First Generation

1. WILLIAM WALTERS1,2 died in 1762/3 in Halifax County, Virginia.1

This is what has been found about William Walters of Brunwsick, Lunenburg, Halifax Counties in Virginia:

The Scottish error:
William said to have come from Scotland between 1733-1736 to what would become Halifax Co VA. Parents said to be Archibald Walters & Elizabeth Aittken. Marriage record and baptisms of children found in South Lieth, Midlothian, Scotland.
Email of November 2002 from Bill Walters states the following:
"My name is William J. Walters of the lineage you have posted as being Scottish. I was researching our family roots in Scotland and found some disturbing information on this Wm Watters/Elizabeth Robertson family. I found Elizabeth's grave in a small town outside of Leith, Midlothian, Scotland. The town is called Restalrig. It has a small church w/ graveyard and Elizabeth's' tombstone is very well intact for it's age. It reads: "Her Lyes Elizabeth Robertson the wife of William Watters who died 6 Mar 1734 at the age of 32 Also four of her sons are buried with her James, Thomas, William, Last is Unreadable. Also Elizabeth Galloway the second wife of William Watters". at the bottom of the tombstone there is a "John Waters" The Parish Records show that William Watters went on to marry a third time to a Margaret Petrie. They had a son in Leith in 1736. This information will show that the William Walters father of our Thomas Walters was not this Scotsman."
"I was the one who found the parents of William Watters in Leith, Scotland in 1998. Archibald his father was the Newton Parish Clerk in Midlothian and kept very good records of his family. William Watters and Elizabeth Robertson were married in the Newton Parish Church, and not in Liberton. They had their "Marriage Bonds" read in Liberton prior to their marriage in Newton Parish. Elizabeth's father Rev. John Robertson was the Rector of the Liberton Parish. "Marriage Bonds" was a formal declaration to her home parish to make sure she was not already married to someone else.
I met a genealogest/historian by the name of Mr. Arthur in Leith, Scotland on my summer vacation, and we scoured the graveyards there to find more clues to this William Watters. We didn't find anything in Leith so we walked to a small town nearby called Restalrig (He wanted to show me the small chapel there) and that is where we stumbled across Elizabeth Robertson's headstone. I was not prepared for this type of a find!! I sat down in front of the tombstone in the wet grass and just shook my head. I am sorry we are not connected to this family, but I am glad we are getting the facts right. "
So the "Scottish connection" is an error. It was significant to me that in all cases this surname was spelled WATTERS in South Leith, but generally found as WALTERS in Brunswick/Halifax VA. Of course this also means that the christenings of the sons John, Archibald, William, James, Thomas, and at least two later Johns cannot be the baptisms of children of William Walters found in Brunswick Co VA

Transcribed & published by Churchill Gibson Chamberlayne; Richmond, VA. Privately Printed. 1898.
p.386 Tho. Son of Wm and Eliz. Walter Born 16th Janr 1727.
Vadrey s. of Wm and Susana Macbie Born 23 Decemr 1734 Bapt 19 Apr 1735.

Brunswick Co Road Orders; 1730-46; by Pawlett [sent by email from Bill Walters]
p.12; 7 Feb 1733 It is ordered that William Walters & Joseph Dunmon with their tyths be added to Maclins Order.
Brunswick Co VA Court Orders 1732-1737
p.152 William Walters & Elizabeth his wife acknowledge deed to Drury Stith, Gent. [see deed and her release of dower below]
p.136 Samuel Holmes appointed overseer of road from Meherrin River near Walters to the Long Branch [land sold to Stith was on the Meherrin R]
p.12 6 Oct 1732 County Levy Court. Elizabeth Walters was paid a sum.
p.76 6 Dec 1732 William Walters was paid a sum by the county court.
p.111 4 Sep 1735 Joseph Dunmon & William Walters added to William Hogan's order.

