My McKenzie, Standen and Baxter Family History
Assistance given to me by Mary Lowe (Baxter) and David Gordon (McKenzie/Standen)

"Dugald McKenzie & Isabella McKenzie"

       (son of John)  
born 1794 - died 1859 
       (daughter of Rory) 
    born 1798 - died 1868

Married in 1820, Scotland

Port Macquarie Pioneers

Dugald & Isabella McKenzie, together with their children, Mary, Kenneth, Christina, Duncan, John and Colin immigrated to Australia in 1837 from Scotland.

It was not an easy decision to make, that of uprooting the whole family and travelling half way around the world to a new country. At the time the conditions in the famine stricken far north of Scotland were terrible indeed. We can only wonder at the hardships of our earlier Scottish ancestors. It would have taken great courage to journey from their home, Lochcarron, Scotland, to the Port of Isle Ornsay, Isle of Skye to board the Ship for their voyage to Australia.

Our family came to Australia as part of "Langs" Bounty Scheme. The second ship of 20, the "William Nichol", a three year old vessel, of 408 tons, set sail, with our family, and over 300 others on the 6th July 1837. It was not to be an easy passage as is shown by the deaths of 19 children and 2 adults. The food loaded on board was of the poorest kind and there was little oatmeal, previously a staple of their diet. The fact that the ships English crew had no understanding of their Gaelic dialect can only have lent to their troubles. By the time the Ship put into Table Bay for water and provisions 10 children had already perished, this after only 67 days. The miserable conditions must have had them wondering at the course they had taken. How it would have gladdened their eyes to see the coast when they arrived at Port Jackson on Friday the 27th October, 1837.
On arrival these hardy immigrants were eagerly sought after by the colonists. Dugald, a farm labourer, and his family were engaged by Mr. J. T. Hughes of Macquarie Rivulet, Illawarra.
Our McKenzie's eventually settled in the Port Macquarie district of New South Wales (Barombin, Hastings River) where family still farm the original property. Dugald and Isabella are buried in the Port Macquarie, Historical Cemetery.

The Children:

Mary 1821 - 1906 Married Thomas Cruxton/Croxton 1839
Kenneth c1823 -1908 Married Ann Cameron
Christina c1826 - 1900 Married Edward Harwood Parker 1847 (2) Donald Smith (3) Married James Martin Beadman
Duncan 1829 - 1904, never married
John William 1831 - 1905 Married Mary Ann Sherringham 1864
Colin John 1834 - 1887 Married Mary Sophia Standen 1858

NSW Death Certificates for Dugald McKenzie (1859/004726) and Isabella McKenzie (1868/006180)
When & Where Died
Name and Profession
Dugald McKenzie, Farmer
Sex & Age
Male, 65y
Fathers name and & Profession
John McKenzie, Master Mariner
Mothers name
Signature, Description &
Residence of informant.

Duncan McKenzie, Son,
When & Where buried
23 December 1859
Port Macquarie Cemetery
by James Butler
Where Born
Ross-shire, Scotland
How long in Australian States
NSW. about 22 years
Married? Where,
What age, to Whom.

Ross-shire, SCT. ?. ? .
Bella McKenzie.
Children of Marriage
Mary 32y
Kenneth 35y
John 26y
Collie 23y
All living
When & Where Died
11 January 1868
Name and Profession
Isabella McKenzie, Widow
Sex & Age
Female, 70y
Fathers name and & Profession
Rory McKenzie, Tailor
Mothers name
not known.
Signature, Description &
Residence of informant.

Duncan McKenzie, Son,
When & Where buried
13 January 1868
Port Macquarie
by James Butler
Where Born
Ross Shire Scotland
How long in Australian States
NSW. 31 years
Married? Where,
What age, to Whom.

Scotland about 22y,
Dugald Mc Kenzie
Children of marriage
4 males
2 Females
All Living

I would like to make contact with any of these families with the view of exchanging information, Kaye

"Charles Standen & Mary McMahon"

     (son of Stephen)  
born 1802 - died 1879 
       (daughter of Patrick) 
     born 1814 - died 1894

Married in Van Diemen's Land 1837

Sunbury District Pioneers & Our Earliest Settlers

Charles Standen, was born in 1802 in Croydon, Surrey, England. His parents were Stephen and Mary who had a shoe making business. Charles was caught stealing malt and sentenced at the Surrey Assizes on 15th June 1829 to Seven years transportation to Van Diemen's Land. Transported on the Convict Ship "Red Rover" he arrived in Hobart Town on the 26th March 1831. From there, he was assigned to the Richmond district, working on the Road gangs or as a farm labourer. Not being a model prisoner he spent much of his time in chains. He spent a term on the tread mill and was given 25 and 50 lashes at different times. Quickly realising he was heading for Port Arthur he stayed out of trouble for the last 18 months of his term.

