Cornwall Online Census Project—1841

Transcript of Piece HO107/146 (Part 6)

Enumeration District 21

Civil Parish of St. Dennis

Book 7 Folio 4 Page 1

Trelavour,1,John Cundy,60,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Cundy,,60,,In county,
,,Andrew Cundy,30,,,In county,
,,James Cundy,20,,,In county,
,,Ann Lidycoat,,65,Female Servant,In county,
Trelavour,1,Fanny Best,,70,,In county,
,,Faney Best,,20,,In county,
,,Robert Varcoe,40,,Clay Agent,In county,
Trelavour,1,William Varcoe,40,,Clay Agent,In county,
,,Mary Varcoe,,34,,In county,
,,William Varcoe,9,,,In county,
,,Ann Varcoe,,8,,In county,
,,Jno. Edwd. Varcoe,7,,,In county,
,,Charles Varcoe,5,,,In county,
,,Margary Varcoe,,1,,In county,
,,Edmond Varcoe,2,,,In county,
,,James Varcoe,24,,Cooper,In county,
Witepitt,1,Jonathon Stephens,70,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Joanna Stephens,,65,,In county,
,,Mary Stephens,,40,,In county,
Witepitt,1,John Hugo,40,,Tailor,In county,
,,Esther Hugo,,48,,In county,
,,Matthew Hugo,6,,,In county,
,,Thomas Bullock,14,,Apprentice Tailor,In county,
,,Caroline Searle,,13,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 5 Page 2

Whitepit,1,Richard Nance,50,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Ann Nance,,45,,In county,
,,Milcah Nance,,18,,In county,
,,Richard Nance,16,,,In county,
,,Samuel Tremain,22,,Currier,In county,
,,Maryann Tremain,,22,,Foreign Parts,
,,William Martyn,20,,Carpenters Apprentice,In county,
,,Israel Bennetts,18,,Carpenters Apprentice,In county,
,,Mary Osborn,,20,Female Servant,In county,
Hendra,1,William Grigg,50,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Grigg,,45,,In county,
,,Robert Grigg,18,,,In county,
,,Catherine Grigg,,20,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Grigg,,14,,In county,
,,Fanney Grigg,,6,,In county,
,,Victoria Grigg,,3,,In county,
,,William Brokenshire,14,,Male Servant,In county,
Hendra,1,John Varcoe,35,,Agent,In county,
,,Jane Varcoe,,35,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Varcoe,,13,,In county,
,,Jane Varcoe,,10,,In county,
,,John Varcoe,7,,,In county,
,,Frances Varcoe,,5,,In county,
,,Grace Varcoe,,3,,In county,
,,Matilda Varcoe,,1m,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 5 Page 3

Hendra,1,John Grigg,55,,Labourer,In county,
,,Johanna Grigg,,52,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Grigg,,15,,In county,
,,Jane Grigg,,12,,In county,
Hendra,1,John Varcoe,69,,Independent,In county,
,,Mary Varcoe,,68,,In county,
,,Richard Varcoe,40,,Labourer,In county,
,,Selina Best,,14,Female Servant,In county,
Hendra Praze,1,James Varcoe,32,,Labourer,In county,
,,Edmond Varcoe,3,,,In county,
,,William Varcoe,1,,,In county,
,,Catherine Salmon,,35,Housekeeper,In county,
Hendra Praze,1,John Truscott,30,,Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Truscott,,25,,In county,
,,John Truscott,7,,,In county,
,,William Truscott,4,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Truscott,,2,,In county,
,,Samuell Truscott,1m,,,In county,
Hendra Praze,1,Samuell Kent,30,,Mason,In county,
,,Nicholas Kent,25,,Labourer,In county,
,,John Kent,4,,,In county,
Hendra Praze,1,William Bassett,35,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Ann Bassett,,35,,In county,
,,Betsey Bassett,,13,,In county,
,,Ann Bassett,,9,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 6 Page 4

,,Mary Bassett,,4,,In county,
,,William Bassett,1,,,In county,
Hendra Praze,1,Jonathon Stephens,50,,Miner,In county,
,,Thomasin Stephens,,40,,In county,
,,Mary Stephens,,20,,In county,
,,William Stephens,18,,,In county,
,,Jonathon Stephens,16,,,In county,
,,Frederick Stephens,13,,,In county,
,,Eliza Stephens,,9,,In county,
,,Jane Stephens,,6,,In county,
,,George Anna,,2,,In county,
Hendra,1,William Varcoe,40,,Clay Agent,In county,
,,Ann Varcoe,,35,,In county,
,,Fanney Varcoe,,11,,In county,
,,Robert Varcoe,9,,,In county,
,,William Varcoe,7,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Varcoe,,3,,In county,
,,Tabitha Varcoe,,10m,,In county,
Hendra,1,John Trebilcock,26,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Priscilla Trebilcock,,20,,In county,
,,Edwin Trebilcock,6m,,,In county,
Hendra Lane,1,James Benetto,40,,Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Benetto,,40,,In county,
,,Thomas Benetto,18,,,In county,
,,Ann Benetto,,15,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 6 Page 5

,,James Benetto,14,,,In county,
Hendra Lane,1,Thomas Benetto,46,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Elizabeth Benetto,,40,,In county,
,,Edward Benetto,17,,,In county,
,,William Benetto,10,,,In county,
,,Charles Benetto,8,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Benetto,,6,,In county,
,,Emma Benetto,,4,,In county,
,,Frederick Benetto,2,,,In county,
Hendra Downs,1,John Drew,24,,Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Drew,,20,,In county,
Restowrack,1,Edward Arthur,45,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Arthur,,45,,In county,
,,Richard Arthur,20,,,In county,
,,Samuell Arthur,17,,,In county,
,,Rebecka Arthur,,15,,In county,
,,Mary Arthur,,13,,In county,
,,Catherine Arthur,,10,,In county,
,,Amy Arthur,,8,,In county,
,,John Bray,14,,Male Servant,In county,
Bordela,1,Michal Gill,30,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Gill,,30,,In county,
,,John Gill,1,,,In county,
Bordela,1,Richard Bassett,30,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Ann Bassett,,20,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 7 Page 6

,,Priscilla Jury,,20,Female Servant,In county,
,,Thomas Varcoe,15,,Male Servant,In county,
Trerise,1,John Bennetto,37,,Stone Mason,In county,
,,Maryann Bennetto,,38,,In county,
,,John Bennetto,18,,,In county,
,,James Bennetto,16,,,In county,
,,Tom Bennetto,14,,,In county,
,,Bill Bennetto,11,,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Bennetto,,9,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bennetto,,7,,In county,
,,Henrietta Bennetto,,4,,In county,
,,Edward Bennetto,2,,,In county,
Trerise,1,John Richards,70,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Richards,,60,,In county,
,,Samuell Richards,30,,,In county,
,,William Richards,25,,,In county,
,,Thomas Williams,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Jane Cleimes,,20,Female Servant,In county,
,,Elizabeth Grigg,,16,Female Servant,In county,
,,Samuel Bassett,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,William Honey,10,,Farmers Apprentice,In county,
Trerise,1,John Palmounter,35,,Labourer,In county,
,,Jane Palmounter,,25,,In county,
,,Joseph Palmounter,1,,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 7 Page 7

Carsella Farm,1,William Truscott,45,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Truscott,,40,,In county,
,,Thomas Truscott,10,,,In county,
,,William Truscott,6,,,In county,
,,Sophia Truscott,,3,,In county,
,,William Cowling,60,,Independent,In county,
,,John George,25,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Andrew Cundy,20,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Elizabeth Truscott,,15,Female Servant,In county,
,,Kiza Mennsare,,16,Female Servant,In county,Surname uncertain
Little Ennis Farm,1,William Truscott,50,,Farmer,In county,
,,Jane Truscott,,50,,In county,
,,Jane Truscott,,25,,In county,
,,William Truscott,20,,,In county,
,,Mary Truscott,,15,,In county,
,,Charlotte Truscott,,13,,In county,
,,Ann Grigg,,7,,In county,
Carn,1,Nicholas Truscott,45,,,In county,
,,William Truscott,15,,,In county,
,,Fanney Truscott,,15,,In county,
,,James Truscott,13,,,In county,
,,Edmund Truscott,10,,,In county,
Domelick,1,Robert Grigg,50,,Farmer,In county,
,,Jane Grigg,,45,,In county,
,,Abaraham Grigg,18,,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 8 Page 8

,,Richard Grigg,16,,,In county,
,,Rosa Grigg,,14,,In county,
,,Mary Grigg,,12,,In county,
,,Susan Grigg,,10,,In county,
,,Robert Grigg,6,,,In county,
,,Milcha Grigg,,1,,In county,
Carn,1,James Stephens,32,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Ann Stephens,,33,,In county,
,,Hannah Stephens,,66,,In county,
Carn,1,James Clemas,51,,Farmer,In county,
,,Jane Clemas,,58,Housekeeper,In county,
Carn,1,Robert Clemas,55,,Tinner,In county,
,,Betty Clemas,,40,,In county,
,,Thomas Clemas,15,,,In county,
,,Philipa Clemas,,15,,In county,
,,Ann Clemas,,10,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Clemas,,8,,In county,
,,Richard Clemas,5,,,In county,
,,Grace Clemas,,3,,In county,
Carn,1,Joseph Brokenshire,55,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Elenner Brokenshire,,60,,In county,
,,Martha Grigg,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Carn,1,Henery Jamas,60,,Farmer,In county,
,,Honor Jamas,,55,,In county,
,,Mary Pedler,,15,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 8 Page 9

,,William Pedler,3,,,In county,
Carn,1,John James,25,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth James,,25,,In county,
,,Elizabeth James,,4,,In county,
,,Caroline James,,2,,In county,
,,Selina James,,2m,,In county,

Enumeration District 22

Civil Parish of St. Dennis

Book 7 Folio 13 Page 1

Tervain,1,Richard Kent,40,,Captain Of Clay Works,In county,
,,Elizabeth Kent,,25,,In county,
,,William Kent,70,,C.L. Clay Labourer,In county,
,,William Varcoe,52,,Hewer Of Stone,In county,
,,Grace Kent,,8,,In county,
Hendra Lane,u,,,,,,
Hendra Lane,1,Ann Common,50,,,In county,
,,John Common,20,,Miner,In county,
,,Nicholas Common,15,,Miner,In county,
,,Catherine Common,,10,,In county,
,,William Common,6,,,In county,
Hendra Lane,1,John Martyn,60,,Quarry Labour,In county,
,,Jane Martyn,,50,,In county,
,,Joseph Martyn,22,,Clay Labourer,In county,
Hendra Downs,u,,,,,,
Hendra Downs,1,John Kent,40,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Amelia Kent,,14,,In county,
Hendra Downs,1,Ann Greenslade,,41,,In county,
,,William Greenslade,15,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,John Greenslade,14,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Samuel Greenslade,12,,,In county,
,,Ann Greenslade,,9,,In county,
,,Jenefer Greenslade,,6,,In county,
,,Fanny Greenslade,,35,,In county,
,,Amelia Greenslade,,8,,In county,
,,Charles Greenslade,4,,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 14 Page 2

Hendra,1,John Bennats,40,,Mason,In county,
,,Ann Bennats,35,,,In county,
,,Mary Bennats,,15,,In county,
,,Ann Bennats,,15,,In county,
,,John Bennats,12,,,In county,
,,William Bennats,10,,,In county,
,,Elisa Bennats,,7,,In county,
,,Grace Bennats,,5,,In county,
,,Margaret Bennats,,3,,In county,
,,Henry Bennats,6m,,,In county,
,,John Honey,17,,Masons Apprentice,In county,
Hendra Downs,1,Michael Keam,45,,Quarry Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Keam,,55,,In county,
Hendra Downs,1,John Cock,60,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Cock,,40,,In county,
,,Jane Cock,,12,,In county,
Trelaver Downs,1,William Cock,55,,Tinner,In county,
,,Margaret Cock,,55,,In county,
Trelaver Downs,1,William Richards,30,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Jane Richards,,30,,In county,
,,Frederick Richards,6,,,In county,
,,Fanny Richards,,4,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Richards,,1,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 14 Page 3

Trelaver Downs,1,John Bray,45,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Dorothy Bray,,45,,In county,
,,Fanny Bray,,25,,In county,
,,James Bray,20,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Walter Bray,15,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Bray,,10,,In county,
Trelaver Downs,u,,,,,,
Trelaver Downs,1,Thomas Jiles,35,,Shoemaker,In county,
,,Susan Jiles,,30,,In county,
,,Ann Jiles,,11,,In county,
,,Nicholas Jiles,9,,,In county,
,,Eliza Jiles,,7,,In county,
,,James Jiles,2,,,In county,
,,Milinda Jiles,,4m,,In county,
Trelaver Downs,1,William Kent,60,,Tin Streamer,In county,
,,Mary Kent,,55,,In county,
,,William Kent,25,,Ag Lab,In county,
Trelaver Downs,1,John Honey,45,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Jane Honey,,15,,In county,
,,Susan Honey,,10,,In county,
,,Mary Honey,,4,,In county,
Menna Common,1,John Martyn,28,,Miner,In county,
,,Betsey Martyn,,28,,In county,
,,Mary Martyn,,5,,In county,
,,John Martyn,4,,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 15 Page 4

Higher Trelaver,u,,,,,,
Higher Trelaver,u,,,,,,
Higher Trelaver,1,John Best,55,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,J Nancy Best,,41,,In county,
,,John Best,16,,,In county,
,,James Best,12,,,In county,
,,Jenefer Best,,8,,In county,
,,Thomas Best,6,,,In county,
Menna Common,1,Joseph Bray,56,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Grace Bray,,54,,In county,
,,Mary Bray,,20,,In county,
Menna Common,1,Robert Kent,25,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Kent,,20,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Kent,,1,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Honey,,10,Female Servant,In county,
Menna Common,1,Benjamin Kent,55,,Tin Streamer,In county,
,,Mary Kent,,53,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Kent,,20,,In county,
Trelaver,1,John Varcoe,55,,Yeoman,In county,
,,Mary Varcoe,,40,,In county,
,,Mary Varcoe,,15,Dressmaker,In county,
,,John Varcoe,15,,,In county,
,,Ann Varcoe,,13,,In county,
,,Susan Varcoe,,11,,In county,
,,Grace Varcoe,,3,,In county,
,,John Honey,20,,Parish Apprentice,In county,

Book 7 Folio 15 Page 5

Trelaver,1,Robert Varcoe,30,,Publican & Shoemaker,In county,
,,Ann Varcoe,,30,,In county,
,,Ann Varcoe,,4,,In county,
,,Robert Varcoe,1,,,In county,
,,Nicholas Truscott,20,,Shoemaker Journeyman,In county,
,,Mary Common,,20,Female Servant,In county,
,,Eliza Pedlar,,11,Female Servant,In county,
Trelaver,1,William Kent,30,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Selina Kent,,30,,In county,
,,Mary Kent,,7,,In county,
,,Isabella Kent,,6,,In county,
,,Jabez Kent,3,,,In county,
Trelaver,1,Richard Kent,77,,Miner,In county,
,,Ann Kent,,40,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Kent,,65,,In county,
Trelaver,1,William Richards,65,,Tinner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Richards,,65,,In county,
,,Alice Bullock,,83,,In county,
,,Thomasin Best,,65,,In county,
Trelaver,1,Rebecca Brokenshire,,60,,In county,
,,Nancy Brokenshire,,30,,In county,
Trelaver,1,Humphry Thomas,70,,,In county,
,,Mary Thomas,,70,,In county,
,,Nancy Liddicoat,,70,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 16 Page 6

Trelaver,1,George Common,50,,Invalid (Crossed Out),In county,
,,Jenefer Common,,45,,In county,
,,Thomasin Common,,9,,In county,
,,Richard Common,7,,,In county,
,,James Common,4,,,In county,
,,Henry Common,2,,,In county,
Trelaver,1,John Yelland,46,,Publican,In county,
,,Miriam Yelland,,46,,In county,
,,Joanna Yelland,,15,,In county,
,,John Yelland,15,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,William Yelland,12,,,In county,
,,Maria Yelland,,8,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Kent,,20,,In county,
,,James Varcoe,20,,Carpenter,In county,
Trelaver,1,William Thomas,25,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Grace Thomas,,25,,In county,
,,Mary Thomas,,1,,In county,
,,Joseph Thomas,15,,Carpenters Apprentice,In county,
,,Mary Gill,,20,Milliners Apprentice,In county,
White Pit,1,William Woodman,60,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Woodman,,60,,In county,
White Pit,1,Nicholas Grose,20,,Draper,In county,
White Pit,1,James Brenton,25,,Shoemaker,In county,
,,Mary Ann Brenton,,20,,In county,
,,James Brenton,1,,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 16 Page 7

White Pit,1,Richard Yelland,55,,Clay Merchant,In county,
,,Elizabeth Yelland,,70,,In county,
,,Betsey Biddick,,25,,In county,
,,Emma Biddick,,6m,,In county,
White Pit,1,John Richards,30,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Agnes Richards,,20,,In county,
,,Robert Teague Richards,6m,,,In county,
White Pit,1,William Rowe,45,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Honor Rowe,,37,,In county,
,,Mary Rowe,,10,,In county,
,,William Rowe,8,,,In county,
,,Jane Rowe,,6,,In county,
,,Susan Rowe,,3,,In county,
,,Jane Pearce,,57,,In county,
White Pit,1,Alexander Truscott,50,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Phillippa Truscott,,50,,In county,
,,Phillippa Truscott,,15,,In county,
,,Sophia Truscott,,11,,In county,
,,James Truscott,10,,,In county,
,,Rachel Truscott,,1,,In county,
White Pit,1,Priscilla Crouch,,20,Milliner,In county,
,,Simon Crouch,1m,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Mellow,,15,Milliners Apprentice,Unknown,

Book 7 Folio 17 Page 8

White Pit,1,James Truscott,48,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Truscott,,40,,In county,
,,Mary Truscott,,13,,In county,
,,Christianna Truscott,,9,,In county,
,,Jane Truscott,,7,,In county,
,,Charlotte Truscott,,5,,In county,
,,Ann Truscott,,3,,In county,
,,Henry Truscott,84,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,William Truscott,40,,Clay Labourer,In county,
Hendra,1,William Williams,30,,Blacksmith,In county,
Hendra,1,Thomas Best,45,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Best,,35,,Ireland,
Hendra,1,William Martyn,25,,Mason,In county,
,,Jane Martyn,,25,,In county,
,,David Martyn,3,,,In county,
,,William Martyn,1m,,,In county,
Hendra,1,John Varcoe,35,,,In county,
,,Joyce Varcoe,,35,,In county,
,,Milinda Varcoe,,12,,In county,
,,John Varcoe,10,,,In county,
,,Richard Varcoe,8,,,In county,
,,Mary Varcoe,,4,,In county,
,,Jane Varcoe,,1,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 17 Page 9

Hendra,1,William Kent,53,,Captain Of Clay Works,In county,
,,Grace Kent,,60,,In county,
,,James Kent,25,,Schoolmaster,In county,
,,Mary Kent,,20,,In county,
,,William Kent,15,,,In county,
Hendra,1,William Kent,63,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Kent,,75,,In county,
,,Robert Kent,36,,Cl,In county,
,,Felix Kent,12,,,In county,
,,Eliza Kent,,10,,In county,
,,Louisa Kent,,8,,In county,
Menna,1,Temperance Roberts,,40,,In county,
,,John Roberts,12,,,In county,
,,Jane Roberts,,10,,In county,
,,Mary Roberts,,2,,In county,
Menna,1,Richard Devonshire,40,,Farmer,In county,
,,Ann Devonshire,,40,,In county,
,,Mary Devonshire,,10,,In county,
,,William Devonshire,8,,,In county,
,,John Kent,20,,Ag Lab,In county,
Menna,1,Ann Hick,,60,Independent,In county,
,,Jane Grigg,,20,Female Servant,In county,
Menna,1,Peter Mennear,65,,Independent,In county,
,,Ann Coon,,11,Female Servant,In county,

Book 7 Folio 18 Page 10

Menna,1,Mathew Mennear,25,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Mennear,,30,,In county,
,,Jane Mennear,,5,,In county,
,,James Mennear,3,,,In county,
Carnega,1,Thomas Mennear,45,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Mennear,,50,,In county,
,,Amos Mennear,15,,,In county,
,,Thomas Mennear,15,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Mennear,,13,,In county,
,,Mary Mennear,,12,,In county,
Carnega,1,John Mennear,40,,Tinner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Mennear,,40,,In county,
,,John Mennear,15,,,In county,
,,William Mennear,13,,,In county,
,,Jane Mennear,,10,,In county,
,,Joseph Mennear,7,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Mennear,,5,,In county,
,,Daniel Mennear,1,,,In county,
Carnega,1,William Mennear,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Mennear,,30,,In county,
,,Sleena Mennear,,10,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Mennear,,6,,In county,
,,Maria Mennear,,4,,In county,
,,Martyn Mennear,1,,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 18 Page 11

Gothers,1,Robert Key,55,,Farmer,In county,
,,Catherine Key,,53,,In county,
Gothers,1,James Varcoe,30,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Ann Varcoe,,25,,In county,
,,John Varcoe,10,,,In county,
,,Henry Varcoe,5,,,In county,
,,Edwin Varcoe,2,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Varcoe,,1,,In county,
,,Fanny Common,,20,Female Servant,In county,
,,George Common,20,,Parish Apprentice,In county,
,,William Clemas,15,,Parish Apprentice,In county,
,,William Common,12,,Parish Apprentice,In county,
Gothers,1,William Mennear,30,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Mennear,,30,,In county,
,,Fredrick Mennear,11,,,In county,
,,Nathaniel Mennear,8,,,In county,
,,Eliza Mennear,,7,,In county,
,,Daniel Mennear,4,,,In county,
,,Dinah Mennear,,2,,In county,
,,Sabina Mennear,,3m,,In county,
Gothers,1,Roger Trebilcock,55,,Miner,In county,
,,Grace Trebilcock,,55,,In county,
,,Thomas Trebilcock,25,,Miner,In county,
,,William Trebilcock,20,,Miner,In county,
,,Richard Trebilcock,14,,Miner,In county,

