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Descendants of John1 Beedle of Maine


First Generation

Second Generation

Third Generation



The name Beedle is also found spelled as Beadle, Bedell, Beetle, and Bettel. A definitive history of the early Beedle family was written by John Beedle, Jr. in 1865 {19}.

First Generation

1  John1 Beedle was born 16 January 1770 in Devonshire, England (possibly Tiverton) {16, 18, 19}. He married 11 April 1799 to Susannah Wilson {19}. She was a native of Dorchester, Mass., born 6 August 1780, the daughter of Abiather and Mary(?) Wilson. Susannah was living with the family of James Bowdoin at the time of her marriage. John died 19 December 1839 at Richmond, ME. Susannah died 22 March 1857. {16, 18}

At an early age John went to live with his grandfather. After the death of his grandfather, he lived with one of his uncles. This uncle was a soapmaker and tallow chandler, and John worked in the same business. John left his uncle and worked in the same business as journeyman three years in the city of Bath. {19}

At the age of 24 or 25 [in late 1795] John embarked at South Hampton for the United States of America. He acted as steward on board the ship on his passage to America, thus saving his passage money. John Beedle landed in Portland, Maine, but did not long remain at that place. {19}

He may have arrived in Boston as early as 1795, but by 3 January 1797 he was living in the James Bowdoin, Esq. household in Boston, MA, where he was as a coachman. From the time John started working for Mr. Bowdoin, until at least 1829, John kept a journal of his expenses. His entries for 1797 are printed in Allen' History of Dresden, Me. {18}

Also working in the Bowdoin household was Susanna Wilson. She came to the household when only nine years old, working as a servant without any stated wages, and without schooling. She managed to learn to read and to write her name, but that about all the education Miss Wilson had with the Bowdoin family. John Beedle, age 28, and Susanna Wilson, age 18, married in April 1799. At the time of the wedding, Mr. Bowdoin gave Susanna 50 acres of undeveloped land in Bowdoinham, which was worth 50 dollars at the time.{19}

Soon after their marriage they moved to the Kennebec, then a wilderness country. John settled in that part of Bowdoinham which later became Richmond. He had charge of Mr. Bowdoin's land in Bowdoinham, and was a trusted and faithful employee which is very favorably mentioned in the Bowdoin Papers, now the property of Bowdoin College. {16, 18}

In May 1811 John Beedle, of Bowdoinham, became a naturalized citizen {17}. He declared that he was born in Devonshire, England; he had been a resident of the U.S. for 16 years, and a resident of Bowdoinham for 11 years {17}.

John Beedle is found in the 1810 census at Bowdoinham, Lincoln Co. {1 (cites p. 356)}

NOTE: Other contemporary Beedles in the Richmond-Gardiner area were: Elizabeth Beedle, m int. 1805 Stephen Avery {16}; Elisha Beedle, b 1790-1800, was a head of household in 1840 census; Abraham Beedle, born 1790-1800, was head of household in 1840 census. They are of no known relation to John1 Beedle.