BRUNSWICK CO VIRGINIA DEED BOOKS; VOL 1 1732-1745; Abstracted by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr.
175 (216) Will of James Voughn written 12 May 1735; Probate 3 Jul 1735. Witnesses were William Maclin, James Mize and William Walters.
263 (313) 7 Apr 1737. [Same deed as following.] Elizabeth the wife of sd William Walters was examined. Proved 17 Apr 1737. Drury Stith CC

Land Transactions of William Walters:
William Walters [b. ??? - died c. 1762/3 Halifax Co VA]

Tract South of the Meherrin River  1730s

BRUNSWICK Co, VA, DB 1, p.313
Indenture made the 7th day of April, 1737, between William
Walters of St. Andrews Parish and Drury Stith, Gentleman, for 20
pounds, conveying 224 acres on South side of Maherrin River.
Signed:  William (W) Walters
Witnesses were M. Cadet Young, Willm. Jones, and Cornelius Cargill.
7 Apr 1737  William Acknowledged and Elizabeth, his wife, relinquished dower.
William signed with his double W.

The above was purchased from Thomas Alistair after Sept 1728 and probably before 1732.
Prior to 1732, Brunswick records were kept in Prince George Co.  The Prince George deeds after 1728 were destroyed in the Civil War.
Brunswick formed from Prince George circa 1720.

Indenture made the 1st day of May, 1746 (MDCCXXVI), between Drury
Stith and James Parish and William Maclin, for 20 pounds,
conveying 224 acres on South side of Maherrin River, tract
formerly granted to Thomas Alister by Letters of Patent bearing
date of September 28, 1728 (MDCCXXVII) and conveyed from the said
Thomas Alister to William Walters to Drury Stith, Sr.  Witnesses
were M. Cadet Young and Moses Dunkley.  Acknowledged in Court by

VA Land Patent to Thomas Alester is in PB 14, p.90, and was for 224 acres in Brunswick Co on the S. side of the Maherrin River.  Dated 28 Sep 1728.

800 Acres, Brunswick Co, 1740s

VA Land Patents
30 Jul 1742  William Walters, Brunswick Co.  400 acres South side Staunton River.   Begin at Corner on the said River; to a Fork of Priss's Creek; down the Meanders of the River.   Patent Book 20, p.355
25 Jul 1745   William Walters, Brunswick Co.   400 acres South side Staunton.  Begin at John Nashes corner on the River, along his line, to his corner Gum; also follows the meanders of the River so was actually bordering the River.   Patent Book 25, p.127

The above was mortgaged:
LUNENBURG CO VA DB 1, p.64-70   17 Feb 1745/46.  Indenture between William Walters & William Maclin, Sterling Clack, James Parish all of Brunswick Co whereby at the special request of sd William Walters the others became liable for payment of several sums with interest computed at 5% from 15 Oct 1744 to Henry Embry, gent and to the said James Parish.  Also at the request of sd William Walters, William Maclin, James Parish & Sterling Clack became answerable to the Sherrif for the appearance of William Walters at the the Capitol in Williamsburg on the 1st day of the next general Court then and there to answer William Russell on a plea of trespass upon damage of 100£  [deed continues but was not all copied by Mervin Walters] The above to be secured by land where Walters now lives, 400 acres, and also the tract containing 400 acres on South side Staunton R.    Signed:  William [W] Walters.  Wit:  John Clack, Wm Eldridge, John Thornton.  Rec. 1 Sep 1746
William signed with the double W.

Entries from Drury Stiths Land Entry Book.
Entries are performed for the purpose of having the land surveyed and then patented.  They may be sold or transferred or simply voided.  It is not certain that a person who entered land ever actually lived on it or patented it.

p.85   Nov 1748   John Cobbs  400 acres on Priseys Crk beg. On Wm Waters's line thence up both sides the sd Crk.  [Note that one of Walters' Patents above did mention Priss's Crk]
p.129   12 Aug 1752   Abraham Tally  400 acres adj Russels, Walters & Wm Walter's lines on the branches of Tobies Crk
p.129   12 Aug 1752  Will. Weatherford  400 acres on lower Double Crk beg at Will. Walters lower line thence down.