Book 7 Folio 19 Page 12

Gothers,1,Thomas Williams,30,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Susan Williams,,25,,In county,
,,Grace Williams,,6,,In county,
,,John Williams,4,,,In county,
,,Charles Williams,3,,,In county,
,,Amelia Williams,,1,,In county,
Gothers,1,John Varcoe,40,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Varcoe,,35,,In county,
,,Robert Varcoe,15,,,In county,
,,William Varcoe,15,,,In county,
,,Mary Varcoe,,13,,In county,
,,John Varcoe,12,,,In county,
,,James Varcoe,10,,,In county,
,,Joshua Varcoe,9,,,In county,
,,Caleb Varcoe,9,,,In county,
,,Cornelius Varcoe,7,,,In county,
,,Moses Varcoe,4,,,In county,
,,Joseph Trebilcock,20,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Eliza Snell,,20,Female Servant,In county,
Gothers,1,Joseph Grigg,25,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Grigg,,25,,In county,
,,Nathaniel Grigg,9,,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Grigg,,5,,In county,
,,Joseph Grigg,,2,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 19 Page 13

Gothers,1,John Williams,35,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Williams,,35,,In county,
,,William Williams,15,,Miner,In county,
,,John Williams,12,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,8,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Williams,,6,,In county,
,,Jane Williams,,4,,In county,
,,James Williams,2,,,In county,
Gothers,1,William Rosevear,45,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rosevear,,40,,In county,
,,John Rosevear,15,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rosevear,,15,,In county,
,,Joseph Common,25,,Ag Lab,In county,
Higher Gothers,1,John Giles,50,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Susan Giles,,50,,In county,
,,James Giles,20,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Thomas Giles,15,,,In county,
,,Susan Giles,,12,,In county,
Higher Gothers,1,Nicholas Richards,34,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Richards,,30,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Richards,,9,,In county,
,,Fanny Richards,,8,,In county,
,,Eliza Richards,,6,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Richards,,3,,In county,
,,Eli Richards,9m,,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 20 Page 14

Hendra,1,Thomas Best,25,,Shoemaker,In county,
,,Fanny Best,,20,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Best,,1,,In county,

Enumeration District 23

Civil Parish of St. Dennis

Book 7 Folio 25 Page 1

Carnega,1,James Cock,32,,C.L. Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Cock,,35,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Cock,,5,,In county,
,,John Cock,4,,,In county,
Moor,1,John Stephens,24,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Stephens,,25,,In county,
Carn,1,John Grigg,40,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Grigg,,30,,In county,
,,William Grigg,5,,,In county,
,,Ann Grigg,,4,,In county,
Carn,1,George Hicks,40,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Joanna Hicks,,14,,In county,
,,John Hicks,11,,,In county,
,,Nicholas Hicks,9,,,In county,
,,Thomas Hicks,7,,,In county,
,,Joseph Hicks,5,,,In county,
,,George Hicks,2,,,In county,
Trelavour,1,William Brokenshire,50,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Brokenshire,,20,,In county,
,,Joseph Brokenshire,13,,,In county,
,,Jane Brokenshire,,11,,In county,
,,John Brokenshire,8,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hawke,,52,,In county,
Domillick,1,Mary Pedlar,,32,,In county,
,,Levinia Pedlar,,12,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 26 Page 2

Carn,1,Thomas Varcoe,40,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Catherine Varcoe,,45,,In county,
,,Stephen Hore,70,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Jane Julyan,,47,,In county,
New Moor,1,Thomas Osborn,28,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Osborn,,25,,In county,
Carn,1,James Bunt,42,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Bunt,,38,,In county,
,,Ann Bunt,,17,,In county,
,,James Bunt,12,,,In county,
,,Charles Bunt,10,,,In county,
,,Mary Bunt,,7,,In county,
,,Amos Bunt,5,,,In county,
,,John Bunt,2,,,In county,
,,Daniel Bunt,1,,,In county,
Carn,1,Samuel Richards,40,,Tinner,In county,
,,Mary Richards,,40,,In county,
,,Jane Richards,,10,,In county,
,,Mary Richards,,8,,In county,
,,Martha Richards,,6,,In county,
,,Samuel Richards,3,,,In county,
,,Milinda Richards,,1,,In county,
Penrose,1,Grace Trethewey,,85,Independent,In county,

Book 7 Folio 26 Page 3

Penrose,1,Abram Grigg,27,,Tin Streamer,In county,
,,Maria Grigg,,25,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Grigg,,2,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Grigg,,11m,,In county,
Penrose,1,Isaac Grigg,44,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Grigg,,43,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Grigg,,13,,In county,
,,Ann Grigg,,11,,In county,
,,Abraham Grigg,9,,,In county,
,,Richard Grigg,6,,,In county,
,,Jane Grigg,,3,,In county,
,,Honor Solomon,,78,Pauper (Crossed Out),In county,
Moor,1,James Richards,61,,Tinner,In county,
,,Jane Richards,,60,,In county,
,,Joseph Richards,25,,Ag Lab,Unknown,
,,Mary Richards,,20,,In county,
,,Mary Richards,,3,,In county,
Penrose,1,James Varcoe,35,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Varcoe,,32,,In county,
,,Richard Varcoe,6,,,In county,
,,Robert Varcoe,4,,,In county,
,,John Varcoe,2,,,In county,
,,William Grigg,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Ann Common,,12,Female Servant,In county,

Book 7 Folio 27 Page 4

Penrose,1,William Trethewey,52,,Farmer,In county,
,,Joanna Trethewey,,47,,In county,
,,John Trethewey,25,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,William Trethewey,22,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Robert Trethewey,20,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Maria Trethewey,,10,,In county,
,,Sophia Trethewey,,10,,In county,
,,Mary Trethewey,,8,,In county,
,,Richard Trethewey,4,,,In county,
Trelavour,1,Robert Grigg,29,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Mary Grigg,,27,,In county,
,,Mary Grigg,,11m,,In county,
,,John Row,17,,Carpenters Apprentice,In county,
,,James Best,20,,Carpenters Apprentice,In county,
Domillick,1,John Key,42,,Farmer,In county,
,,Ann Key,,38,,In county,
,,John Key,14,,,In county,
,,Kezia Key,,11,,In county,
,,Levinia Key,,8,,In county,
,,Ann Key,,5,,In county,
,,James Key,1,,,In county,
,,Thomas Bray,22,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Andrew Jiles,22,,Ag Lab,In county,
Carn,1,Elizabeth Varcoe,,74,Independent,In county,

Book 7 Folio 27 Page 5

Trelavour,1,Samuel Pedlar,35,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Elizabeth Pedlar,,33,,In county,
,,Dinah Pedlar,,12,,In county,
,,Christiana Pedlar,,11,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Pedlar,,9,,In county,
,,Mary Pedlar,,6,,In county,
,,Charles Pedlar,3,,,In county,
,,William Pedlar,7m,,,In county,
,,William Pedlar,17,,Blacksmiths Apprentice,In county,
,,William Trebilcock,25,,Ag Lab,In county,
Penrose,1,William Grigg,20,,Clay Labourer,Ireland,
,,Phillippa Grigg,,45,,In county,
,,Abraham Grigg,9,,,In county,
,,John Grigg,6,,,In county,
,,Richard Grigg,1,,,In county,
Menna,1,John Varcoe,30,,Farmer,In county,
,,Jenefer Varcoe,,60,Independent,In county,
Menna,1,John Mennear,49,,Farmer,In county,
,,Phillippa Mennear,,46,,In county,
,,John Mennear,15,,,In county,
Menna,1,Nancy Kent,,50,Farmer,In county,
,,William Kent,20,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Fanny Kent,,15,,In county,
,,James Kent,15,,,In county,
,,Richard Kent,12,,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 28 Page 6

Menna,1,Robert Grigg,55,,Farmer,In county,
,,Ann Grigg,,53,,In county,
,,James Grigg,27,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Joseph Grigg,23,,Shoemaker,In county,
,,Isaac Grigg,21,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Mary Grigg,,17,,In county,
,,William Grigg,15,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Fanny Grigg,,13,,In county,
,,Grace Grigg,10,,,In county,
,,William Grigg,2,,,In county,
Menna,1,Richard Varcoe,70,,Independent,In county,
,,Ann Varcoe,,50,,In county,
Enniscaven,1,William Knight,45,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Maria Knight,,40,,In county,
,,William Knight,15,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Eliza Knight,,12,,In county,
,,Grace Knight,,10,,In county,
,,Thomas Knight,5,,,In county,
,,James Knight,4,,,In county,
,,John Knight,5m,,,In county,
Enniscaven,1,Richard Grigg,25,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Grigg,,25,,In county,
,,Richard Grigg,4,,,In county,
,,Christiana Grigg,,2,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 28 Page 7

Enniscaven,1,William Gill,60,,Farmer,In county,
,,Thomas Arthur,15,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Arthur,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Carnega,1,Zebedee Brag,27,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Sarah Brag,,20,,In county,
,,Richard Brag,2,,,In county,
,,Henry Brag,1,,,In county,
,,Rebecca Brag,,15,,In county,
Carnega,1,William Key,38,,Farmer,In county,
,,Ann Key,,35,,In county,
,,Robert Key,14,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Key,,11,,In county,
,,James Key,9,,,In county,
,,Ann Key,,6,,In county,
,,John Key,3,,,In county,
,,Kezia Key,,3m,,In county,
,,Mary Key,,40,Female Servant,In county,
,,Richard Cundy,18,,Parish Apprentice,In county,
,,James Stephens,16,,Parish Apprentice,In county,
Carnega,1,James Cock,55,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Cock,,50,,In county,
,,William Cock,30,,Shoemaker,In county,
Ennis,1,John Wills,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Frances Wills,,18,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 29 Page 8

Gothers,1,William Hawkey,44,,Farmer,In county,
,,Nancy Hawkey,,40,,In county,
,,Henry Hawkey,17,,,In county,
,,William Hawkey,15,,,In county,
,,Thomas Hawkey,13,,,In county,
,,James Hawkey,6,,,In county,
,,John Hawkey,3,,,In county,
Gothers,1,Francis Brenton,55,,Shoemaker,In county,
,,Mary Brenton,,50,,In county,
,,David Brenton,20,,Tinner,In county,
,,Grace James,,20,,In county,
,,Daniel James,1,,,In county,
,,Jacob Kepel,10,,,In county,
Frogs Hole,1,Nicholas Grigg,34,,Tin Streamer,In county,
,,Betty Grigg,,28,,In county,
,,William Grigg,5,,,In county,
,,Ann Grigg,,3,,In county,
,,James Grigg,1,,,In county,
Enniscaven,1,Jane Grigg,,35,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Grigg,,7,,In county,
Enniscaven,1,Robert Grigg,68,,Tin Streamer,In county,
,,Pheobe Grigg,,58,,In county,
,,Robert Grigg,16,,,In county,
,,Mary Grigg,,7,,In county,
,,Priscilla Arthur,,56,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 29 Page 9

Enniscaven,1,Richard Grigg,65,,Tin Streamer,In county,
,,Richard Grigg,35,,Tin Streamer,In county,
,,Mary Grigg,,33,,In county,
,,William Grigg,8,,,In county,
,,Ann Grigg,,10,,In county,
,,John Grigg,6,,,In county,
,,Maria Grigg,,5,,In county,
,,Isaac Grigg,3,,,In county,
Enniscaven,1,John Crap,44,,Farmer,In county,
,,Martha Crap,,46,,In county,
,,Mary Crap,,22,,In county,
,,William Crap,19,,,In county,
,,Jane Crap,,15,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Crap,,12,,In county,
,,Sarah Crap,,8,,In county,
,,Eliza Crap,,5,,In county,
,,Joanna Worden,,25,,In county,
,,William Worden,1,,,In county,
Enniscaven,1,John Coom,58,,Tin Streamer,In county,
,,Honor Coom,,47,,In county,
,,John Coom,27,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,William Coom,15,,,In county,
,,Charles Coom,9,,,In county,
,,Fanny Coom,,6,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 30 Page 10

Enniscaven,1,Richard Thomas,40,,Tin Streamer,In county,
,,Joanna Thomas,,40,,In county,
,,Betty Thomas,,10,,In county,
,,Joanna Thomas,,9,,In county,
,,Jane Thomas,,5,,In county,
,,Mary Thomas,,1m,,In county,
Enniscaven,1,Richard Thomas,56,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Thomas,,50,,In county,
,,Robert Thomas,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Abraham Thomas,12,,,In county,
,,Grace Thomas,,15,,In county,
Enniscaven,1,John Osborn,55,,Farmer,In county,
,,Jane Osborn,,52,,In county,
,,John Osborn,30,,Tin Streamer,In county,
,,James Osborn,20,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Philemon Osborn,18,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Richard Osborn,15,,,In county,
,,Ann Osborn,,13,,In county,
,,Robert Osborn,10,,,In county,
,,Richard Grigg,7,,,In county,
,,Thomas Thomas,80,,,In county,
Enniscaven,1,Richard Grigg,25,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Grace Grigg,,30,,In county,
,,William Grigg,1m,,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 30 Page 11

Enniscaven,1,John Trethewey,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Ann Trethewey,,25,,In county,
,,William Trethewey,2,,,In county,
,,Grace Trethewey,,4,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Trethewey,,1m,,In county,
Enniscaven,1,William Trethewey,55,,Tin Streamer,In county,
,,William Trethewey,20,,Tin Streamer,In county,
,,James Trethewey,15,,Tin Streamer,In county,
,,Maria Trethewey,,20,,In county,
,,William Grigg,7,,,In county,
Enniscaven,1,Benjamin Kent,35,,Tin Streamer,In county,
,,Jenefer Kent,,35,,In county,
,,John Kent,15,,,In county,
,,William Kent,11,,,In county,
,,Jane Kent,,7,,In county,
,,Benjamin Kent,5,,,In county,
,,Richard Kent,1,,,In county,
Gothers,1,Isaac Grigg,35,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Jane Grigg,,35,,In county,
,,Ann Grigg,,12,,In county,
,,Jane Grigg,,7,,In county,
,,William Grigg,6,,,In county,
,,Richard Grigg,2,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Grigg,,6m,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 31 Page 12

New Moor,1,Mark Stephens,66,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Stephens,,62,,In county,
New Moor,1,Thomas Mennear,70,,Tin Streamer,In county,
,,Dorcas Mennear,,78,,In county,
Carnega,1,Richard Varcoe,29,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Varcoe,,23,,In county,
,,Thomas Varcoe,2,,,In county,
,,John Varcoe,1,,,In county,
Penrose,1,John Giles,26,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Eliza Giles,,22,,In county,
,,John Giles,2,,,In county,
,,James Giles,7m,,,In county,
Penrose,1,Abraham Grigg,59,,Tin Streamer,In county,
,,Dorothy Grigg,,59,,In county,
,,Abraham Grigg,25,,Tin Streamer,In county,
,,Isaac Grigg,23,,Tin Streamer,In county,
,,Ann Grigg,,16,Female Servant,In county,
,,James Grigg,11,,,In county,
Menna,1,Jacob Grigg,40,,Farmer,In county,
,,Jane Grigg,,40,,In county,
,,Joyce Grigg,,8,,In county,
,,Mary Clemas,,20,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 31 Page 13

Trelavour,1,William Thomas,43,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Ann Thomas,,40,,In county,
,,Jane Thomas,,16,,In county,
,,John Thomas,14,,,In county,
,,William Thomas,12,,,In county,
,,David Thomas,10,,,In county,
,,James Thomas,8,,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Thomas,,6,,In county,
,,Samuel Thomas,4,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Thomas,,2,,In county,
,,Eliza Thomas,,3m,,In county,
Carn,1,William Varcoe,45,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Rosimond Varcoe,,45,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Varcoe,,13,,In county,
,,Ann Varcoe,,11,,In county,
,,Mary Varcoe,,9,,In county,
,,William Varcoe,7,,,In county,
,,Rosimond Varcoe,,5,,In county,
,,Thomas Varcoe,3,,,In county,
,,Richard Varcoe,1,,,In county,

Enumeration District 6

Civil Parish of St. Ewe

Book 8 Folio 4 Page 1

Pensagillis,1,John Parkyn,55,,Farmer,In county,
,,Sibella Parkyn,,45,,In county,
,,John Parkyn,25,,,In county,
,,Ann Parkyn,,24,,In county,
,,Sibella Parkyn,,15,,In county,
,,Mary Ball,,50,Independent,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ball,,48,Independent,In county,
,,Henry Watts,20,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,William Trevena,15,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Francis Benny,13,,Female Servant,In county,
Lundy,1,William Clark,26,,Farmer,In county,
,,John Perryman,21,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,John Parnall,28,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Phillip Rundle,11,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Geach,,21,Female Servant,In county,
,,Elizabeth Plomer,,16,Female Servant,In county,
Pengilly,1,John Pascoe,30,,Farmer,In county,
,,Jane Pascoe,,25,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Pascoe,,7m,,In county,
,,John Williams,20,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,John Menheniot,15,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Scerma Pliming,,12,Female Servant,In county,
,,Maria Clemow,,10,Female Servant,In county,
Rescorla,1,Richard Pascoe,30,,Farmer,In county,
,,Phillipa Pascoe,,60,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 5 Page 2

,,Mary Pascoe,,25,,In county,
,,John Lean,20,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,John Osbourn,20,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Samuel Rundle,15,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Hannah Viant,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Rescorla,1,William Burn,70,,Shoemaker,In county,
,,Eliza Burn,,30,,In county,
,,Elias Burn,15,,,In county,
Rescorla,1,Joseph Warne,47,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Warne,,40,,In county,
,,John Warne,17,,,In county,
,,Henry Warne,14,,,In county,
,,Louisa Warne,,10,,In county,
,,Eliza Warne,,12,,In county,
,,Mary Warne,,8,,In county,
,,Joseph Warne,3,,,In county,
,,Anna Warne,,4,,In county,
,,Elias Warne,2,,,In county,
,,Alfred Warne,3m,,,In county,
Rescorla,1,William Seccombe,50,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Mary Seccombe,,50,,In county,
,,Joseph Seccombe,20,,,In county,
,,Mary Seccombe,,25,,In county,
,,Arthur Prout,50,,Ag Lab,In county,
Lavalsa Mill,1,William Ham,25,,Tin Miner,In county,

Book 8 Folio 5 Page 3

Lavalsa,1,Thomas Stephens,35,,Farmer,In county,
,,Grace Stephens,,37,,In county,
,,Ann Stephens,,17,,In county,
,,Harriot Stephens,,13,,In county,
,,James Hurry,25,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Richard Blake,23,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,John Bunney,19,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Joseph Dyer,13,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rundle,,25,Female Servant,In county,
,,Elizabeth Lean,,19,Female Servant,In county,
,,Ann Pendican,,17,Female Servant,In county,
,,Grace Lanyon,,50,Independent,In county,
Lavalsa,1,Peter Rundle,35,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Fanny Rundle,,35,,In county,
,,Samuel Rundle,15,,,In county,
,,Honour Rundle,,12,,In county,
,,Mary Rundle,,10,,In county,
,,Thomas Rundle,5,,,In county,
,,Jane Rundle,2m,,,In county,
,,Samuel Rundle,85,,Ag Lab,In county,
Lavalsa,1,Elizabeth Truscott,,55,Farm,In county,
,,Thomas Truscott,20,,Tailors Apprentice,In county,
,,David Truscott,15,,,In county,
,,Jane Truscott,,14,,In county,
,,Catherine Ham,,25,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 6 Page 4

,,Elizabeth Ham,,1,,In county,
Lavalsa,1,Joseph Williams,65,,Farmer,In county,
,,Jane Williams,,60,,In county,
,,Ann Williams,,15,,In county,
,,Melinda Williams,,25,,In county,
,,Samuel Williams,26,,,In county,
,,Thomas Dyer,15,,Ag Lab,In county,
Lavalsa Mear,1,Joseph May,36,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary May,,33,,In county,
,,William May,10,,,In county,
,,William May,71,,Independent,In county,
,,Margaret Little,,22,Female Servant,In county,
Lavalsa Mear,1,Richard Trethewy,40,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Catherine Trethewy,,35,,In county,
,,John Trethewy,15,,Carpenters Apprentice,In county,
,,John May,30,,Carpenters Apprentice,In county,
Lavalsa Mear,1,Jacob Dyer,41,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Dyer,,38,,In county,
,,Ann Dyer,,17,,In county,
,,Samuel Dyer,15,,,In county,
,,Joseph Dyer,13,,,In county,
,,William Dyer,10,,,In county,
,,John Dyer,8,,,In county,
,,Henry Dyer,5,,,In county,
Dairy,1,William Halls,40,,Farmer,In county,

Book 8 Folio 6 Page 5

,,Mary Stephens,,40,,In county,
,,Jane Halls,,15,,Not in county,
,,Willm. Williams,20,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Willm. Hocking,15,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Burn,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Pentrassa,1,Thomas Olver,55,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Olver,,55,,In county,
,,Anna Segward,,25,Female Servant,Not in county,
,,William Kestle,15,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Grace Olver,,20,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Teague,,8,,In county,
,,James Gill,15,,Ag Lab,In county,
Lansladron,1,Joseph Truscott,25,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Truscott,,25,,In county,
,,David Truscott,5m,,,In county,
Lansladron,1,Thomas Gillard,50,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Ann Gillard,,52,Ag Lab,In county,
Lansladron,1,Joseph Williams,20,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Judith Fleming,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Lansladron,1,Richard Rundle,50,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Rundle,,50,,In county,
,,John Rundle,20,,,In county,
,,Mary Rundle,,15,,In county,
Lansladron,1,Mary Dyer,,65,Independent,In county,
,,Grace Harding,,78,Independent,In county,

Book 8 Folio 7 Page 6

Lansladron,1,Ann Skews,,70,Independent,In county,
,,Henry Skews,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Grose,,10,,In county,
,,Lydia Truscott,,1,,In county,
Lansladron,1,Phillip Skews,40,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Luchratia Skews,,40,,In county,
Rose Mill,1,Alice May,,30,Flour Setter,Not in county,
,,Mary May,,10,,In county,
,,Elizabeth May,,8,,In county,
,,Arthur May,5,,,In county,
,,John May,3,,,In county,
,,Arthur May,70,,Independent,In county,
Lavalsa Down,1,John Williams,40,,Wood Man,In county,
,,Maria Williams,,35,,In county,
,,Joseph Williams,10,,,In county,
,,John Williams,8,,,In county,
,,Jane Williams,,6,,In county,
,,Henry Williams,5,,,In county,
,,Silas Williams,3,,,In county,
Tredgian,1,Richard Parson,45,,Farmer,In county,
,,Charlotte Parson,,20,,In county,
,,Maryann Parson,,3m,,In county,
,,Edward Mack,20,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,James Pewain,15,,Ag Lab,In county,Surname uncertain
,,Eliza Jenkin,,15,Female Servant,In county,Surname uncertain

