Cornwall Online Census Project—1841

Transcript of Piece HO107/151 (Part 2)

Enumeration District 4

Civil Parish of Launcells

Book 5 Folio 5 Page 1

Cross Village,1,John Bartlett,50,,Mason,In county,
,,Ann Bartlett,,45,,In county,
,,William Bartlett,20,,,In county,
,,Jamima Bartlett,,9,,In county,
Presticott Village,1,John Brown,17,,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
,,William Perrey,10,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
Presticott Village,1,Charles Pethick,70,,Maintained By Union,In county,
,,Mary Pethick,,60,Maintained By Union,In county,
Presticott Village,1,Charles Larke,61,,Farmer,In county,
,,Samuel Larke,14,,,In county,
,,Daniel Larke,12,,,In county,
,,Thomas Cheesworth,11,,Pauper,In county,
,,Ann Budd,,18,Apprentice,In county,
,,Mary Budd,,11,Pauper,In county,
Presticott Village,1,Thomas Larke,17,,Farmer,In county,
,,Nicholas Rodd,20,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
Presticott Village,1,John Oke,30,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Oke,,30,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Oke,,12,,In county,
,,John Oke,10,,,In county,
,,Mary Oke,,8,,In county,
,,James Oke,6,,,In county,
,,Fanny Oke,,4,,In county,
,,Jane Oke,,2,,In county,
,,Samuel Oke,,7m,,In county,

Book 5 Folio 5 Page 2

,,John Brimacomb,18,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,James Lose,10,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Jorden,,18,Female Servant,In county,
,,Frances Bray,,13,Female Servant,In county,
Cross Lane,1,John Darke,40,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Darke,,40,,In county,
,,Richard Darke,10,,,In county,
,,Ezekiel Darke,7,,,In county,
,,Fanney Darke,,4,,In county,
Cross Lanes,1,Thomas Jewell,55,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Jewell,,47,,In county,
,,Mary Jewell,,12,,In county,
,,Thomas Jewell,5,,,In county,
,,Lewis Jewell,1,,,In county,
Cross Lanes,1,John Budd,45,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Johanna Budd,,40,,In county,
,,Johanna Budd,,8,,In county,
,,Elickim Budd,5,,,In county,
,,Emilyn Budd,,3,,In county,
,,Eliza Budd,,1,,In county,
Cross Lanes,1,John Cann,69,,Maintained By Union,In county,
,,Mary Cann,,53,Maintained By Union,In county,
,,William Cann,20,,Lodger (Crossed Out),In county,
,,Bella Cann,,18,,In county,
,,Charlotte Cann,,12,,In county,

Book 5 Folio 6 Page 3

Cross Lanes Inn,1,Thomas Legg,32,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Ann Legg,,38,,In county,
,,Thomas Legg,8,,,In county,
,,Emma Legg,,7,,In county,
,,Caroline Legg,,6,,In county,
,,William Legg,4,,,In county,
,,Mary Legg,,2,,In county,
,,Hanica Shapton,,12,Female Servant,In county,
Launcells Cottage,1,Philip Row,70,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Row,,70,,In county,
,,Ann Lose,,40,Lodger (Crossed Out),In county,
,,Fanny Row,,18,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Row,,5,,In county,
Launcells Town Cottage,1,Dorothy Collicott,,87,Maintained By Union,In county,
Launcells Town Cottage,1,Ann Brimicombe,,62,Maintained By Union,In county,
Launcells Town Cottage,u,,,,,,
Launcells Town Cottage,1,William Pearse,28,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Maria Pearse,,38,,In county,
,,Mary Pearse,,6,,In county,
,,William Pearse,2,,,In county,
Launcells Town Cottage,1,Richard Heard,84,,Maintained By Union,In county,
,,Allis Heard,,56,Maintained By Union,In county,
Launcells Town Cottage,1,Mary Heard,,60,Independent,In county,
Launcells Town Cottage,1,Mary Pearse,,70,Unreadable,In county,
Launcells Town Cottage,1,Grace Chapman,,82,Main'td By Union,In county,
,,Grace Cornish,,76,Main'td By Union,In county,

Book 5 Folio 6 Page 4

Launcell House,1,John Williams,20,,Farmer,Not in county,
,,Jane Williams,,23,,Not in county,
,,Susan Williams,,21,,Not in county,
,,Lousea Williams,,10,,Not in county,
,,Samuel Waldern,20,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Gilbert,,14,Female Servant,In county,
,,Thomas Greenaway,14,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,John Jewell,9,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
Underwood Cottage,1,Samuel Abbott,70,,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Abbott,,70,,Not in county,
Underwood Farm,1,William Backer,41,,Farmer,In county,
,,Margett Backer,,38,,In county,
,,Robert Backer,16,,,In county,
,,Ann Backer,,15,,In county,
,,John Backer,13,,,In county,
,,William Backer,11,,,In county,
,,Iseec Backer,9,,,In county,
,,Samuel Backer,7,,,In county,
,,Charles Backer,5,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Backer,,3,,In county,
,,Mary Backer,,1,,In county,
,,Mary Orchard,,19,Female Servant,In county,
,,Joanna Hickes,,72,Independent,In county,

Book 5 Folio 7 Page 5

Vicarage,1,R.H.K Buck,26,,Priest,Not in county,
,,Angelica Buck,,20,,Not in county,
,,Cathern Buck,,20,,Not in county,
,,Thomas Buck,14,,,Not in county,
,,Mary Williams,,25,Female Servant,In county,
,,Charlotte Brimacomb,,25,Female Servant,In county,
Scorsham,1,Richard Banbury,67,,Farmer,Not in county,
,,Ann Banbury,,62,,In county,
,,Lewies Banbury,20,,Sadler,In county,
,,Richard Banbury,15,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hockaday,,1,Gnd Daughter (Crossed Out),In county,
,,Abel Yellond,20,,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
,,James Pipper,15,,Ag Lab,Not in county,
,,Grace Burden,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Rows Cotage(Or Rowe Oke),1,Richard Mannard,50,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Mannard,,18,,In county,
,,Mary Mannard,,12,,In county,
Thorn,1,Reuben Haymen,25,,Farmer,In county,
,,Lewis Haymen,15,,,In county,
,,Grace Haymen,,60,,In county,
,,John Denner,15,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,John Brower,10,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Lovedy Hancock,,15,Female Servant,In county,

Book 5 Folio 7 Page 6

Read Post Hotel,1,William Hockaday,45,,Carpenter,Not in county,
,,Mary Oliver,,15,Female Servant,In county,
,,Thomas Goodman,30,,Journeyman,In county,
Read Post,1,Ann Hockaday,,30,Shopkeeper,In county,
,,Charlett Hockaday,,5,,In county,
Thurlabeer,1,John Jeffery,40,,Farmer,In county,
,,Priscilla Jeffery,,39,,In county,
,,Eliza Jeffery,,15,,In county,
,,Betsy Jeffery,,13,,In county,
,,William Jeffery,10,,,In county,
,,Phillipa Jeffery,,8,,In county,
,,Jane Jeffery,,5,,In county,
,,John Jeffery,3,,,In county,
,,Dorcas Jeffery,,80,Independent,In county,
,,John Shambels,15,,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
Hobbacott Down Cottage,1,Charles Brown,39,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Eliza Brown,,38,,In county,
,,Thomas Brown,13,,,In county,
,,William Brown,9,,,In county,
,,Jane Brown,,6,,In county,
,,Mary Brown,,3,,In county,
,,James Brown,1,,,In county,

Book 5 Folio 8 Page 7

Hobbacott Down Cottage,1,William Shepherd,50,,Mershanery Man (Mechanic),In county,
,,Mary Shepherd,,45,,Not in county,
,,John Shepherd,14,,,In county,
,,Thomas Shepherd,10,,,In county,
,,James Shepherd,8,,,In county,
Churchaparks,1,Walter Robens,35,,Farmer,In county,
,,Nency Robens,,31,,In county,
,,Richard Robens,2,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Robens,,1m,,In county,
,,John James,15,,Agricultural Servant,In county,
Hobbacott Down Inn,1,Richard Mapowder,35,,Inn Keeper,Not in county,
,,Joanna Mapowder,,35,,In county,
,,John Mapowder,4,,,In county,
,,Joanna Mapowder,,2,,In county,
,,Richard Mapowder,6m,,,In county,
,,Ann Cowling,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Great Marsh,1,John Thorn,48,,,In county,
,,Frances Thorn,,45,,In county,
,,John Thorn,20,,,In county,
,,Mary Thorn,,18,,In county,
,,Thomas Thorn,12,,,In county,
,,Easter Hayman,,19,Female Servant,In county,
,,Thomas Leigh,20,,Farm Servant,Not in county,

Book 5 Folio 8 Page 8

Marsh Cottage,1,William Sleemen,64,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Sleemen,,64,,Not in county,
"Greys Ho, Canorchard Mill",1,Robert Cotton,33,,Miller,In county,
,,Elizabeth Cotton,,30,,In county,
,,Richard Cotton,7,,,In county,
,,William Cotton,5,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Cotton,,3,,In county,
,,Mary Cotton,,2m,,In county,
,,Betesey Legg,,14,Female Servant,In county,
,,William Thorn,14,,Miller,In county,
,,Charles Bray,17,,Miller,In county,
Canorchard Cottage,1,Mary Bayley,,25,,In county,
,,Henry Bayley,2,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Heall,,40,,In county,
Canorchard Cottage,1,Edmond Prout,25,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Prout,,24,,In county,
,,Jane Prout,,1,,In county,
Canorchard Cottage,1,Hugh Sengmin,45,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Grace Sengmin,,45,,In county,
,,John Sengmin,8,,,In county,
Canorchard Cottage,1,Thomas Perrey,50,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Perrey,,50,,Not in county,
,,Margett Perrey,,15,,In county,
,,John Haymen,30,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,

Book 5 Folio 9 Page 9

Canorchard,1,John Symons,20,,Yeoman,In county,
,,Ann Symons,,50,,In county,
,,William Jewell,40,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,William (Jnr) Jewell,15,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Charles Heard,13,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,John Grills,11,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Marten,,20,Female Servant,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bray,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Coumbe Park,1,James Legg,50,,Farmer,In county,
,,Joanna Legg,,51,,In county,
,,John Legg,20,,,In county,
,,James Legg,15,,,In county,
Coumbe Park,1,Thomas Marten,45,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Marten,,45,,In county,
,,Betsey Marten,,12,,In county,
,,William Marten,8,,,In county,
,,Samuel Marten,4,,,In county,
,,Sarah Marten,,3,,In county,
Butsperill Head,1,Nath Ham,67,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Susanna Ham,,58,,In county,
,,Susanna Ham,,17,,In county,
,,David Ham,11,,,In county,

Book 5 Folio 9 Page 10

Hobbacott,1,Richard Goard,60,,Farmer,In county,
,,Martha Goard,,55,,In county,
,,Richard Goard,25,,,In county,
,,William Goard,20,,,In county,
,,Samuel Goard,20,,Male Servant,In county,
,,John Marten,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Thomas Marten,11,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Maria Hooper,,15,Female Servant,In county,
,,Elizabeth Kenthorn,,20,Female Servant,In county,
Brays Hill,1,John Heard,73,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Heard,,60,,In county,
,,Eliza Heard,,23,,In county,
,,Fanny Heard,,21,,In county,
,,Thomas Heard,18,,,In county,
,,Richard Darch,14,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
Rabbits Hill,1,Edward Smale,45,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Smale,,45,,In county,
Rabbits Hill,1,John Smale,7,,,In county,
Butspeerill Head,1,Thomas Beckett,45,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Beckett,,43,,In county,
,,Grace Beckett,,12,,In county,
,,Ann Beckett,,4,,In county,
Burns Cotedge,1,William Berreyman,48,,Tealor,Not in county,
,,Grace Berreyman,,15,,In county,

Book 5 Folio 10 Page 11

West Sumerless,1,Edward Jewell,60,,Farmer,In county,
,,Susanna Jewell,,45,,In county,
,,Edward Jewell,20,,,In county,
,,Thomas Jewell,15,,,In county,
,,Serena Jewell,,12,,In county,
,,Ann Jewell,,10,,In county,
,,Richard Jewell,7,,,In county,
,,William Jewell,4,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hancock,,20,Female Servant,In county,
,,Robert Hickes,44,,Independent,In county,
Butspeer Cottage,1,Thomas Michell,37,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Grace Michell,,29,,In county,
,,Mary Michell,,5,,In county,
,,John Michell,3,,,In county,
Butspeer Farm,1,William Hayman,39,,Farmer,In county,
,,Ann Hayman,,37,,Not in county,
,,Mary Hayman,,14,,In county,
,,Maria Hayman,,12,,In county,
,,Frances Hayman,,10,,In county,
,,Betsey Hayman,,4,,In county,
,,Thurza Hayman,,2,,In county,
Butspeer Farm,1,Elizabeth Row,,60,Independent,In county,
Butspeer Farm,1,William Row,25,,Farmer,In county,
,,Maria Row,,30,,In county,
,,Ann Rodd,,4,Lodger (Crossed Out),In county,

Book 5 Folio 10 Page 12

Butspeer,1,John May,40,,Farmer,In county,
,,Ann May,,34,,In county,
,,Betsey May,,20,,In county,
,,William May,14,,,In county,
,,John May,12,,,In county,
,,Thomas May,10,,,In county,
,,Dorkis May,,8,,In county,
,,Mary May,,6,,In county,
,,Jamima May,,4,,In county,
,,James May,2,,,In county,
,,James Ham,30,,Lodger (Crossed Out),In county,
,,Mary Ham,,25,Lodger Dressmaker,In county,
Jewell House,1,John Burden,76,,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
,,Ann Burden,,55,,Not in county,
,,Thomas Burden,27,,Lodger (Crossed Out),In county,
Jewell House,1,Thomas Vinson,65,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Vinson,,65,,In county,
Jewell House,1,William Jewell,75,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Honner Jewell,,77,,In county,
,,James Jewell,30,,Lodger (Crossed Out),In county,
Burn Cottage,1,William Crocker,55,,Canal Labourer,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Crocker,,52,,In county,
,,Sarah Crocker,,14,,In county,
,,Ann Crocker,,12,,In county,
,,Elizabeth French,,30,Lodger (Crossed Out),In county,