4. Jul 1759  John Cobb patent for 380 acres.    In Halifax Co on Pr___s Creek.  Begin Walters line on a corner red oak; crossing two branches; pointers on Walters line; crossing both forks of the Creek.
PB 33, p.586
Did not find patent for Tally; Weatherford patents in Lunenburg Co after Halifax formed

Property Lines From An Old Survey Book
Halifax Co VA  1741-1901
Roger C. Dodson
A survey is the second step in obtaining a patent.  It may be transferred or sold.  Some of the surveys in the book did indicate transfers.

p.16-C   William Warters  5 Mar 1752  175 R [Halifax Survey Book 1, p.175, right hand side]
400 acres draughts of Double Crs.  Bounded on George Carter, Thomas Walters, William Russell, Timothy Stamps, Jeremiah Villeto
Tfd. To Joseph Terry  10 May 1764
[map shows this also near the headwaters of Toby Creek, Lower Double Creek, near Pitty/Halifax line]
On the same page:  William Weatherford  5 Mar 1752.  400 acres branches Tobies Crk.  Tfd to Ralph Griffin on 26 Feb 1765.
William Russell   29 Nov 1750   400 a brs. of Toby Cr & Double Cr and another 400 acres br. Tobys Crk

p.20-I   Does not show William Walters as being near John Cobbs, in the extreme NE corner of Halifax where I believe Prisss/Prices Creek was.
John Cobbs, Surv 10 Oct 1749, 380 Acres branches Prices Cr. 
Next to John Cobbs on two sides:
John Waters   26 Nov 1757   275 acres branches Swan Crk
John Walters   2 Oct 1747   250 acres Swan Crk
And just a survey away is:
Thomas Waters   24 Apr 1780   314 acres brs. Stanton R & Swan Crk
Another land owner in this area mentioned with various surveys of John/Thomas is John Coles:
Maj. John Coles, decd Order of Council bordered the 250 acres tract of John Walters, the  land of Mary Coles, his widow, was also next to John Walters.  Maj. Coles also had 300 acres joining his Order of Council surv 16 Apr 1748

Possible Conclusions:

William Walters owned 224 acres on the Meherrin River in what was then Brunswick.  He likely bought this land between 1728 after which year the deeds of Brunswick being kept in Prince George were lost and before 1732 when Brunswick begin to keep its own records.   Walters sold this tract to Drury Stith in May of 1737.

He then took out patents, 1742 & 1745 on land South of the Staunton R, probably NE corner of what is today Halifax Co.  Patenting was a lengthy process and he may have lived in this location for several years - he could in fact have been there since he sold out in Brunswick Co.  He was forced to mortgage these tracts in early 1746.  It is possible that he was never able to perfect these grants and may not have done the necessary cultivation and the land reverted to the King.  The land may have been sold by the gentlemen holding the mortgage.  It may have been sold by William Walters himself and we have never found the deeds of sale.  This appears to be land near that of John Cobbs on Priss/Price Creek. 
Both John Walters and Thomas Walters will enter and survey land in this same area.  [Theirs could not be the exact land as that of William Walters unless it had reverted back and was no longer shown as belonging to anyone, since John & Thomas made entries.]  Johns deeds of sale after he had gone to Kentucky appear to be some of this same land of his.  I think Thomas likely did not ever live here - he may not have kept the land or used it for rental.  John also entered land in the Birches Crk area near Robert but I dont think he ever lived there - perhaps further research in the deeds will eventually tell us more.  Maybe the brothers looked after each other's investments.