Book 8 Folio 7 Page 7

Tredgian,1,Arthur Gaved,55,,Independent,In county,
,,Martha Rawling,,35,Female Servant,In county,
,,Louisa Jenkin,,15,Female Servant,In county,
,,Richard Parnall,20,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Jacob Trevenna,15,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,William Jenkin,10,,Ag Lab,In county,
Tredgian,1,Richard Parson,80,,Independent,In county,
,,Elizabeth Parson,,80,Independent,In county,
,,Ann Parson,,50,Independent,In county,
,,Jane Parson,,45,Independent,In county,
Tredgian Cottage,1,Richard Ham,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Ann Ham,,30,,In county,
,,Mary Ham,,70,,In county,
,,Mary Kent,,5,,In county,
Tredgian Cottage,1,John Marks,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Marks,,25,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Marks,,4m,,In county,
Tredgian Cottage,1,Peter Richards,60,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Catherine Richards,,60,,In county,
,,Robart Vivian,60,,Ag Lab,In county,
Trelean Vean,1,Samuel Stone,55,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elenor Stone,,50,,In county,
,,Catherine Stone,,15,,In county,
,,Mary Stone,,14,,In county,
,,William Stone,10,,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 8 Page 8

Trelean Vean,1,James Francis,60,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Francis,,45,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Francis,,20,,In county,
,,Mary Francis,,15,,In county,
,,Ann Francis,,14,,In county,
Tregennow,1,Ezikiel Gaved,65,,Farmer,In county,
,,Ann Gaved,,60,,In county,
,,Thomas May,20,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Richard Rundle,15,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,James Rundle,15,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,John Harris,15,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,William May,10,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Grace Johns,,55,Female Servant,In county,
,,Judith Davis,,30,Female Servant,In county,
,,Jane May,,10,Female Servant,In county,
,,Richard Clark,35,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Henry Hockin,20,,Mason,In county,
Paramoor,1,William Ham,55,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Bettey Ham,,50,,In county,
,,Joseph Ham,15,,,In county,
,,James Ham,14,,,In county,
,,Richard Collings,75,,Ag Lab,In county,
Beasue,1,Richard Julyan,35,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Julyan,,35,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Julyan,,1,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 8 Page 9

,,Jane Francis,,20,Female Servant,In county,
,,Elizabeth Best,,16,Female Servant,In county,
,,James Robarts,28,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Thomas Stone,17,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Fredrick Jenkin,13,,Ag Lab,In county,
Lanhaddron,1,William Robarts,60,,Farmer,In county,
,,Rose Robarts,,55,,In county,
,,Emma Solomon,,10,,In county,
,,Sarah Matta,,15,Female Servant,In county,
,,Elizabeth Manuel,,25,Female Servant,In county,
,,John Hoskin,20,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,William Daw,15,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Arthur Coad,14,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,John Brockenshire,25,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,William Pike,15,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Edward Maunder,12,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Ann Trethewey,,20,,In county,

Enumeration District 5

Civil Parish of St. Ewe

Book 8 Folio 13 Page 1

Croswind Village,1,Richard Julyan,65,,Independent,In county,
,,Johanna Julyan,,60,,In county,
,,Isabella Francis,,17,Female Servant,In county,
Croswind Village,1,William Martin,30,,Farmer,In county,
,,Susan Martin,,28,,In county,
,,James Martin,4,,,In county,
,,Anna Martin,,1,,In county,
Croswind Village,1,William Hill,41,,Tailor,In county,
,,Ann Hill,,39,,In county,
,,William Hill,17,,,In county,
,,Amelia Hill,,15,,In county,
,,Mary Anne Hill,,13,,In county,
,,John Hill,7,,,In county,
,,Charles Hill,6,,,In county,
,,Emma Hill,,4,,In county,
Croswind Village,1,William Parnall,29,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Jane Parnall,,24,,In county,
,,Mary Parnall,,3,,In county,
,,Sarah Parnall,,3m,,In county,
,,Edward Parnall,60,,Independent,In county,
Croswind Village,1,John Real,31,,Carpenter,In county,
,,William Real,25,,J.,In county,
,,Johanna Real,,62,,In county,
,,Catherine Tamblyn,,29,Seamstress,In county,
Trelissick,1,William K. Trounce,27,,Farmer,In county,

Book 8 Folio 14 Page 2

,,Rebecca Trounce,,35,,In county,
,,Amos Manuell,45,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Jaclociah Trebilcock,,20,Female Servant,In county,
Trelean,1,Peter Ball,40,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mariah Ball,,33,,In county,
,,Grace Ball,,13,,In county,
,,Anna Ball,,11,,In county,
,,Nathaniel Ball,8,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ball,,4,,In county,
,,Mary Ball,,2,,In county,
,,James Francis,15,,Male Servant,In county,
Trelean,1,Nathaniel Ball,91,,Independent,In county,
,,Grace Ball,,78,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ball,,55,,In county,
Trelean,1,John Johns,44,,Farmer,In county,
,,Maria Johns,,37,,In county,
,,Mary Johns,,11,,In county,
,,Anna Johns,,4,,In county,
,,Emma Johns,,3,,In county,
,,Elizabeth George,,18,Female Servant,In county,
Pengrugla,1,Phillip Creeba,40,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Jane Creeba,,38,,In county,
,,Emma Creeba,,6,,In county,
,,Phillip Creeba,5,,,In county,
,,William Creeba,3,,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 14 Page 3

,,Samuel Creeba,5m,,,In county,
,,Jane Rickard,,14,Step D. (Crossed Out),In county,
,,John Creeba,12,,,In county,
Pengrugla,1,Daniel Burnett,70,,Farmer,In county,
,,Grace Burnett,,65,,In county,
,,Joseph Burnett,36,,Mason,In county,
,,Ann Burnett,,29,,In county,
,,Daniel Burnett,21,,Apprentice,In county,
,,Richard Foard,23,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Mary Johns,,16,Female Servant,In county,
Pengrugla,1,John Varcoe,75,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Varcoe,,69,,In county,
Pengrugla,1,Thomas Bartlett,31,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Martha Bartlett,,27,,In county,
,,John Bartlett,3,,,In county,
,,Thomas Bartlett,11m,,,In county,
Lanadron Cottage,1,James Maunder,25,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Jenifer Maunder,,26,,In county,
,,Mary Maunder,,6,,In county,
,,Thomas Maunder,4,,,In county,
Heligan Lodge,1,William Edwards,35,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Sarah Edwards,,35,,In county,
,,Henry Edwards,12,,,In county,
,,John Edwards,10,,,In county,
,,Betsy Edwards,,8,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 15 Page 4

,,William Edwards,5,,,In county,
,,Frederick Edwards,3,,,In county,
Heligan,1,Murdock Patterson,35,,Gardener,Scotland,
,,John Reynolds,20,,Hind,Not in county,
,,Grace Penrose,,30,Female Servant,In county,
,,Charity Rosevear,,30,Female Servant,In county,
,,Harriot Pearce,,20,Female Servant,In county,
,,George Wright,25,,Male Servant,In county,
,,John Johns,30,,Male Servant,In county,
Heligan,1,John Way,45,,Steward,Not in county,
,,Ann Way,,45,,Not in county,
,,Mary Way,,20,,Not in county,
,,Margaret Way,,12,,Not in county,
,,Susan Way,,9,,Not in county,
,,Mary Snow,,12,Female Servant,Not in county,
,,Ann Hocking,,45,Independent,Not in county,
,,Harriot Hocking,,30,Independent,Not in county,
,,Mary Cann,,20,Visitor (Crossed Out),Not in county,
,,Ann Trick,,15,Visitor (Crossed Out),Not in county,
Heligan Mill,1,Catherine Scoborio,,45,,In county,
,,Charles Scoborio,13,,,In county,
,,Ann Scoborio,,11,,In county,
,,Catherine Scoborio,,8,,In county,
,,Thomas Scoborio,6,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Golly,,16,Female Servant,In county,

Book 8 Folio 15 Page 5

Heligan Mill,1,Thomas Scoborio,69,,Gardener,In county,
,,Mary Scoborio,,65,,In county,
Heligan Mill,1,John Roseveor,30,,Millar,In county,
,,Hannah Roseveor,,35,,In county,
,,Harriot Roseveor,,1m,,In county,
,,Josiah Roseveor,15,,Journeyman Millar,In county,
Heligan Mill,1,Joseph Ham,44,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Ann Ham,,40,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ham,,20,,In county,
,,Joseph Ham,14,,,In county,
,,Thomas Ham,12,,,In county,
,,Thomas Lanyon,50,,Painter,In county,
,,Charles Lanyon,15,,Apprentice,In county,
Heligan Mill,1,David Sweet,43,,Gardener,In county,
,,Rebecca Sweet,,45,,In county,
,,Grace Sweet,,16,,In county,
,,Rebecca Sweet,,15,,In county,
Heligan Mill,1,William Condy,35,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Amy Condy,,30,,In county,
Slades Tenement,1,John Bickford,65,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Ann Bickford,,55,,In county,
,,Joseph Bickford,22,,Journeyman Carpenter,In county,
Lower Kessel,1,John Solomon,23,,,In county,
,,Rebecca Solomon,,21,,In county,
,,William Solomon,10m,,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 16 Page 6

Lower Kessel,1,James Lobb,50,,Farmer,In county,
,,Honor Lobb,,53,,In county,
,,Julia Lobb,,21,,In county,
,,James Lobb,18,,,In county,
,,Thomas Lobb,13,,,In county,
Lower Kessel,1,Mary Warne,,45,Seamstress,In county,
,,Elizabeth Warne,,19,Seamstress,In county,
Lower Kessel,1,Richard Johns,84,,Independent,In county,
,,Grace Johns,,66,,In county,
Lower Kessel,1,John Cornish,71,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Catherine Cornish,,74,,In county,
,,Julia Cornish,,10,,In county,
Lower Kessel,1,John Hill,26,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hill,,25,,In county,
Lower Kessel,1,John Seccomb,48,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Johanna Seccomb,,47,,In county,
,,John Seccomb,19,,Carpenters Apprentice,In county,
,,Thomas Seccomb,17,,Carpenters Apprentice,In county,
,,George Seccomb,14,,,In county,
,,Nicholas Seccomb,12,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Seccomb,,8,,In county,
Middle Kessel,1,Samuel Gellard,43,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Ann Gellard,,44,,In county,
,,Samuel Gellard,19,,,In county,
,,Grace Gellard,,10,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 16 Page 7

Middle Kessel,1,Richard Burnett,38,,Farmer & Mason,In county,
,,Nancy Burnett,,40,,In county,
,,Daniel Burnett,10,,,In county,
,,Mary Burnett,,12,,In county,
,,Joseph Burnett,8,,,In county,
,,Jane Burnett,,4,,In county,
,,Richard Burnett,2,,,In county,
,,Nancy Burnett,,6m,,In county,
,,James Richard,18,,Male Servant,In county,
Middle Kessel,1,John Harding,45,,Butcher,In county,
,,Elizabeth Harding,,40,,In county,
,,Jane Harding,,14,,In county,
,,Joseph Harding,10,,,In county,
,,Jane Seccomb,,84,Independent,In county,
Middle Kessel,u,,,,,,
Middle Kessel,1,John Teague,48,,,In county,
,,Sarah Teague,,53,,In county,
,,John Parnall,12,,Male Servant,In county,
Middle Kessel,1,John Matta,25,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Grace Matta,,20,,In county,
,,Mary Matta,,2,,In county,
Middle Kessel,1,Stephen Matta,55,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Matta,,53,,In county,
,,Richard Matta,23,,,In county,
,,Stephen Matta,20,,,In county,
,,Nancy Matta,,12,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 17 Page 8

,,Louisa Matta,,3,,In county,
Middle Kessel,1,Thomas Powell,25,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Ann Powell,,23,,In county,
Middle Kessel,1,John Williams,50,,Butcher,In county,
,,Rebecca Williams,,45,,In county,
,,John Williams,15,,,In county,
,,David Williams,12,,,In county,
Middle Kessel,1,Richard Glasson,35,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,William Glasson,11,,,In county,
,,Henry Glasson,9,,,In county,
Middle Kessel,1,George Hill,54,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hill,,56,,In county,
,,Johanna Hill,,17,,In county,
,,Henry Hill,12,,,In county,
Middle Kessel,1,John Barbary,22,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Susan Barbary,,25,,In county,
,,Maryanne Barbary,,6m,,In county,
Middle Kessel,1,Joseph Allen,34,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Allen,,35,,In county,
,,Thomas Allen,9,,,In county,
,,William Allen,7,,,In county,
,,Lucy Allen,,5,,In county,
,,Harriot Allen,,4,,In county,
,,Frederick Allen,11m,,,In county,
Middle Kessel,1,Robt. Routter,45,,Shoemaker,In county,

Book 8 Folio 17 Page 9

,,Elizabeth Routter,,20,,In county,
Middle Kessel,1,Jonathan Johns,37,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Jane Johns,,33,,In county,
,,Richard Johns,7,,,In county,
,,Louisa Johns,,6,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Johns,,4,,In county,
,,Harriot Johns,,2,,In county,
Middle Kessel,1,William Varcoe,45,,Smith,In county,
,,Grace Varcoe,,40,,In county,
,,John Varcoe,18,,,In county,
,,Henry Varcoe,15,,,In county,
,,Philippa Varcoe,,17,,In county,
,,Mary Anne Varcoe,,9,,In county,
Middle Kessel,1,Luke Bice,62,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Margery Bice,,59,,In county,
,,Ann Bice,,29,,In county,
,,Thomas Bice,15,,,In county,
Higher Kessel,1,John Barbary,53,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Sally Barbary,,53,,In county,
,,Walter Barbary,25,,,In county,
,,Grace Barbary,,19,,In county,
,,Charles Barbary,15,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Barbary,,13,,In county,
,,James Barbary,9,,,In county,
,,Fanney Barbary,,4,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 18 Page 10

Higher Kessel,1,Thomas Pereman,46,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Jane Pereman,,46,,In county,
,,Mary Pereman,,12,,In county,
,,James Pereman,10,,,In county,
,,Richard Pereman,7,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Pereman,,1,,In county,
Hennah,1,Richard Real,35,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Jane Real,,31,,In county,
,,Mary Real,,3,,In county,
,,William Real,1,,,In county,
Hennah,1,John Williams,35,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Ann Williams,,26,,In county,
,,Thomas Williams,2,,,In county,
,,John Williams,10m,,,In county,
Lower Hennah,1,Thomas Letcher,61,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Letcher,,59,,In county,
,,Thomas Letcher,2,,G. Child (Crossed Out),In county,
Lower Hennah,1,James Ham,53,,,In county,
,,Mary Ham,,53,,In county,
Corran Farm,1,James Roberts,60,,Hind,In county,
,,Jane Roberts,,62,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Roberts,,30,,In county,
Corran Farm,1,Lewis Roberts,27,,Male Servant,In county,
,,John Roberts,12,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Edward Varcoe,13,,Male Servant,In county,

Book 8 Folio 18 Page 11

Blowind,1,John Williams,64,,Farmer & Butcher,In county,
,,Jane Williams,,63,,In county,
,,William Pappin,21,,Man Servant,In county,
Alms House No.1,1,Stephen Parnall,60,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Grace Parnall,,50,,In county,
,,Thirsa Parnall,,18,,In county,
Alms Houses No.1,1,Mary Truscott,,74,Pensioner,In county,
Alms Houses No.1,1,John Routter,65,,Pensioner,In county,
Alms Houses No.1,1,Jane Rundle,,36,Pensioner,In county,
,,Grace Rundle,,8,,In county,
,,James Rundle,6,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rundle,,3,,In county,
Alms House No.2,1,John Pappin,52,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Sophia Pappin,,24,,In county,
,,Nancy Pappin,,11,,In county,
,,William Pappin,1,,,In county,
Alms House No.2,1,Mary Stephens,,64,Pensioner,In county,
,,Ann Johns,,66,Pensioner,In county,
Alms House No.2,1,James Kellow,38,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Catherine Kellow,,38,,In county,
,,John Kellow,12,,,In county,
Alms House No.2,1,Philippa Kellow,,48,,In county,

Enumeration District 4

Civil Parish of St. Ewe

Book 8 Folio 23 Page 1

Polsur,1,James Treffry,71,,Independent,In county,
,,William Treffry,37,,Farmer,In county,
,,Phillippa Ann Treffry,,9m,,In county,
,,Grace Treffry,,38,,In county,
,,Ann Nancarrow,,31,Female Servant,In county,
,,William Varcoe,20,,Male Servant,In county,
,,John Kearn,15,,Male Servant,In county,
Lane End,1,James Stanaway,31,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Stanaway,,35,,In county,
,,James Stanaway,12,,,In county,
Slades Tenement,1,Henry Williams,25,,Butcher,In county,
,,Mary Ann Williams,,25,,In county,
,,William Henry Williams,4,,,In county,
,,Samuel Williams,2,,,In county,
,,James Williams,3m,,,In county,
Kill Ball,1,John Stack,50,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Sarah Stark,,45,,In county,
,,William Thomas Stark,7,,,In county,
,,Stephen Barttey Stark,4,,,In county,
Treworick,1,Robert Parnall,35,,Farmer,In county,
,,Catherine Parnall,,30,,In county,
,,James Nott,20,,Male Servant,In county,
,,John Bunny,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,John Varcoe,10,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Ann Jeffery,,20,Female Servant,In county,

Book 8 Folio 24 Page 2

Tregilgas,1,Jonathan Rowe,52,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Charlotte Rowe,,52,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rowe,,23,,In county,
,,James P. Rowe,12,,,In county,
,,John Rowe,88,,Pauper (Crossed Out),In county,
Great Gear,1,Charles Kerken,50,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Kerken,,50,,In county,
,,William Henry Kerken,20,,,In county,
,,Charles Kerken,14,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Kent,,16,Female Servant,In county,
,,Theopolous Plint,12,,Male Servant,In county,
Hooper Gear,u,,,,,,
Lamwith,1,William Solomon,55,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Ann Solomon,,50,,In county,
,,William Solomon,22,,,In county,
,,Phillippa Solomon,,19,,In county,
,,Emma Solomon,,17,,In county,
,,Samuel Solomon,14,,,In county,
,,Thomas Solomon,11,,,In county,
,,John Hambly,55,,Male Servant,In county,
,,James Williams,5,,,In county,
Churchtown,1,Francis Wilton,45,,Tailor,In county,
,,Grace Wilton,,45,,In county,
,,Edward Wilton,13,,,In county,
,,Henry Wilton,9,,,In county,
,,James Dungey,20,,Apprentice,In county,

Book 8 Folio 24 Page 3

Tucoyse,1,Joseph Body,35,,Farmer,In county,
,,Sarah Body,,33,,In county,
,,Richard Body,,7,,In county,
,,Joseph Body,6,,,In county,
,,Sarah Body,,5,,In county,
,,Thomas Body,7m,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Kent,,25,Female Servant,In county,
,,William Blacktar,12,,Male Servant,In county,
Trelissick,1,Thomas Pearce,50,,Yeoman,In county,
,,Susanna Pearce,,50,,In county,
,,Thomas Pearce,20,,,In county,
,,Susana Pearce,,18,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Pearce,,15,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Andrew,,20,Female Servant,In county,
,,William Doidge,13,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Joseph Johns,10,,Male Servant,In county,
Union Close,1,William Stark,50,,Farmer,In county,
,,Jenifer Stark,,55,,In county,
,,John Stark,25,,,In county,
,,Lunda Southey,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Goss Parks,1,Mark Trevithick,40,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Ann Trevithick,,41,,In county,
,,John Trevithick,15,,,In county,
,,Anna Trevithick,,10,,In county,
,,Daniel Trevithick,7,,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 25 Page 4

Town End,1,Bedy Body,,40,Independent,In county,
,,Elizabeth Body,,9,,In county,
Penhale,1,Solomon Dungey,36,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Dungey,,34,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Dungey,,14,,In county,
,,Mary Dungey,,11,,In county,
,,William Dungey,9,,,In county,
,,Francis Dungey,7,,,In county,
,,Ann Dungey,,3,,In county,
,,Amelia Dungey,,1,,In county,
Tucoyse,1,Charles Body,35,,Farmer,In county,
,,Dorothy Body,,45,,In county,
,,Nancy Body,,9,,In county,
,,Joseph Body,6,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Body,,1,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Dungey,,75,Independent,In county,
,,Temperance Rickard,,25,Female Servant,In county,
,,John Osborne,60,,Male Servant,In county,
,,John Jenkin,15,,Male Servant,In county,
Polmazia,1,Richard Pennyligan,47,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Betsey Pennyligan,,45,,In county,
,,John Pennyligan,12,,,In county,
,,Richard Pennyligan,10,,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Pennyligan,,7,,In county,
,,Rebecca Pennyligan,,4,,In county,
Tregonnan,1,Henry Dungey,65,,Yeoman,In county,

Book 8 Folio 25 Page 5

,,Nancy Dungey,,70,,In county,
,,Henry Dungey,5,,,In county,
,,John Pool,20,,Independent,In county,
,,Dorothy Bond,,55,Female Servant,In county,
,,Elizabeth Blake,,24,Female Servant,In county,
,,Joseph Bullen,22,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Thomas Hugh,18,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Richard Husband,17,,Male Servant,In county,
,,William Bennetts,16,,Male Servant,In county,
Vose,1,William Dungey,45,,Farmer,In county,
,,Richa Dungey,,30,,In county,
,,William Dungey,9,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Dungey,,6,,In county,
,,Richa Dungey,,6,,In county,
,,Thomas Richards,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,John Rundle,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,John Luke,10,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Mary Ann Keast,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Trevithick,1,William Vincent,36,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Vincent,,34,,In county,
,,Nicholas Gill Vincent,10,,,In county,
,,Oliver Vincent,8,,,In county,
,,Robert Henry Vincent,5,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Southey,,20,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 26 Page 6

,,Samuel Vinicombe,23,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Henry Buckingham,18,,Male Servant,In county,
Polmazic,1,William Ford,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ford,,29,,In county,
,,William Ford,8,,,In county,
,,Catherine Ford,,6,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Ford,,4,,In county,
,,Charles Ford,2,,,In county,
,,Samuel Ford,6m,,,In county,
,,Thomas Michell,64,,Ag Lab,In county,
Polmazic,1,Elizabeth Blake,,70,Independent,In county,
Polmazic,1,William Varcoe,50,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Grace Varcoe,,52,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Allen,,14,,In county,
,,Joanna Allen,,12,,In county,
Polmazic,1,Elizabeth Woon,,65,Independent,In county,
,,Elizabeth Woon,,30,Female Servant,In county,
Polmazic,1,Hugh Pascoe,65,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Pascoe,,65,,In county,
Polmazic,1,Stephen Miners,71,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Phillippa Miners,,66,,In county,
,,Lewiza Miners,,22,,In county,
Polmazic,1,William Truscott,65,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Catherine Truscott,,60,,In county,
,,Catherine Truscott,,30,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 26 Page 7