Children of John and Susannah (Wilson) Beedle {16, 19}
2i Susannah, b 14 July 1800 Bowdoinham (that part now Richmond); d 13 Feb 1832 Gardiner; m 1825 James Kitridge of Madison. Ch. KITRIDGE: (1) Wesley (1826-1840); (2) James; (3) Granville; (4) Susannah (1832-1832)
3ii Mary, b 10 Sept 1801 Bowdoinham; d 26 Sept 1858, age 57y; m 27 Nov 1825 John Stantial of Hallowell {32} Ch. STANTIAL: (1) Lucy Ann, b 1824, m 1849 William Loud; (2) Mary Elizabeth (1827-1901); (3) John Henry (1832-1901), m 1873 Martha J. Lynn; (4) William Francis (1833-1870); (5) Hannah Maria (1836-1881), m 1860 Jacob H. True; (6) Walter Beedle (1838-1866); (7) George Harrison (1840- 1851; (8) Susannah Beedle (1842-1902), m 1871 Orrin True; (9) Charles Gilmore (1844-1846)
4iii Elizabeth ("Eliza"), b 28 Feb 1803; d 6 Jan 1878; m 8 Feb 1824 [8 Jan 1824 {32}] John Hutchinson of Hallowell (he d 1860 Cambridge, MA). Ch. HUTCHINSON: (1) James Beedle, b 1824, m 1855 Jennie Parrish; (2) George Henry (1829-1854)
+5iv James Bowdoin, b 10 Oct 1804; m 4 Nov 1828 Myra Woodward
+6v George Washington, b 19 May 1806; d 10 Mar 1874; m 1832 Cordelia Woodward
7vi Sarah, b 28 Nov 1807; d 1 Aug 1864; m 4 Apr 1831 [24 Feb 1831 {32}] Laban Blair of Pittston; Ch. BLAIR: (1) Alfonse C., b 1831, m 1860 H.E. Smith; (2) Helen Augusta (1833-1852); (3) Euphemis Young, b 1835, m 1859 David A. Noble; (4) George Laban, b 1837; (5) Samuel F., b 1838, d at sea 1858; (6) William Henry Harrison (1840-1862) 9th ME Regt.; (7) Lucy Jane, b 1843; (8) Sarah Elisa, b 1844; (9) Martha Etta (1846-1857); (10) Mary Wilder Cooper, b 1849
+8vii Granville Temple, b 14 Oct 1809; d 3 Feb 1869; m 1832 Sarah G. Collins
+9viii John, b 14 (or 19) Feb 1811 Richmond; d 12 Oct 1894 Dresden; m 1838 Priscilla Barker
10ix Hannah, b 19 July 1813 [17 July 1813 {19}]; m 23 Oct 1836 David G.C.S. Trott of Woolwich, (1803-1877); Ch. TROTT: (1) stillborn child; (2) Susannah Beedle (1841-1842); (2) Elenora Jane, b 1845
+11x Walter, b 5 Feb 1815; m 1845 Mary E. Wyman
+12xi Charles Wesley, b 24 Oct 1816; d 19 Feb 1853 Trenton, Mich.
+13xii William, b 13 Apr 1819 Gardiner; m 4 Apr 1848 Martha A. Reed
14xiii Ann Gardiner, b 7 Nov 1820 Gardiner; d 3 March 1824 Richmond
Second Generation
5  James Bowdoin2 Beedle (John1 ) was born 10 October 1804, probably at Bowdoinham (now Richmond), ME {16, 19}. He married Myra Woodward on 4 November 1828 {16, 19}. She was the daughter of Dea. Samuel and Mary (Spring) Woodward of Dresden {16, 19}. James died 10 August 1875 {19}. Myra died 18 January 1883, age 75 {19}.

At any early age of 13 or 14, James was apprenticed to Mr. Perkins of Gardiner to learn the shoemaking trade. He only stayed there a week, before feeling the need to return home. He then went to the shoemaking shop of Mr. Plaisten, where he learned the trade. However, upon reaching age 21 [about 1825] he sought work at the shipyard of Capt. I. Lilly. Capt. Lilly had a bad disposition, and his whole crew left before the vessel was half finished. James worked at another yard in Pittston the same year, the next year he turned his attention to the carpenter's and joiner's trade in the service of Caleb Barker of Pittston. James was acknowledged as a fine craftsman. {19}

On the day of his marriage to Myra Woodward in 1828, James and his wife moved into a room in the old house on the Bowdoin farm. Their oldest sons, Frank and Horace were born there. He later bought a place from his brother-in-law Samuel Woodward. {19}

James and Myra Beedle joined the Methodist Episcopal Church about 1834-35. James was a class leader, preacher, trustee, steward, and involved with the Kennebec Valley Camp Meeting. He was also Representative to the State Legislature for 2 1-year sessions, served for 12 years as Selectman for Richmond. {19}

James went to Wisconsin in 1864 to get his son, Frank. Frank had been shot in the leg and body during a fight with the Indians. However, Frank had died and been buried by the time his father arrived in Fort Snelling, Wisconsin. {19}