Although not found in the Entry Book, William had 400 acres surveyed on Double Creek in May of 1752.  This survey was near his son Thomas, as well as William Russell who had sued William Walters back in 1746.  This survey was transferred to Joseph Terry in 1764, after the death of William - apparently William had never applied for the patent, but in all probability he lived on the land in the meantime.  [Remember this: a settler did not owe tax on this land until it was patented - good reason for foot-dragging.]  This explains why he was near enough to Thomas for the Parish to pay Thomas for keeping William in his last illness and burying him.  Robert Walters appears on another page of the Surveys, living next to his father-in-law William McBee.  His survey for 285 acres was on 18 Apr 1747.  He was some East of the land of Thomas & William but not all that far.  Given that John was in the extreme NE corner of the county some distance away, may explain why Thomas & Robert were given the care of the children of William Walters.  They were simply near.

Later miscellaneous records of William Walters:

14/162 17 Jul 1753 William WATERS set levy free. [No explanation; perhaps age?]
90/360 1754 William WALTERS served on a jury for the case of Robert Wade Jr vs. Robert and Peter Hudson, executors of Peter Hudson, dec'd.

16 Jul 1753 Waters set Levy free.
On the Motion of William Waters and for Reasons appearing to this Vestry he is Exempted from the payment of Parish Levy's for the future. [probably now age 60]
28 Nov 1761 Antrim Parish made Dr. [debit, paid]
To Thos. Walters for takeing care of his father Wm. Walters 1000# [tobacco]
[And on the same day]
Ordered that Thomas Walters do keep his father & Provide for him and that he be allowed at laying the next Parish Levie two Thousand pounds Tobacco.
16 Feb 1763 Antrim Parish made Dr
To Thomas Walters for Maintaining William "Waters" for four months and burying him.

Four of William Walters' children were adopted out to Thomas and Robert Walters (Waters). Halifax County, Virginia, Orphans/Bound Children 1760-62 (part 1), March Court 1760: "Ordered that the Churchwardens of Antrim Parish do bind Elisabeth and Walter, children of William Waters, to Thomas Waters & William and Ruth, two other children of said William, to Robert Waters."
This does not say that William Walters was deceased. Possibly wife Elizabeth had died [her last record was in 1737 in Brunswick Co] and William was not able either because of age or disability to care for the children, who could have been any age up to 21.

William Walters' wife was named Elizabeth as evidenced by some of the early records. Her maiden name is unknown.

His proved children are Thomas, the son who provided his care as evidenced by the Antrim Parish Records. And the four children place in the care of Thomas & Robert Walters – Elizabeth, Walter, William, and Ruth. There were probably two other sons, the Robert named as put in charge of William and Ruth, as well as the John Walters who appears to have lived on part of the 800 acres patented by William Walters in the extreme northeast corner of Halifax County.

The Vestry minutes also contain the following processioning order:
16 Feb 1763
Walters Hogan & Cornelius to Procession.
Pursuant to an order of the County Court of Halifax bearing date the 18th day of Augt. last past for this vestery to appoint Processioners according to law where upon it is ordered that Robert Walters, Thomas Walters, James Hogan & William Cornelius Procession all the Pattent Land in the following bounds. Beginning at Sandy Creek bridge thence up the Creek to Harriss Road down the River to the Cuntry [county] line thence down the line Cain Creek thence up Cain Creek to Wynne Road thence down the Road to Terrys Ferry Road thence along the same to the Beginning place and that they begin the said work by the last day of December & Return to the Vestery by the last day of March Ensuing an account of every persons land they shall procession and the Persons present at the same and what land in the said Bounds they failed to procession & the reason of such failure.

WILLIAM WALTERS and Elizabeth [WALTERS] were married. Elizabeth [WALTERS] died before 1761.1

Since it has been proved that the William Watters who married Elizabeth Robertson in Scotland cannot be the same man as the William Walters found in Brunswick Co VA, then it also follows that we don't have any prove of the name of his wife, except for her given name as Elizabeth in the following record:

BRUNSWICK CO VIRGINIA DEED BOOKS; VOL 1 1732-1745; Abstracted by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr.
263 (313) 7 Apr 1737. Same deed as following. Elizabeth the wife of sd William Walters was examined. Proved 17 Apr 1737. Drury Stith CC\
Indenture made the 7th day of April, 1737, between William
Walters of St. Andrews Parish and Drury Stith, Gentleman, for 20
pounds, conveying 240 acres on South side of Maherrin River.
Witnesses were M. Cadet Young, Willm. Jones, and Canduis Cargill.