Polmazic,1,Nicholas Jenkin,58,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Susana Jenkin,,62,,In county,
,,Hariot Jenkin,,21,,In county,
Polmazic,1,William James,49,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Maria James,,51,,In county,
,,Loveday James,,15,,In county,
,,Charles James,10,,,In county,
Polmazic,1,James Johns,34,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Hannah Johns,,36,,In county,
,,Jane Miners,,14,,In county,
,,Henry Johns,10,,,In county,
,,Nancy Johns,,6,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Johns,,3,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Johns,,1,,In county,
,,Thomas Johns,74,,Pauper (Crossed Out),In county,
Polmazic,1,Richard Parnall,44,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Parnall,,40,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Parnall,,8,,In county,
,,Ipsa Parnall,,7,,In county,
,,Edward Parnall,6,,,In county,
,,William Parnall,4,,,In county,
Polmazic,1,David Witchace,30,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Sarah Witchace,,60,Independent,In county,
,,Jane Witchace,,20,,In county,
,,Eliza Witchace,,15,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 27 Page 8

,,William Witchace,1m,,,In county,
,,William Brewer,65,,Independent,In county,
,,Tamsin Trevenna,,40,Ag Lab,In county,
Polmazic,1,James Francis,50,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Jane Francis,,40,,In county,
,,Thomas Francis,20,,,In county,
,,Betsey Francis,,15,,In county,
,,Rose Francis,,87,Independent,In county,
Polmazic,1,Robert Ford,28,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Ford,,30,,In county,
,,Thomas Ford,2,,,In county,
,,Mary Jane Ford,,1,,In county,
Polmazic,1,Joseph Vercoe,72,,Mason,In county,
,,Mary Vercoe,,65,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Vercoe,,30,Dressmaker,In county,
Polmazic,1,Sophia Bassett,,25,Dressmaker,In county,
,,Hariot May,,23,Ag Lab,In county,
,,John May,11m,,,In county,
Polmazic,1,Thomas Johns,40,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Johns,,40,,In county,
,,John Johns,10,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Johns,,6,,In county,
,,Emma Johns,,4,,In county,
,,Frederic Johns,12m,,,In county,
Polmazic,1,Peter Trevenna,40,,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 27 Page 9

Polmazic,1,Jacob Whetter,21,,Yeoman,In county,
,,Christiana Whetter,,20,,In county,
,,James Johns,14,,Male Servant,In county,
Polmazic,1,John Johns,68,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Philipa Johns,,69,,In county,
Polmazic,1,John Rickard,27,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Hariot Rickard,,24,,In county,
,,John Rickard,1,,,In county,
Polmazic,1,Hannah Denshure,,55,Independent,In county,
,,Richard Denshure,27,,,In county,
,,Samuel Chesterfield,,30,Shoemaker,In county,
Polmazic,1,Richard Ham,65,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Ham,,55,,In county,
,,James Ham,35,,,In county,
Polmazic,1,Peter Kittoe,74,,Cordwainder,In county,
,,Catherine Kittoe,,74,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Kittoe,,45,,In county,
,,William Kittoe,35,,,In county,
,,Charles Kittoe,27,,,In county,
Polmazic,1,John Collectt,65,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Collectt,,70,,In county,
,,Margary Collectt,,25,,In county,
,,Mary Trevenna,,15,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Truan,,5,,In county,
Polmazic,1,James Dustow,21,,Ag Lab,In county,

Book 8 Folio 28 Page 10

,,Louisa Ann Dustow,,24,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Ann Dustow,,1,,In county,
,,Richard Parnall,85,,Independent,In county,
Polmazic,1,Elizabeth Little,,65,Independent,In county,
,,Mary Ann Williams,,20,Female Servant,In county,
Polmazic,1,William Rickard,55,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Jane Rickard,,52,,In county,
,,Ann Rickard,,14,,In county,
,,Jane Rickard,,10,,In county,
Polmazic,1,Henry Werren,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Nancy Werren,,30,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ann Werren,,7,,In county,
,,Catherine Dungey,,15,,In county,
,,Thomas Dungey,10,,,In county,
,,John Dungey,6,,,In county,
Polmazic,1,William Pomery,28,,Shoemaker,In county,
,,Mary Pomery,,25,,In county,
,,Charles Dungey,59,,Independent,In county,
,,Susana Emma Dungey,,12,,In county,
,,Catherine Richards,,20,,In county,
,,Charlott Richards,,20,,In county,
,,Ann Bawden,,20,,In county,
Polmazic,1,William Allen,78,,Independent,In county,
,,Catherine Tuckey,,66,Female Servant,In county,
,,Thomas Congdon,73,,Ag Lab,In county,

Book 8 Folio 28 Page 11

Polmazic,1,Hugh Ford,63,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ford,,60,,In county,
,,James Ford,20,,,In county,
,,Mary Ford,,18,,In county,
Polmazic,1,Francis Dungey,50,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Dungey,,55,,In county,
,,Mary Dungey,,20,,In county,
,,John Richards,15,,,In county,
Polmazic,1,Joseph Chapel,48,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Grace Chapel,,50,,In county,
,,Maria Chapel,,15,,In county,
,,Joseph Chapel,9,,,In county,
,,Amey Moyle,,22,Female Servant,In county,
,,Ann Job,,13,,In county,
,,William Vinecombe,8,,,In county,
Polmazic,1,John Cock,45,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Cock,,35,,In county,
,,John Cock,9,,,In county,
,,Nicholas Cock,7,,,In county,
,,Isaac Cock,4,,,In county,
,,Mary Cock,,1,,In county,
Polmazic,1,Eleanor Luke,,73,Pauper (Crossed Out),In county,
,,Agnes Rickard,,43,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Richard Rickard,19,,,In county,
,,William Smith,5,,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 29 Page 12

Polmazic,1,John Warn,55,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Warn,,49,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Roberts,,25,,In county,
,,John Warn,10,,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Roberts,,5,,In county,
Polmazic,1,Richard Rundle,45,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rundle,,15,,In county,
,,Samuel Rundle,10,,,In county,
Vian's Plot,1,Joseph Bunny,60,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Joanna Bunny,,55,,In county,
,,Joseph Bunny,25,,,In county,
,,Richard Bunny,10,,,In county,
Kill Ball,1,Peter Chesterfield,45,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Jane Chesterfield,,35,,In county,
,,Mary Chesterfield,,15,,In county,
,,Peter Chesterfield,12,,,In county,
Kill Ball,u,,,,,,
Churchtown,1,Charles Pascoe,50,,Mason,In county,
,,Elizabeth Nutt Pascoe,,52,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Nutt Pascoe,,21,,In county,
,,John Pascoe,18,,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Pascoe,,14,,In county,
Churchtown,1,Francis Bovy,35,,,In county,
,,Emma Bovy,,35,,In county,
,,William Henry Bovy,5,,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 29 Page 13

,,Joseph Francis Bovy,4,,,In county,
,,Emma Lawry Bovy,,1,,In county,
,,Thomas Rowe,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Charlott Parnall,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Churchtown,1,William Matta,55,,Thatcher,In county,
,,Mary Matta,,48,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,28,,In county,
,,George Salter Williams,2,,,In county,
,,John Williams,5m,,,In county,
Churchtown,1,Mary Ann Chesterfield,,27,Shoemakers Wife,In county,
,,William Chesterfield,5,,,In county,
,,John Chesterfield,3,,,In county,
,,Ann Chesterfield,,1,,In county,
,,Henry Chesterfield,,21,Shoemakers Wife,In county,
Churchtown,1,Edward Bice,50,,Innkeeper,In county,
,,Rebecca Bice,,46,,In county,
,,Susana Bice,,29,,In county,
,,Lewis Bice,19,,,In county,
,,Rebecca Bice,,17,,In county,
,,Edward Bice,13,,,In county,
,,Charity Jane Bice,,7,,In county,
,,Edna Bice,,1,,In county,
Churchtown,1,William Williams,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Jane Williams,,27,,In county,
,,James Williams,5,,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 30 Page 14

,,William Williams,1,,,In county,
Rectory,1,Thomas John Trevenna,39,,Clergyman,In county,
,,Susan Angwin Trevenna,,30,,In county,
,,Thomas John Trevenna,6,,,In county,
,,Edward Glynn Trevenna,2,,,In county,
,,Henry Wilberforce Trevenna,1,,,In county,
,,Susan Colserat Trevenna,,4m,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,26,Female Servant,In county,
,,Susana Woolley,,49,Female Servant,In county,
,,Barbara Kittoe,,19,Female Servant,In county,
,,Sophia Williams,,20,Female Servant,In county,
,,Richard Fargustas Wise,26,,Clergyman,In county,
,,Mary Ann Harrietta Wise,,25,,In county,
,1,Mary Parnall,,60,Shop Keeper,In county,
,,Epsa Parnall,,58,,In county,
Churchtown,1,John Adams Allen,36,,Schoolmaster,In county,
,,Sarah Allen,,36,,In county,
,,Mary Allen,,8,,In county,
,,Henry Allen,6,,,In county,
,,John Ephraim Allen,8m,,,In county,
,,Maria Bunny,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Churchtown,1,Nicholas Williams,60,,Butcher,In county,
,,Fanny Williams,,65,,In county,

Enumeration District 7

Civil Parish of St. Ewe

Book 8 Folio 35 Page 1

Hewas,1,Wm. Collins,55,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Collins,,55,,In county,
,,Thomas Collins,25,,,In county,
,,Catherine Collins,,20,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Collins,,20,,In county,
,,Chas. Vinicomb,15,,Male Servant,In county,
Luny Lane,1,John Vivyan,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Philipa Vivyan,,30,,In county,
,,John Vivyan,5,,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Vivyan,,5,,In county,
Luny Lane,1,Elizabeth Jane,,20,,In county,
Luny Lane,1,Richard Davey,55,,Smith,In county,
,,Sarah Davey,,50,,In county,
,,Mariah Davey,,20,,In county,
,,Mary Davey,,15,,In county,
,,Cybella Davey,,10,,In county,
,,Joseph Davey,10,,,In county,
Luny Lane,1,Nicholas Francis,60,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Francis,,70,,In county,
Luny Lane,1,Mary Hill,,60,,In county,
Saunders,1,Edwd. Bawden,55,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bawden,,45,,In county,
,,Edwin Bawden,20,,Tin Miner (Crossed Out),In county,
,,Mary Bawden,,15,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bawden,,15,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 36 Page 2

,,Edward Bawden,10,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Loveday Bawden,,10,,In county,
,,Joseph Bawden,9,,,In county,
,,Jane Bawden,,5,,In county,
Saunders,1,William Coad,75,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Coad,,70,,In county,
,,John Coad,25,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Charles Coad,15,,,In county,
Quinterls,1,John George,50,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Edward George,10,,,In county,
,,Amelia George,,7,,In county,
,,Elizth. Harris,,55,Female Servant,In county,
Quinterls,1,William Phillips,40,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Ann Phillips,,40,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Phillips,,15,,In county,
,,Philipa Phillips,,14,,In county,
,,William Phillips,11,,,In county,
,,Jane Phillips,,7,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Phillips,,1,,In county,
Couches,1,Wm. Jenkin,55,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Ann Jenkin,,55,,In county,
,,Anthony Jenkin,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Joseph Jenkin,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizth. Jenkin,,13,,In county,
,,David Jenkin,11,,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 36 Page 3

Couches,1,Samuel Truscott,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Sarah Truscott,,20,,In county,
Paramoor,1,Philipa Stone,,50,,In county,
,,Mary Stone,,20,,In county,
,,Mariah Stone,,20,,In county,
,,Francis Stone,10,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Ann-Mariah Stone,,4,,In county,
,,Emily Stone,,4,,In county,
,,James Stone,1m,,,In county,
Paramoor,1,John Maynard,55,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Grace Maynard,,60,,In county,
,,John Libby,16,,Male Servant,In county,
Paramoor,1,Nicholas Puckey,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Ann Puckey,,30,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Puckey,,5,,In county,
,,William Puckey,3,,,In county,
,,John Puckey,5m,,,In county,
Jefferies,1,Wm. Mellow,45,,Farmer,In county,
,,Philipa Mellow,,35,,In county,
Paramoor,1,Mary Brewer,,55,,In county,
,,William Brewer,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Brewer,,10,,In county,
Paramoor,1,Charles Coon,40,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Coon,,40,,In county,
,,Charles Coon,10,,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 37 Page 4

,,Caroline Coon,,10,,In county,
,,Amos Coon,5,,,In county,
,,John Pleming,80,,Ag Lab,In county,
Paramoor,1,Thomas Harris,50,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Alice Harris,,40,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Harris,,10,,In county,
,,Frederick Harris,5,,,In county,
,,Richard Harris,6m,,,In county,
Paramoor,1,James Cradock,50,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Honor Cradock,,40,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ann Cradock,,6,,In county,
,,James Cradock,5,,,In county,
,,Louisa Cradock,,10,,In county,
Paramoor,1,Elizabeth Southey,,40,,In county,
,,John Southey,10,,Ag Lab,In county,
Paramoor,1,Francis Johns,35,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth L. Johns,,20,,In county,
,,Francis Johns,3,,,In county,
,,Eliza Jenkin Johns,,5m,,In county,
,,Margery Jenkin,,15,,In county,
Paramoor,1,Anthony Jenkin,50,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Emalina Jenkin,,15,,In county,
,,Arbella Jenkin,,10,,In county,
Lower Sticker,1,John Plumm,50,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Plumee,,45,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 37 Page 5

,,Elizabeth L. Plumee,,15,,In county,
,,Jane Plumee,,10,,In county,
Paramoor,1,William Knight,40,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Knight,,55,,In county,
,,William Knight,20,,Journeyman Carpenter,In county,
Luny Lane,1,John Sawle,40,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Ann Sawle,,30,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Sawle,,5,,In county,
,,Jane Sawle,,5,,In county,
,,Hannah Sawle,,2,,In county,
,,Jane Tremellin,,65,,In county,
,,John Parnall,70,,Journeyman Carpenter,In county,
Hewas Downs,1,William Bullen,40,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Harriot Bullen,,35,,In county,
,,Amelia Bullen,,15,,In county,
,,William Bullen,14,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Stephen Bullen,13,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Emma Bullen,,10,,In county,
,,John Bullen,5,,,In county,
,,Caroline Bullen,,4,,In county,
,,Matthew Bullen,2,,,In county,
Hewas Downs,1,Henry Johns,55,,Army Pension,In county,
,,Margaret Johns,,45,,In county,
Hewas Downs,u,,,,,,
Hewas Downs,1,Jane Nance,,25,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Nance,,10,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 38 Page 6

Hewas Downs,1,James Kendle,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Jane Kendle,,30,,In county,
,,Mary Jane Kendle,,3,,In county,
,,James Kendle,1,,,In county,
Hewas Downs,1,Jane Jenkin,,85,Independent,In county,
,,Wm. Mathews,25,,Journeyman Carpenter,In county,
,,Mary Mathews,,25,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Mathews,,4,,In county,
,,William Mathews,2,,,In county,
Lower Sticker,1,Jane Wills,,55,,In county,
Lower Sticker,1,Henry Prophet,40,,Farmer,In county,
,,Susanah Prophet,,40,,In county,
,,Harriot Prophet,,20,,In county,
,,Henry Prophet,15,,,In county,
,,John Prophet,10,,,In county,
Lower Sticker,1,John Jenkin,50,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Margery Jenkin,,50,,In county,
,,John Jenkin,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Thomas Jenkin,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,James Jenkin,10,,,In county,
,,Richard Jenkin,10,,,In county,
,,Joseph Jenkin,5,,,In county,
Lower Sticker,u,,,,,,
Lower Sticker,1,Stephen Maynard,65,,Independent,In county,
,,Elizabeth Maynard,,70,,In county,
Lower Sticker,1,Jane Best,,40,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 38 Page 7

,,Richard Mufford,30,,Rag & Bone Merchant,In county,
Lower Sticker,1,Wm. Hugh,75,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Hugh,,70,,In county,
Lower Sticker,1,Edmond May,60,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth May,,65,,In county,
Lower Sticker,1,Joanah Skews,,65,,In county,
,,Thomas Skews,20,,Ag Lab,In county,
Lower Sticker,1,Wm. Dackin,25,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Dackin,,20,,In county,
Lower Sticker,1,Mathew Vivian,40,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Jane Vivian,,35,,In county,
,,William Vivian,14,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Vivian,,10,,In county,
,,Jane Vivian,,7,,In county,
,,Susannah Vivian,,4,,In county,
,,Caroline Vivian,,1,,In county,
Lower Sticker,u,,,,,,
Lower Sticker,1,Samuel Geach,45,,Journeyman Carpenter,In county,
,,Elizabeth Geach,,45,,In county,
,,Peter Geach,15,,Journeyman Carpenter,In county,
,,Joanah Geach,,15,,In county,
,,Samuel Geach,11,,,In county,
,,Ann Geach,,9,,In county,
,,Wm. Henry Geach,5,,,In county,
Lower Sticker,u,,,,,,
Lower Sticker,1,James Long,35,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Johanah Long,,35,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 39 Page 8

,,William Long,15,,Carpenters Apprentice,In county,
,,Richard Long,5,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Long,,2,,In county,
Lower Sticker,u,,,,,,
Lower Sticker,1,Wm. Ham,45,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ham,,40,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Ham,,15,,In county,
,,Richard Ham,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,William Ham,10,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Sarah Ham,,10,,In county,
,,Joseph Ham,5,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ham,,2,,In county,
Lower Sticker,u,,,,,,
Lower Sticker,1,Wm. Kearn,50,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Rosemond Kearn,,45,,In county,
,,William Kearn,15,,,In county,
,,Mary Kearn,,12,,In county,
,,Thomas Kearn,10,,,In county,
,,Nicholas Kearn,9,,,In county,
,,Joanah Kearn,,6,,In county,
,,Christiana Kearn,,8m,,In county,
Lower Sticker,1,Mary Josse,,45,Independent,In county,
,,Robert Josse,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,James Josse,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Josse,,12,,In county,
,,Thomas Josse,10,,,In county,
Sticker,1,Wm. Clark,65,,Tin Miner,In county,

Book 8 Folio 39 Page 9

,,Elizabeth Clark,,60,,In county,
,,Thomas Clark,30,,Ind. Supported By Church,In county,
,,James Clark,13,,Tin Miner,In county,
Sticker,1,Thomas Tregenza,70,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Catherine Tregenza,,65,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Tregenza,,30,,In county,
,,William Tregenza,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,John Tregenza,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,James Tregenza,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Matilda Vivian,,30,,In county,
,,Richard Vivian,10,,,In county,
,,Catherine Hicks,,30,,In county,
,,James Hicks,5,,,In county,
,,John Hicks,10m,,,In county,
Pothole,1,Elizabeth Clark,,75,,In county,
,,Joseph Clark,45,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Jane Clark,,40,,In county,
Pothole,1,Joseph Ham,45,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Ham,,45,,In county,
Pothole,1,Catherine Ellis,,75,Independent,In county,
,,Edmond Clemow,25,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Clemow,,20,,In county,
,,Elen Clemow,,3m,,In county,
Hewas Water,1,Wm. Pleming,40,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Pleming,,35,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 40 Page 10

,,John Pleming,10,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,William Pleming,8,,,In county,
,,Francis Pleming,6,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Pleming,,3,,In county,
,,Mathew Pleming,1,,,In county,
Hewas Water,1,George Berry,50,,Navy Pension,In county,
,,Elizabeth Berry,,40,,In county,
,,Thos. Hodgers Cornish,10,,,Not in county,
Hewas Water,1,Thomas Harris,40,,Farmer,In county,
,,William Harris,50,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Kestle,,35,Housekeeper,In county,
,,Mary Kestle,,10,,In county,
Hewas Water,u,,,,,,
Hewas Water,1,William Gill,60,,Butcher,In county,
,,Abegile Gill,,55,,In county,
Hewas Water,1,John Dines,55,,Shoemaker,In county,
,,Ann Dines,,55,,In county,
Hewas Water,1,Elizabeth Pascoe,,70,,In county,
,,Walter Pascoe,35,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,John Pearce,15,,Ag Lab,In county,
Hewas Water,u,,,,,,
Hewas Water,1,Richard Oliver,35,,Mason,In county,
,,Grace Oliver,,35,,In county,
,,Thomas Oliver,1,,,In county,
Hewas Water,1,Thomas Lumly,55,,Ag Lab,Not in county,
,,Mary Lumly,,45,,In county,
,,Edward Lumly,20,,Ag Lab,In county,

Book 8 Folio 40 Page 11

Paramoor,1,Ralph Toms,75,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Toms,,75,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Toms,,15,,In county,
Paramoor,1,Samuel Mudge,25,,Smith,In county,
,,Elizabeth Mudge,,25,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ann Mudge,,6,,In county,
,,Samuel Mudge,4,,,In county,
,,Catherine Mudge,,2,,In county,
,,Jane Hill,,35,,In county,
Paramoor,1,George Vivian,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Belinda Vivian,,25,,In county,
,,Belinda Vivian,,9,,In county,
,,Jane Vivian,,7,,In county,
,,Mariah Vivian,,5,,In county,
,,Louisa Vivian,,3,,In county,
,,George Vivian,2,,,In county,
Paramoor,1,Richard Bawden,50,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Bawden,,50,,In county,
Paramoor,1,Thomas Drew,65,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Ann Drew,,60,,In county,
,,William Drew,25,,,In county,
Paramoor,1,Grace Warne,,50,,In county,
,,Philip Carlyon,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Carlyon,,20,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Carlyon,,1,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 41 Page 12

Paramoor,1,John Clark,35,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Prudence Clark,,20,,In county,
,,William Clark,3,,,In county,
Penstrasoe,1,William Rosevear,40,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Jane Rosevear,,35,,In county,
,,John Rosevear,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Jonathan Rosevear,10,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Grace Rosevear,,8,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rosevear,,5,,In county,
,,Josuah Rosevear,3,,,In county,
,,Eliza Caroline Rosevear,,7m,,In county,
Penstrasoe,1,Thomas Teague,35,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Ann Teague,,30,,In county,
,,Ellen Teague,,7,,In county,
,,Henry Teague,5,,,In county,
,,Edwin Teague,3,,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Teague,,2,,In county,
,,Eliza Teague,,4m,,In county,
Commerce,1,James Rundle,35,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Rundle,,30,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rundle,,15,,In county,
,,Mary Rundle,,8,,In county,
,,Ann Rundle,,5,,In county,
,,William Rundle,2,,,In county,
Tregenow Down,1,James May,30,,Tin Miner,In county,