Book 5 Folio 11 Page 13

Butspeer,1,James Ham,26,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Ham,22,,,In county,
,,Thomas Ham,1,,,In county,
,,John Fanson,25,,Servant,Not in county,
,,Richard Greenaway,12,,Servant,In county,
,,Elizabeth Samels,,11,Female Servant,In county,
Lane Inn House,1,James Trimble,43,,Cordwinder,In county,
,,Flora Trimble,,36,,In county,
,,John Trimble,10,,,In county,
,,George Trimble,8,,,In county,
,,Richard Trimble,2,,,In county,
,,Flora Ham,,76,Lodger (Crossed Out),In county,
Summerless Cottage,1,Samuel Abbott,38,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Susanna Abbott,,37,,Not in county,
,,George Abbott,6,,,In county,
,,Samuel Abbott,4,,,In county,
,,James Abbott,1,,,In county,
Summerless Cottage,1,Thomas Hicks,35,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Hicks,,34,,In county,
,,Ann Hicks,,13,,In county,
,,Mary Hicks,,10,,In county,
,,John Hicks,6,,,In county,
,,Jemima Hicks,,4,,In county,
,,Daniel Hicks,2,,,In county,
,,Richard Hicks,7m,,,In county,

Book 5 Folio 11 Page 14

Summerless Cottage,1,John Greenaway,55,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Greenaway,,45,,In county,
,,Ann Greenaway,,20,Pauper,In county,maintained by Union
,,Philip Greenaway,9,,,In county,
Summerless Cottage,1,John Moor,50,,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
,,Grace Moor,,50,,In county,
,,Mittalda Moor,,15,,Not in county,
,,Hohour Moor,,13,,In county,
,,Hellan Moor,,10,,In county,
,,Grace Moor,,7,,In county,
Summerless Cottage,1,Nathaniel Hancock,60,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Grace Hancock,,55,,Not in county,
,,Grace Coall,,85,Independent,Not in county,
,,John Hancock,12,,,In county,
Summerless Cottage,1,John Penwarden,59,,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
,,Susnna Penwarden,,56,,Not in county,
,,Martha Penwarden,,12,,In county,
Copthorn,1,Mary Harris,,79,Farmer,In county,
,,William Harris,40,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Harris,,45,,In county,
,,Peggey Harris,,35,,In county,
,,Loveday Harris,,9,,In county,
,,Henry Harris,16,,,In county,
,,Samuel Johns,18,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,

Book 5 Folio 12 Page 15

Chaptman Cross,1,Robert Penwarden,33,,Taylor,In county,
,,Mary Penwarden,,37,,Not in county,
,,Henry Penwarden,4,,,In county,
,,George Penwarden,2,,,In county,
,,Mary Hickes,,6,Lodger (Crossed Out),Not in county,
Chaptman House,1,John Murley,25,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Murley,,30,,In county,
,,John Murley,1,,,In county,
,,Richard Murley,1m,,,In county,
Chaptman House,1,Thomas Lakeman,56,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Lakeman,,44,,In county,
,,Joanna Lakeman,,21,,In county,
,,Mary Lakeman,,10,,In county,
,,Samuel Lakeman,8,,,In county,
,,John Lakeman,5,,,In county,
,,Richard Lakeman,3,,,In county,
,,Samuel Hart,30,,Lodger (Crossed Out),In county,
Grove,1,John Andrew,65,,Farmer,Not in county,
,,Mary Andrew,,55,,Not in county,
,,William Andrew,20,,,In county,
,,Joshua Andrew,15,,,In county,
,,Ann Gliddon,,30,Female Servant,Not in county,
,,Ann Harris,,25,Pauper,In county,maintained by Union
,,William Hambley,10,,Male Servant,In county,

Book 5 Folio 12 Page 16

Sumerles Cotidge,1,Richard Harris,52,,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
,,Allis Harris,,54,,Not in county,
,,Samuel Harris,20,,,In county,
,,Grace Harris,,11,,In county,
Burn,1,Christopher Risdon,70,,Farmer,Not in county,
,,Susana Risdon,,63,,Not in county,
,,Ann Risdon,,19,,In county,
,,George Risdon,16,,,In county,
,,George Risdon,13,,Grandson (Crossed Out),Not in county,
,,Jane Risdon,,8,Grand Daughter (Crossed Out),In county,
,,John Heard,23,,Male Servant,In county,
Treyes,1,William Ham,70,,Farmer,In county,
,,Ann Ham,,60,,In county,
,,John Ham,37,,,In county,
,,Daniel Ham,21,,,In county,
,,Henry Ham,19,,,In county,
,,William Pridam,20,,Male Servant,Not in county,
,,John Simon,18,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Jane Bassett,,19,Female Servant,Not in county,
,,James Beckett,10,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Joseph Ham,9,,Grandson (Crossed Out),In county,

Book 5 Folio 13 Page 17

Shirnick,1,Uriah Banbury,30,,Farmer,In county,
,,Betsey Banbury,,29,,In county,
,,Dinah Banbury,,12,,In county,
,,Daniel Banbury,10,,,In county,
,,Eunice Banbury,,8,,In county,
,,Richard Banbury,6,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Banbury,,4,,In county,
,,Emily Banbury,,4m,,In county,
,,Ann James,,20,Apprentice,In county,
,,Ann Cheesworth,,18,Pauper (Main'td By Union),In county,
,,William Collins,21,,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
,,Charles Chapman,17,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,William Gibbes,14,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
Sutton,1,John Beer,39,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Grace Beer,,35,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Beer,,12,,In county,
,,Susnna Beer,,10,,In county,
,,John Beer,2,,,In county,
,,William Beer,1m,,,In county,
Prestcott,1,Nicholas Milton,25,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Milton,,30,,In county,
,,Maria Vinner,,7,Lodger (Crossed Out),In county,

Book 5 Folio 13 Page 18

Shirnick,1,Thomas Banbury,37,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Banbury,,32,,In county,
,,Norah Banbury,,13,,In county,
,,Thomas Banbury,7,,,In county,
,,Mary Banbury,,5,,In county,
,,Harriot Banbury,,3,,In county,
,,Richard Banbury,10m,,,In county,
,,Ann Burden,,19,Female Servant,In county,
,,Ann Beer,,14,Female Servant,In county,
,,Henry Pethick,23,,Male Servant,In county,
,,John Moor,18,,Male Servant,Not in county,
,,Jobe Hockaday,11,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Samuel Jewell,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,William Davey,24,,Male Servant,Not in county,
Cross,1,George Rodd,30,,Labourer,In county,
,,Grace Rodd,,70,Independent,In county,
Cross,1,William Rodd,35,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Betsy Rodd,,12,,In county,
,,William Rodd,3,,,In county,
Cross,1,John Rodd,40,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Eliza Rodd,,40,,In county,

Book 5 Folio 14 Page 19

Cross Cottidge,1,John Robins,37,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Robins,,33,,In county,
,,Thamason Robins,,7,,In county,
,,James Robins,3,,,In county,
,,James Spry,79,,Lodger (Crossed Out),In county,
,,Richard Loss,67,,Lodger (Crossed Out),In county,
Cross Cottidge,1,William Loss,70,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Hannah Loss,,77,,In county,
Cross Cottidge,1,Richard Lane,40,,Cordwinder,In county,
,,Elizabeth Lane,,80,,In county,
Olde Cottidge At Cross,1,John Hockridge,38,,Mason,Not in county,
,,Grace Hockridge,,37,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Hockridge,,14,,Not in county,
,,John Hockridge,8,,,In county,
,,Richard Hockridge,6,,,In county,
,,James Hockridge,5,,,In county,
,,Fannay Hockridge,,3,,In county,
,,Mary Hockridge,,1,,In county,
Cross,1,Richard Backer,30,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Backer,,35,,In county,
,,Samuel Backer,4,,,In county,
Cross,1,Nicholas Lane,30,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Lane,,30,,In county,
,,Mary Lane,,6,,In county,
,,Edeman Lane,2,,,In county,

Book 5 Folio 14 Page 20

Cross Cottidge,1,Richard Batten,35,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Margett Batten,,35,,In county,
,,Mary Batten,,10,,In county,
,,Margrett Batten,,5,,In county,
,,Cherles Batten,4,,,In county,
,,William Batten,2,,,In county,
Cross Cottidge,1,John Greenaway,30,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Betsy Greenaway,,30,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Greenaway,,9,,In county,
,,Mary Greenaway,,1,,In county,
,,William Lane,20,,Aprintis,In county,
Cross House,1,Daniel Lyle,42,,Farmer,In county,
,,Margrett Lyle,,49,,Not in county,
,,Amelia Lyle,,16,,In county,
,,Samuel Lyle,14,,,In county,
,,Nicholas Jeffrey,80,,Independent,Not in county,
,,John Ellott,18,,Apprentice,In county,
,,Charlott Hancock,,18,Female Servant,In county,
,,John Lyle,19,,Taylor & Lodger,In county,
,,Thomas Gilbort,16,,Journeyman,Not in county,

Enumeration District 5

Civil Parish of Launcells

Book 5 Folio 19 Page 1

Saundenser Grimscott,1,Mary Brock,,60,Farmer,In county,
,,William Brock,25,,,In county,
,,Henry Dark,15,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Grace Brinacombe,,15,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
Osington,1,John Ham,20,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Ham,,20,,In county,
,,William Ham,3m,,,In county,
Osington,1,John Lyle,75,,Farmer,In county,
,,Honor Lyle,,70,,In county,
Anderton,1,John Burnard,52,,Farmer,In county,
,,Susanna Burnard,,51,,Not in county,
,,Thomas Burnard,25,,,In county,
,,John Burnard,21,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Burnard,,25,,In county,
,,Fanny Burnard,,23,,Not in county,
,,Mary Burnard,,10,,In county,
,,Susanna Burnard,,7,,In county,
,,Thomas Dinner,15,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Eli Budd,12,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Bartlett,,14,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
Barmsdown,1,John Stacey,44,,Farmer,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Stacey,,32,,Not in county,
,,William Stacey,6,,,Not in county,
,,John Stacey,2,,,In county,
,,Mary Stacey,,2m,,In county,

Book 5 Folio 20 Page 2

,,Samuel Piper,35,,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
,,Richard Batten,14,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Samuel Collins,11,,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
,,Ann Sleeman,,15,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Bartelett,,13,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
Morton East,1,Thomas Lyle,45,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Lyle,,35,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Lyle,,12,,In county,
,,Mary Lyle,,10,,In county,
,,Helen Lyle,,8,,In county,
,,Thomas Lyle,5,,,In county,
,,Samuel Lyle,9m,,,In county,
,,Thomas Sleeman,25,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,John Cann,19,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Lewis Harris,18,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,William Hockin,11,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Betsy Curtis,,20,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Brock,,12,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
Morton West,1,Daniel Lyle,30,,Farmer,In county,
,,Louisa Lyle,,25,,In county,
,,Prudence Lyle,,5,,In county,
,,John Lyle,1,,,In county,
,,William George,15,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,John Cheesworth,14,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Francis,,15,Agricultural Labourer,In county,

Book 5 Folio 20 Page 3

Morton Mill,1,William Lyle,50,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Lyle,,49,,In county,
,,Charlotte Lyle,,22,,In county,
,,William Lyle,20,,,In county,
,,John Lyle,16,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Lyle,,8,,In county,
,,Alice Bate,,73,Independent,Not in county,
,,Mary Cruise,,23,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Thomas Fanson,15,,Apprentice,Not in county,
,,John Sleeman,12,,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
Pigsdown Lower,1,William Dayman,30,,Farmer,Not in county,
,,Mary Dayman,,35,,In county,
,,William Dayman,11,,,In county,
,,John Dayman,8,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Dayman,,7,,In county,
,,Mary Dayman,,3,,In county,
,,Peter Dayman,1,,,In county,
,,William Curtis,20,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Thomas Cann,15,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,William Everson,12,,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
,,Alice Hatherly,,20,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
Pigsdown Higher,1,Richard Gilbert,30,,Farmer,Not in county,
,,Mary Gilbert,,25,,In county,
,,Nathaniel Gilbert,8m,,,In county,
Pigsdown Higher,1,Peter Dayman,60,,Farmer,Not in county,

Book 5 Folio 21 Page 4

,,William Dayman,25,,,In county,
,,Alice Dayman,,25,,In county,
,,Philip Dayman,20,,,In county,
,,Ralph Dayman,20,,,In county,
,,Ann Dayman,,15,,In county,
,,Peter Dayman,10,,,In county,
,,Samuel Wood,10,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
Conagar,1,William Lyle,72,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Lyle,,62,,In county,
,,Mary Lyle,,9,,In county,
Morton Pound,1,Henry Bate,45,,Farmer,In county,
,,Anne Maria Bate,,45,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Bate,,9,,In county,
,,Alice Bate,,8,,In county,
,,Margaret Bate,,5,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hoskin,,13,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
,,Sarah Bond,,15,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
,,Francis Priddeau,15,,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
,,Arthur Hoskin,15,,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
,,Thomas Pearce,10,,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
,,Sampson Budd,8,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Thomas Harward,81,,Independent,In county,
Morton Pound,1,John Brinacomb,60,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Brinacomb,,50,,In county,
,,William Brinacomb,30,,,In county,

Book 5 Folio 21 Page 5

,,James Brinacomb,6,,,In county,
,,Martha Lyle,,26,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Dina Lyle,,4,,In county,
,,Thurza Lyle,,1,,In county,
Magses,1,William Brint,45,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Brint,,53,,In county,
,,Jane Kinsman,,45,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
Cornishes Lake,1,Thomas Cann,45,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Cann,,45,,In county,
,,James Cann,20,,,In county,
,,Ann Cann,,11,,In county,
,,William Cann,8,,,In county,
,,Elias Cann,5,,,In county,
,,Samuel Cann,4,,,In county,
,,Henry Cann,2,,,In county,
Lopthorn,1,William Wickett,35,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Wickett,,40,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Wickett,,16,,In county,
,,Mary Wickett,,13,,In county,
,,William Wickett,12,,,In county,
,,Louise Wickett,,7,,In county,
,,John Wickett,5,,,In county,
,,Richard Wickett,2,,,In county,
,,Eliza Burrow,,15,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Charles Andrew,18,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,

