Harbourd / Mannix family History, England/Ireland to Victoria, Australia,

Sarah Ann Harbourd and John Mannix

Compiled by Kaye O'Reilly
with special thanks to Noel Harbourd

I have written this history with the main focus on Sarah Ann, my 3rd Great Grandmother. Born Sarah Ann Harbord, her father John changed the spelling of their surname between the 1841 & 1851 census. I have followed Sarah's rather colourful life to her final resting place in the Melbourne General Cemetery.

5 Generations of my family in 1949

Sarah's daughter in law, Theresa Mannix, her daughter Ethel, then May, June and Carol

The ship "Delgany" left Liverpool, England, on the 24th July 1852 and headed for Port Phillip, Australia. Among the passengers on board were John Harbourd, his pregnant wife Hortensia and their children. The eldest child, Sarah Ann, was listed as 13, her 3 brothers; John, Charles and Sydney were 12, 11 and 10 respectively. John was the son of John Harbord, dairyman, and Susanna Bye, he was born in Reepham, Norfolk, England, c1816.

The voyage was not uneventful. On the 4th September Hortensia had a daughter, Hortensia Elizabeth. Unfortunately due to complications from the birth (Puerperal Fever) Hortensia died. She was 35 years old. Without a mother to feed her, the baby weakened and died 48 hours later. Their burials at sea must have been heart wrenching for all left behind. One can only imagine the sorrow the family felt, with still the greater part of their journey to travel. It is to be hoped their spirits brightened upon reaching Port Phillip, on the 19th November.

On leaving the Ship, John settled his family in Canvas Town, so named as there were more than 3 thousands tents pitched on the banks of the Yarra Yarra river, this town was about where South Melbourne is now. It was common for all visitors to this new country to suffer from dysentery on first arriving. "The people here are dying by scores of dysentery, fevers and every other ailment that man is subject to", wrote one man to his mother about the conditions at the time. He also wrote "a person that brings out a family here ought to be shot". By this we know conditions weren't the best in Melbourne. Charles died in 1853 and Sydney soon after. 

With John being a baker and confectioner it is believed he easily found work. In 1853 the price of a loaf of bread was 8p a 2 pound loaf. In due course he opened his own business in Fitzroy, selling pastries. The property was on the corner of Paisley and Albert Street. In 1854 he married Hanna Stone Wells and they had a son William Sydney, born in 1856. Their daughter Elizabeth Jane was born the next year. Sadly John didn't live to see his second family grow as he passed away in 1860, aged 46 years, just one month before his first grandson was born. He left his estate to Hanna, in trust, till she remarried and 20 pounds to John Alexander who by that time would have been 18. Hanna remarried in 1861 to James Edward Wright, they has one daughter, Agnes. Under the terms of John's will, "for the benefit of such of my children as shall then be living which I have had or might have by my said wife".
Probate regarding John's will was granted  to F. G. Davis and John A Harbourd on the 1 November 1860. John Harbourd was buried in a public grave at the Melbourne General Cemetery on 28.01.1860.

On the 21st September 1853, at not more than 16 years of age, Sarah Ann married James Silvester Smith in Saint Paul's Church Melbourne, an "Established Church". James, a shoemaker lists his parents as James William Smith and Mary Gilbraith, and his birthplace as Chelsea in England c1827. Sarah & James had 5 children, 4 of whom died before 1860. James Smith's whereabouts are not known from 1860. A James Smith, shoemaker, born in Chelsea England went to gaol in 1860.  James and Sarah's surving son James married Marion (Minnie) Litster 1876. James Jr. died in Moorabin (Melbourne VIC)1917. He had no known children.

In 1859 Sarah was living with John Mannix. John ran Tobacconist/Hairdressing business's, in Melbourne between 1864 and 1867. These businesses also served as a front for John's (Jack the Barber's) criminal activities.
On the 27 March 1860 John and Sarah had a son, John. On his birth certificate under previous issue, were the words, 1 living and 4 dead. The one living child I believe to be James Smith who later took the name of Mannix. John and Sarah's children were, John born in 1860, Hortensia 1863, Mary Ann 1865, Stephen 1868 and Sarah 1870. John Mannix, died on the 20th January 1885 in Tasmania.