Book 8 Folio 41 Page 13

,,Elizabeth May,,30,,In county,
,,Elizabeth May,,7,,In county,
,,Lanila May,,1,,In county,
,,Sarah May,,75,,In county,
Tregenow Down,1,Wm. Rundle,50,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Rundle,,55,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rundle,,12,,In county,
Tregenow Down,1,Mary Hamer,,40,,In county,
,,William Hamer,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Jane Hamer,,15,,In county,
,,Sarah Hamer,,12,,In county,
,,Henry Hamer,9,,,In county,
Tregenow Down,u,,,,,,
Tregenow Down,1,John Collins,35,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Nancy Collins,,30,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Collins,,8,,In county,
,,John Collins,6,,,In county,
,,Mary Collins,,3,,In county,
,,Catherine Collins,,2m,,In county,
Tregenow Down,u,,,,,,
Tregenow Down,1,Hugh Rolling,55,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rolling,,35,,In county,
,,Richard Rolling,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Wm. Tremellin,5,,,In county,
,,Robt. Giles,5,,,In county,
Tregenow Down,1,Mary Fawle,,60,,In county,
,,Amy Fawle,,15,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 42 Page 14

,,Wm. Henry Benett,5,,,In county,
Little Polgooth,u,,,,,,
Little Polgooth,1,Elizabeth Harper,,55,,In county,
,,Stephen Harper,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Christiana Harper,,15,,In county,
,,Samuel Marshall,5,,,In county,
Little Polgooth,1,Richard Snell,40,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Snell,,35,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Snell,,15,,In county,
,,John Snell,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,David Snell,10,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Richard Snell,3,,,In county,
Little Polgooth,u,,,,,,
Little Polgooth,1,Frederick Fox,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Eliza Fox,,25,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Jenkin Fox,,5,,In county,
,,Thos. Allen Fox,2,,,In county,
,,Mary Cray Fox,,6m,,In county,
Little Polgooth,1,William Lewarn,50,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Allthea Hill,,14,Female Servant,In county,
Little Polgooth,1,John Elvins,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Joanah Elvins,,30,,In county,
,,Henry Elvins,4,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Elvins,,6m,,In county,
Little Polgooth,1,John Yelland,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Catherine Yelland,,30,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Yelland,,9,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 42 Page 15

,,John Yelland,7,,,In county,
,,Thomas Yelland,4,,,In county,
,,Henry Yelland,2,,,In county,
,,Catherine Yelland,,1m,,In county,
Little Polgooth,u,,,,,,
Little Polgooth,1,Wm. Opie,60,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Alice Opie,,70,,In county,
Little Polgooth,1,Richard Elvins,45,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Elvins,,55,,In county,
,,Andrew Elvins,15,,Tailors Apprentice,In county,
,,Richard Elvins,14,,Tin Miner,In county,
Lefasent,1,Mary May,,40,,In county,
,,Ann May,,25,,In county,
,,Matilda May,,20,,In county,
,,John May,5,,,In county,
,,Nathaniel Bond,10,,,In county,
Lefasent,1,John Bunny,45,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Ann Bunny,,45,,In county,
,,James Bunny,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Joseph Bunny,13,,Tin Miner,In county,
Lefasent,1,James Coon,35,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Coon,,30,,In county,
,,John Coon,10,,,In county,
,,James Coon,10,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Coon,,5,,In county,
,,Mary Coon,,5,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 43 Page 16

,,Catherine Coon,,1m,,In county,
,,Elizth. Benetts,,65,Independent,In county,
Lefasent,1,William James,56,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary James,,55,,In county,
,,Catherine James,,25,,In county,
,,William James,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Philip James,20,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary James,,15,,In county,
Little Polgooth,u,,,,,,
Little Polgooth,1,Ann George,,40,,In county,
,,Mary George,,15,,In county,
,,Ema George,,4,,In county,
Little Polgooth,u,,,,,,
Little Polgooth,1,Althea Trevain,,60,Independent,In county,
Little Polgooth,1,Thomas Penhal,50,,Miller,In county,
,,Jenefer Penhal,,50,,In county,
Little Polgooth,1,John Dyer,45,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Dyer,,45,,In county,
,,Joseph Dyer,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,William Dyer,14,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Thomas Dyer,11,,,In county,
,,Abraham Dyer,10,,,In county,
,,Grace Dyer,,5,,In county,
,,John Dyer,5,,,In county,
,,Samuel Dyer,4,,,In county,
Little Polgooth,1,Thomas Johns,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Ann Johns,,30,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 43 Page 17

,,Ann Johns,,5,,In county,
,,George Johns,3,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Johns,,1,,In county,
,,Jonathan Johns,2m,,,In county,
Little Polgooth,1,Wm. Dyer,40,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Nancy Dyer,,40,,In county,
,,Mary Dyer,,10,,In county,
,,John Dyer,9,,,In county,
,,William Dyer,5,,,In county,
,,Ann Dyer,,5,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Gilley,,75,,In county,
Levalsa Down,u,,,,,,
Levalsa Down,1,John Wallis,55,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Wallis,,50,,In county,
,,John Wallis,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Christopher Wallis,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Francis Wallis,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Soloman Wallis,10,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Jane Wallis,,10,,In county,
Levalsa Down,u,,,,,,
Levalsa Down,1,Thomas Tresney,35,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Tresney,,35,,In county,
,,Frances Tresney,,10,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Tresney,,9,,In county,
,,William Tresney,7,,,In county,
,,Thomas Tresney,8m,,,In county,
,,Catherine Tresney,,3,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 44 Page 18

Little Polgooth,1,John Vian,50,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Joannah Vian,,45,,In county,
,,James Luke,45,,Tin Miner,In county,
Little Polgooth,1,Wm. Toms,45,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Grace Toms,,50,,In county,
,,John Toms,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,William Toms,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Thomas Toms,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Martha Toms,,20,,In county,
,,Jane Toms,,15,,In county,
,,Hannah Toms,,10,,In county,
,,Henry Toms,5,,,In county,
Little Polgooth,1,Henry Libby,55,,Butcher,In county,
,,Catherine Libby,,50,,In county,
,,Jane Libby,,25,,In county,
,,Henry Libby,15,,,In county,
,,John Libby,10,,,In county,
Little Polgooth,1,Robert Libby,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Catherine Libby,,25,,In county,
,,Mary Libby,,5,,In county,
,,George Libby,1,,,In county,
Rickets,1,Joseph Clemow,60,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Honor Clemow,,45,,In county,
,,John Clemow,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,James Clemow,15,,Tin Miner,In county,

Book 8 Folio 44 Page 19

,,Walter Clemow,13,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Honor Clemow,,9,,In county,
,,Joseph Clemow,6,,,In county,
Rickets,1,Peter Merefield,55,,Smith,In county,
,,Elizabeth Merefield,,45,,In county,
,,Catherine Sims,,70,Female Servant,In county,
Rickets,1,Ruth Granville,,40,,In county,
,,Ester Granville,,15,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Jane Granville,,10,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Granville,,5,,In county,
,,Ruth Granville,,5,,In county,
Polgooth,1,John Buney,40,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Grace Buney,,35,,In county,
,,John Buney,13,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Malinda Buney,,11,,In county,
,,Josepha Buney,,10,,In county,
,,Richard Buney,5,,,In county,
,,William Buney,5,,,In county,
,,Thomas Buney,3,,,In county,
,,Josuah Buney,1,,,In county,
Polgooth,1,Richard Rundle,50,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rundle,,50,,In county,
,,Mary Rundle,,20,,In county,
,,Jane Rundle,,15,,In county,
,,William Rundle,10,,Tin Miner,In county,

Book 8 Folio 45 Page 20

,,Eliza Rundle,,10,,In county,
,,Hannah Rundle,,5,,In county,
Polgooth,1,Thos. Daniel,45,,Smith,In county,
,,Mary Daniel,,45,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Daniel,,20,,In county,
,,Jane Daniel,,15,,In county,
,,Caroline Daniel,,11,,In county,
,,Thomas Daniel,13,,Smith,In county,
,,Mary Floyd,,80,,In county,
Polgooth,1,Wm. Buney,45,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Jane Buney,,35,,In county,
,,Mary Buney,,15,,In county,
,,John Buney,17,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,James Buney,14,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Jane Buney,,12,,In county,
,,Alexander Buney,9,,,In county,
,,William Buney,2,,,In county,
Polgooth,1,Nancy Hudy Wills,,30,Schoolmistress,In county,
,,Emily Wills,,3,,In county,
Polgooth,1,Nancy Bunt,,60,,In county,
,,Thomas Bunt,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Agnes Bunt,,20,,In county,
,,Richard Bunt,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,John Bunt,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Henry Sweet,5,,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 45 Page 21

Polgooth,1,Wm. Buney,45,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Buney,,40,,In county,
,,Thomas Buney,19,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,John Buney,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Calab Buney,12,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,David Buney,6,,,In county,
,,Jane Buney,,4,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Buney,,1,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Davis,,90,,In county,
,,Jane Davis,,40,Female Servant,In county,
,,Ann Buney,,10,,In county,
Polgooth,1,Richard Sweet,35,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Pricilla Sweet,,35,,In county,
,,Ezekiel Sweet,10,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,William Sweet,59,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Prudence Sweet,,30,,In county,
,,William Sweet,2,,,In county,
Polgooth,1,Richard Bennets,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Catherine Bennets,,20,,In county,
,,George Bennets,5,,,In county,
,,Richard Bennets,1,,,In county,
,,Susanah Whittie,,80,,In county,
Polgooth Inn,u,,,,,,
Polgooth,1,Wm. Bunt,40,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Joannah Bunt,,40,,In county,
,,Ann Bunt,,15,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 46 Page 22

,,Wm. Bunt,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bunt,,13,,In county,
,,Catherine Bunt,,11,,In county,
,,James Bunt,6,,,In county,
,,Wm. Buney,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Pricilla Buney,,20,,In county,
,,William Buney,1d,,,In county,
Polgooth,1,James Harvey,65,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Prudence Harvey,,55,,In county,
,,Mary Harvey,,20,,In county,
,,Jane Rundle,,30,,In county,
,,Samuel Rundle,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Ann Rundle,,5,,In county,
,,Eliza Rundle,,4,,In county,
,,Samuel Rundle,1,,,In county,
,,Eliza Rundle,,40,,In county,
,,Wm. Rundle,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Thomas Rundle,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Thomas Ham,10,,,In county,
Polgooth,1,James Osborn,55,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Osborn,,60,,In county,
,,John Daniel Osborn,20,,,In county,
,,Peggy Barnett,,55,Independent,In county,
,,John Semmens,6,,,In county,
,,James Semmens,4,,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 46 Page 23

Polgooth,1,Eliza Semens,,28,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Semens,,8,,In county,
Polgooth,1,Jane Sweet,,35,,In county,
,,Samuel Sweet,12,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,David Sweet,7,,,In county,
,,Jonathan Sweet,5,,,In county,
,,Philip Sweet,2,,,In county,
,,Joel Sweet,1,,,In county,
Polgooth,1,Thomas Carlyon,50,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Loveday Carlyon,,40,,In county,
,,Mary Carlyon,,15,,In county,
,,Sopiah Carlyon,,14,,In county,
,,Cordilia Carlyon,,10,,In county,
,,Richard Carlyon,8,,,In county,
,,Joseph Carlyon,5,,,In county,
,,David Carlyon,1,,,In county,
Polgooth,1,Wm. Carlyon,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Carlyon,,25,,In county,
,,William Carlyon,5,,,In county,
,,Jane Carlyon,,3,,In county,
,,John Carlyon,1,,,In county,
Polgooth,1,Richard Little,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Joannah Little,,20,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Jane Little,,4,,In county,
,,John Little,2,,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 47 Page 24

,,Richard Little,6m,,,In county,
,,Joannah Marks,,55,,In county,
Polgooth,1,John Hawke,65,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Hawke,,25,,In county,
Polgooth,1,Mary Tregenza,,60,,In county,
,,Thomas Tregenza,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Wm. Maynard,75,,,In county,
,,Jane Collins,,35,,In county,
,,Mary Dower,,5,,In county,
Polgooth,1,William Coon,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Susanah Coon,,25,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Coon,,8,,In county,
,,Catherine Coon,,1,,In county,
,,Francis Frances,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Edward Body,55,,Farmer,In county,
,,Catherine Body,,50,,In county,
,,Edwd. Body May,12,,,In county,
,,Thos. Youlton,19,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Mariah Williams,,20,Female Servant,In county,
Polgooth,1,James Gaved,55,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Hannah Gaved,,55,,In county,
,,James Gaved,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Gaved,,25,,In county,
,,John Gaved,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Hannah Gaved,,20,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 47 Page 25

,,Mariah Gaved,,20,,In county,
,,Samuel Gaved,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Thuriza Gaved,,15,,In county,
Polgooth,1,Wm. Williams,45,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Mary Williams,,45,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Williams,,20,,In county,
,,Jane Williams,,19,,In county,
,,Emma Louisa Williams,,18,,In county,
,,Susan Ann Williams,,17,,In county,
,,William Henry Williams,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Ellen Werren Williams,,13,,In county,
,,Catherine Amelia Williams,,11,,In county,
,,John Trevenna Williams,10,,,In county,
,,James Williams,9,,,In county,
,,Reubin Edwin Williams,7,,,In county,
,,Samuel Williams,5,,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Roberts,,15,,In county,
Polgooth,1,Elizabeth Clemow,,50,,In county,
,,Edward Clemow,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,William Clemow,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,John Clemow,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,George Clemow,12,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Francis Clemow,9,,,In county,
Polgooth,1,Jane Burgan,,40,,In county,
,,William Burgan,15,,Tin Miner,In county,

Book 8 Folio 48 Page 26

,,Jane Burgan,,15,,In county,
,,Abraham Burgan,10,,,In county,
,,Mary Burgan,,7,,In county,
,,Thomas Burgan,6,,,In county,
,,Isac Burgan,5,,,In county,
,,Jabez Burgan,2,,,In county,

Enumeration District 13

Civil Parish of St. Mewan

Book 9 Folio 4 Page 1

Turnavean,1,James Andrew,69,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Andrew,,52,,In county,
,,Ellen Andrew,,13,,In county,
,,William Pollard,25,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Jane Viant,,19,Female Servant,In county,
Trewoonmoor,1,Stephen Harper,66,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Jenny Harper,,60,,In county,
Trewoonmoor,1,Jenifer Giles,,68,Independent,In county,
Trewoonmoor,1,James Lorry,24,,Clay Labourer,In county,Surname uncertain.
,,Elizabeth Lorry,,27,,In county,
,,Ellen Lorry,,5m,,In county,
Trewoonmoor,1,Jane Youlton,,59,Independent,In county,
,,Mary Youlton,,24,,In county,
Trewoonmoor,1,Richard Williams,31,,Iron Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Hannah Williams,,26,,In county,
,,Mary Williams,,4m,,In county,
Trethowel,1,William Andrews,46,,Farmer,In county,
,,Caroline Hannah,,40,Independent,In county,
,,Susan Hannah,,4,,In county,
,,Jane Vian,,24,Female Servant,In county,
,,Elizabeth Roberts,,18,Female Servant,In county,
,,Thomas Tremellin,20,,Male Servant,In county,
,,John Hinchin,15,,Male Servant,In county,

Book 9 Folio 5 Page 2

Higher Tregenlums,1,John Clemo,40,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Clemo,,33,,In county,
,,John Clemo,3,,,In county,
,,Susan Clemo,,2,,In county,
,,Mary Clemo,,7m,,In county,
,,John Tinker,20,,Labourer,In county,
Higher Tregenlums,1,Susanna Roberts,,59,Independent,In county,
,,Mary Glasson,,57,,In county,
Himbal,1,John Gaved,36,,Farmer,In county,
,,Ann Gaved,,34,,In county,
,,Richard Ford,13,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Hannah Ford,,13,Female Servant,In county,
Bosithen,1,Jonathan Pearse,44,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Pearse,,49,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Pearse,,28,,In county,
,,Mary Lorry,,82,,In county,
Coyle,1,Thomas Mathews,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Loveday Mathews,,25,,In county,
,,Selina Mathews,,4,,In county,Forename uncertain.
,,Mary Mathews,,1,,In county,
Xxxx House,1,William Hocken,69,,Cl,In county,
,,Maria Hocken,,58,,Not in county,
,,Charles Hocken,29,,Cl,In county,
,,Rachel Truscott,,41,Female Servant,In county,
,,Elizabeth Unreadable,,22,Female Servant,In county,

Book 9 Folio 5 Page 3

Coyle,1,John Vian,50,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Ann Vian,,42,,In county,
,,John Vian,16,,,In county,
,,Caroline Vian,,13,,In county,
,,Charles Vian,9,,,In county,
,,Ellen Vian,,7,,In county,
,,Julia Vian,,4,,In county,
Smith Town,1,John Tab,24,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Tab,,25,,In county,
,,William Tab,1,,,In county,
Smith Town,1,Thomas Cornelius,60,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Cornelius,,56,,In county,
,,Jane Cornelius,,23,,In county,
,,Mary Cornelius,,16,,In county,
,,Catherine Cornelius,,13,,In county,
,,John Cornelius,26,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Jane Cornelius,,3,,In county,
Basinver,1,William Edwards,75,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Edwards,,70,,In county,
,,Agness Edwards,,68,,In county,
,,Priscilla Edwards,65,,,In county,
,,John James,20,,Fs,In county,
Lower Tregenlunny,1,Henry Thomas,51,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Grace Thomas,,60,,In county,

Book 9 Folio 6 Page 4

Basinver,1,Edmund Clemo,35,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Clemo,,35,,In county,
,,John Clemo,10,,,In county,
,,Edward Clemo,7,,,In county,
,,James Clemo,5,,,In county,
,,Harriet Clemo,,3,,In county,
,,Mary Clemo,,10m,,In county,
Basinver,1,John Harris,35,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Harris,,34,,In county,
,,John Harris,10,,,In county,
,,Ann Harris,,8,,In county,
,,William Harris,6,,,In county,
,,Fanny Harris,,4,,In county,
,,Thomas Harris,1,,,In county,
Basinver,1,Ann George,,35,,In county,
,,William George,,14,,In county,
,,Theophilus George,12,,,In county,
,,James George,5,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Austin,,18,,In county,
Higher Burngulla,1,William Clemas,58,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Clemas,,54,,In county,
,,James Clemas,20,,,In county,
,,Mary Clemas,,14,,In county,

Book 9 Folio 6 Page 5

Higher Burngulla,1,William Clemas,29,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Jane Clemas,,28,,In county,
,,Thomas Clemas,5,,,In county,
,,Mary Clemas,,3,,In county,
Lower Burngulla,1,Thomas Gaved,40,,Farmer,In county,
,,Jane Gaved,,31,,In county,
,,Mary Gaved,,7,,In county,
,,John Gaved,5,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Gaved,,2,,In county,
,,Jane Gaved,,1,,In county,
,,Mary Gaved,,76,,In county,
,,Alexander Robins,20,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Philippa Smalley,,40,Female Servant,In county,
,,Prudence Vian,,14,Female Servant,In county,
,,George Bullmore,15,,Independent,In county,
Polgooth,1,Thomas Spargo,35,,Farmer,In county,
,,Rebecca Spargo,,32,,In county,
Polgooth,1,Mary Stephens,,49,Independent,In county,
Polgooth,1,Grace Oppey,,43,,In county,
,,John Oppey,20,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Thomas Oppey,18,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Oppey,,12,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Oppey,,10,,In county,
,,Jane Oppey,,6,,In county,
,,Grace Oppey,,4,,In county,

Book 9 Folio 7 Page 6

Polgooth,1,William Clemo,39,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Clemo,,31,,In county,
,,Rebecca Clemo,,9,,In county,
,,Susan Clemo,,4,,In county,
,,William Clemo,3,,,In county,
Polgooth,1,David Cock,67,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Cock,,67,,In county,
,,David Cock,30,,,Not in county,
Polgooth,1,Francis Tucker,47,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Tucker,,42,,In county,
,,Ann Tucker,,19,,In county,
,,Philip Tucker,17,,,In county,
,,Jane Tucker,,14,,In county,
,,Stephen Tucker,11,,,In county,
,,Francis Tucker,9,,,In county,
,,David Tucker,7,,,In county,
,,Mary Tucker,,4,,In county,
,,Richard Tucker,2m,,,In county,
Polgooth,1,Jennifer Francis,,94,Independent,In county,
,,Usebius Tremellin,55,,Thatcher,In county,
Polgooth,1,Mary Luke,,85,Independent,In county,
Polgooth,1,William Lemin,29,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Martha Lemin,,27,,In county,
,,John Lemin,3,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Lemin,,1,,In county,

Book 9 Folio 7 Page 7

Polgooth,1,John James,54,,Mason,In county,
,,Elizabeth James,,53,,In county,
,,John James,26,,Mason,In county,
,,Mary James,,23,,In county,
,,Elizabeth James,,19,,In county,
,,Eliza James,,17,,In county,
,,Richard James,16,,,In county,
,,Richard Hawking,24,,Shoemaker,In county,
Polgooth,1,Thomas Sweet,52,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Sweet,,52,,In county,
,,Martha Sweet,,24,,In county,
,,Mary Sweet,,23,,In county,
,,Joseph Sweet,20,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,William Sweet,18,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Fanny Sweet,,15,,In county,
,,Edward Sweet,13,,,In county,
,,Henry Sweet,10,,,In county,
Polgooth,1,Thomas Phillips,65,,Independent,In county,
,,Nancy Phillips,,65,,In county,
Polgooth,1,John Phillips,45,,Independent,In county,
,,Prudence Phillips,,45,,In county,
,,Julia Phillips,,20,,In county,
,,John Phillips,15,,Civil Engineer Apprentice,In county,
,,Ann Blake,,26,Female Servant,In county,