Book 5 Folio 22 Page 6

,,Thomas Brimacomb,15,,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
,,Francis Brimacomb,12,,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
,,Samuel Cornish,14,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Uriel Cann,14,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
Rhood,1,John Lyle,40,,Farmer,In county,
,,Ann Lyle,,10,,In county,
,,John Lyle,8,,,In county,
,,Lewis Lyle,2,,,In county,
,,Selena Penfound,,25,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Fanny Penfound,,15,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Lose,,15,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Richard Lose,15,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,John Fanton,15,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Daniel Fanton,15,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,James Fanton,10,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
Rhood Cross,1,Richard Ham,45,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ham,,50,,In county,
Rhood Cross,1,Thomas Watts,42,,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
,,Mary Watts,,40,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Watts,,12,,In county,
Venn,1,Thomas Banbury,21,,Farmer,Not in county,
,,Charles Banbury,15,,,Not in county,
Norton Barton,1,John Bray,59,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Bray,,48,,In county,
,,Mary Bray,,16,,In county,

Book 5 Folio 22 Page 7

,,John Bray,14,,,In county,
,,Ann Bray,,10,,In county,
,,William Greenaway,40,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,William Curtis,21,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Samuel Brock,15,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Moses Pethrick,16,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,James Legg,14,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Henry Brimacombe,11,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Charlotte Wickett,,20,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Jane Brimacombe,,21,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
Norton Mill,1,Henry Trewin,35,,Farmer,In county,
,,Ann Trewin,,30,,In county,
,,Henry Trewin,2,,,In county,
,,Thomas Trewin,2m,,,In county,
,,Mary James,,15,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
,,John Curtis,15,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Richard Curtis,15,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,William Dark,10,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
Norton Mill,1,Richard Woodley,70,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Ann Woodley,,75,,In county,
Newleigh,1,Thomas Trewin,63,,Farmer,In county,
,,Arthur Trewin,29,,,In county,
,,Ann Sleeman,,28,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Grace Chapman,,13,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
Newleigh,1,William Dinner,15,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,

Book 5 Folio 23 Page 8

,,Thomas Sangwin,26,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
Oxenpark,1,Richard Beckly,35,,Farmer,Not in county,
,,Ann Beckly,,35,,Not in county,
,,Richard Beckly,7,,,Not in county,
,,William Beckly,6,,,In county,
,,Betsy Beckly,,5,,In county,
,,Mary Beckly,,3,,In county,
,,Richard Brock,20,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Sleeman,,15,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
Leigh West,1,Henry Bowhay,34,,Farmer,In county,
,,Betsy Bowhay,,34,,In county,
,,William Bowhay,9,,,In county,
,,Mary Bowhay,,8,,In county,
,,Henry Bowhay,6,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bowhay,,2,,In county,
,,Grace Bowhay,,6m,,In county,
Leigh West,1,Thomas Trewin,36,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Trewin,,37,,In county,
,,Samuel Trewin,14,,,In county,
,,James Trewin,10,,,In county,
,,Mary Brock,,84,Independent,In county,
,,George Sandercock,19,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Uglow,,15,Ag Lab,In county,
Furze Park,1,John Heard,48,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Betsy Heard,,40,,In county,

Book 5 Folio 23 Page 9

,,Elizabeth Heard,,10,,In county,
,,William Heard,7,,,In county,
,,Sophia Heard,,4,,In county,
Leigh East,1,Thomas Shephard,33,,Yeoman,In county,
,,Miliscent Shephard,,26,,In county,
,,Mark Shephard,23,,Attorney,In county,
,,Thomas Shephard,3,,,In county,
,,Jane Persons,,42,Female Servant,In county,
,,Maria Barrett,,19,Female Servant,In county,
,,Ann Maynard,,13,Female Servant,In county,
,,John Jewell,22,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Thomas Sangwin,63,,Male Servant,In county,
,,James James,12,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Joseph Persons,12,,Male Servant,In county,
Bidna West,1,Walter Abbott,40,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Sarah Abbott,,30,,In county,
,,John Abbott,5,,,In county,
,,Mary Abbott,,3,,In county,
,,Samuel Abbott,5m,,,In county,
Bidna West,1,Michael Legg,25,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Legg,,25,,In county,
,,Samuel Legg,3,,,In county,
Bidna West,1,Humphry May,48,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Anna May,,47,,In county,
,,Susanna May,,12,,In county,

Book 5 Folio 24 Page 10

,,John Davy,23,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Charlotte Davy,,19,,In county,
,,William May,2,,,In county,
Hersham West,1,William Sleeman,35,,Farmer,In county,
,,Betsy Sleeman,,30,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Sleeman,,11,,In county,
,,William Sleeman,6,,,In county,
,,John Sleeman,4,,,In county,
,,Thomas Sleeman,2,,,In county,
,,Richard Sleeman,11m,,,In county,
,,William Heal,15,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Sophia Bartlett,,15,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
Bidna East,1,John Adams,37,,Farmer,In county,
,,Charlotte Adams,,28,,In county,
,,William Badcock,18,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Burden,,13,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Charlotte Saunders,,55,Independent,In county,
Hersham Village,1,Richard Stacy,55,,Farmer,In county,
,,Susanna Stacy,,46,,In county,
,,Susanna Stacy,,7,,In county,
,,Richard Stacy,5,,,In county,
,,Thomas Penwarden,15,,Apprentice,In county,
,,John Heal,15,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Betsy Rogers,,16,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
Hersham Village,1,James Govvett,25,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,

Book 5 Folio 24 Page 11

,,Susan Govvett,,25,,In county,
,,John Govvett,1,,,In county,
Hersham Village,1,John Pearse,30,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Betsy Pearse,,30,,In county,
,,Norah Pearse,,7,,Not in county,
,,Mary Pearse,,5,,In county,
,,Alice Pearse,,4,,In county,
,,John Pearse,2,,,In county,
Hersham Village,u,,,,,,
Hersham Village,1,Thomas Walter,50,,Farmer,Not in county,
,,Ann Walter,,50,,In county,
,,Jane Budd,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Hersham Village,1,James Lane,45,,Blacksmith,Not in county,
,,James Lane,15,,,In county,
,,Ann Lane,,11,,Not in county,
,,Abel Lane,92,,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
Hersham Village,1,Mary Woodley,,35,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Woodley,,8,,In county,
,,Ann Woodley,,4,,In county,
,,Mary Yeo,,66,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
Hersham Village,u,,,,,,
Hersham Village,1,Charles Chapman,50,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Margaret Chapman,,50,,In county,
,,Mary Chapman,,10,,In county,
Hersham Village,u,,,,,,
Hersham Village,1,Richard Godden,63,,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
Hersham Village,1,William Berriman,40,,Smith,In county,
,,Ann Berriman,,30,,Not in county,

Book 5 Folio 25 Page 12

,,Mary Berriman,,9,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Berriman,,5,,In county,
,,William Berriman,4,,,In county,
,,Emma Berriman,,1,,In county,
Hersham Village,1,Richard Sangwin,30,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Betsy Sangwin,,30,,In county,
,,William Sangwin,7,,,In county,
,,Mary Sangwin,,4,,In county,
,,Richard Sangwin,3,,,In county,
,,Thomas Sangwin,1,,,In county,
Hersham Common,1,William Lyle,30,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Ann Lyle,,30,,In county,
,,William Lyle,12,,,In county,
,,Ann Lyle,,4,,In county,
,,James Lyle,1,,,In county,
,,Daniel Lyle,4m,,,In county,
Hersham Common,1,Grace Curtis,,50,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
Tumbleses,1,Richard Brimacombe,50,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Grace Brimacombe,,45,,Not in county,
Tumbleses,1,William Lay,45,,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
,,Jane Lay,,25,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,William Lay,2m,,,In county,
Grimscott Village,1,Edward Fanson,35,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Fanson,,10,,In county,
,,Thomas Fanson,5,,,In county,

Book 5 Folio 25 Page 13

Grimscott Village,1,Thomas Brock,25,,Malter,In county,
,,Betsy Brock,,25,,Not in county,
,,John Brock,4,,,Not in county,
,,Samuel Brock,2,,,In county,
Grimscott Village,1,James Balson,30,,Shoemaker,In county,
,,Ann Balson,,25,,In county,
,,John Balson,5,,,In county,
Grimscott Village,1,Elizabeth Brock,,70,Independent,In county,
Grimscott Village,1,John Luxmoor,90,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Luxmoor,,70,,In county,
Grimscott Village,1,William Luxmoor,30,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Luxmoor,,25,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Luxmoor,,3,,In county,
,,Mary Luxmoor,,1,,In county,
,,William Cornish,40,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
Grimscott Village,1,Elizabeth Curtis,,65,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
Grimscott Village,1,James Curtis,30,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Curtis,,25,,In county,
,,Sarah Curtis,,8,,In county,
,,James Curtis,4,,,In county,
,,John Curtis,2,,,In county,
,,Thomas Curtis,2m,,,In county,
Grimscott Village,1,Richard Kemthorn,40,,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Kemthorn,,40,,In county,
,,Mary Kemthorn,,6,,In county,

Book 5 Folio 26 Page 14

,,Richard Kemthorn,8,,,In county,
,,Ann Kemthorn,,3,,In county,
Grimscott Village,1,William Rowe,30,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Tamzen Rowe,,40,,In county,
,,John Rowe,5,,,In county,
Grimscott Village,1,Richard Cotten,40,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Maria Cotten,,40,,In county,
,,Mary Cotten,,10,,In county,
,,James Cotten,5,,,In county,
,,Maria Cotten,,4,,In county,
,,Grace Cotten,,2,,In county,
,,Hannah Finnimor,,50,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
Grimscott Village,1,Thomas Curtis,50,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Susanna Curtis,,60,,In county,
,,Mary Curtis,,15,Dressmaker,In county,
Grimscott Village,1,Henry Marsh,70,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Marsh,,70,,In county,
Grimscott Village,1,Thomas Brock,45,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Prudence Brock,,45,,In county,
,,James Brock,11,,,In county,
,,Eliza Brock,,9,,In county,
Grimscott Village,u,,,,,,
Grimscott Village,1,William Curtis,34,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Betsy Curtis,,32,,In county,
,,Emlen Curtis,,10,,In county,
,,William Curtis,7,,,In county,

Book 5 Folio 26 Page 15

Grimscott Village,1,John Dinner,40,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Jane Dinner,,40,,In county,
,,Mary Dinner,,12,,In county,
,,Sarah Dinner,,9,,In county,
,,Richard Dinner,5,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Olde,,70,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
Grimscott Village,1,Uriel Leach,25,,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Leach,,21,,Not in county,
Grimscott Village,1,William Hockin,45,,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
,,Grace Hockin,,40,,In county,
,,Mary Hockin,,13,,In county,
,,John Hockin,8,,,In county,
Childs,1,Willmott Jolliffe,,50,Farmer,In county,
,,Richard Jolliffe,25,,Farmer,In county,
,,Prudence Jolliffe,,20,,In county,
,,Eliza Jolliffe,,6m,,In county,
,,Stephen Pethick,15,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
Braddons,1,John Honey,20,,Farmer,In county,
,,Eliza Honey,,25,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Honey,,4,,In county,
,,Norah Honey,,2,,In county,
,,Richard Batten,15,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Jane Eliot,,17,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
Braddons,1,Samuel Banbury,30,,Farmer,In county,
,,Sarah Banbury,,30,,In county,

Book 5 Folio 27 Page 16

,,Charlotte Banbury,,20,,In county,
,,Samuel Banbury,10,,,In county,
,,Thurza Banbury,,10,,In county,
,,Sarah Banbury,,5,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Banbury,,5,,In county,
,,Emma Banbury,,3,,In county,
,,Richard Banbury,3m,,,In county,
,,William Brimacomb,25,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,John Darke,15,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Betsy Curtis,,15,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Dorcas Wickett,,15,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
Braddons,1,Mary Brock,,3,,In county,

Enumeration District 6

Civil Parish of Marhamchurch

Book 6 Folio 4 Page 1

Parsonage,1,John Kingdon,72,,Clerk,Not in county,
,,Mary Kingdon,,71,,Not in county,
,,Mary Kingdon,,48,,Not in county,
,,Henry Ford,34,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Harriett Jewell,,34,Female Servant,Not in county,
,,Mary Sutton,,68,Female Servant,In county,
,,Charlotte Watts,,18,Female Servant,In county,
Village,1,William Marshall,60,,Farmer,In county,
,,Ester Marshall,,80,,Not in county,
,,Thomas Marshall,16,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Samuel Crocker,35,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Mary Crocker,,20,Female Servant,In county,
,,Ann Hopper,,20,Female Servant,Not in county,
,,William Box,13,,Male Servant,In county,
,,William May,55,,Male Servant,Not in county,
Village,1,Mary Jefferd,,73,Independent,In county,
,,Thamsin Rogers,,68,Female Servant,In county,
Canal Inn,1,William Symons,48,,Maltster,In county,
,,Philippa Symons,,49,,In county,
,,Mary Symons,,7,,In county,
,,Dorcas Jeffery,,18,Female Servant,In county,
,,James Pethick,21,,Male Servant,Not in county,
Village,1,Martha Clift,,73,Pauper,Not in county,
Village,1,Gertrude Courtis,,79,Draper,In county,
Village,1,Charles Heal,37,,Shoemaker,In county,

Book 6 Folio 5 Page 2

Village,1,Thomas Clift,40,,Mason,In county,
,,Mary Clift,,35,,In county,
,,Ann Clift,,12,,In county,
,,John Clift,10,,,In county,
,,Thomas Clift,2,,,In county,
,,James Clift,1,,,In county,
,,Able Uglow,22,,Journeyman,In county,
Village,1,Thomas Stanbury,45,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Stanbury,,20,,In county,
,,Thomas Stanbury,10,,,In county,
,,Susanna Stanbury,,9,,In county,
Village,1,John Metheral,50,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Metheral,,50,,In county,
,,Mary Metheral,,20,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Metheral,,15,,In county,
Village,1,Thomas Frayne,48,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Frayne,,46,,In county,
Village,1,William Rogers,75,,Publican,In county,
,,Joannah Rogers,,60,,In county,
,,Celina Rogers,,19,,In county,
Village,1,John Croker,68,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Honor Croker,,58,,In county,
,,Thomas Croker,17,,,In county,
Village,1,Betsey Upright,,70,Pauper,In county,
,,Mary Webb,,75,Pauper,In county,