After his discharge, in 1836, he met Mary McMahon and they married on the 31st July 1837, at Richmond. She was one of hundreds of girls who sailed to VDL to escape starvation in poverty stricken Ireland. Brought out by the British Government to redress the balance of male's in the1830's. (somewhat defeated by the fact she had 7 daughters and 2 sons) She sailed from Dublin in the "Boadicea", 1836. Her parents were Patrick McMahon and Mary Holmes from County Clare, where she was born in 1814.

Charles and Mary's oldest daughter, Mary Sophia was born in Hobart Town in 1838. Her little sister, Louisa had arrived before the family crossed the sea to the Port Phillip district in 1841. In 1842 their eldest son Charles was born, (This Charles was later to build, with his sons, the historic Kuranda Bottom Pub near Cairns in Queensland.) followed by Patrick John, Margaret and Elizabeth. By 1850 Charles and Mary had a property in Bulla where Emma, Harriet and Julia were born. They became highly regarded residents of the Bulla/Sunbury district. Not wanting his Convict past known that part of Charles's life was never mentioned.
Charles is buried in the grounds of St Mary's Church of England, Bulla, while Mary is buried in the Roman Catholic section of the Bulla Cemetery.

Note: "Red Rover" Arrived 26 March, 1831. 372 tons. Built at Yarmouth in 1830. An A1 vessel. Master, Robert C Chrystie. Surgeon, John Osborne. Sailed 24-10-30. From, Sheerness in 152 days. 168 males. 2 deaths. 166 landed in Hobart.
Charles's convict number was 73352

The Children:

Mary Sophia 1838-1922 married John Colin McKenzie 1858
Louisa 1839-1893
Charles 1842-1904 married Sarah Francis Bulley 1864
Patrick John 1843-1888 married Sarah Parkman 1869
Margaret 1846- married Thomas Dean? 1870
Elizabeth 1848-
Emma 1851-1935 married John Albert Musgrove
Harriet 1852-1866 died age 14
Julia 1855-

"John Colin McKenzie & Mary Sophia Standen"

   (son of Dugald)  
born 1831 - 1887 
       (daughter of Charles) 
     born 1838 - died 1922

Married in Melbourne 1858

From Goldfields to Saw Mills

John Colin McKenzie was 20 when he heard tails of the gold rush in Victoria. He left the family home in New South Wales and ventured to the Gold Fields where he had some success. By the time he was 24 he had settled in Mt Macedon near Sunbury where he became a highly skilled sawmiller. The Standen's lived nearby and he married Mary Sophia in Melbourne in 1858. The Standen's were pioneers of the Sunbury district.

John Colin and Mary Sophia were married in Saint James Church, Melbourne on the 11th February 1858. Although first settling in the Mt Macedon area, close to Mary's parents, John's work within the timber industry was fast coming to a holt. By 1876 most of the bush had been cleared so John, with his older son's, Colin, Charles and Dougal moved the whole family by bullock wagon, to West Gippsland. They settled on a property at the junction of the Tarago River and Brandy Creek, and later added another property in Neerim South.

The couple had 13 children. Colin, Mary Ann and Isabella (twins), Charles and Dugald (twins), Margaret, Harriet, Louisa, Kenneth, Thomas, Emma d. 1876, Frederick and Emma.

They established a saw mill on the Brandy Creek property which soon developed into a good sized concern. It was there, on the 3rd of March 1887 that a log fell from the saw bench and crushed John Colin's thighs. He passed away the next day. He is buried with Mary Sophia in the Drouin West Cemetery. With them in the family plot are their son and daughter, Colin and Emma. Mary Sophia died on the 12th February 1922 at 83 years.