WILLIAM WALTERS and Elizabeth [WALTERS] had the following children:



John WALTERS1,2,3 was born (date unknown).

Believed to have gone with his children to Kentucky about 1788; no other information found in the Walters Gedcom about this man. There is actually no proof at all that William & Elizabeth Walters had a son named John other than the fact that records of a John Walters are found in the same time frame as those of William Walters and Robert and Thomas Walters. The earliest entries would indicate John to be some years older than Thomas b. 1727 - perhaps John was a young uncle rather than a brother.

p.21 4 Mar 1739. Surv'd. John Walters by Assignmt from Wm Russell enters 400 acres of land near the head of Swans Crk beginning at the upper Fork, thence up. Sign'd D. Stith
p.24 19 Sep 1746 Surv'd. John Walters enters 100 acres of land on the South Br of Swans Crk begin at a tree mark's & running thence down the said Branch for Qnt.
p.70 21 Apr 1748 Mary Coles Relict of John Coles Gent dec'd enters for the use of the estate 400 acres beg at Jas. Stuards corner or Nashes Line thence round John Walter's Land to his corner where Coles's Order of Council joyns the sd Walters.

From HALIFAX CO VIRGINIA PLEA BOOK 1 1752-1755 by Marian Dodson Chiarito:
p.1/p.4 in Plea Book: 19 May 1752 Road from James Stewart's ferry to Banister Bridge. John WALTER and John Owen find best way.
17/63 20 Dec 1752 Paid John WATERS & Radford Maxey for 6 young wolves heads - 300#'s tobacco
19/66 20 Mar 1753 James Stewart appointed surveyor from his landing to the Difficult marked by John Owen & John WATERS.

VA Land Patent 34, p.24
10 Mar 1756 John Walters. 250 acres in fork of Swans Creek, Lunenburg Co.

p.189 24 Jun 1756 Thomas Walters 400 acres joining Cobb's lower line & Jno Walters's upper Line. Also Cobb's outer line.
p.198 26 Jul 1756 John Walters 300 acres on Waters of Swans Cr & Stanton being the vacant land between his own, Cole's & Cobb's Lines.

Halifax Will Book 0 [Zero]; p.87
Appraisal of Estate of John Phillip, Radford Maxey his Executor. Dated 21 Dec 1759. By William Baughan, James Anderson, and John Walters

VA Land Patent 34, p.836
14 Feb 1761. John Waters. 275 acres on branches of Stanton R adj his own land and Cobb. [See gift to son Thomas in 1788]

p.227 20 Apr 1762 Ambrous Cobb. 400 acres between lines of John Warters, James Stewart & John Cobb for Quantity.
p.235 2 Nov 1762 Thomas Warters 400 acres Wm Russells Lines & John Warters on brs. of Great Tobys Creek.
p.241 11 Feb 1763 Jno. Warters & Jno Treadaway enters vacant land bet lines of sd Warters & Treadway, Fountain, & Cobb on brs. of Stanton R & Swans Crk
p.278 20 Jun 1765 John Walters 400 acres on Branch of Birches Crk comonly cal'd Lens Branch. beg. at head of said Br including the Ridge & opposite Brs. of Sandy Crk.

Halifax Co Virginia Colonial Poll & Tithables Lists; Mary Bondurant Warren, 1991, Heritage Papers, Danielsville, GA
Waltr Coles List  1768   Jno. Walters
Nathaniel Terry's list, on Walter Coles, 1768:  John Walters
John Lewis's poles 1769:  John Walters
Jas. Turner Jr. List of Tithables for 1771 : John Waters, John Waters Jr., Thomas Waters 3 tithes. Joseph Dodson, Caleb Dodson, Willm. Waters, 3 tithes

VA Land Patent 40, p.619
3 Aug 1771 Halifax Co To Richard Brown, 75 acres on branches of Stanton R adj James Cobb, John Walters, etc.