Book 6 Folio 5 Page 3

Village,1,Garrance Colwell,45,,Tailor,In county,
,,Olivia Colwell,,38,,Not in county,
,,Garrance Colwell,15,,,Not in county,
,,Olivia Colwell,,14,,Not in county,
,,William Colwell,8,,,Not in county,
,,Henry Colwell,5,,,Not in county,
,,Jabaz Colwell,2,,,In county,
,,Mary Colwell,,2m,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Glidon,,70,Female Servant,In county,
Village,1,Benjamin Adams,60,,Shipwright,In county,
,,Mary Adams,,65,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Rowe,,14,Female Servant,In county,
Village,1,James Pethick,55,,Thatcher,In county,
,,Mary Pethick,,55,,In county,
,,Frances Pethick,,25,,In county,
,,Mary Pethick,,15,,In county,
Pinch,1,John Sheasel,28,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Sheasel,,35,,Not in county,
,,Sally Sheasel,,8,,In county,
Village,1,John Dinnes,22,,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
Village,1,Ann Heal,,30,Char,In county,
Village,1,John Rowland,51,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Jane Rowland,,50,,In county,
,,Mary Rowland,,28,,In county,
,,Jane Rowland,,8,,In county,

Book 6 Folio 6 Page 4

Village,1,Stephen Cutting,50,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Cutting,,50,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bisset,,23,,In county,
Village,1,Joseph Jewell,29,,Blacksmith,Not in county,
,,Mary Jewell,,35,,In county,
,,John Broad,17,,Apprentice,In county,
Village,1,John Toll,50,,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Toll,,52,,Not in county,
,,Mary Toll,,21,,Not in county,
,,Ann Toll,,10,,Not in county,
Village,1,William Bray,48,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bray,,51,,In county,
,,William Bray,15,,,In county,
,,John Bray,13,,,In county,
,,Henry Badcock,35,,Male Servant,In county,
Village,1,James Heard,35,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Thamsin Dimond,,55,Pauper,In county,
Village,1,Elizabeth Cory,,65,Pauper,Not in county,
Village,1,William Rowe,25,,Shoemaker,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rowe,,30,,In county,
Village,1,John Bigford,35,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bigford,,35,,In county,
,,Thomas Bigford,9,,,In county,
,,William Bigford,7,,,In county,
,,Mary Bigford,,5,,In county,

Book 6 Folio 6 Page 5

Village,1,Humphrey Skitch,33,,Shoemaker,In county,
,,Elizabeth Skitch,,33,,Not in county,
,,Robert Skitch,5,,,In county,
,,William Skitch,2,,,In county,
,,Mary Skitch,,7m,,In county,
Village,1,Jas Cowling,26,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Ann Cowling,,25,,In county,
,,Mary Cowling,,21,,In county,
,,Mary Cowling,,3,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Cowling,,1,,In county,
Village,1,Richard Medland,86,,Independent,In county,
,,Mary Medland,,86,Independent,In county,
,,Susanna Toll,,15,Female Servant,Not in county,
Village,1,John Corey,30,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Corey,,45,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Corey,,11,,In county,
,,Ann Corey,,9,,In county,
,,John Corey,6,,,In county,
,,Richard Corey,3,,,In county,
Village,1,James Corey,37,,,In county,
,,Mary Corey,,38,,In county,
,,Thomas Corey,12,,,In county,
,,James Corey,10,,,In county,
,,John Corey,4,,,In county,
,,Mary Corey,,1,,In county,

Book 6 Folio 7 Page 6

Village,1,William Rundle,35,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Jane Rundle,,25,,In county,
Village,1,John Clift,47,,Mason,In county,
,,Elizabeth Clift,,44,,In county,
,,Richard Clift,13,,,In county,
,,Catherine Clift,,11,,In county,
,,John Clift,8,,,In county,
,,Thomas Clift,2,,,In county,
Village,1,James Venning,60,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Venning,,60,,In county,
,,Maria Venning,,25,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Venning,,15,,In county,
,,John Hatherley,20,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hatherley,,20,,In county,
Village,1,Hugh Sanguin,74,,Independent,In county,
,,Grace Rowe,,64,Female Servant,In county,
Village,1,William Rowe,30,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Rowe,,39,,In county,
,,Ann Rowe,,6,,In county,
,,Jane Rowe,,2,,In county,
Village,1,John Eliot,60,,,In county,
,,Mary Eliot,,55,,In county,
Village,1,Bridget Heddan,,74,,In county,
,,George Heddan,39,,Tailor,In county,
,,Mary Quick,,15,,In county,

Book 6 Folio 7 Page 7

Village,1,John Hoskin,30,,Carpenter,Not in county,
,,Mary Hoskin,,35,,In county,
,,Sarah Hoskin,,7,,Not in county,
,,Mary Hoskin,,5,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hoskin,,3,,In county,
,,Ann Hoskin,,1,,In county,
Village,1,Samuel Thomas,34,,Carrier,In county,
,,Grace Thomas,,35,,In county,
,,Catherine Avery,,25,Char,In county,
,,John Avery,6m,,,In county,
Village,1,William Watts,62,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Watts,,60,,In county,
,,William Watts,7,,,In county,
Village,1,John Quick,44,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Elizabeth Quick,,49,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Quick,,20,,In county,
,,James Luxon,22,,Male Servant,Not in county,
Village,1,Nicholas Webb,60,,Taylor,In county,
,,Rosamon Webb,,60,,In county,
,,Thomasin Webb,,25,,In county,
,,Daniel Inch,25,,Blacksmith,In county,
Village,1,Priscilla Ashton,,25,,In county,
,,John Ashton,3,,,In county,
,,Phillip Ashton,1,,,In county,
,,John Eliot,60,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,

Book 6 Folio 8 Page 8

,,Nathaniel Pethick,54,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Pethick,,50,,In county,
,,Samuel Pethick,27,,Carpenter,In county,
,,William Pethick,25,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Nathaniel Pethick,19,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Mary Pethick,,12,,In county,
,,John Pethick,9,,,In county,
,,Richard Pethick,5,,,In county,
Village,1,Daniel Box,35,,Iron Founder,In county,
,,Sarah Box,,35,,Not in county,
,,Thomasin Box,,75,,In county,
,,John Box,11,,,In county,
,,Thomas Box,7,,,In county,
,,Henry Box,5,,,In county,
,,Mary Box,,2,,In county,
Village,1,John Courtis,30,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Maria Courtis,,30,,In county,
,,William Courtis,9,,,In county,
,,John Courtis,4,,,In county,
,,Samuel Courtis,1,,,In county,
Village,1,John Ashton,50,,Cooper,In county,
,,Thomasin Ashton,,50,,In county,
,,John Ashton,10,,,Unknown,
,,Mary Ashton,,15,,Unknown,
,,Frances Ashton,,7,,Unknown,

Book 6 Folio 8 Page 9

Village,1,Daniel Box,60,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Box,,60,,In county,
Village,1,John Rodd,26,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Grace Rodd,,29,,In county,
,,George Rodd,4,,,In county,
Village,1,Emma Colwill,,22,Char,In county,
,,John Colwill,4,,,In county,
,,William Colwill,1,,,Not in county,
Village,1,Thomas Cowling,30,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Mary Cowling,,30,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Cowling,,5,,In county,
,,Caroline Cowling,,3,,In county,
,,Mary Cowling,,1,,In county,
Village,1,Walter Gliddon,30,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Gliddon,,25,,In county,
,,John Goard,70,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
Village,1,William Blaney,56,,Mariner,In county,
,,Philippa Blaney,,50,,In county,
,,Mary Rowland,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Village,1,Elizabeth Philips,,22,Dressmaker,In county,
,,Mary Stonman,,20,Dressmaker,In county,
,,Fanny Stonman,,17,,In county,
,,Loveday Stonman,,15,,In county,
,,Jane Stonman,,12,,In county,
,,John Stonman,10,,,In county,

Book 6 Folio 9 Page 10

Village,1,William Rogers,40,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rogers,,37,,In county,
,,Betsey Rogers,,6,,In county,
,,William Rogers,4,,,In county,
Village,1,John Marshall,55,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Marshall,,50,,In county,
,,Jane Marshall,,25,,In county,
,,John Marshall,22,,,In county,
,,Sophia Marshall,,18,,In county,
,,Dennis Marshall,16,,,In county,
,,Grace Marshall,,14,,In county,
,,Simon Marshall,12,,,In county,
,,Robert Marshall,10,,,In county,
,,Richard Collins,30,,Schoolmaster,Foreign Parts,
Village,1,Thomas Venning,35,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Grace Venning,,35,,In county,
,,Eliza Venning,,9,,In county,
,,Thomas Venning,7,,,In county,
,,James Venning,4,,,In county,
,,Anna Venning,,2,,In county,
,,John Venning,5m,,,In county,
Village,1,Richard Brock,35,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Brock,,35,,In county,
,,William Brock,4,,,In county,
,,John George,29,,Shipwright,In county,

Book 6 Folio 9 Page 11

Village,1,Thomas Browne,40,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Grace Browne,,40,,In county,
,,Mary Browne,,19,,In county,
,,John Browne,15,,,In county,
,,Thomas Browne,14,,,In county,
,,Jane Browne,,10,,In county,
,,Samuel Browne,5,,,In county,
Village,1,Abraham Pethick,57,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Jane Pethick,,45,,In county,
,,Richard Pethick,12,,,In county,
,,Mary Pethick,,9,,In county,
,,Abraham Pethick,5,,,In county,
Village,1,Ann Rodd,,46,Grocer,Not in county,
,,Jane Rodd,,13,,Not in county,
,,Thomas Rodd,11,,,Not in county,
,,Robert Pinch,30,,Milwright,In county,
,,Silas Pinch,25,,Milwright,In county,
Village,1,Martin Thomas,45,,Engine Man,In county,
,,Catherine Thomas,,55,,In county,
,,William Thomas,10,,,In county,
Village,1,John Bailey,36,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Agnes Bailey,,37,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bailey,,4,,In county,
,,Ann Bailey,,3,,In county,
,,William Bailey,1,,,In county,

Book 6 Folio 10 Page 12

Village,1,John Gibbs,40,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Gibbs,,40,,In county,
,,William Gibbs,15,,,In county,
,,John Gibbs,13,,,In county,
,,Richard Gibbs,11,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Gibbs,,8,,In county,
,,Thomas Gibbs,5,,,In county,
,,Philip Gibbs,2,,,In county,
Village,1,James Cowling,58,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Mary Cowling,,52,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Cowling,,25,,In county,
,,Charlotte Cowling,,13,,In county,
,,John Cowling,20,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Sarah Cowling,,9,,In county,
Village,1,William Palmer,30,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Palmer,,30,,In county,
,,John Palmer,7,,,In county,
,,Merina Palmer,,5,,In county,
,,Samuel Palmer,3,,,In county,
,,Emelin Palmer,,1,,In county,
Village,1,William Cotton,35,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Emma Cotton,,35,,In county,
Village,1,George Bond,63,,Wharfinger,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Bond,,66,,In county,
,,Matilda Bond,,9,,In county,

Book 6 Folio 10 Page 13

Village,1,John Rogers,30,,Butcher,In county,
,,Mary Rogers,,71,Female Servant,In county,
Village,1,Richard Lane,54,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Lane,,49,,Not in county,
,,James Lane,21,,Shoemaker,In county,
Village,1,Ann Medland,,58,Independent,In county,
,,Ann Medland,,31,Draper,In county,
Village,1,Mary Bray,,35,Farmer,In county,
,,William Bray,17,,Shoemaker,In county,
,,Mary Bray,,10,,In county,
,,Edward Bray,9,,,In county,
,,Charles Bray,7,,,In county,
Village,1,Thomas Howard,40,,Mason,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Howard,,35,,Not in county,
,,Mary Howard,,6,,In county,
,,John Howard,1,,,In county,
Village,1,Elizabeth Gist,,75,Pauper,In county,
,,Elizabeth Gist,,46,Pauper,In county,
,,Jane Gist,,6,Pauper,In county,
,,Sarah Short,,79,Pauper,In county,
,,Susan Bray,,60,Pauper,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Cortis,,7,Pauper,In county,
Village,1,John Heddon,40,,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
,,Mary Heddon,,35,,In county,
,,Mary Heddon,,14,,Not in county,

Book 6 Folio 11 Page 14

,,Ann Heddon,,11,,Not in county,
,,John Heddon,10,,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Heddon,,6,,In county,
,,William Heddon,4,,,In county,
,,Loisa Heddon,,2,,In county,
,,John Brown,25,,Tailor,In county,
Shearland,1,Robert Marshall,62,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Harriott Marshall,,62,,In county,
,,William Marshall,2,,,In county,
Gangford Hill,1,Abraham Trible,30,,Farmer,Not in county,
,,John Clifton,25,,Male Servant,Not in county,
,,James Philips,12,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Mary Lashbrook,20,,Female Servant,Not in county,
Andridge,1,Thomas Short,25,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Short,,30,,Not in county,
,,Jenny Short,,2,,In county,
,,Eliza Short,,3m,,In county,
,,Mary Philips,,15,Dressmaker,In county,
Trelay,1,John Mitchel,35,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Jane Mitchel,,30,,In county,
,,Ann Mitchel,,10,,In county,
,,Mary Mitchel,,8,,In county,
,,Richard Mitchel,6,,,In county,
,,Fanny Mitchel,,4,,In county,
,,Mariam Mitchel,,3m,,In county,

Book 6 Folio 11 Page 15

Trelay,1,Robert Baily,25,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Jane Baily,,22,,In county,
,,John Baily,2,,,In county,
,,Mary Sanguin,,65,Char,In county,
Sherland Mill,1,John Hobbs,40,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Hobbs,,35,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hobbs,,16,,In county,
,,Bill Hobbs,15,,,In county,
,,John Hobbs,13,,,In county,
,,Sally Hobbs,,11,,In county,
,,Norah Hobbs,,9,,In county,
,,Louisa Hobbs,,6,,In county,
,,Phillippa Hobbs,,4,,In county,
,,George Hobbs,3m,,,In county,
Andridge,1,John Sandercock,59,,Shoemaker,In county,
,,Ann Sandercock,,58,,In county,
Helscott,1,Richard Pethick,64,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Pethick,,69,,In county,
,,Thomasin Pethick,,24,,In county,
,,Thomas Pethick,1,,,In county,
,,Thomas Triplett,9,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Mary Nail,,5,,In county,
Helscott,1,Robert Hicks,30,,Farmer,In county,
,,Ann Hicks,,40,,In county,
,,Thomas Hicks,7,,,In county,