Book 9 Folio 8 Page 8

Polgooth,1,Francis Web,35,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Web,,13,,In county,
,,John Web,9,,,In county,
,,Emma Web,,8,,In county,
,,George Web,6,,,In county,
,,Mary Web,,78,,In county,
Polgooth,1,Betsy Symons,,46,,In county,
,,Julia Web,,18,,In county,
,,Sampson Web,16,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Web,,13,,In county,
,,John Web,8,,,In county,
Polgooth,1,William Trenwith,43,,Tin Mine Agent,In county,
,,Ann Trenwith,,36,,In county,
,,George Trenwith,15,,,In county,
,,Henry Trenwith,11,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Trenwith,,1,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rundle,,11,Female Servant,In county,
Polgooth,1,John Langford,35,,Butcher,In county,
,,Jane Langford,,34,,In county,
,,John Langford,6,,,In county,
,,Stephen Langford,4,,,In county,
,,Walter Langford,1,,,In county,
Polgooth,1,Stephen Langford,60,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Langford,,55,,In county,

Book 9 Folio 8 Page 9

Polgooth,1,Samuel Gaved,60,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Gaved,,57,,In county,
,,Eliza Gaved,,18,,In county,
,,John Gaved,15,,,In county,
Polgooth,1,Nicholas Gill,30,,Shoemaker,In county,
,,Sophia Gill,,27,,In county,
,,William Gill,4,,,In county,
,,Mary Gill,,2,,In county,
,,Charles Gill,1,,,In county,
,,David Gill,12,,Shoemakers Apprentice,In county,
Polgooth,1,Walter Clemo,50,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Jane Clemo,,45,,In county,
,,Mary Clemo,,20,,In county,
,,Jane Clemo,,22,,In county,
Polgooth,1,Joseph Francis,35,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Francis,,40,,In county,
,,Maria Francis,,12,,In county,
,,Robert Francis,10,,,In county,
,,Henry Francis,8,,,In county,
,,Joseph Francis,5,,,In county,
,,Catherine Francis,,3,,In county,
,,John Francis,4m,,,In county,
Polgooth,1,Richard Hawke,28,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Jane Hawke,,28,,In county,
,,Richard Hawke,1,,,In county,

Book 9 Folio 9 Page 10

Polgooth,1,Benjamin Clark,33,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Clark,,34,,In county,
,,William Clark,10,,,In county,
,,John Clark,8,,,In county,
,,Thomas Clark,6,,,In county,
,,Maria Clark,,4,,In county,
,,James Clark,2,,,In county,
Polgooth,1,Thomas Sweet,29,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Martha Sweet,,30,,In county,
,,Amelia Sweet,,3,,In county,
,,Emma Sweet,,2,,In county,
,,John Sweet,3m,,,In county,
Combe,1,John Gaved,53,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Gaved,,45,,In county,
,,John Gaved,20,,,In county,
,,James Gaved,18,,,In county,
,,Arthur Gaved,16,,,In county,
,,Ezekiel Gaved,14,,,In county,
,,David Gaved,12,,,In county,
,,Mary Gaved,,10,,In county,
Combe,1,Henry Rundle,25,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rundle,,34,,In county,
,,Henry Rundle,4,,,In county,
,,Walter Rundle,2,,,In county,

Book 9 Folio 9 Page 11

Coombe,1,Thomas Body,30,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Body,,29,,In county,
,,Mary Body,,3,,In county,
,,Catherine Body,,1,,In county,
,,William Rundle,24,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Susan Pooley,,16,Female Servant,In county,
,,Joseph May,33,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
Coombe,1,Susan Trevena,,32,Grocer,In county,
Coombe,1,John Herring,47,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Ann Herring,,46,,In county,
,,Mary Herring,,19,,In county,
,,James Herring,17,,Carpenter,In county,
,,John Herring,15,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Richard Herring,13,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Herring,,9,,In county,
Coombe,1,John Hawkey,36,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hawkey,,33,,In county,
,,Jane Hawkey,,6,,In county,
,,Mary Hawkey,,4,,In county,
,,William Hawkey,1m,,,In county,
,,James Hill,13,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hill,,9,,In county,
Coombe,1,Jeremiah Lark,77,,Shoemaker,In county,

Book 9 Folio 10 Page 12

Coombe,1,Samuel Bennetts,50,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Bennetts,,46,,In county,
,,Samuel Bennetts,22,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Bennetts,,21,,In county,
,,Hannah Bennetts,,16,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bennetts,,14,,In county,
,,Nancy Bennetts,,12,,In county,
,,Catherine Bennetts,,10,,In county,
Coombe,1,John Rundle,35,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rundle,,33,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rundle,,11,,In county,
,,John Rundle,8,,,In county,
,,David Rundle,4,,,In county,
,,Susan Rundle,,2,,In county,
Coombe,1,Elizabeth Drew,,78,Independent,In county,
Coombe,1,William Hawke,42,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Grace Hawke,,40,,In county,
,,John Hawke,16,,,In county,
,,Ann Hawke,,14,,In county,
,,William Hawke,12,,,In county,
,,Thomas Hawke,9,,,In county,
,,Francis Hawke,6,,,In county,
,,Richard Hawke,5,,,In county,
,,Samuel Hawke,7m,,,In county,

Book 9 Folio 10 Page 13

Coombe,1,John Hawke,40,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Rebecca Hawke,,39,,In county,
,,William Hawke,16,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,John Hawke,14,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Samuel Hawke,12,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Richard Hawke,9,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Edward Hawke,7,,,In county,
,,Mary Hawke,,4,,In county,
,,Rebecca Hawke,,2,,In county,
Higher Coombe,1,William Bennetts,29,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Bennetts,,25,,In county,
Higher Coombe,1,Elizabeth Bennetts,,50,,In county,
,,Ann Bennetts,,20,,In county,
,,James Bennetts,18,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,John Bennetts,16,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Caroline Bennetts,,12,,In county,
Higher Coombe,u,,,,,,
Higher Coombe,1,Richard Coon,49,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Ann Coon,,47,,In county,
,,Jane Coon,,17,,In county,
,,Silus Coon,15,,,In county,
,,Nancy Coon,,9,,In county,
,,Harriot Coon,,8,,In county,
,,Jacob Coon,6,,,In county,
,,Elias Coon,3,,,In county,

Book 9 Folio 11 Page 14

Higher Coombe,1,Mary Clemas,,74,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Clemas,,55,,In county,
Coombe,1,John Rundle,50,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rundle,,49,,In county,
,,John Rundle,23,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,William Rundle,20,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Thomas Rundle,18,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,David Rundle,7,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rundle,,13,,In county,
,,Lavinia Rundle,,10,,In county,
Coombe,1,Nancy Hawke,,36,,In county,
,,John Hawke,15,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,William Hawke,13,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Nancy Hawke,,10,,In county,
,,Mary Hawke,,8,,In county,
Coombe,1,Walter Coon,32,,Copper Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Coon,,33,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Coon,,8,,In county,
,,Mary Coon,,3,,In county,
,,Jane Coon,,78,,In county,
Coombe,1,Alexander Coon,49,,Copper Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Frances Coon,,48,,In county,
,,Eliza Coon,,19,,In county,
,,Mary Coon,,17,,In county,

Book 9 Folio 11 Page 15

,,Alexander Coon,14,,,In county,
,,Belinda Coon,,11,,In county,
,,Jane Coon,,9,,In county,
Coombe,1,John Little,48,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Little,,44,,In county,
,,Mary Little,,17,,In county,
,,John Little,11,,,In county,
Coombe,1,Louila Skews,,24,,In county,
,,John Skews,9m,,,In county,
Coombe,1,Richard Rundle,27,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Rosetta Rundle,,30,,In county,
Trelower,1,James Bennetts,51,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bennetts,,40,,In county,
,,James Bennetts,23,,,In county,
,,Mary Bennetts,,18,,In county,
,,Eliza Bennetts,,16,,In county,
,,Harriot Bennetts,,14,,In county,
,,Richard Bennetts,9,,,In county,
,,John Cheley,56,,,In county,
,,William Rundle,20,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
Trelower,1,John Clark,26,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Tamson Clark,,23,,In county,
,,William Clark,3,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Clark,,1m,,In county,

Book 9 Folio 12 Page 16

Trelower,1,William Tremellin,56,,Taylor,In county,
,,Nancy Tremellin,,58,,In county,
,,Emma Tregenza,,19,Mantua Maker,In county,
Trelower,1,Prudence Vian,,47,,In county,
,,William Vian,24,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Peter Vian,12,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Vian,,10,,In county,
Trelowith,1,John Greek,34,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Greek,,32,,In county,
,,Louisa Greek,,6,,In county,
,,Eleanor Greek,,3,,In county,
,,John Greek,1,,,In county,
Trelowith,1,Edward Parnall,60,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Parnall,,57,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Parnall,,21,,In county,
Trelower,1,William Vian,47,,Farmer,In county,
,,Sarah Vian,,32,,In county,
,,Ann Vian,,11,,In county,
,,Mary Stephens,,15,,In county,
Trelower,1,John Coad,40,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Betsy Coad,,47,,In county,
Trelower,1,Peter Curtis,64,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Dorcas Curtis,,62,,In county,
Coombe,1,John Darlington,70,,,In county,
,,Jane Darlington,,75,,In county,

Book 9 Folio 12 Page 17

Trelower,1,Alexander Stephens,48,,Farmer,In county,
,,Jane Stephens,,37,,In county,
,,Dinah Stephens,,16,,In county,
,,Jane Stephens,,14,,In county,
,,Ann Stephens,,12,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Stephens,,10,,In county,
,,Selina Stephens,,8,,In county,
,,Peter Stephens,6,,,In county,
,,William Stephens,3,,,In county,
,,John Stephens,2,,,In county,
,,Ann Body,,70,Independent,In county,
Trelower,1,Dorcas Rowe,,39,Farm,In county,
,,William Rowe,18,,Ag Lab,In county,

Enumeration District 14

Civil Parish of St. Mewan

Book 9 Folio 17 Page 1

Christmas Park,1,John Trethewey,35,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Trethewey,,35,,In county,
,,Mary Trethewey,,6,,In county,
,,Elizth. Trethewey,,6,,In county,
,,Catherine Trethewey,,3,,In county,
,,William Trethewey,1,,,In county,
Higher Burngullow,1,Thomas Rough,40,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Jane Rough,,45,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rough,,15,,In county,
,,William Rough,11,,,In county,
,,John Rough,8,,,In county,
,,Caroline Rough,,6,,In county,
,,Mary Rough,,3,,In county,
,,Peter Giles,40,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Jane Giles,,40,,In county,
,,Ann Giles,,12,,In county,
,,Peter Giles,9,,,In county,
,,Jane Giles,,17,,In county,
Higher Burngullow,1,George Davies,50,,Tin Miner,Not in county,
,,Maria Davies,,50,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Davies,,18,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Kellow,,84,Independent,In county,
Higher Burngullow,1,Sophia Johns,,25,Independent,In county,
Higher Burngullow,1,Walter Hooper,40,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hooper,,40,,In county,

Book 9 Folio 18 Page 2

,,James Hooper,15,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hooper,,11,,In county,
,,John Hooper,6,,,In county,
,,Hannah Hooper,,4,,In county,
,,Walter Hooper,1,,,In county,
Higher Burngullow,1,John Bennetts,50,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bennetts,,45,,In county,
,,John Bennetts,20,,Butcher,In county,
,,Christopher Bennetts,15,,Carpenters Apprentice,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bennetts,,9,,In county,
Tregandallan,1,Mary Craddick,,55,Independent,In county,
,,Nicholas Craddick,35,,Farmer,In county,
,,Eliza Craddick,,20,,In county,
Tregandallan,1,James Mills,50,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Ann Mills,,50,,In county,
,,Mary Mills,,25,,In county,
Tregandallan,1,Edmund Jane,25,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Jane,,25,,In county,
,,William Jane,3,,,In county,
,,Thomas Jane,1,,,In county,
Ninnis,1,Thomas Snell,80,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Snell,,40,,In county,
,,Thomas Ingston,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Hannah Bennetts,,13,Female Servant,In county,
Trewithian Lane End,1,Hannah Lark,,20,Independent,In county,

Book 9 Folio 18 Page 3

,,Alexander Lark,6,,,In county,
,,David Lark,3,,,In county,
,,James Lark,5m,,,In county,
,,Margery Juleff,,60,Independent,In county,
Trewithian Lane End,1,Mary Lark,,50,Independent,In county,
,,Nancy Lark,,15,,In county,
,,James Craddick,14,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Elizabeth Body,,20,Independent,In county,
Pothole,1,George Webb,45,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Webb,,45,,In county,
,,Mary Jenkin,,55,Independent,In county,
,,Harriet Jenkin,,35,Independent,In county,
Pothole,1,Elizabeth Bettison,,65,Independent,Not in county,
,,William Bettison,30,,Independent,In county,
Pothole,1,Mary Mitchell,,50,,In county,
,,Richard Mitchell,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
Pothole,1,Robert Smith,35,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Smith,,25,,In county,
,,Richard Smith,3,,,In county,
,,Jane Smith,,1,,In county,
Pothole Hill,u,,,,,,
Pothole Hill,1,Robert Bone,35,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Bone,,35,,In county,
,,William Bone,15,,,In county,
,,Alexander Bone,15,,,In county,
,,Robt. Bone,13,,,In county,

Book 9 Folio 19 Page 4

,,Russell Bone,6,,,In county,
,,Louisa Bone,,9,,In county,
,,Josiah Bone,4,,,In county,
,,Margaret Bone,,2,,In county,
Sticker,1,Henry Stone,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Stone,,25,,In county,
Sticker,1,Hugh Rowe,65,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Florence Rowe,,65,,In county,
,,William Rowe,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,William Moffitt,50,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Hancock,,40,Independent,In county,
Sticker,1,Mary Vivian,,55,Independent,In county,
,,Richard Hooper,55,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Richard Hooper,15,,Carpenters Apprentice,In county,
,,William Bone,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Isabella Bone,,20,,In county,
,,William Bone,1,,,In county,
Sticker,1,John Mellow,40,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Mellow,,35,,Not in county,
,,Phillipa Mellow,,13,,Not in county,
,,Ann Mellow,,11,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Mellow,,9,,Not in county,
,,Mary Mellow,,7,,Not in county,
,,Caroline Mellow,,5,,In county,
,,Charlotte Mellow,,1,,In county,

Book 9 Folio 19 Page 5

Sticker,1,Mark Knowels,40,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Knowels,,30,,In county,
,,Charles Knowels,4,,,In county,
Sticker,1,William Rundell,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rundell,,20,,In county,
,,Amelia Rundell,,6m,,In county,
Sticker,1,Walter Paul,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Martha Paul,,30,,In county,
,,Jane Paul,,5,,In county,
,,Walter Paul,4,,,In county,
,,Edward Paul,2,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Paul,,1,,In county,
,,Kitty Hicks,,25,Independent,In county,
Sticker,1,Ann Johns,,70,Independent,In county,
Sticker,1,Ann Ham,,40,Independent,In county,
,,William Ham,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,James Ham,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,John Ham,14,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ham,,11,,In county,
Sticker,1,Richard Trevenna,45,,Schoolmaster,In county,
,,Elizabeth Trevenna,,50,,In county,
Sticker,1,Sarah Mitchell,,40,Draper,In county,
,,Caroline Mitchell,,15,,In county,
,,Francis Mitchell,12,,,In county,
,,Peter Mitchell,9,,,In county,

Book 9 Folio 20 Page 6

Sticker,1,Robert Harris,45,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Harris,,45,,In county,
,,William Harris,20,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,John Harris,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Harris,,13,,In county,
,,Louisa Harris,,10,,In county,
,,Harsenath Harris,,6,,In county,
,,Henry Harris,4,,,In county,
,,Mary Harris,,6m,,In county,
Sticker,1,William Clark,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Clark,,20,,In county,
,,Jane Clark,,1,,In county,
Sticker,1,William Bawden,55,,Inn Keeper,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bawden,,50,,In county,
,,Louisa Bawden,,20,,In county,
,,Eliza Bawden,,20,,In county,
,,Caroline Bawden,,15,,In county,
,,John Bawden,15,,Carpenters Apprentice,In county,
,,Mary Bawden,,12,,In county,
,,William Bawden,10,,,In county,
,,Samuel Bawden,7,,,In county,
,,James Goldsworth,15,,Shoemaker Journeyman,In county,
,,Jane Goldsworth,,15,,In county,
,,Harriet Evans,,4,,In county,
Sticker,1,James Drew,45,,Tailor,In county,

Book 9 Folio 20 Page 7

,,Mary Drew,,45,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Minard,,20,Independent,In county,
,,Henry Minard,6,,,In county,
,,Malicah Minard,3,,,In county,
,,William Clemo,15,,Tailors Apprentice,In county,
Sticker,1,John Clark,50,,Engineer,In county,
,,Mary Curbett,,45,Female Servant,In county,
Sticker,1,John Luke,45,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Luke,,40,,In county,
,,William Luke,14,,,In county,
,,Jane Luke,,12,,In county,
,,John Luke,10,,,In county,
,,Mary Luke,,8,,In county,
,,Simon Luke,6,,,In county,
Sticker,1,Joseph Whitehair,45,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Mary Whitehair,,45,,In county,
,,William Whitehair,20,,Blacksmith Journeyman,In county,
,,Isabella Whitehair,,15,,In county,
,,Joseph Whitehair,15,,,In county,
,,Thomas Whitehair,14,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Whitehair,,12,,In county,
,,Dina Whitehair,,6,,In county,
,,Walter Whitehair,1,,,In county,
,,Sticker,1,Samuel Allen,20,,Shoemaker Journeyman,In county,
,,Charlotte Dyer,,20,,In county,

Book 9 Folio 21 Page 8

,,Henry ,2,,,In county,
,,Maria,,10m,,In county,
Sticker,1,Thomas Hammer,55,,Tin Miner,In county,
Sticker,1,Abigal Hamer,,45,,Ireland,
Sticker,1,Samuel Allen,20,,Shoemaker Journeyman,In county,
Sticker,1,Jane Hamer,,20,,In county,
,,Thomas Hamer,15,,,In county,
,,Hannah Hamer,,15,,In county,
,,Thomas Hamer,55,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Abigail Hamer,,45,,Ireland,
,,Jane Hamer,,20,,In county,
,,Thomas Hamer,15,,,In county,
,,Hannah Hamer,,15,,In county,
,,Sampson Hamer,11,,,In county,
,,John Hamer,8,,,In county,
,,William Hamer,6,,,In county,
,,Catherine Hamer,,3,,In county,
Sticker,1,John Nance,45,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Susan Nance,,40,,In county,
,,William Nance,15,,,In county,
,,Mary Nance,,11,,In county,
,,John Nance,10,,,In county,
,,Thomas Nance,8,,,In county,
,,Joseph Nance,5,,,In county,
,,Mary Bonds,,55,Independent,In county,
Sticker,1,Joseph Honey,35,,Stone Cutter,In county,
,,Margery Honey,,25,,In county,
,,Francis Honey,8,,,In county,
,,John Honey,6,,,In county,
,,Maria Honey,,3,,In county,
,,Margaret Honey,,5m,,In county,

Book 9 Folio 21 Page 9

,,Edward Carlyon,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Rowe,,14,,In county,
Sticker,1,William Stone,35,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Joan Stone,,35,,In county,
,,Catherine Stone,,15,,In county,
,,William Stone,13,,,In county,
,,Thomas Stone,11,,,In county,
,,Martha Stone,,9,,In county,
,,Henry Stone,6,,,In county,
,,Esther Stone,,3,,In county,
,,Samuel Stone,2m,,,In county,
Sticker,1,Mary Trevenna,,30,Independent,In county,
,,Nicholas Trevenna,40,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Jane Trevenna,,8,,In county,
,,Matilda Vivian,,35,Independent,In county,
Sticker,1,Stephen Trevenna,35,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Trevenna,,35,,In county,
,,Mary Trevenna,,4,,In county,
,,Stephen Trevenna,3,,,In county,
,,William Johns,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
Sticker,1,Joseph Turner,45,,Farmer,In county,
,,Grace Turner,,40,,In county,
,,Biddy Turner,,20,,In county,
,,Anthony Turner,15,,,In county,
,,Joseph Turner,15,,,In county,

Book 9 Folio 22 Page 10

,,William Turner,7,,,In county,
,,James Turner,4,,,In county,
Retduning,1,John Blight,25,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Ann Blight,,25,,In county,
,,Henry Blight,1,,,In county,
Retduning,1,John Clark,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Eliza Clark,,20,,In county,
,,William Clark,1,,,In county,
Sticker,1,Richard Allen,60,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Allen,,50,,In county,
,,James Allen,30,,Farmer,In county,
,,John Allen,15,,Carpenters Apprentice,In county,
,,Grace Rowse,,10,Female Servant,In county,
,,John Youlton,20,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Emma Nance,,14,Female Servant,In county,
,,Thomas Spargo,20,,Mill Wright,In county,
,,John West,15,,,In county,
Sticker,1,John Muffat,50,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Ann Muffat,,40,,In county,
,,John Muffat,14,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Joseph Muffat,12,,,In county,
,,Mary Muffat,,8,,In county,
,,William Muffat,10,,,In county,
,,Eliza Muffat,,6,,In county,
,,Thomas Muffat,4,,,In county,

Book 9 Folio 22 Page 11

,,Caroline Muffat,,1,,In county,
Sticker,1,James Clemance,40,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Jane Clemance,,40,,In county,
,,Jane Clemance,,14,,In county,
,,Eliza Clemance,,10,,In county,
,,William Clemance,4,,,In county,
,,Mary Kitto,,2,,In county,
Sticker,1,John Green,50,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Jenifer Green,,45,,In county,
Sticker,1,Epheram Blight,45,,Farmer,In county,
,,Eliza Blight,,35,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Blight,,20,,In county,
,,Epheram Blight,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,William Blight,20,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Thomas Blight,15,,,In county,
,,James Blight,13,,,In county,
,,Samuel Blight,9,,,In county,
,,Amos Blight,8,,,In county,
,,Simon Blight,5,,,In county,
,,Lydia Blight,,2,,In county,
,,Jenifer Yelland,,70,Independent,In county,
,,Hannah Hugo,,20,Female Servant,In county,
,,Jane Uren,,40,Independent,In county,
Sticker,1,Samuel Rundell,35,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Rundell,,30,,In county,