27 Aug 1770 John Ward, 54 acres in Halifax Co on branches of Stanton R adj Walter Coles, John Walters, etc. PB 39, p.169

1782 Halifax Co Heads of Household
Walters, Jno, 9 whites, no blacks, in household

1782 Halifax Co Personal Property Tax
Walters, John 1 white male over 21, 2 horses, 3 head of cattle

Halifax DB 14, p.175 3 Sep 1787. John Walters of Halifax to Dabney Pettus of Charlotte co for 400£, 480 acres in Halifax bounded by William Button, James Cobbs, Thomas Walters, Joel Watkins, Jesse Pleasants, Walter Coles Estate, John Ward and the Staunton River, part held by patent & part purchased of Walter Coles Esq and is the land whereon sd John Walters lives, being all the land he holds in Halifax after laying off 100 acres to Thomas Walters, whereon he lives, the remainder being about 480 acres. Signed: John (X) Walters. Wit: Jno Cobbs, Moses Terry, Walter Bennett, Clemt Carrington, Jno Walters, Absalom Watkins, P. Carrington. Proved by witnesses. Rec. 20 Sep 1787.
[Signed by the "Capital I with the crossbar which seems to be a representative "J" in many signature marks. Used consistently by this John Walters since 1750.]
Note: A Jno Walters was a witness to the above deed. John Walters, son of Thomas Walters was in Pittsylvania Co at this time, living on the Double Creeks next to the Maddings/Maddens. John, son of Thomas was married to Eleanor Spears in 1778. However, there is also a Pittsylvania Co marriage for a John Walters to Mary Madding, 28 Mar 1782. It would seem a possibility that the John Walters of the above deed also had a son named John and if he was acquainted with the Maddings over in Pittsylvania Co that could very well support the premise that the John of this deed and Thomas of Pittsylvania Co had a kinship.

John had a son named Thomas:
DB 14, p.483; August Court 1789 [?Halifax Deed?]
14 Sep 1788 Deed from Jno Walters of County of Fayette to Thomas Walters of Halifax for love and affection to his son, Thomas. 100 acres begin a Watkins line to Francis' line to Cobbs line, etc.
John (x) Walters
Wit: Richard Crews, John Walters, Vinct. Cobbs, David Lewis
[Fayette Co was in what is today Kentucky but was a that time still part of Virginia - not until 1792 did KY become a state. When John Walters witnessed a deed of Thomas Walters in 1750 in Lunenburg Co VA, he made the same "mark" as on this deed.]

VA Land Patent, Land Office Grants X, p.712
2 Dec 1785. John Waters granted 1067 acres on N fork of Elkhorn adj Benjamin Netherland and Josiah Watson in Fayette Co.
VA Land Grant 24, p.6
14 Feb 1791 John Treadway & John Waters. 161 acres on waters of Hickman's Creek, adj. Saunders & Kennady in Fayette Co.
[Current maps show the North Elkhorn runs across the northern part of the county of Fayette. Hickman's Creek lies to the south, almost entirely in Jessamine Co.]

1790 Tax List has John Watters and John Tredaway in Fayette County.

There is a Will of a John Lawson of Fayette Co KY, dated 29 Jun 1798. One of the witnesses was a Thomas Walters. Did the Thomas Walters, son of John, also follow his father to Fayette Co?

This is a different John Walters in Montgomery Co VA
VA Land Grant Q, p.257
24 Jun 1785 John Walter, Montgomery Co. 400 acres on Beaverdam Creek a branch of Little Reed Creek, branch of Big Reed Island, branch of New River.
VA Land Grant 23, p.152
12 Mar 1790 To Harculus Ogle in Montgomery Co [KY?] 100 acres on Little Reid Island, branch of Big Reed Island, branch of New River adj James Gosset, John Walters, etc.
VA Land Grant 27, p.634
27 Mar 1793 John Walter Montgomery Co. 250 acres on Little Reed Isalnd adj Lewis Harlin, Isaac Green, Reuben Dalton.