Sarah Ann Smith married William Jessop Warne on December 19th 1878, at Johnston Street in Collingwood. On their marriage certificate, William was listed as a bachelor, occupation: dealer, 51 years, from Rimwood, Hants (?), England. Sarah, widowed in 1867, had 6 living children, (James Smith and the 5 Mannix's, none listed under dead). 41 years, from Yarmouth in England. Present and usual address: Wellington St Collingwood for both. Parents of William listed as, William Warne, Postilion, and Elizabeth Jessop. Sarah's parents were, John Harbourd, baker and Hortensia Lawn. William Jessop Warne died on the 23rd of May 1906, and is buried, with Sarah, in the Melbourne General Cemetery. Sarah was buried the 7th September 1885. The record of her death is as Sarah Mannix. Sarah married William as SMITH, which points to the fact that he knew about her previous history, and that she never married Mannix. Her children were all bought up as Mannix's. On William Warne's death certificate, details given by the Hall Porter, Authorised Agent, Melbourne Hospital ,his wife is listed as Sarah Ann Mannix.

Sarah was dependent upon John Mannix and later William Warne for her and her children’s well being. John was in and out of gaol during most of their time together, and we know William was in Gaol when Sarah died. As a woman alone, she was forced to call on desperate measures to survive. Two of the most common crimes committed by women in the Melbourne gaol, during the 1860-1880’s were vagrancy, not having enough money to support yourself, and prostitution. Her fiery temper was also a cause of getting her into trouble as is shown by this report in the Melbourne Argus, 10 August 1868.
"Sarah Mannix, alias Anne Smith, convicted of assaulting Eliza Wallace and stealing a shawl from her in Stephen Street on Wednesday evening, was fined 5s and 20s damages, in default to be locked up for one month"
Or this from the Port Phillip Herald in 1877 "Threatening language- Mrs Sarah Mannix had a little difference of opinion with another lady named Kate O'Connor yesterday. Sarah threatened to do a leap for life through Kate's body, and also stated her intention of knocking her criminsonian offspring out of her ensanguined arms. if Sarah does not deposit 10 pounds with Mr. Whelan she will reside in the bosom of Mr. Castieau's happy family for six months"
John Buckley Castieau was the Governor of the Melbourne Gaol at the time.

Amongst the mysteries in Sarah's life is that she registered her children, in many cases, twice...
In the case of my Grandfather, John Mannix, born 1860, she registered him, at first, as John Mannix then went back a few months later and re-registered him as Frederick Smith...
MANNIX John, Reg.No.1299, born 26th Feb. 1860, Little Lonsdale-street east, father John, 32y, hairdresser, born Limerick, Ireland. Mother, Sarah Ann Harbourd formerly SMITH. Married 1853 Melbourne. children 1 living, 4 dead. registered March 1860.
SMITH Frederick, Reg. No. 6400, born 26th Feb. 1860, Little Lonsdale-street east, father James Smith, 33y, shoemaker, born Chelsea, England. Mother, Sarah Ann HARBOURD, Married 1852, Melbourne, Children 1 living 3 dead.

Hortensia, born in 1863 was registered first as a Mannix, and then later as Hortensia Harbourd, whereas John has two separate registrations, Hortensia's was a correction.
Sarah was registered as a SMITH, by her mother, Sarah Ann Harbourd, no father listed, later the register was adjusted to HARBOURD, Sarah's legal name at this time was SMITH...

This family looks like it could be my John Mannix's
It closely matches the information he has given on his Convict records
MADDOX; Camberwell; in 1841 census.
HO107-1052-4 folio 14 page 20
Browns Terrace, St Giles Camberwell
John Maddox 50 Bricklayer I
Ellen Maddox 50 I
Cornelius Maddox 20 Plaisterer Y
Mary Maddox 13 Y
Hellen Maddox 10 Y
Stephen Maddox 8 Y

If you have any information on these families please get in touch with Kaye
I am adding a new page to my Family history file called MANNIX I't a general research page for the surname of Mannix, not nessesarily my family, but pages and information I have come across while looking for them.