Children of James B. and Myra (Woodward) Beedle {16, 19}
15i J. Frank, b 29 Sept 1829; d 1 May 1864; m 3 July 1859 Hannah Hoag; rem. 1858 Wisconsin; enlisted June 1862
16ii Charles Horace [C. Horace {32}], b 3 Jan 1831; m 3 May 1859 Martha Soper {32} [cousin]
17iii Ann Susan, b 8 Nov 1832; d 26 Feb 1833
18iv Myra E.H., b 17 July 1835; m 3 May 1861 [3 May 1859 {19}; 25 Apr 1860 {32}] Edward Augustus Lapham; res. Pittston, ME
19v Victoria, b 24 Apr 1838; d 23 Aug 1855 {16, 19}
+20vi Melville Cox, b 28 Jan 1842; m1 1866 Katherine Spring; m2 1889 Elizabeth A. Troycross
21vii Wilber Fisk, b 26 July 1843; enl. July 1862 19th Regt. ME Vols.
+22viii Leroy W., b 2 Nov 1846; d 25 May 1915 Richmond; m abt 1869 Clara Ann Beedle [#44]
6  George Washington2 Beedle (John1 ) was born 19 May 1806 at Richmond, ME {12b2, 19}. George Beedle, of Richmond, married Cordelia Woodward on 18 December 1832 (or 19 Dec 1832 {14, 19, PR91}) at Gardiner {14}. She was born 20 July 1806 at Gardiner, daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth B. (Welch) Woodward. George died 10 March 1874, age 67 yrs., at Gardiner, ME {14, 19, GR6, PR91}. Cordelia died 28 September 1890, age 83 yrs., at Gardiner {14, GR6, PR92}. George W. and Cordelia Beedle are buried with their daughters, Georgiana and Adaline, at Mt. Hope Cemetery, Gardiner, ME {15}.

George was described as not as tall as his brother James, but thicker set and more robust. He was the heaviest of the family, weighing about 200 lbs. in his best years. he had a dark complexion, and as a child was very stubborn. He helped out at home until reaching the age 21. He coasted one summer (1827) with Capt. Peter Waite. The following summer he worked for Capt. Daniel Woodward on his farm and in his plough shop. George worked at the plough making business until the wooden ploughs wer replaced by cast-iron. {19}

George married Cordelia Woodward in 1832, and continued to live and work on the farm of his father-in-law, Capt. Woodward. He had expectations of inheriting the farm upon their death. But after Capt. Woodward died in 1843, Mrs. Woodward went to live with her daughter in Pittston, and George bought the farm. In order to relieve his debt, he went out to the gold fields of California in early 1852. He returned a year an a half later, not as rich as when he left. George was sick most of the time he had been away. {19}

Shortly after his return home, he sold all the buildings and most of his land, except for a wood lot and a strip of land between the railroad line and River Road running to the lower meeting house in South Gardiner. He owned half of a house on this land, and moved his family there. Several years later he sold this house, and built a new house just a short distance to the north.

George was a farmer (1850) and house joiner (1870). In 1840 the George Beedle household at Gardiner included 3 males: 1 30-40 (himself), 1 5-10 (#1), 1 <5 (#4); and 4 females: 1 30-40 (wife), 1 20-30 (? b 1810-1820), 2 <5 (#2, 3) {4 (p. 24)}. In 1850 he, age 44, lived in Gardiner with his wife, children #2-8, and Henry A. (?)Samia, age 20, born in Mississippi {5 (p. 314)}. In 1870, he lived in Gardiner with his wife and 2 unmarried daughters (#3,8) {4 (p. 106)}.

SEE ALSO: 1860 census, p. 75

Children of George W. and Cordelia (Woodward) Beedle, born in Gardiner, ME {14, PR91}
+23i Thomas, b 3 Nov 1833; d 17 June 1863
24ii Elizabeth Bartlett Welch, b 7 Aug 1835; m 2 Aug 1865 (m.int. 6 Aug 1864 Gardiner {14}) Everett Noble {14, CR1}
25iii Georgianna, b 2 Nov 1837; d 6 May 1872 Gardiner, age 34; unm. {14, PR91, GR6}; occ. domestic servant {7, p. 74}
+26iv Van Rennseleer, b 1 Apr 1840; d 17 Mar 1914; m 1873 Anseline Lawrence
27v Adeline C., b 6 Nov 1842; d 9 May 1852 Gardiner, age 9 {14, PR91. GR6}
+28vi Francesca, b 28 Sept 1845; d 18 Dec 1923; m 24 Dec 1874 Roscoe M. Beedle
+29vii George Clarence, b 28 Mar 1848; d 26 Apr 1931; m 1879 Annie L. Richardson.
30viii Estelle Louise, b 14 Mar 1850; d 17 July 1922, age 72 {15}; bu. Mt. Hope Cemetery, Gardiner {15}; m.int. 15 Oct 1879 Gardiner, Ludy I. Powers {14} (d 1928)
8  Granville Temple2 Beedle (John1 ) was born 14 October 1809. He was named after Sir Granville Temple of Boston. Granville married Sarah Greenleaf Collins, 7 June 1832 {20} (int. 5 May 1832 Gardiner {14}). She, the daughter of Lemuel and Sarah Collins of Industry, ME {14, 16, 19}, was born 21 Apr 1808 {20}. Granville died 3 February 1869 at Richmond, ME {20}. Sarah died 1 November 1896 {20}.