Book 6 Folio 12 Page 16

,,John Hicks,5,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hicks,,3,,In county,
,,Catherine Hicks,,1,,In county,
,,Samson Mason,19,,,In county,
,,William Mason,14,,,In county,
,,Mary Mason,,15,,In county,
,,Richard Mason,12,,,In county,
,,Jane Mason,,9,,In county,
,,Henry Penfound,25,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Ann Heard,,13,Female Servant,In county,
Langford Mill,1,Cecil N Bray,36,,Independent,In county,
,,Mary Bray,,38,,Not in county,
,,Margret Bray,,8,,In county,
,,Lucy Bray,7,,,In county,
,,Cecil Bray,6,,,In county,
,,Mary Bray,,5,,In county,
,,Emanual Cole,38,,Male Servant,Not in county,
,,Philippa Daning,,30,Female Servant,Not in county,
,,Philippa Rogers,,22,Female Servant,In county,
,,Mary Harris,,18,Female Servant,In county,surname uncertain
,,Daniel Square,11,,Male Servant,In county,
,,John Abraham,41,,Independent,Not in county,
,,John Benson,36,,Independent,Not in county,
,,James Lucas,32,,Male Servant,Not in county,
Salt House,1,Catherine Pethick,,61,Beer Seller,Not in county,

Book 6 Folio 12 Page 17

,,Maria Pethick,,25,,In county,
,,James Pethick,18,,,In county,
,,Mary Banbury,,36,Independent,Not in county,
,,Ann Banbury,,21,Independent,Not in county,
,,Mary Banbury,,15,Independent,Not in county,
,,Sally Banbury,,12,Independent,Not in county,
,,Richard Banbury,8,,Independent,Not in county,
Whales Borough,1,Christ Venning,55,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Venning,,30,,In county,
,,Amelia Venning,,23,,In county,
,,Mary Venning,,18,,In county,
,,Daniel Venning,15,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Harris,,5,,In county,
,,Judith Palmer,,35,Female Servant,In county,
,,John Pearce,40,,Male Servant,In county,
,,John Gist,20,,Apprentice,In county,
,,Walter Gibbs,15,,Apprentice,In county,
,,Charles Pethick,10,,Male Servant,In county,
Marhamchurch Foundry,1,Thomas Box,48,,Iron Founder,In county,
,,Elizabeth Box,,40,,In county,
,,William Box,20,,,In county,
,,Thomas Box,17,,,In county,
,,Mary Box,,15,,In county,
,,John Box,13,,,In county,
,,Fanny Box,,11,,In county,

Book 6 Folio 13 Page 18

,,Grace Box,,9,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Box,,7,,In county,
,,Samuel Box,5,,,In county,
,,Sally Box,,3,,In county,
,,Henry Box,2,,,In county,
,,Edward Mitchel,22,,Moulder Journeyman,In county,
,,Joseph Rowland,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Richard Brown,38,,Carpenter,In county,

Enumeration District 7

Civil Parish of Marhamchurch

Book 6 Folio 18 Page 1

Little Holton,1,William Goard,29,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Jane Goard,,28,,In county,
Little Holton,u,,,,,,
Little Holton,u,,,,,,
Holton Pound,1,Stephick Pethick,70,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Pethick,,68,,In county,
,,Christian Pethick,,35,,In county,
,,Stephen Pethick,24,,,In county,
,,Edward Pethick,13,,,In county,
,,Christian Honey,,15,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Honey,,10,,In county,
,,William Parsons,50,,Blacksmith,In county,
Steart,1,Richard Pethick,40,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Pethick,,40,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Pethick,,10,,In county,
,,Mary Pethick,,8,,In county,
,,Christian Pethick,,5,,In county,
,,Fanny Pethick,,2,,In county,
Beefon,1,Thomas Honey,30,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Honey,,26,,Not in county,
,,John Honey,6,,,Not in county,
,,Prudence Honey,,5,,In county,
,,Nora Honey,,3,,In county,
,,Catherine Honey,,2m,,In county,
,,Charles Box,19,,Male Servant,In county,
,,William Gliddon,16,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hoskin,,17,Female Servant,In county,

Book 6 Folio 19 Page 2

Hen Park,1,Daniel Box,70,,Farmer,In county,
,,Ruth Box,,60,,In county,
,,Cecilia Honey,,20,,In county,
Stone,1,Thomas Medland,50,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Medland,,45,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Medland,,22,,In county,
,,James Medland,21,,,In county,
,,William Medland,19,,,In county,
,,Thomas Medland,16,,,In county,
,,Jane Medland,,14,,In county,
,,Richard Medland,10,,,In county,
,,John Medland,6,,,In county,
,,Henry Medland,6m,,,In county,
,,John Johns,45,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Thomas Trayer,25,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
Higher Beer,1,Uriah Shapton,35,,Farmer,In county,
,,Jane Shapton,,30,,Not in county,
,,Ursula Shapton,,13,,Not in county,
,,John Shapton,11,,,Not in county,
,,Mary Shapton,,9,,Not in county,
,,Thomas Shapton,7,,,Not in county,
,,Frances Shapton,,2,,Not in county,
,,Hariott Shapton,,1m,,In county,
,,Mary Allen,,77,Independent,Not in county,
,,Thomas Trim,15,,Male Servant,Not in county,

Book 6 Folio 19 Page 3

Higher Beer Cottage,1,John Grills,77,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Honor Bickel,,80,,In county,
Beer,1,James Medland,45,,Farmer,In county,
,,Ann Medland,,40,,In county,
,,Sarah Medland,,8,,In county,
,,James Medland,6,,,In county,
,,Judith Medland,,4,,In county,
,,John Medland,1,,,In county,
,,Ann Medland,,10m,,In county,
,,Samuel Box,25,,Male Servant,In county,
,,James Heard,18,,Male Servant,In county,
,,James Crocker,12,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Elizabeth Stacy,,20,Female Servant,In county,
,,Mary Greenaway,,14,Female Servant,In county,
,,Thomas Barrett,10,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Thomas Mill,28,,Land Surveyor,In county,
Lower Beer,1,John Gliddon,30,,Agricultural Labourer,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Gliddon,,35,,In county,
,,Samuel Gliddon,25,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Gliddon,,25,,In county,
Titson Cottage,1,William Pooly,45,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Margerett Pooly,,45,,In county,
,,Phillippa Pooly,,10,,In county,
Titson Cottage,1,Phillippa Pooly,,78,Widdow (Crossed Out),In county,
,,Phillippa Risdon,,36,Widdow (Crossed Out),In county,

Book 6 Folio 20 Page 4

,,John Risdon,6,,,In county,
Titson Cottage,1,William Short,28,,Black Smith,In county,
,,Allice Short,,31,,In county,
,,James Short,3,,,In county,
,,Richard Short,1,,,In county,
,,John Bray,15,,Apprentice,In county,
Titson Cottage,1,Nancy Squares,,45,Widow,Not in county,
,,Jabez Squares,7,,,In county,
Titson Cottage,1,William Stacy,25,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Mary Stacy,,25,,In county,
,,Grace Stacy,,20,Dressmaker,In county,
Titson Cottage,1,Thomas Balhatchet,50,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Balhatchet,,40,,In county,
,,Rachel Balhatchet,,11,,In county,
,,Mary Balhatchet,,9,,In county,
,,William Grills,20,,,In county,
,,Thomas Grills,15,,,In county,
Titson Cottage,1,John Jewill,35,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Catharine Jewill,,25,,In county,
,,Mary Jewill,,3,,In county,
,,John Jewill,2m,,,In county,
Titson Cottage,1,John Lane,20,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Mary Lane,,30,Dress Maker,In county,
,,Ann Lane,,1,Dress Maker,In county,
,,Richard Sandercock,20,,,In county,

Book 6 Folio 20 Page 5

,,John Trewin,15,,Apprentice,In county,
,,Henry Squares,15,,Apprentice,In county,
,,Hannah Phillips,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Titson Cottage,1,William Rodgers,50,,Farmer,In county,
,,Grace Rodgers,,45,,In county,
,,William Rodgers,20,,,In county,
,,Thomas Rodgers,15,,,In county,
,,John Rodgers,14,,,In county,
,,Mary Rodgers,,11,,In county,
,,Catharine Rodgers,,9,,In county,
,,Grace Rodgers,,6,,In county,
,,Richard Rodgers,13,,,In county,
,,Jane Stephens,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Titson Cottage,1,John Grills,45,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Grills,,45,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Grills,,10,,In county,
,,Danial Grills,7,,,In county,
,,Mary Grills,,2,,In county,
Titson Cottage,1,John Wilton,48,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Wilton,,48,,In county,
,,Isaac Wilton,17,,,In county,
,,Susan Wilton,,15,,In county,
,,William Wilton,10,,,In county,
,,Thomas Wilton,7,,,In county,
Titson Cottage,1,Thomas Penfound,40,,Ag Lab,In county,

Book 6 Folio 21 Page 6

,,Frances Penfound,,40,,In county,
,,Thomazin Penfound,,12,,In county,
,,Eliza Penfound,,10,,In county,
,,Samuel Penfound,8,,,In county,
,,John Penfound,2,,,In county,
Titson Cottage,1,Thomas Goard,35,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Susanna Goard,,35,,In county,
,,Samuel Goard,13,,,In county,
,,John Goard,10,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Goard,,6,,In county,
,,William Goard,8,,,In county,
Titson Cottage,1,Elizabeth Penwarden,,75,Pauper,In county,
,,Elizabeth Penwarden,,10,,In county,
,,John Penwarden,8,,,In county,
,,Susan Penwarden,,35,Female Servant,In county,
Titson Cottage,1,Elizabeth Short,,65,Pauper,In county,
Titson Cottage,1,John Sandercock,25,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Willmot Sandercock,,30,,In county,
Titson Cottage,1,Thomas Grills,35,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Grills,,45,,In county,
,,Ann Grills,,13,,In county,
,,William Grills,10,,,In county,
,,Thomas Grills,9,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Grills,,7,,In county,
,,Mary Grills,,4,,In county,

Book 6 Folio 21 Page 7

,,Richard Grills,2,,,In county,
Hackthorn,1,James Bayley,49,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Bayley,,51,,In county,
,,John Bayley,19,,,In county,
,,Eliza Bayley,,17,,In county,
,,Mary Bayley,,15,,In county,
,,Jane Bayley,,10,,In county,
,,Ann Uglow,,40,Independent,In county,
,,Thomasin Shearm,,60,Independent,In county,
,,Mary Shearm,,25,Independent,In county,
,,Charlot Taylor,,18,Female Servant,In county,
,,John Gibbs,15,,Male Servant,In county,
Harlick,1,William Jewill,48,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Jewill,,49,,In county,
,,Mary Jewill,,11,,In county,
,,Henry Jewill,8,,,In county,
,,Grace Jewill,,4,,In county,
Harlick,1,John Sutton,50,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Sutton,,55,,In county,
Harlick Cross,1,Thomas Pooly,31,,Farmer,In county,
,,Johanna Cock,,55,Female Servant,In county,
,,James Grills,15,,Male Servant,In county,
Rattenbury,1,James Box,50,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Box,,45,,In county,
,,Thomas Box,23,,,In county,

Book 6 Folio 22 Page 8

,,Henry Box,17,,,In county,
,,Eleana Box,,11,,In county,
,,Mary Box,,8,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Box,,3,,In county,
,,William Box,40,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Barrett,,30,Female Servant,In county,
Gingero,1,John Palmer,25,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Palmer,,25,,In county,
,,William Palmer,5,,,In county,
,,Lovedy Palmer,,2,,In county,
Trelay,1,John Martin,50,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Martin,,35,,In county,
,,Fanny Martin,,14,,In county,
,,Mary Martin,,12,,In county,
,,Ann Martin,,10,,In county,
,,Thomas Martin,8,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Martin,,6,,In county,
,,John Martin,9m,,,In county,
,,William Cory,21,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Edward Marshall,14,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Richard Gibbs,12,,Male Servant,In county,
Woodknowl,1,Mary Thomas,,56,Farmer's Widow,In county,
,,Henry Thomas,33,,,In county,
,,William Thomas,25,,,In county,
,,James Thomas,23,,,In county,

Book 6 Folio 22 Page 9

,,Elizabeth Thomas,,21,,In county,
,,Jane Eairs,,15,Female Servant,In county,surname uncertain
,,Thomas Cutten,13,,Male Servant,In county,
Woodknowl,1,John Male,52,,Farmer,In county,
,,Lucy Male,,46,,In county,
,,John Male,23,,,In county,
,,Betsy Male,,19,,In county,
,,Isaac Male,18,,,In county,
,,Joan Male,,7,,In county,
,,Ann Male,,5,,In county,
,,Samuel Box,15,,Male Servant,In county,
Wooldown,1,William Werring,36,,Farmer,In county,
,,Sally Werring,,31,,In county,
,,Samuel Werring,6,,,In county,
,,William Werring,4,,,In county,
,,John Werring,1,,,In county,
,,Richard May,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Ann Bickel,,60,Independent,In county,
Wooldown,1,Samuel Collins,27,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Collins,,21,,In county,
,,Ann Collins,,6,,In county,
,,Mary Collins,,3,,In county,
,,John Collins,1,,,In county,
Wooldown,1,John Hele,24,,,In county,
,,Mary Hele,,24,,Unknown,

