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Welcome to the Kaub surname research website. This page has been created in the hope that it will act as a central location for anyone researching a Kaub genealogical connection and further stimulate research into this name. Our goal is to provide an organised, well-documented database for all family lines descending from Christian and Barbara Kaub. One problem encountered in researching the surname Kaub and, more particularly, the variants Kaup, Koup, and Coup, is that there were several other unrelated families who arrived later, lived in the same areas, and used the same forenames. Thus this site will not limit itself exclusively to the descendants of Christian Kaub. It is our view that an organised and central location for this surname will improve accuracy and help sort out which Kaub families are related and which are not.
Another complication encountered is the apparently random use of extra forenames such as Johan[n][es], Anna, Maria and, Magdalena. Charles F. Kerchner, Jr., gives an excellent explanation of this in his "18th Century PA German Naming Customs" - see www.kerchner.com/germname.htm.

It is clear from the records that this surname has been spelt (and misspelt) in many different ways. As time has passed some branches of the family adopted different spellings the most common variants being Kaup, Koup and Coup, but variants may also include Koub, and Cupp. One extreme spelling was located in the 1800 census - Koulp.
It seems to be common practice to associate Christian Kaub with the Christian Kaupp who arrived in the American colony on board the "Snow Fox" in 1738. The name Kaupp has rarely, if at all, been found to refer to this family (Christian and Barbara Kaub).
Christian Kaupp's signature 1738 It is clear that the "Snow Fox" Christian himself wrote his name as "Christian Kaupp", but this spelling is seldom seen thereafter (1738). The spellings Kaub and Kaup were seemingly preferred for the first generation descendents of Christian and Barbara Kaub. After this the Kaub variant seems to have been superseded by Kaup this later yielding to Koup and Coup although Kaup also continued to be used. This is an observed general trend, not a "hard-and-fast" rule.
Cautionary Note The cursive style in vogue in Germany in the early 1700s was such that anyone not familiar with it could easily misinterpret an uppercase "K" as an uppercase "R" and therefore transcribe "Kaub, Kaup, Kaupp" as "Raub, Raup, Raupp". In addition the individual style Christian used for lowercase "p" lends itself to being misread as a lowercase "f", hence occurences of "Kauff" and "Rauff" in records may refer to "Kaupp" or, of course, vice versa
Until there is evidence to the contrary these pages will not assume that Christian Kaub, spouse to Barbara, and Christian Kaupp, who arrived on board the "Snow Fox", are one and the same.

Within these pages, wherever possible, the source of the information is given. It is anticipated that knowledge of the source will give the researcher some indication of the accuracy. Information displayed without any indication of source should not be taken as absolute. If you can disprove (or indeed prove!) anything displayed in these pages please let us know. It should be noted that "official" records can be far from accurate and often a contemporary biography can provide some insight into the family movements and makeup.

Do use the information for your own use, but please share your own research data with others in return. We have endeavoured to acknowledge sources so please do us the courtesy of acknowledging this site if you use information contained herein.

If you have any addenda or corrigenda or even unsubstantiated family stories which you wish to share please send them to the site manager.
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Some information displayed herein may be accompanied by an editorial comment indicating our perspective or highlighting the importance of the information. Such editorials are not presented as absolute irrefutable interpretations but are proffered as a spur for ongoing discussion. These comments will be discernible by being italicised and bracketed <<thus>>.
It is hoped to update this site monthly, depending on the availability of new information, ... and time.
Rather than postpone this indefinitely with the intention of "just finishing this or that part" ... here it is!

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