Granville T. Beedle was a blacksmith (1860). At 18 (about 1827) Granville entered apprenticeship under Charles Freeman of Hallowell. He also served a year as a journeyman with Mr. Freeman. Granville then bought a small shop in Gardiner and set up for himself. Within a few months he pulled down his small shop, and built a larger one with two forges. About a year afterwards he built a brick dwelling house, and married Sarah G. Collins in 1832. After unsuccessful attempts to get power to his forge, he sold his shop to one of his journeymen and built another near the mill dam, where water power could operate his bellows and trip-hammer. However, his income did not compensate for the debts incurred, and he had to sell out and leave Gardiner. {19}

Granville settled at Kendalls Mills, Fairfield, and built a house there. However, he was again obliged to move due to debt. His father bought a small lot of land in Richmond, and erected a small home for Granville. Granville prospered there. He built a blacksmith and joiner shop, with machinery propelled by a horse treadmill. He made wagons, carts, sleds, sleighs, and anything else including spars for a vessel. {19}

In 1860 Granville is listed in the census living in Richmond with his wife and 3 children (#4-6) {6, p. 50}.

In the fall of 1862 he engaged himself as a substitute in the 24th Regiment for nine months, for which he received a bonus of about $200. Granville returned from service in ill health. In the spring of 1868 Granville got diptheria, and soon after his recovery discovered a tumor in his throat. Granville had to give up work by November, and was confined to his house. He died 3 February 1869, and was buried on the 5th in his brother James' cemetery. His remains were afterwards removed to South Gardiner Cemetery. {19}

In the will of Granville T. Beedle he gave all his property to his wife, except $50 which was divided between his youngest daughter and youngest son. His brother John was executor. His estate, excluding an acre of land and all buildings which were owned by his wife, was appraised at $940. {19}

Granville T. Beedle is buried with his wife, Sarah at Mt. Hope Cemetey, Gardiner {14, {15(KE-694)}. His stone is marked: Co. A, 24th Me. Regt. Vol.

Children of Granville T. and Sarah (Collins) Beedle {16}
+31i John Lemuel, b 2 Dec 1833; d 1913; m Ellen M. Yeaton
32ii Abby Francis, b 15 Sept 1835; m 15 Jan 1854 Daniel Allen; res. Rondout, Ulster Co., NY
+33iii Charles Wesley, b 23 Oct 1837 ; m 1869 Mary E. Holmes
+34iv William Henry, b 27 March 1846; d 16 Feb 1893 Oakland, CA; m 20 May 1873 at Reno, NV to Katie Jones
35v Sarah Elizabeth, b 19 Jan 1849 {20} [19 Jan 1846; 1848]
+36vi Granville Temple, b 1 Dec 1850; d 23 Nov 1876
9  John2 Beedle (John1 ) was born 14 (or 19) February 1811 at Bowdoinham (now Richmond), ME. He married Priscilla Barker, 4 February 1838 [21 Jan 1838 {32}]. She, the daughter of Caleb and Mary (Woodward) Barker of Pittston was born in Dresden, ME, 5 August 1810 {19}. John died 12 October 1894 at Dresden. Priscilla died at Dresden, 18 August 1898 {19}.

Rev. John Beedle received the personal effects of his brother, Dr. Charles W. Beedle. About 1860, Rev. John started to use the blank pages of his brother's "Patient's Daybook" to write a family history. The account is extracted in "The Beedle Family Record" {16} and is in the possession (1972) of Mrs. Jennie Everson, Official Historian for the Town of Dresden, ME. {16}

Richard Weeks, who printed an edited version of John Beedle's "A Short Historyy of the Beedle Family," notes in his preface that Arnold Weeks of Cohassett, Mass. received the original manuscript from Winifred L. Beedle, granddaughter of John Beedle, Jr. The manuscript was transcribed by Elizabeth Weeks of Dunedin, Florida.

Children of John and Priscilla (Barker) Beedle
37i Mary Ellen, b 20 Nov 1841; m George Wellman
38ii Solon Summerfield, b 15 Mar 1843; d 14 Aug 1864, killed in Civil War
+39iii Roscoe M., b abt 1849; d 30 Jan 1901; m 1874 Francesca Beedle
11  Walter2 Beedle (John1 ) was born 5 February 1815 {16}. He married Mary Elizabeth Wyman, 7 February 1849 (int. 5 Jan 1849 Richmond). She, the daughter of Stephen and Lydia Wyman of Lexington, MA {13, 16}, was born in 1822.