Book 9 Folio 23 Page 12

,,Samuel Rundell,11,,,In county,
,,Louisa Rundell,,9,,In county,
,,William Rundell,6,,,In county,
,,Mary Rundell,,4,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rundell,,2,,In county,
,,Jane Rundell,,5m,,In county,
Sticker,1,Joseph Trevenna,35,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Mary Trevenna,,45,,In county,
,,Thomas Trevenna,13,,,In county,
,,Joseph Trevenna,12,,,In county,
,,Mary Trevenna,,10,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Trevenna,,6,,In county,
,,Abas Luke,,20,,In county,
,,Mark Luke,15,,,In county,
,,Jane Luke,,12,,In county,
Sticker,1,Elizabeth Trudjan,,35,Independent,In county,
,,Charlotte Trudjan,,12,,In county,
,,William Trudjan,9,,,In county,
,,Alfred Trudjan,5,,,In county,
,,Selena Trudjan,,2,,In county,
,,Henry Clark,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Nancy Clark,,20,,In county,
,,Mary Taylor,,10,,In county,
,,John Taylor,10m,,,In county,
Sticker,1,Samuel Dyer,25,,Tin Miner,In county,

Book 9 Folio 23 Page 13

,,Abigail Dyer,,20,,In county,
Sticker,1,William Clark,40,,Engine Man,In county,
,,Alice Clark,,30,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Clark,,8,,In county,
,,Henry Clark,6,,,In county,
Sticker,1,Samuel Giles,55,,Shoemaker Journeyman,In county,
,,Elizabeth Giles,,45,,In county,
,,Caroline Giles,,4,,In county,
,,William Dyer,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Joseph Dyer,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
Sticker,1,Nancey Job,,75,Independent,In county,
Sticker,1,William Cook,65,,Independent,In county,
,,Mary Cook,,65,,In county,
Sticker,1,Robert Jose,64,,Grocer & Taylor,In county,
,,Charity Jose,,70,,In county,
Sticker,1,Mary Simmons,,25,Independent,In county,
,,Mary Simmons,,7,,In county,
,,Lydia Simmons,,5,,In county,
,,Stephen Simmons,3,,,In county,
Sticker,1,William Trenouth,40,,Miller,In county,
,,Mary Trenouth,,45,,In county,
,,Mary Trenouth,,11,,In county,
Trelowth,1,Thomas Vian,60,,Farmer,In county,
,,Ann Vian,,60,,In county,
,,Mary Clark,,30,Independent,In county,

Book 9 Folio 24 Page 14

,,Thomas Clark,6,,,In county,
Trelowth,1,Edmund Jane,50,,Farmer,In county,
,,Ann Jane,,50,,In county,
,,Thomas Jane,20,,Shoemaker Journeyman,In county,
,,Selena Jane,,14,,In county,
,,Joseph Jane,9,,,In county,
,,David Jane,6,,,In county,
,,Elias Jane,4,,,In county,
,,Thomas Hooper,14,,,In county,
Trelowth,1,Mary Olver,,85,Independent,In county,
,,Fanny Whitehair,,40,Independent,In county,
,,Fanny Whitehair,,11,,In county,
,,Thomas Whitehair,6,,,In county,
,,John Whitehair,4,,,In county,
,,Mary Brokenshire,,50,Independent,In county,
,,Fanny Brokenshire,,12,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Brokenshire,,8,,In county,
Trelowth,1,Matthew Vian,45,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Vian,,40,,In county,
,,William Vian,15,,,In county,
,,Thomas Vian,11,,,In county,
,,Mary Vian,,9,,In county,
,,Matthew Vian,4,,,In county,
St Mewan Inn,1,William Andrew,40,,Farmer,In county,
,,James Andrew,55,,Farmer,In county,

Book 9 Folio 24 Page 15

,,Mary Truscott,,50,Female Servant,In county,
,,Martha Vian,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Coyle,1,Joan Cock,,75,Independent,In county,
Pentassow,1,Matthew Robins,50,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Jane Robins,,45,,In county,
,,George Robins,12,,,In county,
Trewarvis,1,Nicholas Tremolery,55,,Ag Lab,In county,Surname uncertain
,,Jane Tremolery,,50,,In county,
,,Jane Tremolery,,15,,In county,
,,Walter Tremolery,12,,,In county,
Nanphysick,1,Peter Jenkin,55,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Jenkin,,45,,In county,
,,Betsy Jenkin,,15,,In county,
,,Peter Jenkin,15,,,In county,
,,Phillippa Jenkin,,15,,In county,
,,Ann Jenkin,,12,,In county,
,,Louisa Jenkin,,7,,In county,
,,Susanna Jenkin,,6,,In county,
,,Fanny Jenkin,,3,,In county,
,,Thomas Martin,14,,Male Servant,In county,

Enumeration District 15

Civil Parish of St. Mewan

Book 9 Folio 29 Page 1

Carne,1,George Andrew,40,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Ann Andrew,,41,,In county,
,,Harriet Andrew,,14,,In county,
,,Caroline Andrew,,13,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Andrew,,11,,In county,
,,Emily Andrew,,5,,In county,
,,Mary Wotton,,25,Governess,In county,
,,Sophia Rickard,,21,Female Servant,In county,
,,Mary Bonney,,28,Female Servant,In county,
,,John Thomson,21,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,James Williams,16,,Ag Lab,In county,
Carne Hill,1,Robert Tabb,47,,Clay Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Tabb,,44,,In county,
,,Robert Tabb,23,,Clay Mine Labourer,In county,
,,James Tabb,17,,Clay Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Stephen Tabb,15,,Clay Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Thomas Tabb,10,,,In county,
,,Mary Tabb,,13,,In county,
,,Phillipa Tabb,,8,,In county,
Carne Shut,1,Thomas Dingle,40,,Waggoner,In county,
,,Prudence Dingle,,30,,In county,
,,Mary Dingle,,6,,In county,
,,Thomas Dingle,4,,,In county,
,,William Dingle,1,,,In county,

Book 9 Folio 30 Page 2

Carne Shut,1,John Snell,37,,Clay Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Snell,,32,,In county,
,,Louisa Snell,,10,,In county,
,,Samuel Snell,7,,,In county,
,,John Snell,4,,,In county,
Poor House,1,Henry Martyn,84,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Alice Martyn,,54,,In county,
,,Alice Martyn,,18,,In county,
,,Emma Martyn,,15,,In county,
Poor House,1,Benjamin Andrew,68,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Grace Andrew,,64,,In county,
,,Jane Andrew,,4,,In county,
Poor House,u,,,,,,
Poor House,1,Elizabeth Mann,,62,,In county,
Poor House,1,John Tabb,79,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Ann Tabb,,70,,In county,
,,Jane Tabb,,12,,In county,
Poor House,1,Mary Keane,,57,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Keane,,19,,In county,
,,Maria Keane,,17,,In county,
Butts,1,Edmund Clemas,57,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Clemas,,25,,In county,
,,Lovedy Clemas,,18,,In county,
,,Edmund Clemas,14,,,In county,
,,William Crews,20,,Ag Lab,In county,

Book 9 Folio 30 Page 3

Trewoon Butts,1,John Snell,35,,Clay Miner,In county,
,,Rebecca Snell,,25,,In county,
,,Rebecca Snell,,5,,In county,
,,Catherine Snell,,4,,In county,
,,Philippa Snell,,2,,In county,
,,Philippa Varcoe,,65,,In county,
,,Carlenda Varcoe,,15,,In county,
Trewoon Butts,1,Thomas Rickard,61,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,William Rickard,15,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Rickard,,49,,In county,
,,Jane Rickard,,14,,In county,
,,Caroline Rickard,,5,,In county,
Trewoon Butts,1,Thomas Brooks,48,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Ann Brooks,,47,,In county,
,,John Brooks,22,,Tin Miner,In county,
Trewoon Butts,1,John Phillips,26,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Louisa Phillips,,26,,In county,
,,David Phillips,5,,,In county,
,,Harriet Phillips,,2,,In county,
,,Mary Phillips,,3,,In county,
,,Catherine Phillips,,1,,In county,
,,Harriet Penhale,,18,,In county,
Trewoon Butts,1,Ann Rundle,,63,Independent,In county,
,,Charles Cock,44,,Ag Lab,In county,

Book 9 Folio 31 Page 4

Trewoon Butts,1,John Rowe,37,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Rowe,,35,,In county,
,,Susanna Rowe,,9,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Rowe,,7,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rowe,,6,,In county,
,,Ellen Rowe,,5,,In county,
,,William Rowe,2,,,In county,
,,Eliza Rowe,,1,,In county,
Trewoon Butts,1,Benjamin Trethewy,40,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Trethewy,,33,,In county,
,,John Trethewy,10,,,In county,
,,Mary Trethewy,,7,,In county,
,,William Trethewy,3,,,In county,
,,Jane Trethewy,,8m,,In county,
,,Richard Thomas,78,,Tin Miner,In county,
Trewoon Butts,1,Samuel Stone,26,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Jane Stone,,26,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Stone,,6,,In county,
,,John Stone,1,,,In county,
Trewoon Butts,1,Richard Hooper,58,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Francis Hooper,20,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Catherine Hooper,,15,,In county,
Butts,1,John Ford,38,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ford,,36,,In county,
,,Hannah Ford,,12,,In county,

Book 9 Folio 31 Page 5

,,John Ford,11,,,In county,
,,Mary Ford,,9,,In county,
,,George Ford,6,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ford,,2,,In county,
Butts,1,William Smyth,29,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Alice Smyth,,30,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Smyth,,7,,In county,
,,William Smyth,5,,,In county,
,,George Smyth,3,,,In county,
Butts,1,John Lawry,27,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Ann Lawry,,29,,In county,
,,James Lawry,2,,,In county,
,,Mary Lawry,,1,,In county,
Butts,1,Henry Penhall,49,,Mason,In county,
,,Joanna Penhall,,56,,In county,
Butts,1,Robert Yelland,30,,Clay Miner's Agent,In county,
,,Mary Yelland,,30,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Yelland,,6,,In county,
,,Fanny Yelland,,4,,In county,
,,Caroline Yelland,,2,,In county,
,,Ann Yelland,,1m,,In county,
Butts,1,William Rundle,31,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Margaret Rundle,,22,,In county,
,,Edward Rundle,5m,,,In county,

Book 9 Folio 32 Page 6

Butts,1,Thomas Inch,34,,Clay Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Inch,,43,,In county,
Butts,1,John Vercoe,30,,Cooper,In county,
,,Fanny Vercoe,,25,,In county,
,,Anna Vercoe,,2,,In county,
Butts,1,James Cock,25,,Cooper,In county,
,,Mary Ann Cock,,25,,In county,
,,Ann Cock,,5m,,In county,
Butts,1,John Gaved,45,,Cooper,In county,
,,Jane Gaved,,45,,In county,
,,John Gaved,20,,,In county,
,,Mary Gaved,,15,,In county,
,,Jane Gaved,,15,,In county,
,,Samuel Gaved,13,,,In county,
,,Elizth. Gaved,,10,,In county,
,,Thomas Gaved,7,,,In county,
,,Susan Gaved,,4,,In county,
,,Jane Edwards,,25,,Not in county,
,,Ann Peek,,25,,Not in county,
Butts,1,Fanny Cock,,60,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Cock,,20,,In county,
,,Louisa Cock,,18,Dressmaker,In county,
,,Ann Cock,,15,,In county,
,,Peter Vivian,33,,Tailor,In county,
,,Peter Vivian,3,,,In county,

Book 9 Folio 32 Page 7

Butts,1,John Lawry,56,,Clay Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Catherine Lawry,,54,,In county,
,,Jane Lawry,,21,,In county,
,,Thomas Lawry,19,,,In county,
,,Maria Lawry,,12,,In county,
,,Lydia Hancock,,29,,In county,
Butts,1,William White,30,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth White,,35,,In county,
,,Ellen White,,5,,In county,
,,William White,3,,,In county,
,,Louis White,3m,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Harris,,15,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Harris,,15,,In county,
,,Mary Mitchell,,8,,In county,
Butts,1,Joseph Columb,46,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Ann Columb,,44,,In county,
,,John Columb,20,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Hannah Columb,,17,,In county,
Butts,1,Richard Hooper,33,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hooper,,33,,In county,
,,Catherine Hooper,,8,,In county,
,,Henry Hooper,7,,,In county,
,,Samuel Hooper,5,,,In county,
,,Richard Hooper,3,,,In county,
,,Philippa Hooper,,2,,In county,

Book 9 Folio 33 Page 8

Butts,1,John Rundle,26,,Clay Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rundle,,23,,In county,
,,Thomas Rundle,2,,,In county,
Butts,1,Clarinda Williams,,55,Independent,In county,
Butts,1,William Bray,57,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Jane Bray,,56,,In county,
,,William Bray,22,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Esther Bray,,13,,In county,
,,Thomas Hucker,4,,,In county,
Butts,1,Ann Vercoe,,50,Independent,In county,
Butts,1,Jonathon Williams,58,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Williams,,54,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,22,,In county,
,,Jane Williams,,14,,In county,
Butts,1,Thomas Job,31,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Elizabeth Job,,29,,In county,
,,Ellen Job,,7,,In county,
,,George Job,2,,,In county,
,,Thomas Job,1m,,,In county,
,,William Weary,16,,Apprentice,In county,
Butts,1,Elizabeth Gill,,54,Independent,In county,
,,Nicholas Gill,26,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Caroline Gill,,21,,In county,
Butts,1,William Crossman,43,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Maria Crossman,,37,,In county,

Book 9 Folio 33 Page 9

,,James Crossman,15,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,William Crossman,13,,,In county,
,,Mary Crossman,,8,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Crossman,,6,,In county,
,,Maria Crossman,,7m,,In county,
Trewoon,1,Samuel Bennetts,68,,Mine Agent,In county,
,,James Bennetts,27,,Spirit Merchant,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ford,,24,Female Servant,In county,
Trewoon,1,Peter Keam,44,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Keam,,15,,In county,
,,Caroline Keam,,13,,In county,
,,Amelia Keam,,11,,In county,
,,Thomas Keam,9,,,In county,
,,Anna Keam,,5,,In county,
,,Ellen Keam,,3,,In county,
,,Peter Keam,1,,,In county,
,,Caroline Rowse,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Trewoon,1,John Hancock,22,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Ann Hancock,,23,,In county,
,,Mary Hancock,,1,,In county,
Trewoon,1,Hugh Job,36,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Frances Job,,27,,In county,
,,John Job,4,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Job,,23,,In county,
,,Caroline Penhall,,21,,In county,

Book 9 Folio 34 Page 10

Trewoon,1,John Job,68,,Farmer,In county,
,,Ann Job,,66,,In county,
,,David Job,28,,,In county,
,,Edwin Job,12,,,In county,
Trewoon,1,George Smith,55,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Mary Smith,,49,,In county,
,,George Smith,24,,Shoemaker,In county,
,,John Smith,20,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Mary Ann Smith,,16,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Smith,,15,,In county,
,,Samuel Smith,9,,,In county,
,,Phillip Smith,7,,,In county,
,,William Barn,36,,Shoemaker,In county,
,,William Polglase,25,,Shoemaker,In county,
Trewoon Vean,1,William Phillips,31,,Cooper,In county,
,,Maria Phillips,,22,,In county,
,,Caroline Phillips,,3,,In county,
,,Ellen Phillips,,1,,In county,
Trewoon Vean,1,James Crossman,41,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Grace Crossman,,41,,In county,
,,William Crossman,16,,Clay Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Crossman,,14,,In county,
,,John Crossman,12,,,In county,
,,James Crossman,9,,,In county,
,,Sabina Crossman,,5,,In county,

Book 9 Folio 34 Page 11

,,Ann Crossman,,3,,In county,
Trewoon Vean,1,William Roberts,60,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Roberts,,50,,In county,
Sparnon,1,Thomas Clemow,55,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Catherine Clemow,,44,,In county,
,,William Clemow,22,,Waggoner,In county,
,,Maria Clemow,,19,,In county,
,,Catherine Clemow,,17,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Clemow,,15,,In county,
,,Anna Clemow,,13,,In county,
,,Arthur Clemow,11,,,In county,
,,Mary Clemow,,5,,In county,
,,Thomas Clemow,3,,,In county,
Sparnon,1,James Keam,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Lovedy Keam,,29,,In county,
,,Caroline Keam,,3,,In county,
Sparnon,1,John Miners,37,,Clay Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Miners,,37,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Miners,,8,,In county,
,,Catherine Miners,,6,,In county,
,,John Miners,3,,,In county,
Sparnon,1,Jane Daniel,,62,,In county,
,,Jane Daniel,,38,,In county,
,,Walter Daniel,34,,Miner,In county,
,,John Daniel,28,,Miner,In county,

Book 9 Folio 35 Page 12

Sparnon Hill,1,William Cundy,36,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Cundy,,34,,In county,
,,Mary Cundy,,13,,In county,
,,Ellen Cundy,,9,,In county,
,,Dianna Cundy,,8,,In county,
,,John Cundy,5,,,In county,
,,James Cundy,3,,,In county,
,,Matilda Cundy,,4m,,In county,
Sparnon,1,Richard Cradick,28,,Clay Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Susanna Cradick,,26,,In county,
,,Alice Cradick,,5,,In county,
,,Thomas Cradick,2,,,In county,
Trevainon,1,William Hoskin,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Hoskin,,25,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Hoskin,,8,,In county,
,,Sydney Hoskin,4,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hoskin,,1,,In county,
Trevainon,1,William Truscott,39,,Tin Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Jane Truscott,,39,,In county,
,,William Truscott,14,,,In county,
,,Richard Truscott,12,,,In county,
,,George Truscott,10,,,In county,
,,Frederick Truscott,8,,,In county,
,,Sydney Truscott,5,,,In county,
,,Charlotte Truscott,,3,,In county,

Book 9 Folio 35 Page 13

Trevainon,1,James Hawke,39,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hawke,,36,,In county,
,,Henry Hawke,9,,,In county,
,,Christianna Hawke,,7,,In county,
,,William George,5,,,In county,
Trevainon,1,Richard Bray,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Jenefer Bray,25,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Richard Bray,13,,,In county,
,,John Bray,10,,,In county,
,,Thomas Bray,7,,,In county,
,,Thomas Bone,25,,Miner,In county,
Trevainon,1,William Werry,48,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Jane Werry,,47,,In county,
,,Jane Werry,,13,,In county,
,,Joseph Werry,16,,,In county,
Trevainon,1,Digory Roberts,28,,Yeoman,In county,
,,Jane Roberts,,28,,In county,
,,Digory Roberts,2,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Miners,,40,Female Servant,In county,
,,Christianna Bray,,13,Female Servant,In county,
,,Henry Hawke,10,,,In county,
Penisker,1,George Brown,57,,Yeoman,In county,
,,Elizabeth Brown,,55,,In county,
,,Grace Brown,,30,,In county,
,,Joseph Dingle,6,,,In county,

Book 9 Folio 36 Page 14

Penisker,1,John Crossman,36,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Crossman,,72,Independent,In county,
,,Maria Crossman,,29,,In county,
,,Eleanor Parnell,,27,,In county,
,,William Parnell,4,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hancock,,9,,In county,
,,John Roberts,22,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,James Pengelley,56,,Mariner,In county,
,,Eleanor Bartlett,,50,,In county,
,,Mary Tucker,,24,,In county,
Penisker,1,Charles Harper,47,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Sophia Harper,,44,,In county,
,,Charles Harper,22,,Clay Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Thomas Harper,20,,Clay Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Loveday Harper,,16,,In county,
,,Mary Harper,,14,,In county,
,,Samuel Harper,11,,,In county,
,,William Harper,8,,,In county,
,,Eliza Harper,,5,,In county,
Gunnamarth,1,John Stethridge,60,,Farmer,In county,
,,John Stethridge,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Richard Stethridge,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Gennefer Stethridge,,17,,In county,
,,Sarah Stethridge,,15,,In county,
,,William Commins,50,,Miner,In county,
Huloigan,1,William Parkyn,54,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Parkyn,,48,,In county,
,,Thomas Parkyn,20,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Fanny Parkyn,,19,,In county,
,,Jabez Parkyn,13,,,In county,

Book 9 Folio 36 Page 15

Huloigan,1,John Ellis,41,,Clay Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Frances Ellis,,41,,In county,
,,John Ellis,20,,Clay Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Edwin Ellis,18,,Clay Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Ann Ellis,,14,,In county,
,,Ephraim Ellis,10,,,In county,
,,Frances Ellis,,7,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ellis,,4,,In county,
,,Jonathon Johns,76,,Independent,In county,
Burngulla Common,1,John Varcoe,30,,Clay Mine Agent,In county,
,,Elizabeth Varcoe,,40,,In county,
,,Macklin Varcoe,10,,,In county,
Burngulla Common,1,Peter Roberts,61,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Ann Roberts,,50,,In county,
,,Amelia Roberts,,17,,In county,
Burngulla Common,1,Samuel Whitford,26,,Clay Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Jane Whitford,,27,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Whitford,,2,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Whitford,,2w,,In county,

Book 9 Folio 37 Page 16

Burngulla Common,1,William Harper,55,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Honor Harper,,55,,In county,
,,William Harper,15,,,In county,
,,Jane Truscott,,20,,In county,
Burngulla Common,u,,,,,,
Burngulla Common,1,Mary Harris,,53,Independent,In county,
,,Mary Ann Harris,,16,,In county,
,,Catherine Harris,,13,,In county,
Burngulla Common,u,,,,,,

Enumeration District 8

Civil Parish of St. Michael Caerhays

Book 10 Folio 3 Page 1

Parsonage House,1,Charles Kempe,60,,Minister,In county,
,,Elizabeth Kempe,,55,,In county,
,,John Symons,20,,Male Servant,In county,
,,William Minors,20,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Mary Dingle,,25,Female Servant,In county,
,,Maria James,,20,Female Servant,In county,
,,Ann Yeo,,20,Female Servant,In county,
,,Frances Davis,,20,Female Servant,In county,
Parsonage House,1,Edward Kempe,35,,Clerk,In county,
,,Augusta Kempe,,30,,Not in county,
,,John Pearce,20,,Male Servant,In county,
Church Town,1,John Whetter,35,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Whetter,,35,,In county,
,,Mary Whetter,,8,,In county,
,,John Whetter,6,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Whetter,,4,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Jenkin,,80,,In county,
Church Town,1,John Grigg,45,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Margaret Grigg,,40,,In county,
,,Johanna Grigg,,19,,In county,
,,John Grigg,17,,Carpenter,In county,
,,William Grigg,14,,,In county,
,,Jane Grigg,,10,,In county,
,,Martha Grigg,,7,,In county,
,,Edmund Grigg,5,,,In county,