Elizabeth WALTERS was born (date unknown).

Elizabeth, daughter of William Waters, was bound out to Thomas Waters by the Halifax Co Court in March 1760.



Walter WALTERS was born (date unknown).

Walter, son of William Waters, was bound out to Thomas Waters by the Halifax Co VA Court in March of 1760. Presumably Thomas was his older brother.



William WALTERS was born (date unknown).

William and Ruth "Waters" children of William Waters, were bound out to Robert Waters by the Halifax Co Court in March of 1760. Presumably they are his younger sister and brother.

First List of Tithables of Pittsylvania Co in THE HISTORY OF PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY by Maud Carter Clement, dated 1767, includes: Thomas "Waters", negro Lucy
Robt. Warters & Wm Warters are also on this list, presumably his brothers.

These entries are too late to be those of the elder William. One must be age 21 to own land so if this is the son he must have been born by 1746.
p.332 27 Nov 1767 William Walters 400 acres on head of Cargills Fork of Fall Crk beg at Beech tree Mark't WW thence up the Brs. thereof
p.367 23 Aug 1769 Wm Walthers 400 acres on brs of Burches Crk adj Robt. Walters lines thence Westwardly.

Pittsylvania Land Entries.
31 Dec 1770 William Walthers entered 400 acres on branch of Birches Crk adj his own line and lines of Wm Russell.
16 Feb 1774 Wm Walters entered 400 acres beginning at the meeting house path and Ben Lawless' path where they fork. And another 400 acres adj Ben Lawless, fork of Fall Cr.

These records may also apply to this William:

William & Hannah Waters. Two records from Halifax Co VA.
From Halifax Co VA DB 10, p.70 12 Mar 1776 Deed from Jacob Metcalfe & Hannah Waters, both of Halifax of one part to Caleb Dodson of the other part. Jacob Metcalfe & Hannah Waters are Excr & exctrx to the estate of John Davidson, dec'd. For 35£. Sold to Caleb Dodson a tract of 200 acres in Halifax, both sides of Jeremiah fork of Berches Creek ....[description of metes & bounds omitted] Hannah signed with her mark - an "H".
Wit: William Royale, Charles Wall, Thomas Hendrich, John Bates
[My note: one would assume that Hannah was either a daughter or the remarried widow of John Davidson since she was serving as an Executor. Also possibly a sister. Later records indicate she was his widow.]

From Halifax DB 11, p.152 17 Sep 1778 William Waters and Hannah his wife of the County of Fincastle [Kentucky] to Abraham Davidson of Pittsylvania Co for 65#s. 123 acres in Halifax on Jeremiah's Fork of Birches Crk. Signed: William (+) Waters, Hannah (H) Waters.
Wit: Jacob Midkiff, Joseph Chaney, Ezekiel Chaney.
Memorandum following signed William (+) Walters, Haner (H) Walters

The spelling of the name was different in the memorandum - these are copies of the pages from the deed books.
Caleb Dodson in the above is a distant relative of the Dodsons found in Pittsylvania Co. He was born 1752 in Fauquier Co VA & died 1836 in Halifax.

Living in Halifax was a John Davidson who had a Will probated 15 Mar 1770. His wife was Hannah, apparently named in the will. No surname known. The following land records also link the McBees, Davidsons, Walters to Jeremiah's Fork of Birches Creek:
From ENTRY RECORD BOOK, 1737-1770, by Chiarito
8 Jul 1758 Vardry McBee enters 400 acres on Jeremiah's Fork on Matthew Stoker's side line. [Vardry was a brother to Joannah that married Robert Walters]
1 Nov 1761 John Davidson enters 400 acres on Birches Crk beginning at Verdry MacBay's NW corner.



Ruth WALTERS was born (date unknown).

Ruth Waters, child of William Waters, was bound out to Robert Waters by the Halifax Co Court in March of 1760.