Walter Beedle was a farmer (1860). In 1860 Walter was living in Richmond, ME with his wife and children Oscar O., David T., and Henry S. [but not Walter] {6, p. 70}. In 1882 son Oscar C. Beedle was a carpenter, boarding at G. D. Judkins' house on Summer St., Gardner {30}.

Children of Walter and Mary E. (Wyman) Beedle
40i Oscar Charles [Charles O. {14}], b 12 March 1850; m. int. 25 Mar 1884 Bessie E. Judkins {14} (she d 1 June 1889, age 43 {14}); occ. carpenter (1882)
+41ii David Trott, b 3 Sept 1852 Richmond; d 10 Nov 1919; m 26 June 1909 Annie M. Runnels
+42iii Walter Wyman, m 7 Aug 1904 Josie Eva Dean
43iv Henry Scott, b 9 Sept 1857 Richmond {12b1} [1862(?) {16}]; d 25 Apr 1931, age 73, of "apoplexy"; bur. 28 Apr 1931 Beedle Farm, Richmond; unmarried; farmer {12b1}
12  Charles Wesley2 Beedle (John1 ) was born 24 October 1816 {16, 19}. Charles never married. He died at Trenton, Michigan, 19 February 1853, age 38 {16, 19}. Dr. Charles Beedle is buried in Trenton.

While a little boy, his father appended the sobriquet "Doctor" to his name, because he resembled the family physician. After leaving town school, Charles attended Kents Hill Seminary for a term. The then attended the medical lectures at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, and studied medicine in Richmond under Dr. Joseph Boynton. Following his studies, Charles commenced practice in Georgetown, ME. But soon decided to go to Michigan. After spending some time in one part of Michigan, he moved to the village of Trenton, which is about 15 miles from the city of Detroit. He was the Post Master in Trenton, and a member of the Odd Fellows. Dr. Beedle was suddenly taken with a malignant disease and died within a few weeks. {19}

The "Patient's Daybook" of Dr. Charles W. Beedle was passed to John2 Beedle, and in 1972 was in the possession of Mrs. Jennie Everson of Dresden, ME. {16}

13  William2 Beedle (John1 ) was born in Gardiner, ME 13 April 1819 {16, 19}. He married Martha Ann Reed (int. 18 Mar 1848 Richmond). She, the daughter of Capt. David and Mary Reed of Dresden {16, 19}, was born about 1823 {6}. William died 10 June 1876, age 57 {19}. Martha died sudenly at Winnegance (Phipsburg, ME), 19 March 1893, age 70 {19}. She had dressed for meeting, and was found in her chamber at home wearing her bonnet and cloak.

William remained at home until at about age 19 he worked for a year with his uncle, Laban Blair of Pittston. While there (about 1839), he was drafted as a soldier to go down to the Northeastern frontier (Madawasca) in the Aroostock War. William was honorable discharged, and years afterward received a land bounty for his service.

After he sold out his interest in the old Homestead, William married Martha Ann Reed in 1848. He bought a farm in Pittston, but had to give it up when he was not able to make his mortgage payments. Subsequently, William purchased another farm near Richmond village, where he lived until his death in 1876. He had been ill for several years previous to 1871, and able to do but little work. His son-in-law Leroy W. Beedle bought part of the farm, and lived in the house with the family. William died in 1876, and was buried in his brother James' cemetery. {19}

In 1860 William was living in Richmond with his wife and two children. He was a ship's carpenter (1860). {6}

Son Daniel was living with his parents at the time of his father's death. He was a mariner. In the fall of 1883, Daniel shipped out as second mate of a brig and went south for a load of timber [the Carolinas?]. While there he advanced to First Mate, but was taken sick with malarial fever and died. {19}

Children of William and Martha A. (Reed) Beedle {19}
+44i Clara Ann, b 7 July 1849; m Leroy W. Beedle
45ii Hattie E., b 28 Aug 1854; d July 1855
46iii Daniel Reed {19} [ or Daniel W. {6}, David R. {16}], b 23 Dec 1858 {16} [abt 1859 {6}]; d in the fall of 1883 {19}
47iv Mary Susanna


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