The Children:

Colin McKenzie 1859 - 1919, buried with parents at Drouin West
Mary Ann McKenzie 1861 - 1949 married Joseph William Henry Baxter
Isabella McKenzie 1861 - 1935 married Frances Frederick Renouf
Charles McKenzie 1863 - 1948 married Fanny Cook
Dougal McKenzie 1863 - married Elizabeth Reily? 1893
Margaret McKenzie 1865 -
Harriet McKenzie 1867 - 1947
Louisa McKenzie 1869 -
Kenneth McKenzie 1871 - married Eliza Jane Wilkinson
Thomas McKenzie 1873 - 1937
Emma McKenzie 1876 - 1976, buried with Parents at Drouin West
Frederick McKenzie 1879 -
Emma McKenzie 1881 - 1953

" Joseph Baxter & Mary Ann McKenzie"

       (son of Zillah)  
born 1865 - died 1943 
       (daughter of John Colin) 
        born 1861 - died 1949

Married in 1883, Jindivick, Victoria


Mary Ann McKenzie was born in Masadon, Victoria about 1861. Second child of John Colin McKenzie and Mary Sophia Standen. She was their eldest daughter, second child of 13 and a twin. Although she never had a profession I'm sure she was a great help to her mother in rearing her siblings, little sister Emma was just 3 years old when Mary Sophia married William Joseph Henry Baxter on May 10th 1883 at the home of her parents, in Jindivick. Her new husband Harry was a "sawyer at Jindivick" so you could presume he was working for John Colin at his Sawmill?

The newly weds settled in the Buln Buln area till after their first daughter Mable was born, in 1885. Ralph Colin was born in Carlton the next year. After the death of John Colin (Mary Ann's father) they moved to Kilcunda where their next four children were born, Ada, Zilla, Emma, and Sophia. It was in this time that Harry was "going about setting up saw mills". Arthur Henry, their last child, was born in Drouin. They stayed in the Gippsland area for the remainder of their lives, with Harry passing away at the Warragul Hospital on the 3rd of June 1843, at the age of 87. Mary Ann passed away in 1949 at Flemington.

Joseph Baxter, later known as "Harry", was born on the first day of July 1856 at his Grandparents farm at Mordialloc. He was the illegitimate son of Zilla Baxter the 17 year old daughter of Thomas Baxter and Ann Parnham. On his marriage certificate to Mary Ann, "Harry" states his parents as Thomas Baxter and Ann Parnham, when in actual fact they were his grandparents, who brought him up. On his mothers death certificate "Harry" isn't mentioned. His father (as passed down through the family and told to me by my Grandmother and also listed on his death certificate) is thought to be Benjamin Baxter of Baxter Flats. "Harry" is buried in the Drouin Cemetery.

The Children:

Mabel 1885-1970 married Thomas Tweedie Holt 1903
Ralph Colin 1886-1958 married Maud Bonus 1920
Ada May 1890- married Arthur Henry 1914
Zilla 1892- married Frank Ainger 1916
Emma b. 1894 d. 1894
Sophia 1898-1987 married Stephen McMillan 1922
Arthur Henry 1906- married Evelyn Moreland

Mary Ann McKenzie


(daughter of Thomas)

born1838 - died 1866

Zilla Baxter was born in East Bridgford, Notts, England in November 1839. She came to Australia with her parents, Thomas Baxter b.1812, (son of Bosworth and Elizabeth nee Carnel/Carlisle,) and Ann Parnham, b. 1819, (daughter of William and Mary nee Wright), travelling on the "Duchess of Northumberland" The ship anchored off Melbourne on the 3 June 1841. Thomas was engaged by Mr Graham of Melbourne at 20 per annum. In 1850 he was a letter carrier, believed to be the first in Melbourne. Zilla's sister Lizzie was born there. By 1856 the family had a farm in Mordialloc where in 1862 Ada their third daughter was born. Zilla was 17 when she gave birth to Joseph on the 7th July 1856 at Mordialloc. Her mother Ann registered the birth and her sister Mary (Lizzie) Baxter helped deliver the baby.

Zillah married Hugh Brown in 1857. He was employed by Thomas as a manager for their Mordialloc property. The couple had 5 sons. Zillah died in childbirth on the 2nd December 1866 giving birth to her 7th son at only 27 years of age. Hugh never listed Joseph on his wife's death certificate. It is probable he knew of the child as he was working on the property at the time of Joseph's birth. In 1866 Hugh acquired 22 acres on the southern side of Mordialloc Creek, east of the railway, know as "Pine Vale". Zillah and Hugh are buried in the Cheltenham Cemetery with Hugh's sister Mary, she helped him to rear his boys after Zilla's death. Hugh was 99 when he died

Zillah's Children:

Joseph Baxter1856-1943 married Mary Ann McKenzie 1883
Thomas Brown 1859 -
Frederick W Brown 1860-1959 married Margaret Jane Robertson 1904
Arthur Richard Brown 1861-1931 married Mary Ann McKnight 1899
Alexander Brown 1862-
Charles Edward Brown 1864-1944

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