Abner moved with them to Roane Co - he was in his late teens or early twenties - where Abner met & married Elizabeth Rayburn, daughter of Thomas Rayburn who lived across the Clinch River from the Richards. Mervin's information has proved somewhat questionable in several areas - I did find traces of a Samuel Walker in Roane Co, but I'm not at all sure it's the same man. There was a Rev War pensioner named Samuel Walker, but he seems to be a very different man from the husband of Lucy. Were there two Samuel Walkers in Roane? Or did Mervin Walters make an assumption about this Samuel Walker that isn't correct - maybe he and Lucy did not go to Roane Co at all.

Gabriel Richards died in McMinn Co in the 1820's. I didn't find him in these early surveys of Roane, but there was a Samuel Walker:
1807–1813 Surveys Roane County, Tennessee
The Heirs and Devisees of RICHARD HENDERSON, the Heirs and Devisees of
E#1389 [no date] in Powells Valley, beginning near Cumberland Mountain
so as to include Beans Camp. Order of survey dated 6 April
1809...Richard Henderson and George Dougherty both deceased. (I have
surveyed) 3,000 acres in Roane County on waters of Caney Creek including
several improvements. Beginning at foot of Cumberland Mountain in
Powells Valley 80 poles northeast from Oven Spring...crossing Emery Road
and branch of Caney Creek and Turnpike Road and Caney Creek and crossing
Cove Spring Branch of Cave Creek and the Tennessee Valley Road to S.
Walker's field
, then crossing Turnpike Road and the Emery Great Road and
the Blue Spring branch of Caney Creek to Cumberland Mountain. Samuel
, Deputy Surveyor. SCC: David Harlson, Zechariah J. Walker.
Recorded 6-23-1812.
ABRAHAM McCLELLAN. S#789 2-8-1813. E#1384 11-28-1812. 10 acres on Emerys
River in the gap of Waldens Ridge where Emerys River comes through said
Ridge. Beginning corner to a 9-acre tract. SCC: Audley P. Walker, Samuel
. Assigned to John McEwen and lifted 6-9-1821.
JOHN McKAMY. S#368 2-5-1811. E#450 8-23-1809. 25 acres on Cove Spring
Branch joining lines with two surveys of James R. Rogers and one of
Samuel Walker...on a line of the Post Oak Springs Samuel
Walker's survey
. SCC: John Smith, Samuel Walker. Recorded 2-25-1811.
This survey made void 7-17-1815.
JOHN VINT. S#370 2-4-1811. E#773 12-3-1810. 125 acres on waters of Caney
Creek. Beginning on third corner of James R. Rogers's Post Oak Survey.
SCC: Robert Bailey, John W. Easters. Recorded 2-25-1811. Caveated
3-18-1811 by Samuel Walker.
SAMUEL WALKER. S#369 1-4-1811. E#352 11-26-1808. 150 acres on waters of
Cany Creek joining lines with James R. Rogers...on a line of the Smith
survey. SCC: John McKamey, Abm McClellan. Recorded 2-25-1811. Lifted by
Saml Walker 1-14-1813.
SAMUEL WALKER. S#665 12-31-1812. E#1219 6-23-1812. 8 acres on waters of
Cany Creek including a large cove spring above William Long and joining
lines with his land. SCC: Zechariah J. Walker, Milton? Walker. Recorded
"A list of the Free Taxable Inhabitants of Roane County AD 1805"
8. John PAYNE*
8. John PAYNE. Possibly the John PAYNE who m. Mildred RICHARDS, b. 1775, dau. of Gabriel RICHARDS.
27. John WALKER*
27. John WALKER. Capt. John WALKER was Rev. Soldier. Samuel P. WALKER, deceased by April, 1823 [See note below], and James WALKER were Rev. Soldiers, also.
28. William RICHARDS*
28. William RICHARDS, b. 1780, son of Gabriel and Nancy RICHARDS, m. 1806, Polly PHILLIPS, located at Louisville. Had Thomas C., Margaret E. and Mary C.
56. Gabriel RICHARDS*
56. Gabriel RICHARDS, b. 1739, lived Pitts Co., Va., and located in Roane Co. by 1804. Children included: Mildred (b. 1775), Gabriel (b. 1787 m. 1815 Peggy Ann AYER, dau. of Zaccheus AYER), Asa (b. 1789 m. 1822 Delila WRIGHT), Rhoda (b. 1792 m. 1808 William HARVEY, son of William HARVEY, Rev. Sold.), Sally (b. 1794 m. 1814 Robert HARVEY) and Richard (see 62). Other children.
62. Richard RICHARDS*
62. Richard RICHARDS, b. 1782, son of Gabriel and Nancy RICHARDS, J.P., owner of the noted "Exchange Hotel" of Kingston 1821-1842.
The above footnotes were obtained by Mrs. Thornton from the following sources:
Abstract wills and noted estates mentioned in Roane County through 1840.
Typed copy of marriage bonds through 1838, plus some of later dates, using the marriage bonds only to the extent that the daughter's married name was given in the will. If used, a check was made for a corresponding marriage and when found, the year only and name of groom as given in bonds would be included.
County Court minutes used for data on formation of county and jury lists.
Various lists which have appeared in print, primarily the Rhea County tax list of 1808, and a list compiled by Capt. McELWEE 1910 giving the names of men "known to him" as Revolutionary Soldiers. Many of these men never drew pensions and each has been indicated as a "non-pensioner."
Pension applications and three family genealogists.
Abstracts made from records in Roane, Rhea and Bledsoe Counties, primarily deeds.
Who Once Lived in Roane County
Official records, Act of 1818, published in 1835 as of Aug 1834, living in Roane:

Part of the Revolutionary pension application of a Samuel Walker, of Roane Co, TN is online at Heritage Quest [these are the "abbreviated" applications and do not contain the entire file]. The information therein raises a few questions about the identity of Samuel Walker, and even if there could have been two Samuel Walkers present in early Roane. Samuel Walker, of Roane Co TN, applied on 26 Apr 1818. He was living in Botetourt Co VA [not Pittsylvania Co] in 1775 when he was appointed ensign in Arbuckle's Virginia Company. He was commissioned Captain 20 Mar 1777. In 1822, he gave his age as 72 [born 1750] and referred to a wife Susannah, age 56 and confined to bed [born 1766], a blind and disabled daughter Polly, age 30, and an orphaned grandson, Henry age 7 years. He died 5 Jul 1830.
This application creates several problems, the most important being he was not of Pittsylvania Co VA. His wife in 1822 was Susannah, not Lucy. He is said to have died in 1830 while another source has stated he was dead by 1823 - the date of death of the pension file is in a letter, an answer to an inquiry, and there is nothing in the file to confirm this date.