Book 10 Folio 4 Page 2

,,Eliza Grigg,,2,,In county,
Church Town,u,,,,,,
Church Town,u,,,,,,
Tolcarne Mill,1,John Maunder,18,,Miller,In county,
,,Samuel Cook,60,,Miller,In county,
,,Fanny Hicks,,23,Female Servant,In county,
,,Agnes Hicks,,20,Female Servant,In county,
Treberrick,1,Peter Slade,30,,Farmer,In county,
,,Jenifer Slade,,55,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Slade,,30,Independent,In county,
,,Jane Slade,,25,Independent,In county,
,,Olivia Slade,,25,Independent,In county,
,,Christianna Slade,,20,Independent,In county,
,,George Davis,20,,Independent,Not in county,
,,John James,25,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Henry Johns,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Elizabeth Truscott,,25,Female Servant,In county,
Polgrain,1,Walter Pound,65,,Farmer,In county,
,,Jane Pound,,60,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Pound,,29,,In county,
,,Walter Pound,18,,,In county,
,,Maria Pound,,15,,In county,
,,Walter Vercoe,15,,,In county,
,,Mary Gay,,5,,In county,
,,Samuel James,17,,Male Servant,In county,
Polgrain,1,William Symons,25,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Symons,,25,,In county,

Book 10 Folio 4 Page 3

Polgrain,1,John Parnall,60,,Independent,In county,
,,Esther Parnall,,50,,In county,
,,Esther Lawry,,25,,In county,
,,Catharine Lawry,,6,,In county,
,,Rebecca Lawry,,3,,In county,
,,John Lawry,8m,,,In county,
Polgrain,1,Henry Sleep,36,,Smith,In county,
,,Susanna Sleep,,30,,Foreign Parts,
,,Melvina Sleep,,8,,In county,
,,William Sleep,4,,,In county,
,,Lucinda Sleep,,2,,In county,
,,Samuel Sleep,24,,Smith,In county,
,,William Perryman,18,,Smith,In county,
,,Themson Davis,,18,Female Servant,In county,
Port Holland,1,William Banfield,40,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Elenor Banfield,,40,,In county,
,,James Banfield,11,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Banfield,,8,,In county,
,,Nicholas Banfield,5,,,In county,
,,John Banfield,2,,,In county,
Port Holland,1,Nicholas Barrett,75,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Susan Barrett,,65,,In county,
Port Holland,1,John Miners,45,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Miners,,55,,In county,
,,Maria Miners,,15,,In county,

Book 10 Folio 5 Page 4

Port Holland,1,Prudence Cock,,49,Female Servant,In county,
,,Elizabeth Davis,,13,,In county,
Port Holland,1,Richard Gay,35,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Grace Gay,,30,,In county,
,,Samuel Gay,8,,,In county,
,,Mathew Gay,6,,,In county,
,,Richard Gay,4,,,In county,
,,Maria Gay,,2,,In county,
Port Holland,1,William Jnr Lean,24,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Lean,,25,,In county,
Port Holland,1,John Mellen,53,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Mellen,,44,,In county,
,,John Mellen,21,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Mellen,,14,,In county,
,,Jane Mellen,,11,,In county,
,,Nancy Mellen,,10,,In county,
,,Mary Barbery,,32,Female Servant,In county,
Port Holland,1,Henry Dunn,45,,Lime Burner,In county,
,,Mary Dunn,,55,,In county,
,,Henry Dunn,20,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Richard Dunn,17,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
Port Holland,1,Edward Paddy,25,,Shoe Maker,In county,
,,Elizabeth Paddy,,60,,In county,
Port Holland,1,William Nicholls,73,,Publican,In county,
,,Elizabeth Nicholls,,61,,In county,

Book 10 Folio 5 Page 5

,,Patrick Flyne,40,,Navy,Ireland,
,,Jane Flyne,,25,,In county,
,,John Flyne,4,,,In county,
,,Margaret Flyne,,1,,In county,
Port Holland,1,Joseph Cowling,40,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Jane Cowling,,50,,In county,
,,Joseph Cowling,20,,,In county,
,,Henry Cowling,15,,,In county,
,,John Cowling,12,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Cowling,,8,,In county,
,,Elijah Cowling,6,,,In county,
Port Holland,1,William Clear,45,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Clear,,11,,In county,
,,Thomas Clear,13,,,In county,
,,William Clear,8,,,In county,
,,John Clear,5,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Clear,,2,,In county,
,,Zenobia Davis,,20,,In county,
Port Holland,u,,,,,,
Port Holland,u,,,,,,
Port Holland,1,William Golly,35,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Golly,,35,,In county,
,,John Golly,14,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Golly,,12,,In county,
,,Amelia Golly,,10,,In county,
,,William Golly,8,,,In county,
,,Richard Golly,6,,,In county,

Book 10 Folio 6 Page 6

,,Joseph Golly,3,,,In county,
,,N. K. Golly,,4m,,In county,
,,Honor Williams,,67,,In county,
Port Holland,1,William Lean,45,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Lean,,45,,In county,
,,John Lean,20,,,In county,
,,Susanna Lean,,16,,In county,
,,Richard Lean,14,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Lean,,12,,In county,
,,Margaret Lean,,8,,In county,
Port Holland,1,James Golly,26,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Golly,,21,,In county,
,,Mary Golly,,6m,,In county,
Port Holland,1,Joseph Trenouth,60,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Trenouth,,7,,Not in county,
Caerhays Castle,1,James Rowe,25,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Jane Rowe,,25,,In county,
,,Mary Rowe,,1,,In county,
Caerhays Lodge,1,William Davis,55,,Army Pensioner,In county,
,,Mary Davis,,45,,In county,
,,Ann Davis,,20,,In county,
,,Joseph Davis,14,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Davis,,12,,In county,
,,Fanny Davis,,10,,In county,
,,Stephen Davis,8,,,In county,

Book 10 Folio 6 Page 7

,,Elizabeth Davis,,6,,In county,
,,John Davis,4,,,In county,
,,Andrew Davis,2,,,In county,
,,N. K. Davis,2m,,,In county,
Cot,1,Ruth Moss,,40,Navy,Not in county,
,,Caroline Moss,,17,,Not in county,
,,Eliza Moss,,15,,Not in county,
,,Charles Moss,13,,,In county,
,,Harriet Moss,,11,,In county,
,,Maria Moss,,9,,In county,
,,John Moss,6,,,In county,
Caerhays Mills,1,Joseph Rouse,55,,Miller,In county,
,,Dorcas Rouse,,25,,In county,
,,William Rouse,22,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rouse,,11,,In county,
,,Michael Colmer,35,,Miller,In county,
,,John Yelland,20,,,In county,
,,William Vercoe,11,,,Scotland,
Hovel,1,William Dunn,48,,Lime Burner,In county,
,,Mary Dunn,,48,,In county,
,,Mary Dunn,,21,,In county,
,,Josiah Dunn,18,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Matilda Dunn,,16,,In county,
,,James Dunn,13,,,In county,
,,John Dunn,10,,,In county,

Book 10 Folio 7 Page 8

Hovel,1,Alexander Golly,45,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Jane Golly,,45,,In county,
,,Mary Golly,,18,,In county,
,,Jane Golly,,16,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Golly,,14,,In county,
,,Dorothy Golly,,11,,In county,
,,Richard Golly,9,,,In county,
Caerhays Barton,1,John Smith,35,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Smith,,35,,In county,
,,John Smith,15,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Smith,,14,,In county,
,,Mary Smith,,13,,In county,
,,George Robins,25,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Zacharias Symons,20,,Male Servant,In county,
,,John Miners,18,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Mary Mellin,,20,Female Servant,In county,
,,Margaret Husband,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Poor House,1,Elizabeth Best,,58,,In county,
,,Esther Best,,29,,In county,
,,James Best,28,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Best,,28,,In county,
,,Anna Best,,25,Female Servant,In county,
,,John Best,3,,,In county,
,,William Best,1,,,In county,
,,Grace Croker,,69,,In county,

Book 10 Folio 7 Page 9

,,Elizabeth Robins,,57,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Pearce,,56,,In county,
Poor House,1,Joseph Pearce,16,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Fanny Oliver,,49,,In county,
,,Maria Oliver,,13,,In county,
,,Amelia Oliver,,11,,In county,
,,John Oliver,8,,,In county,
,,Catherine Oliver,,6,,In county,

Enumeration District 12

Civil Parish of St. Sampson

Book 11 Folio 4 Page 1

Golant,1,Richard Jeffery,50,,Cordwainer,In county,
,,Mary Jeffery,,50,,In county,
,,Joseph Jeffery,20,,Mason,In county,
Penquite Lodge,1,Thomas Smith,40,,Mason,In county,
,,Elizabeth Smith,,45,,In county,
,,William Smith,20,,,In county,
,,Thomas Smith,15,,,In county,
,,Nathaniel Smith,14,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Smith,,11,,In county,
,,Samuel Smith,5,,,In county,
Leskernick,1,William Hambly,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Hambly,,35,,In county,
,,Catharine Hambly,,7,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hambly,,5,,In county,
,,William Hambly,3,,,In county,
,,John Hambly,5m,,,In county,
Wringford,1,Joseph Searle,35,,Farmer,In county,
,,Jane Searle,,25,,In county,
,,Joseph Searle,3,,,In county,
,,John Searle,2,,,In county,
,,William Searle,5m,,,In county,
,,Susan Burt,,20,F S,In county,
,,Richard Rowe,20,,M S,In county,
,,Isaac Skilling,15,,M S,In county,
,,James Burt,14,,M S,In county,

Book 11 Folio 5 Page 2

Lawhibbet,1,William Kirkin,35,,Farmer,In county,
,,John Kirkin,15,,,In county,
,,William Kirkin,15,,,In county,
,,Richard Kirkin,10,,,In county,
,,Samuel Kirkin,6,,,In county,
,,Henry Kirkin,2,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Kirkin,,30,,In county,
,,Patiance Kirkin,,12,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Kirkin,,8,,In county,
,,N K Kirkin,,5m,,In county,
Castle Door,1,William Sweet,55,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Catharine Sweet,,45,,In county,
,,William Sweet,25,,,In county,
,,John Sweet,20,,,In county,
,,Catharine Sweet,,15,,In county,
,,Philip Sweet,15,,Carpenter Ap,In county,
,,George Sweet,14,,,In county,
,,Mary Sweet,,10,,In county,
Trebuthevy,1,John Blonry,45,,Farmer,In county,
,,Jenifer Blonry,,45,,In county,
,,Jane Hawken,,15,F S,In county,
,,Elizabeth Siers,,50,F S,In county,
,,John Jasper,20,,M S,In county,
,,George Harvey,15,,M S,In county,
,,John Tucker,12,,M S,In county,

Book 11 Folio 5 Page 3

,,Grace Siers,,8,,In county,
Lantyan,1,William Penrose,60,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Penrose,,60,,In county,
,,Caroline Penrose,,20,,In county,
,,John Lob,20,,M S,In county,
,,Sarah Wellington,,20,F S,In county,
,,William Rundle,20,,M S,In county,
,,Isaac Marshall,15,,M S,In county,
,,John Magre,11,,M S,In county,
,,Henry Burt,15,,M S,In county,
Woodgate,1,Thomas Brown,45,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Brown,,13,,In county,
,,Jane Brown,,10,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Brown,,9,,In county,
,,Ann Netherton,,25,F S,In county,
,,John Stone,15,,M S,In county,
,,Joseph Tom,11,,M S,In county,
,,James Renolds,20,,M S,In county,
Penquite,1,John Hitchens,55,,Gardener,In county,
,,Ursula Hitchens,,45,,In county,
,,Jane Hitchens,,13,,In county,
,,Ursula Hitchens,,10,,In county,
,,John Hitchens,5,,,In county,
,,William Hitchens,3,,,In county,
,,Catherine Hitchens,,5m,,In county,

Book 11 Folio 6 Page 4

Penquite,1,John Trevenen,50,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Mills,,15,F S,In county,
,,Fanny Coliver,,25,F S,In county,
,,John Avery,20,,M S,In county,
,,Michal Broad,14,,M S,In county,
,,Nicholas Kinner,13,,M S,In county,
Green,1,Joseph Wenmouth,25,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Wenmouth,,25,,In county,
Green,1,Thomas Pearce,50,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elenor Pearce,,75,,In county,
Green,1,Mary Shorman,,65,Pauper,In county,
Bullhill,1,Thomas Mitchell,25,,Mason,In county,
,,Jane Mitchell,,25,,In county,
,,Ann Mitchell,,1,,In county,
Golant,1,John Butcher,30,,Ind,Not in county,
,,Elenor Butcher,,30,,Not in county,
,,Champneys Butcher,5,,,In county,
,,Ellen Butcher,,4,,In county,
,,Mary Clark,,20,F S,Not in county,
Tanney,1,Nicholas Blorvy,50,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Blorvy,,65,,In county,
,,Philip Blorvy,50,,Ship Wright,In county,
,,Nicholas Blorvy,20,,Carpenter,In county,
,,William Roskilley,20,,Carpenter Ap,In county,
Tanhay,1,Joseph Marshall,55,,Gardner,In county,

Book 11 Folio 6 Page 5

,,Ann Marshall,,55,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Tregilgas,,15,Fs,In county,
Tanhay,1,Richard Williams,45,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,45,,In county,
,,Mary Williams,,20,,In county,
,,John Williams,15,,,In county,
,,Thomas Williams,7,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,13,,In county,
Victoria Cottage,1,Ann Carne,,45,Widow Navy P (Crossed Out),In county,
,,Thomas Cory,50,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Mary Rowe,,20,Female Servant,In county,
Golant,1,Mary Cock,,45,,In county,
,,Sophia Cock,,20,,In county,
,,Selina Cock,,10,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ley,,50,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ley,,14,Lodger (Crossed Out),In county,
,,Susannah Truscott,,80,,In county,
Golant,1,William Broad,25,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Broad,,20,,In county,
,,Christianah Broad,,5m,,In county,
,,Mary Cock,,70,Female Servant,In county,
Golant,1,William Broad,35,,Lime Burner,In county,
,,Mary Broad,,40,,In county,
,,Margaret Broad,,5,,In county,
,,Rachael Broad,,2,,In county,

Book 11 Folio 7 Page 6

,,Ann Broad,,13,,In county,
Golant,1,John Mitchell,55,,Mason,In county,
,,Mary Mitchell,,50,,In county,
,,John Mitchell,2,,,In county,
,,James Wallis,15,,Mason Apprentice,In county,
,,Arthur Hatherly,12,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Jane Hambly,,14,Female Servant,In county,
Golant,1,John Austin,25,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Mary Austin,,25,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Austin,,3,,In county,
,,Josiah Austin,2,,,In county,
,,Ann Broad,,70,,In county,
Golant,1,Mary Wallis,,35,Widow (Crossed Out),In county,
Golant,1,William Tucker,50,,Woodman,In county,
,,Jane Tucker,,45,,In county,
,,Jane Tucker,,15,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Tucker,,12,,In county,
Golant,1,George Mutton,36,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Tamasin Mutton,,35,,In county,
,,Grace Mutton,,3,,In county,
,,Selina Mutton,,2,,In county,
,,Jane Mutton,,1,,In county,
,,N. K. Mutton,,5m,,In county,

Enumeration District 13

Civil Parish of St. Sampson

Book 11 Folio 12 Page 1

Castle Port,1,Elizabeth Sweet,,80,Widow (Crossed Out),In county,
The Wharfs,1,William Richards,50,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Betsey Richards,,45,,In county,
,,Mary Richards,,14,,In county,
,,Jane Richards,,8,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Richards,,5,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Richards,,20,,In county,
Leyonne,1,John Box,30,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Box,,25,,In county,
,,Mary Giddiy,15,,F S,In county,
,,Charles Williams,25,,M S,In county,
,,John Tippet,15,,M S,In county,
,,William Foxe,11,,M S,In county,
South Terfrey,1,Francis Oates,40,,Farmer,In county,
,,John Lee,20,,M S,In county,
,,Frances Gory,2,,M S (Crossed Out),In county,
,,Mary Waters,,20,F S,In county,
North Torfrey,1,George White,45,,Attorney-At-Law,Not in county,
,,Mary White,,35,,In county,
,,Richard Mitchell,55,,M S,In county,
,,Louisa Dadow,,26,F S,In county,
,,Elizabeth Netherton,,20,F S,In county,
,,Cathrine George,,20,F S,In county,
Village,1,Robert Netherton,75,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Netherton,,65,,Not in county,

Book 11 Folio 13 Page 2

,,Samuel Netherton,20,,Ag Lab,In county,
Village,1,Charles Blake,70,,P,In county,
,,Ann Blake,,45,,Not in county,
,,Charlse Blake,15,,Ag. Lab,Not in county,
Village,1,William Brabyn,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Brabyn,,30,,In county,
,,John Brabyn,7,,,In county,
,,William Brabyn,5,,,In county,
,,Rebeca Brabyn,,2,,In county,
,,Joseph Brabyn,5m,,,In county,
,,Thomas Mein,50,,Tailor,In county,
,,Charlse Langford,15,,Tailor Apr,In county,
Village,1,William Kinner,40,,Black Smith,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Kinner,,40,,In county,
,,William Kinner,15,,,In county,
,,John Kinner,9,,,In county,
,,Aurther Kinner,5,,,In county,
Village,1,William Mitchell,35,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Mitchell,,37,,In county,
,,Harriet Mitchell,,15,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Mitchell,,13,,In county,
,,John Mitchell,11,,,In county,
,,Richard Mitchell,8,,,In county,
,,Mary Mitchell,,6,,In county,
,,William Mitchell,3,,,In county,

Book 11 Folio 13 Page 3

,,Eaden Mitchell,,1,,In county,
Village,1,Samuel Cole,60,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Cole,,60,,In county,
,,Samuel Cole,20,,Coper Miner,In county,
,,Sophia Cole,,15,,In county,
Village,1,Thomas Tucker,35,,Coper Miner,In county,
,,Susanna Tucker,,35,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Tucker,,10,,In county,
,,Mary Tucker,,7,,In county,
,,Thomas Tucker,4,,,In county,
,,Catherine Tucker,,2,,In county,
Village,1,Stephen Sparnall,70,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Ann Sparnall,,55,,In county,
,,William Sparnall,30,,Shoemaker,In county,
,,Louisa Sparnall,,15,F S,In county,
Village,1,John Chappell,58,,Ag Lab,In county,
Village,1,Mary Broad,,50,,In county,
,,John Broad,25,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Thomas Broad,20,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Josiah Broad,18,,Shoemaker App,In county,
,,Elizabeth Broad,,10,,In county,
Village,1,John Broad,35,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Jane Broad,,40,,In county,
,,Susanna Broad,,13,,In county,
,,Jane Broad,,11,,In county,

Book 11 Folio 14 Page 4

,,John Broad,10,,,In county,
,,William Broad,4,,,In county,
Village,1,Mary Borlase,,70,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Borlase,,10,,In county,
Village,1,William Hill,65,,Arsng,In county,
,,Mary Hill,,55,,In county,
Village,1,John Hatherlay,60,,Ag Lab,Not in county,
,,Ann Hatherlay,,40,,In county,
,,Susanna Hatherlay,,14,,In county,
,,Ann Hatherlay,,9,,In county,
,,Maria Hatherlay,,6,,In county,
,,Jemimea Hatherlay,,1,,In county,
Village,1,Francis Mallet,70,,Farmer,In county,
,,Ben Gamain Kitto,55,,Mason,In county,
,,Elizabeth Kitto,,50,,In county,
,,Benjamain Kitto,15,,,In county,
,,Amelia Kitto,,10,,In county,
,,Samuel Tucker,10,,M S,In county,
,,Ann Rogers,,65,F S,In county,
Village,1,James Kitto,58,,Coper Miner,In county,
,,Mary Kitto,,57,,In county,
Village,1,William Blowey,40,,Farmer,In county,
,,Charlotte Blowey,,30,,Not in county,
,,William Blowey,18,,,In county,
,,Charles Blowey,14,,,In county,

Book 11 Folio 14 Page 5

,,John Blowey,12,,,In county,
,,Edwin Blowey,9,,,In county,
,,Fedrick Blowey,2,,,In county,
Village,1,Thomas White,50,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Ann White,,55,,In county,
,,Thomas White,20,,Carpenter Journeyman,In county,
,,Cherry White,,15,,In county,
Village,1,William Nettle,40,,Coper Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Nettle,,40,,Not in county,
,,Mary Nettle,,19,,Not in county,
,,William Nettle,15,,,In county,
,,Mathew Nettle,12,,,In county,
,,John Nettle,7,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Nettle,,4,,In county,
,,Selenia Nettle,,1,,In county,
Village,1,George Bovey,34,,Coper Miner,In county,
,,Martha Bovey,,33,,In county,
,,Francis Bovey,6,,,In county,
,,Ann Bovey,,4,,In county,
,,Charles Bovey,2,,,In county,
,,John Bovey,1,,,In county,
Village,1,Joseph Trays,40,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Trays,,35,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Trays,,8,,In county,
Village,1,William Jane,35,,Coper Miner,In county,

Book 11 Folio 15 Page 6

,,Ann Jane,,33,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Jane,,12,,In county,
,,Thomas Jane,10,,,In county,
,,William Jane,8,,,In county,
,,Emma Jane,,6,,In county,
,,Rachell Jane,,6m,,In county,
Village,1,Giles Trethey,50,,Mill Wright,In county,
,,Honor Trethey,,45,,In county,
,,Frances Trethey,,15,,In county,
,,Kezia Trethey,,10,,In county,
,,James Trethey,8,,,In county,
,,Miriam Trethey,,6,,In county,
,,Louisa Trethey,,5,,In county,
,,Charlse Trethey,3,,,In county,
Village,1,William Collings,35,,Ag Lab.,In county,
,,Jane Collings,,30,,In county,
Village,1,Philip Sings,25,,Ag Lab.,In county,
,,Jane Sings,,60,,In county,
,,Harriot Sings,,15,,In county,
Village,1,Samuel Buley,70,,Shoe Maker,Not in county,
,,Jane Buley,,70,,In county,
,,John Buley,28,,Coper Miner,In county,
Village,1,Nicholas Longmaid,44,,Fisherman,In county,
,,Betsey Longmaid,,28,,In county,
,,Joseph Longmaid,13,,,In county,

Book 11 Folio 15 Page 7

,,Elizabeth Longmaid,,11,,In county,
,,Dorcas Longmaid,,9,,In county,
,,Mary Longmaid,,6,,In county,
,,Richard Longmaid,3,,,In county,
,,Mathilida Longmaid,,11m,,In county,
Clift Cotage,1,John Mitchell,70,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Mitchell,,60,,In county,
,,Mary Mitchell,,35,,In county,
,,Sarah Mitchell,,25,,In county,
,,Eden Martin,,65,,In county,
,,John Mills,55,,Ag Lab,In county,
Village,1,Richard Goins,25,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Eliza Goins,,20,,In county,

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