Christian Kaub 1714-????
Christian Kaupp's signature 1738

Christian Kaupp
1714 - ????

Christian Kaupp arrived in America on board the "Snow Fox" which left Rotterdam and after a stop in Plymouth, England, arrived in America 12 October 1738.

Christian Kaupp's signature 1738 It is clear that the "Snow Fox" Christian himself wrote his name as "Christian Kaupp", but this spelling is seldom seen thereafter (1738). The spellings Kaub and Kaup were seemingly preferred for the first generation descendents of Christian and Barbara Kaub. After this the Kaub variant seems to have been superseded by Kaup this later yielding to Koup and Coup although Kaup also continued to be used. This is an observed general trend, not a "hard-and-fast" rule. The name Kaupp has rarely, if at all, been found to refer to the family of Christian and Barbara Kaub.

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