Book 6 Folio 23 Page 10

,,Grace Hele,,5,,In county,

Enumeration District 5

Civil Parish of Moorwinstow

Book 7 Folio 4 Page 1

Woodford,1,John Warmington,20,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Warmington,,20,,In county,
Woodford,1,James Pascoe,50,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Bettsy Pascoe,,45,,In county,
,,Wm. Pascoe,12,,,In county,
,,Henry Pascoe,10,,,In county,
,,Elizth. Pascoe,,8,,In county,
Woodford,1,Grace Pascoe,,55,,In county,
,,Mary Pascoe,,25,,In county,
,,John Pascoe,6m,,,In county,
,,Izable Bailey,,75,,In county,
Woodford,1,John Warmington,55,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Warmington,,55,,In county,
Eastaway,1,Cathne. C Manning,,70,Independent,In county,
,,Mary Vinson,,50,Female Servant,In county,
,,Charlotte Heydon,,30,Female Servant,In county,
,,Wm. J Dawson,25,,Wesleyan Minst.,Not in county,
Eastaway,1,Henry Burrow,45,,Gardener,In county,
,,Damaras Burrow,,45,,In county,
,,John Burrow,6,,,In county,
Harscott,1,John Adams,75,,Yeoman,In county,
,,Elizth. Adams,,50,H Keeper,In county,
,,Saml. Gilbert,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Grace Furze,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Harscott,1,Thos. Downing,30,,Ag Lab,Not in county,

Book 7 Folio 5 Page 2

,,Elizth. Downing,,20,,In county,
,,Thos. Downing,5,,,In county,
Harscott,1,Mary Hutchings,,65,Independent,In county,
,,Susan Cloak,,45,Female Servant,Not in county,
,,Eliza Hopgood,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Harscott,1,Wm. Hambly,25,,Ag Lab,Not in county,
,,Eliza Hambly,,20,,In county,
,,Betsy Hambly,,1,,In county,
Cleave,1,Richd. Harris,45,,Farmer,In county,
,,Jane Harris,,45,,In county,
,,Richd. Harris,14,,,In county,
,,Elizth. Harris,,13,,In county,
,,Jane Harris,,11,,In county,
,,Edwd. Harris,7,,,In county,
,,Caroline Harris,,6,,In county,
,,Chas. Harris,6,,,In county,
,,Grace Herring,,55,Female Servant,In county,
,,Grace Oak,,20,Female Servant,Not in county,
,,Elizth. Clark,,15,Female Servant,In county,
,,Wm. Hopgood,25,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Thos. Wickett,20,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Thos. Martin,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Wm. Darch,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Ann Oldman,,60,Sevt.,In county,
Higher Oves,1,Saml. Metheral,65,,Ag Lab,In county,

Book 7 Folio 5 Page 3

Stanbury,1,Henry Adams,45,,Farmer,In county,
,,Ann Adams,,50,,In county,
,,Henry (Jnr) Adams,15,,,In county,
,,Mary Adams,,15,,In county,
,,Anne Adams,,15,,In county,
,,Behuel Adams,8,,,In county,
,,Mary Elliott,,25,Servant,In county,
,,Grace Stanbury,,14,Female Servant,In county,
,,Henry Lane,45,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Wm. Parr,20,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Thos. Parr,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Walter Osborne,15,,Male Servant,In county,
H. Ovis,u,,,,,,
H. Ovis,1,Sophia Metheral,,55,,In county,
,,Emelia Metheral,,14,,In county,
L. Ovis,1,Richd. Kempthorn,25,,Ag. Lab,In county,
,,Ann Kempthorn,,25,,In county,
,,Joanna Kempthorn,,1,,In county,
L. Ovis,u,,,,,,
L. Ovis,1,Bethl. Vinson,55,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Vinson,,60,,In county,
,,Richd. Vinson,8,,,In county,
Coombe,1,John Harris,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizth. Harris,,25,,In county,
,,Ann Harris,,7,,In county,
,,Mary Harris,,5,,In county,
,,John Harris,5,,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 6 Page 4

,,Thos. Harris,11m,,,In county,
Coombe,1,George Cole,45,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Ann Cole,,35,,In county,
,,Fanny Cole,,12,,In county,
,,Grace Cole,,9,,In county,
,,Hannah Cole,,6,,In county,
Coombe,1,Henry Adams,75,,,In county,
,,Ann Adams,,70,,In county,
Coombe,1,Nichs. Rodd,50,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizth. Rodd,,50,,In county,
,,Grace Rodd,,15,,In county,
,,Grace Hodge,,45,,In county,
Coombe,1,Wm. Grills,80,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Grace Grills,,70,,In county,
,,Nichs. Grills,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Betsy Brown,,50,,In county,
Coombe,1,Richd. Gilbert,,55,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Betsy Gilbert,,50,,In county,
,,Mary Gilbert,,11,,In county,
,,Susan Gilbert,,8,,In county,
,,Jane Gilbert,,6,,In county,
,,Sarah Gilbert,,3,,In county,
,,John Gilbert,4,,,In county,
,,Ann Kibby,,60,Independent,In county,
Coombe,1,Thos. Yeo,65,,Ag Lab,In county,

Book 7 Folio 6 Page 5

,,Mary Yeo,,60,,In county,
,,Martha Yeo,,15,,In county,
,,Flora Yeo,,20,,In county,
Coombes,1,Richd. Grills,35,,Labourer,In county,
,,Elizth. Grills,,13,,In county,
,,Jane Grills,,9,,In county,
Coombes,1,Thos. Grills,35,,Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Grills,,25,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Grills,,3,,In county,
,,James Grills,1,,,In county,
Coombes,1,Elizth. Maddon,,50,,In county,
,,Betsy Maddon,,20,Dressmaker,Not in county,
Coombes,1,Thos. Gist,60,,Labourer,In county,
,,Elizth. Gist,,60,,Not in county,
,,Richd. Gist,20,,,Not in county,
,,Humpry. Gist,15,,,Not in county,
Coombes,1,Ezekel Rouse,30,,Clerk,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Rouse,,30,,In county,
,,Pricilla Rouse,,5,,In county,
,,Ezekl. Rouse,1m,,,In county,
,,Mary Brown,,20,Female Servant,In county,
,,Fanny Lashbrook,,30,,Not in county,
Coombes,1,John Tape,55,,Car.,In county,
,,Fanny Tape,,39,,In county,
,,Henry Tape,5,,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 7 Page 6

,,George Cole,75,,Ag Lab,In county,
Coombe Mill,1,Mary Lashbrook,,70,Miller,Not in county,
,,Elizth. Vanstone,,60,Female Servant,Not in county,
,,Wm. Vanstone,15,,Male Servant,Not in county,
,,Richd. Vanstone,9,,Male Servant,Not in county,
,,James Cottle,2,,,In county,
Lea Wood Cottage,1,John Carter,60,,Woodman,Not in county,
,,Mary A Carter,,60,,Not in county,
,,Chas. Carter,15,,,Not in county,
,,Mary A Bibbins,,4,,In county,
Sentry,1,John Cobbledick,35,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Barkwell,,45,Female Servant,Not in county,
,,Thos. Cottle,15,,Male Servant,In county,
Burredge,1,Laurce. Trewin,45,,Farmer,In county,
,,Margt. Trewin,,35,,In county,
,,Saml. Trewin,15,,,In county,
,,Jane Trewin,,15,,In county,
,,John Trewin,10,,,In county,
,,Nathan. Trewin,8,,,In county,
,,David Trewin,5,,,In county,
,,Alfred Trewin,2,,,In county,
,,John Gilbert,20,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Thos. Walkey,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Mary Maning,,15,Female Servant,In county,
,,Betsy Piper,,25,Female Servant,Not in county,

Book 7 Folio 7 Page 7

Lee,1,John Venning,35,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Venning,,30,,In county,
,,John (Jnr.) Venning,6,,,In county,
,,Ann Venning,,5,,In county,
,,Elizth. Venning,,3,,In county,
,,Edmund Venning,1,,,In county,
,,Daniel Venning,1,,,In county,
,,Mary Venning,,3w,,In county,
,,Honor Andrew,,55,Nurse,In county,
,,George Grills,35,,Male Servant,In county,
,,John Pascoe,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,James Vinson,14,,Male Servant,In county,
,,James Grills,14,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Richd. Found,12,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Grace Gay,,15,Female Servant,In county,
,,Mary Badcock,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Foardar,1,Saml. Gliddon,65,,Farmer,In county,
,,Ann Gliddon,,60,,In county,
,,Wm. Gliddon,30,,,In county,
,,Thos. Gliddon,25,,,In county,
,,Saml. Gliddon,25,,,In county,
,,Elizth. Gliddon,,20,,In county,
,,Fanny Williams,,25,Female Servant,In county,
,,Thos. Gist,14,,Male Servant,In county,
Ham Mill,u,,,,,,
Ham Mill,1,Jos. Mugford,55,,Miller,In county,

Book 7 Folio 8 Page 8

,,Mary Mugford,,55,,In county,
,,John Mugford,15,,,In county,
,,Mary Mugford,,10,,In county,
Ham Mill,1,Hugh Cottle,65,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizth. Cottle,,60,,In county,
Lr. Woodford,1,Henry Parr,26,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizth. Parr,,26,,In county,
Lr. Woodford,1,Wm. Harris,35,,Ag. Lab,In county,
,,Ann Harris,,30,,In county,
,,Sophia Harris,,9,,In county,
,,Noah Harris,8,,,In county,
,,Ann Harris,,6,,In county,
,,Wm. Harris,4,,,In county,
,,Caleb Harris,1,,,In county,
Woodford,1,Wm. Clift,75,,Mason,In county,
,,Grace Clift,,65,,In county,
Woodford,1,James Branton,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Ann Branton,,30,,In county,
,,Mary Branton,,9,,In county,
,,James Branton,4,,,In county,
,,Thomas Branton,2,,,In county,
Woodford,1,Thomas Baily,40,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Sarah Baily,,35,,In county,
,,Charlotte Baily,,9,,In county,
,,Catharine Baily,,7,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 8 Page 9

,,Charles Baily,5,,,In county,
,,Sarah Baily,,2,,In county,
Woodford,1,Elizth. Wills,,65,,In county,
Woodford,1,George Rodd,60,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rodd,,60,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rodd,,15,,In county,
,,Richard Rodd,4,,,In county,
,,Mary Hodge,,85,,In county,
Woodford,1,George Trimble,30,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Harriet Trimble,,20,,In county,
,,Wm. Trimble,1,,,In county,
Woodford,1,Wm. Greenaway,60,,Cord Winder,In county,
,,Elizth. Greenaway,,60,,In county,
,,Ann Greenaway,,15,,In county,
,,Richd. Greenaway,7,,,In county,
,,Harriet Bond,,20,,In county,
Woodford,1,John Furze,35,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Sarah Furze,,35,,In county,
,,Sarah Furze,,14,,In county,
Woodford,1,Wm. Martin,50,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Martin,,50,,In county,
Woodford,1,Wm. Cholwill,30,,Cordwinder,In county,
,,Sophia Cholwill,,30,,In county,
,,Mary Cholwill,,5,,In county,
,,Fanny Cholwill,,1,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 9 Page 10

,,Jane Hopgood,,65,Independent,In county,
,,John Rodd,15,,Shoe Maker Apprentice,In county,
,,John Adams,12,,Shoe Maker Apprentice,In county,
Woodford,1,Grace Worth,,65,,In county,
,,Grace Worth,,20,,In county,
,,Damaras Burrow,,40,Independent,In county,
Woodford,1,Richard Cann,,40,Basket Maker,In county,
,,Eleanor Cann,,30,,In county,
Woodford,1,Judith Cann,,65,,In county,
,,Mary Moss,,30,,In county,
Woodford,1,Abraham Grills,70,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Grills,,70,,In county,
Woodford,1,Jane Cleverdon,,40,,In county,
,,Walter Cleverdon,9,,,In county,
,,Eliza Cleverdon,,6,,In county,
,,Mary Pethick,,65,,In county,
Woodford,1,Thos. Trick,35,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Trick,,30,,In county,
,,Ann Trick,,10,,In county,
,,William Trick,8,,,In county,
,,Thos. Trick,6,,,In county,
,,Mary Trick,,6,,In county,
,,Grace Trick,,5,,In county,
,,Elizth. Trick,,2,,In county,
Woodford,1,George Moore,20,,Cordwinder,In county,
,,Mary Moore,,20,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 9 Page 11

,,Mary Moor,,20,,In county,
,,Thos. King,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,John Kivell,15,,,In county,
Woodford,1,Richard Clark,45,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Joan Clark,,45,,In county,
,,Tamsen Clark,,14,,In county,
,,Grace Clark,,10,,In county,
,,Jane Clark,,8,,In county,
,,Richard Clark,1,,,In county,
Woodford,1,Wm. Seldon,30,,Farmer,Not in county,
,,Maria Seldon,,25,,Not in county,
Woodford,1,Nichl. Cholwill,60,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Cholwill,,25,,In county,
Woodford,1,Jno. Cottle,35,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Ann Cottle,,35,,In county,
,,Mary Cottle,,9m,,In county,
Woodford,1,John Cholwill,50,,Farmer,In county,
,,William Cholwill,55,,Independent,In county,
,,Ann Gilbert,,30,Servant,In county,
Woodford,1,Thos. Simmons,55,,Mason,In county,
,,Margret Simmons,,55,,In county,
Woodford,1,Humpy. Worth,30,,Butcher,In county,
,,Betsy Worth,,35,,In county,
,,Elizth. Worth,,10,,In county,
,,Ann Worth,,8,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 10 Page 12

,,Mary Worth,,4,,In county,
,,John Worth,2,,,In county,
,,Fanny Worth,,2m,,In county,
Woodford,1,John Worth,40,,Carrier,In county,
,,Mary Worth,,50,,In county,
,,Mary A Worth,,15,,In county,
,,John Worth,8,,,In county,
,,Richd. Worth,6,,,In county,
Woodford,1,John Martin,20,,Mason,In county,
,,Margarte Martin,,20,,In county,
Woodford,1,John Tape,25,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Mary Tape,,30,,In county,
,,William Tape,5,,,In county,
,,Edwin Tape,3,,,In county,
,,James Tape,3,,,In county,
,,Wm. Kallaway,20,,Journeyman Carpenter,In county,
Woodford,1,John Cottle,50,,Blacksmth.,In county,
,,Tammy Cottle,,45,,In county,
,,Elizth. Cottle,,20,,In county,
,,Mary Cottle,,12,,In county,
,,Jane Cottle,,2,,In county,
Woodford,1,Nichs. Kinsman,30,,Mason,In county,
,,Grace Kinsman,,50,,In county,
,,Wm. Kinsman,11,,,In county,
Woodford,1,Dorcas Adams,,45,Bonnet Maker,In county,

