Awbrey Ancestors

Bil and Kathy Awbrey's Ancestors

I sit and write
The dust get thicker
The cobwebs grow
The bed is unmade
The dishes washed? No!!
I sit and write. Lest I might not have the time to write
and tell my Grandchildren things they may need to know.
Who's on their Family Tree.
And from where the "Greats" all came
England, Germany, France, Holland?
Yes, all of those.
Then tell their names, as far back in time, that I can find.
I write because on of my "Greats passed down a story one day.
Some men on horseback stopped by to ask,
if she could fix them something to eat.
And so she fed them a repast,
from her meager supplies, quite a feat.
When the men re-mounted to ride away,
One man said, "Young lady, tell your grandchildren of this day."
and as he gather up his reins,
"You just cooked dinner for Jesse James."

by Georgia Ketchum Jeffries 1989.

This site is dedicated to my mother who was my partner in family research for over 30 years. This site includes both of our work combined.

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