William Sydney Harbourd, the son of John Harbourd and Hanna Stone Wells was the father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather of most of the Harbourd's in Australia, today

The Will of John Harbourd 1860

This is the last Will and Testament of me John Harbourd of Footscray in the Colony of Victoria. - After payment of all my just debts funeral and testamentary expenses. - I give devise and bequeath all my personal estate wheresoever situate and of whatsoever same may consist of at the time of my decease to my wife Hannah Stone Harbourd for her life time or so long as she shall remain my widow. - And I, also give devise and bequeath unto my said Wife for her life time or so long as she shall remain my Widow all that - allotment of land situate at the corner of Albert Street and Paisley Street at Footscray aforesaid having a frontage to Albert Street of Eighty two feet six inches then running Westerly along Paisley Street aforesaid sixty six feet six inches then running North forty five feet six inches, then running West thirty one feet then running north thirty seven feet then running East ninety eight feet ten inches to Albert Street aforesaid be the said dimensions more or less together with all buildings and Outbuildings contained therein. - And I make the above bequests to my said wife as aforesaid subject to her paying to my son John Alexander Harbourd within twelve months after my death. the sum of twenty pounds sterling - And subject to my Wife dying as aforesaid or … marrying with any future husband then I direct that all property both real and personal bequeathed as aforesaid shall immediately fall into the hands of my Executors for the purposes hereafter mentioned. -
I direct my Executors to sell as soon as practicable and convert into cash all my real and personal property bequeathed to my said wife as aforesaid for the benefit of such of my children as shall then be living which I have had or might have by my said wife, such Cash received by said Executors as aforesaid to be divided equally and in fair proportions between such Children on the youngest of them attaining the Age of Twenty one years. - And until the youngest child shall have attained such age as aforesaid I direct my Executors to invest such money realised by them as aforesaid in such …. as they may think fit for the maintenance and education of such children or child as aforesaid And I give devise and bequeath the whole of my Real Estate wheresoever the same may be situated or of whatsoever the same may consist of at the time of my decease (save and except that real and personal property above bequeathed to my said wife, as aforesaid) unto my son John Alexander Harbourd (being the son of my first wife) for his lifetime and after his death I bequeath same to the lawful heir thereof whoever he or she may be. - And I give my Executors full power to execute all money deeds conveyances as (?assurances) and other documents which may be necessary for carrying out the above directions. - And I declare that all receipts of said Executers shall be a sufficient discharge for all monies which may be paid to them on behalf of this my estate and that their signatures to any Deed or Conveyance of the property or any portion of same as above directed to be sold by them shall be valid and sufficient release thereof .= And I declare that my said Executers whilst using all necessary care and diligence shall not be responsible for any loss or losses obtained by them in carrying out the directions herein ?……. And I appoint Edwin Gittins Davis of Footscray aforesaid Gentleman and also my son John Alexander Harbourd of Footscray aforesaid Executors of this my will. - In witness whereof I have hereunto put my hand to this my last will …tained in this sheet of paper on the twenty first day of January AD 1860

Signed by the said John Harbourd
in our presence who in his presence and
at his bequest have hereunto set our names
as witnesses to this his last Will and Testament
on the day and year above written, the words "the
sum of Twenty pounds sterling" having been first underlined
John Harbourd
Hill Clevendon Footscray
John F D Footscray

Vital Records Index- British Isles
Harbord John
Wife Hortensia Lawn
Marriage date 29 August 1836
Recorded in St Nicholas, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
Source: FHL Number 1526456 Dates 1831 - 1847

1851 British Census
John Harbourd Head, Mar, 35y, Baker & Confectioner, born Reepham - Norfolk
Hortensia Harbourd Wife, Mar, 33y, Baker wife, born Ellingham, Norfolk
Sarah A Harbourd Daug., Un-mar, 14, ---, Yarmouth, Norfolk
John A Harbourd Son, - , 8y, Scholar, born Yarmouth, Norfolk
Charles E Harbourd Son, - , 5y, Scholar, born Yarmouth, Norfolk
Sidney H Harbourd Son, - , 8y, Scholar, born Yarmouth, Norfolk
Address: Stratton Street, Depwade
Census place: Stratton St Mary Depwade, Norfolk
PRO Reference: HO/107/1821. Folio: 686. Page: 12. FHL Film:0207475

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