Book 7 Folio 10 Page 13

,,Fanny Adams,,15,,In county,
,,Wm. Adams,2,,,In county,
Woodford,1,Wm. Neal,55,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Neal,,45,,In county,
Woodford,1,Richd. Gilbert,55,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Cathne. Gilbert,,50,,In county,
,,James Gilbert,25,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Jane Gilbert,,10,,In county,
Woodford,1,John Tuckwell,60,,Ag Lab,Not in county,
,,Mary Tuckwell,,50,,In county,
Woodford,1,John Crews,50,,Tailor,In county,
,,Sarah Crews,,40,,In county,
,,Mary Crews,,15,,In county,
,,John Crews,11,,,In county,
,,Sarah Crews,,8,,In county,
,,Elizth. Crews,,10m,,In county,
,,Elizth. Crews,,60,,In county,
Woodford Cottage,u,,,,,,
Woodford Cottage,1,Philip Smith,55,,Ag Lab,In county,

Enumeration District 6

Civil Parish of Moorwinstow

Book 7 Folio 15 Page 1

Woodlands Farm,1,John Piper,25,,Farmer,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Piper,,25,,Not in county,
,,Jane Piper,,10,,Not in county,
,,Maria Piper,,4,,Not in county,
,,Lucy Piper,,3,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Piper,,2,,In county,
,,John Copp,25,,Male Servant,Not in county,
,,Samuel Cole,22,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Samuel Cole,17,,Male Servant,Not in county,
,,Richard Found,10,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Agness Gowin,,16,Female Servant,Not in county,
,,Maria Baglow,,12,Female Servant,In county,
,,Mary Redclifft,,65,Female Servant,Not in county,
Blackley Stursdon,1,William Mountjoy,48,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Mountjoy,,53,,In county,
,,Henry Cotton,12,,Male Servant,In county,
South Stursdon,1,Richard Mountjoy,40,,Farmer,In county,
,,Alice Mountjoy,,40,,In county,
,,Rebecca Mountjoy,,7,,In county,
,,Mary Mountjoy,,4,,In county,
,,William Mountjoy,2,,,In county,
,,John Kivell,18,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Thomas Cole,17,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Daniel Jewell,12,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Fanny Ham,,18,Female Servant,In county,

Book 7 Folio 16 Page 2

North Stursdon,1,William Mountjoy,72,,,In county,
,,Mary Mountjoy,,74,,In county,
,,Henry Mountjoy,30,,,In county,
,,Thomas Rodd,25,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Charles Ham,14,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Grace Gerry,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Botteborough,1,William Rodd,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Eliza Rodd,,25,,In county,
,,John Rodd,4m,,,In county,
Crimp Farm,1,Richard Jewell,75,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Jane Jewell,,60,,In county,
,,Thomas Jewell,25,,Shoemaker,In county,
Youlstone Farm,1,John Cottle,45,,Farmer,Not in county,
,,Mary Cottle,,30,,In county,
,,John Cottle,2,,,In county,
,,Mary Cottle,,4m,,In county,
,,Richard Wills,25,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Thomas Burrow,25,,Male Servant,In county,
,,William Crewse,17,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Humphrey Worth,12,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Thomas Brown,10,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Betsy Waldron,,20,Female Servant,In county,
,,Ann Crewse,,12,Female Servant,In county,
,,Catherine Gay,,10,Female Servant,In county,
Farm In Village Of Eastcott,1,Richard Boundy,60,,Farmer,In county,

Book 7 Folio 16 Page 3

,,Sarah Boundy,,45,,In county,
,,Richard Boundy,25,,,In county,
,,Thomas Boundy,8,,,In county,
,,Richard Clarke,20,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Elizabeth Buckler,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Farm In Village Of Eastcott,1,John Johns,45,,Farmer,Not in county,
,,Grace Johns,,40,,Not in county,
,,John Johns,20,,,Not in county,
,,Anne Johns,,15,,Not in county,
,,Daniel Johns,13,,,Not in county,
,,Thomas Johns,11,,,Not in county,
,,Matthew Johns,9,,,Not in county,
Farm In Village Of Eastcott,1,John Burrow,40,,Farmer,In county,
,,Susan Burrow,,30,,In county,
,,John Burrow,15,,,In county,
,,Thomas Burrow,14,,,In county,
,,Letice Burrow,,7,,In county,
,,William Burrow,5,,,In county,
,,Sarah Burrow,,2,,In county,
,,Fanny Grills,,14,Female Servant,In county,
Cottage In Village Of Eastcott,1,John Cornish,35,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Ann Cornish,,35,,Not in county,
,,William Cornish,9,,,In county,
,,Samuel Cornish,7,,,In county,
,,John Cornish,4,,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 17 Page 4

,,Elizabeth Cornish,,1,,In county,
Cottage In Village Of Eastcott,1,George Martin,30,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Mary Martin,,30,,In county,
Cottage In Village Of Eastcott,1,William Buckler,45,,Ag Lab,Not in county,
,,Nicholas Buckler,7,,,In county,
,,Thomas Buckler,5,,,In county,
Cottage In Village Of Eastcott,1,James Neal,45,,Tea Dealer,In county,
,,Joanna Neal,,50,,In county,
,,Moses Neal,13,,,In county,
Cottage In Village Of Eastcott,1,Thomas Vinson,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Maria Vinson,,24,,In county,
,,Mary Vinson,,3,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Vinson,,2w,,In county,
,,Fanny Vinson,,25,Lodger (Crossed Out),In county,
,,William Vinson,1,,,In county,
Cottage In Village Of Eastcott,1,Elizabeth Gay,,75,Spinster,In county,
,,Mary Gay,,50,,In county,
Cottage In Village Of Eastcott,u,,,,,,
Cottage In Village Of Eastcott,1,John Downing,35,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Sarah Downing,,20,,In county,
,,Mary Downing,,7,,In county,
,,John Downing,3,,,In county,
,,William Downing,6m,,,In county,
,,Ann Cory,,20,Glovier,In county,
Holoborough Farm,1,James Cory,35,,Farmer,In county,
,,Jane Cory,,30,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 17 Page 5

,,Mary Cory,,5,,In county,
,,Andrew Cory,3,,,In county,
,,Emma Cory,,1,,In county,
,,Joseph Baily,28,,Male Servant,Not in county,
,,Anne Bartlett,,20,Female Servant,In county,
,,John Cory,60,,Independent,Not in county,
,,William Callaway,35,,Dissenting Minister,Not in county,
Holoborough Farm,1,Thomas Martin,63,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Martin,,60,,In county,
,,William Martin,29,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Martin,,25,,In county,
,,Issac Littlejohns,15,,Male Servant,In county,
Holoborough Farm,1,Andrew Cory,68,,Farmer,Not in county,
,,Mary Cory,,65,,In county,
,,Em Cory,,34,Mantua Maker,In county,
,,John Cory,30,,,In county,
,,Willmot Cory,,25,,In county,
,,John Gilbert,30,,Male Servant,In county,
,,John Cornish,12,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Andrew Reed,6,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Mary Tremeer,,65,Lodger (Crossed Out),In county,
Cottage In Holoborough,1,George Rodd,60,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Anne Rodd,,50,,In county,
,,William Rodd,20,,Shoemaker,In county,
,,George Rodd,9,,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 18 Page 6

Hobes Choice,1,Thomas Jewell,68,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Jane Jewell,,52,,In county,
,,James Jewell,19,,,In county,
East Lopthorne,1,Richard Martin,30,,Farmer,In county,
,,Anne Martin,,25,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Martin,,1,,In county,
,,Wakeman Pollard,15,,Male Servant,In county,
West Lopthorne,1,Daniel Tape,50,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Tape,,35,,In county,
,,Eliza Tape,,18,,In county,
,,Mary Tape,,15,,In county,
,,Daniel Tape,9,,,In county,
,,Thomas Tape,4,,,In county,
Brownspit Farm,1,Nicholas Tucker,24,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Tucker,,25,,Not in county,
,,John Tucker,4,,,In county,
,,Eliza Tucker,,18,Female Servant,In county,
,,Mary Pollard,,22,Female Servant,In county,
,,James Tremeer,20,,Male Servant,Not in county,
,,John Metherell,20,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Thomas Littlejohns,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,John Moise,12,,Male Servant,In county,
Cottage In Brownspit,1,Jane Badcock,,64,Spinster,In county,
Cottage In Brownspit,1,William Robins,50,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Anne Robins,,40,,Not in county,

Book 7 Folio 18 Page 7

,,Mary Robins,,13,,In county,
,,Rebecca Robins,,9,,In county,
,,Francis Robins,7,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Robins,,4,,In county,
,,Susan Robins,,3,,In county,
Cottage In Brownspit,1,Thomas Lane,35,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Grace Lane,34,,,In county,
,,Thomas Lane,4,,,In county,
,,William Lane,1,,,In county,
Cottage In Brownspit,1,John White,35,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Grace White,,30,,Not in county,
,,John White,6,,,In county,
,,Mary White,,4,,In county,
,,Jane White,,1,,In county,
Chapple Farm,1,Samuel Trewin,33,,Farmer,In county,
,,Maria Trewin,,40,,In county,
,,Thomas Pickard,22,,Male Servant,In county,
,,James Metherell,17,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Richard Pascoe,13,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Margaret Wills,,16,Female Servant,In county,
Village Of Shop,1,Letticia Fry,,70,Independent,In county,
,,Anne Gilbert,,60,Female Servant,In county,
Village Of Shop,1,John Purdew,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Anne Purdew,,30,,In county,
,,Mary Purdew,,4,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 19 Page 8

,,William Purdew,1,,,In county,
Village Of Shop,1,John Fish,40,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Mary Fish,,35,,In county,
,,Eliza Fish,,9m,,In county,
,,Anne Kibbey,,60,Lodger (Crossed Out),In county,
Village Of Shop,1,Thomas Cornish,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Prudence Cornish,,35,,In county,
,,Mary Cornish,,11,,In county,
,,Charlotte Cornish,,9,,In county,
,,Maria Cornish,,7,,In county,
,,William Cornish,5,,,In county,
,,Thomas Cornish,3,,,In county,
,,John Cornish,2,,,In county,
Village Of Shop,1,Christopher Pellow,30,,Schoolmaster,In county,
,,Susan Pellow,,30,,Not in county,
,,John Pellow,6,,,In county,
,,William Pellow,1,,,In county,
,,Charles Pellow,1d,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Cleverdon,,14,,In county,
,,Susannah Croker,,60,Independent,Not in county,
Village Of Shop,1,Thomas Elliot,50,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Elliot,,50,,Not in county,
,,Mary Vinson,,35,Pauper (Crossed Out),In county,
,,Charlotte Vinson,,10,,In county,
Village Of Shop,1,William Clarke,40,,Ag Lab,In county,

Book 7 Folio 19 Page 9

,,Elizabeth Clarke,,45,,In county,
,,Francis Clarke,,18,,In county,
,,Grace Clarke,,11,,In county,
,,Eliza Clarke,,8,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Clarke,,6,,In county,
Village Of Shop,1,John Heard,43,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Mary Heard,,40,,In county,
,,Margaret Heard,,18,,In county,
,,Mary Heard,,14,,In county,
,,John Heard,11,,,In county,
,,William Heard,8,,,In county,
,,Degory Heard,5,,,In county,
,,Thomas Heard,2m,,,In county,
,,John Darracott,19,,Blacksmith's Apprentice,In county,
Village Of Shop,1,John Walkey,45,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Elizabeth Walkey,,45,,In county,
,,John Walkey,15,,,In county,
,,Anne Walkey,,13,,In county,
,,Phillip Walkey,10,,,In county,
Furse Farm,1,Hugh Cottle,35,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Cottle,,30,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Cottle,,1,,In county,
,,William Found,9,,Male Servant,In county,
,,William Brooks,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
Dean,1,John Colwill,20,,Farmer,Not in county,

Book 7 Folio 20 Page 10

,,Anne Colwill,,20,,Not in county,
,,Mary Colwill,,18,,Not in county,
,,Thomas Colwill,15,,,Not in county,
,,William Elliot,12,,Male Servant,Not in county,
Little Dean Cottage,1,Samuel Burrow,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Burrow,,30,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Burrow,,7,,In county,
,,John Burrow,5,,,In county,
,,William Burrow,2,,,In county,
Little Dean Cottage,1,John Grills,50,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Grills,,50,,In county,
,,Eliza Grills,,15,,In county,
,,Mary Grills,,12,,In county,
,,William Grills,4,,,In county,
,,William Adams,6,,Pauper (Crossed Out),In county,
,,John Baglow,74,,Pauper (Crossed Out),In county,
Little Dean Cottage,1,William Darracott,71,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Susan Darracott,,52,,In county,
Middlefields,1,William Burrow,35,,Farmer,In county,
,,Emma Heard,,70,Female Servant,In county,
,,Eliza Clarke,,20,Female Servant,In county,
,,Bethel Vinson,20,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Edwin Barry,20,,Male Servant,In county,
,,William Clarke,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,John Gay,12,,Male Servant,In county,

Book 7 Folio 20 Page 11

East Milton,1,Lawrance Ashton,60,,Farmer,Not in county,
,,Sarah Ashton,,34,,In county,
,,Nora Ashton,,12,,In county,
,,Sarah Ashton,,5,,In county,
,,Lawrance Ashton,3,,,In county,
,,Augusta Ashton,,6m,,In county,
,,Anne Wheare,,11,Female Servant,In county,
,,John Guest,35,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Mary Guest,,20,Female Servant,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ham,,15,Female Servant,In county,
,,Thomas Creeper,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,William White,15,,Male Servant,In county,
West Milton,1,John Brimacombe,30,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Brimacombe,,35,,In county,
,,Patricia Allen,,70,Independent,In county,
,,Charles Brimacombe,25,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Thomas Judd,20,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Richard Branton,17,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Eliza Hobbs,,20,Female Servant,In county,
,,Joanna Daniell,,25,Lodger (Crossed Out),In county,
,,William Daniell,35,,Lodger (Crossed Out),Not in county,
Ham,1,George Rodd,25,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Rodd,,25,,Not in county,
,,Richard Rodd,4,,,In county,
,,Grace Rodd,,2,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 21 Page 12

,,Mary Rodd,,2m,,In county,
,,Mary Vinson,,75,Lodger (Crossed Out),Not in county,
Alderbeare,1,Degory Squire,42,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Betsy Squire,,33,,In county,
Ruxmore,1,Richard Neal,45,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Neal,,45,,In county,
,,Anne Neal,,9,,In county,
Pipshill,1,Samuel Cleverdon,45,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Grace Cleverdon,,45,,In county,
,,Samuel Cleverdon,15,,,In county,
,,John Cleverdon,11,,,In county,
Cross Town Village,1,Anne Williams,,52,Pauper (Crossed Out),In county,
,,Eliza Williams,,9,,In county,
,,Fanny Williams,,6,,In county,
,,John Williams,4,,,In county,
Cross Town Village,1,William Tanton,45,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Tanton,,40,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Tanton,,10,,In county,
Cross Town Village,1,George Tape,45,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Grace Tape,,45,,In county,
Cross Town Village,1,William Lane,80,,Pauper (Crossed Out),In county,
,,Grace Lane,,75,,Not in county,
Cross Town Village,1,Edward Judd,60,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Emblyn Judd,,52,,In county,
,,Charles Judd,4,,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 21 Page 13

Cross Town Village,1,Lawrance Neal,80,,Pauper (Crossed Out),In county,
,,Margaret Neal,,80,,In county,
Cross Town Village,1,Elizabeth Bryant,,75,Pauper (Crossed Out),In county,
Cross Town Village,1,William Elliott,35,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Grace Elliott,,40,,In county,
,,Grace Elliott,,7,,In county,
Cross Town Village,1,Richard Jewell,35,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Jewell,,35,,Not in county,
,,William Jewell,,8,,In county,
,,Richard Jewell,6,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Jewell,,5,,In county,
,,Mary Jewell,,2m,,In county,
,,Richard Lane,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
Cross Town Village,1,George Walkey,25,,Publican,In county,
,,Mary Walkey,,24,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Walkey,,24,,In county,
Cross Town Village,1,William Martin,26,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Grace Martin,,25,,In county,
,,Thomas Martin,3,,,In county,
,,Grace Cornish,,65,Lodger (Crossed Out),In county,
,,Mary Gilbert,,6,Lodger (Crossed Out),In county,
Cross Town Village,1,Elizabeth Burrow,,70,Pauper (Crossed Out),In county,
Cross Town Village,1,Richard Brook,53,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Brook,,51,,In county,
,,Anne Brook,,26,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 22 Page 14

,,Elizabeth Brook,,16,,In county,
,,Peter Burrow,53,,Ag Lab,In county,
Cross Town Village,1,Thomas Brown,76,,Pauper (Crossed Out),In county,
,,Grace Brown,,16,,In county,
Cross Town Village,1,Richard Found,35,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Sarah Found,,30,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Found,,12,,In county,
,,George Found,6,,,In county,
,,Sally Found,,5,,In county,
,,James Found,2,,,In county,
Cross Town Village,1,Anne Stanbury,,75,Spinster,In county,
Vicarage,1,Robert Hawker,38,,Clergyman,Not in county,
,,Charlotte Hawker,,40,,In county,
,,Dorothy English,,55,Guest (Crossed Out),Not in county,
,,Nathaniel English,18,,Guest (Crossed Out),Not in county,
,,Charles Mugford,25,,Male Servant,In county,
,,William Mugford,20,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Honor Mugford,,18,Female Servant,In county,
,,Jane Maynard,,22,Female Servant,In county,
Rectory Farm,u,,,,,,
Rectory Farm,1,George Venning,25,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Venning,,25,,Not in county,
,,Caroline Reed,,15,Visitor (Crossed Out),Not in county,
,,John Smale,55,,Male Servant,In county,
,,William Pethick,40,,Male Servant,In county,
,,William Gilbert,20,,Male Servant,In county,

Book 7 Folio 22 Page 15

,,William Found,12,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Elizabeth Lang,,15,Female Servant,Not in county,
Tonnacombe Farm,1,William Brimacombe,41,,Farmer,Not in county,
,,Joanna Brimacombe,,14,,In county,
,,John Brimacombe,9,,,In county,
,,William Brimacombe,8,,,In county,
,,Josiah Brimacombe,2,,,In county,
,,Titus Brimacombe,6m,,,In county,
,,William Pomery,30,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Peggy Oke,,26,Female Servant,Not in county,
,,George Tape,19,,Male Servant,In county,
,,John Ham,19,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Daniel Baker,14,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Thomas Cleverdon,12,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Elizabeth Elliot,,10,Female Servant,In county,
,,Elenor Smyth,,50,Female Servant,In county,
Tonnacombe Mill,1,Thomas Found,40,,Miller,In county,
,,Prudence Found,,45,,In county,
,,Anne Found,,15,,In county,
,,Henry Found,9,,,In county,
,,James Found,6,,,In county,
,,Nathaniel Found,8,,,In county,
Crosswater Farm,1,John Cholwill,63,,Farmer,In county,
,,Anne Cholwill,,62,,In county,
,,Lawrance Cholwill,30,,Male Servant,In county,

Book 7 Folio 23 Page 16

,,Anne Cholwill,,24,Female Servant,In county,
,,Thomas Cholwill,20,,Shoemaker Apprentice,In county,
,,Elizabeth Cholwill,,5,Grand Daughter (Crossed Out),In county,
Darshall Farm,1,John Elliot,25,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Elliot,,20,,In county,
,,James Elliot,8m,,,In county,
Darshall Farm,1,John Bealy,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Emma Bealy,,20,,In county,
,,John Bealy,2w,,,In county,
,,Richard Seldon,25,,Ag Lab,Not in county,
Ham Farm,1,Thomas Seldon,55,,Farmer,Not in county,
,,Grace Seldon,,45,,Not in county,
,,Richard Seldon,12,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Seldon,,14,,In county,
,,Thomas Seldon,10,,,In county,
,,Mary Hatherley,,75,Independent,Not in county,
,,Richard Seldon,60,,Lodger (Crossed Out),Not in county,
,,Thomas Adams,19,,Male Servant,In county,
James's Cross,1,John Harris,35,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Sarah Harris,,30,,In county,
,,John Harris,5,,,In county,
,,Sarah Harris,,3,,In county,
,,James Harris,4,,,In county,

Enumeration District 7

Civil Parish of Moorwinstow

Book 7 Folio 28 Page 1

Shorston,1,William Jewel,35,,Farmer,Not in county,
,,Ann Jewel,,65,Independent,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Jewel,,24,Female Servant,In county,
,,Eliza Shaddoe,,18,Female Servant,Not in county,
,,Charles Hambly,26,,Male Servant,Not in county,
,,John Jefrey,20,,Male Servant,Not in county,
,,William Robins,15,,Male Servant,Not in county,
,,William Creeper,13,,Male Servant,In county,
Clothouse,1,Thomas Clark,45,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Grace Clark,,45,,Not in county,
,,Thomas Clark,16,,Shoemaker Apprentice,In county,
,,George Clark,10,,,In county,
Woolley,1,Abram Littlejohns,49,,Wheelwright,In county,
,,Mary Littlejohns,,40,,Not in county,
,,John Littlejohns,20,,,In county,
,,Betsy Littlejohns,,11,,Not in county,
,,Abram Littlejohns,9,,,In county,
,,Joseph Littlejohns,7,,,In county,
,,Mary Littlejohns,,5,,In county,
,,Joram Littlejohns,2,,,In county,
,,Joshua Littlejohns,2m,,,In county,
,,Abram Littlejohns,75,,Ag Lab,Not in county,
Woolley,1,Richard Harris,30,,Shoemaker,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Harris,,22,,In county,
,,Richard Harris,3,,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 29 Page 2

,,Sarah Harris,,1,,In county,
Woolley,1,Christopher Littlejohns,81,,Farmer,Not in county,
,,Mary Littlejohns,,82,,In county,
,,Grace Littlejohns,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Woolley,1,William Grills,25,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Grills,,20,,In county,
,,Thomas Grills,4m,,,In county,
,,Richard Budd,25,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Ann Budd,,28,,In county,
,,William Budd,5,,,In county,
,,Mariah Budd,,2,,In county,
,,Thomas Budd,2m,,,In county,
,,Thomas Budd,70,,Ag Lab,In county,
Woolley,1,William Hamlen,50,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Grace Hamlen,,50,,Not in county,
,,Richard Smale,26,,Ag Lab,Not in county,
,,Margret Way,,30,,Not in county,
,,William Cornish,20,,Mariner,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Galsworthy,,19,Female Servant,Not in county,
,,John Lewes,14,,Ag Lab,Foreign Parts,
,,Manul Downing,14,,Ag Lab,Not in county,
Woolley,1,William Littlejohns,45,,Farmer,In county,
,,Grace Littlejohns,,35,,Not in county,
,,Tabitha Littlejohns,,7,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Littlejohns,,5,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 29 Page 3

,,William Littlejohns,1,,,In county,
,,William Clark,19,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Elizabeth Barret,,11,Female Servant,In county,
Woolley,1,Edward Tape,42,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Ann Tape,,32,,In county,
,,Edward Tape,4,,,In county,
,,Mary Tape,,2,,In county,
,,William Stambury,35,,Ag Lab,In county,
Woolley,1,William Hambly,65,,Farmer,Not in county,
,,Mary Hambly,,75,,In county,
,,Mary Hambly,,14,Female Servant,Not in county,
Woolley,1,William Gay,47,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Grace Gay,,49,,In county,
,,Henry Gay,15,,,In county,
,,Ann Gay,,9,,In county,
,,William Gay,7,,,In county,
,,Thomas Gay,6,,,In county,
,,Richard Gay,4,,,In county,
Woolley,1,William Vinson,35,,Shoemaker,Not in county,
,,Eliza Vinson,,25,,In county,
,,Mary Vinson,,6,,In county,
,,Thomas Vinson,4,,,In county,
,,Titos Vinson,2,,,In county,
Woolley,1,Thomas Shepard,71,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Shepard,,60,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 30 Page 4

,,Charles Shepard,26,,Farmer,In county,
,,John Shepard,23,,,In county,
,,James Shepard,21,,,In county,
,,William Shepard,15,,,In county,
,,Simon Colwell,40,,Male Servant,Not in county,
,,William Tucker,17,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Elizabeth Tucker,,23,Female Servant,In county,
,,Ann Baker,,14,Female Servant,In county,
Woolley,1,John Tucker,55,,Tailor,Not in county,
,,Alice Tucker,,55,,Not in county,
,,John Tucker,33,,,In county,
,,Alice Tucker,,30,,In county,
,,Thomas Tucker,20,,,In county,
,,Mary Tucker,,78,,Not in county,
,,Amilia Tucker,,15,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Titos Tucker,9,,,In county,
,,William Harris,55,,Ag Lab,Not in county,
Woolley,1,John Littlejohns,51,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Littlejohns,,42,,Not in county,
,,Thomas Littlejohns,22,,,In county,
,,John Littlejohns,20,,,In county,
,,William Littlejohns,18,,,In county,
,,Grace Littlejohns,,16,,In county,
,,Ann Littlejohns,,14,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Littlejohns,,12,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 30 Page 5

,,Christopher Littlejohns,9,,,In county,
,,Eliza Littlejohns,,5,,In county,
,,Jabez Littlejohns,3,,,In county,
,,Emma Littlejohns,,1,,In county,
Woolley,1,William Harris,60,,Farmer,Not in county,
,,Alice Harris,,60,,Not in county,
,,Moses Harris,23,,,In county,
,,Aron Harris,20,,,In county,
Woolley,1,Abram Littlejohns,35,,Ag Lab,Not in county,
,,Mary Littlejohns,,30,,Not in county,
,,Ann Littlejohns,,5,,In county,
,,Fanny Littlejohns,,3,,In county,
,,William Littlejohns,1,,,In county,
,,Ann Littlejohns,,80,,Not in county,
Woolley,1,Jane Stevens,,30,,In county,
,,Sarah Stevens,,7,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Stevens,,4,,In county,
Woolley,1,John Hambly,40,,Blacksmith,Not in county,
,,Susanna Hambly,,35,,Not in county,
,,Catharine Hambly,,12,,In county,
,,Maria Hambly,,9,,In county,
,,Tabitha Hambly,,7,,In county,
,,Ann Hambly,,4,,In county,
,,William Hambly,2,,,In county,
Hackmarsh,1,Charles Trick,74,,Farmer,In county,

Book 7 Folio 31 Page 6

,,Emlon Trick,,75,,Not in county,
,,Charles Trick,27,,Farmer,In county,
,,William Littlejohns,17,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Richard White,14,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Mary Courtes,,24,Female Servant,In county,
,,Thomas Rodd,40,,Ag Lab,In county,
Hackmarsh,1,Richard Trick,40,,Farmer,In county,
,,Grace Trick,,45,,In county,
,,Emlin Trick,,2,,In county,
,,Thomas Waldron,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,John Barry,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Mary Clark,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Goosham,1,James Downing,65,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Downing,,67,,In county,
Goosham,1,William Wickett,35,,Farmer,Not in county,
,,Esther Wickett,,35,,In county,
,,William Wickett,10,,,In county,
,,George Wickett,7,,,In county,
,,Esther Wickett,,5,,In county,
,,Mary Wickett,,3,,In county,
,,John Wickett,5m,,,In county,
,,Thomas Jewell,23,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Elizabeth Brown,,23,Female Servant,In county,
,,William Eliot,15,,Male Servant,In county,
Goosham,1,John Wackley,23,,Ag Lab,Not in county,

Book 7 Folio 31 Page 7

,,Doratha Wackley,,29,,In county,
,,John Wackley,4m,,,In county,
Goosham,1,John Cottle,45,,Farmer,In county,
,,Ann Cottle,,35,,In county,
,,William Cottle,1,,,In county,
,,William White,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Faney Waldron,,14,Female Servant,In county,
Goosham,1,William Creeper,37,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Creeper,,40,,Not in county,
Goosham,1,Digory Burrow,60,,Farmer,In county,
,,Digory Burrow,30,,,In county,
,,Betsy Burrow,,25,,In county,
Goosham,1,William Kivel,60,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Kivel,,47,,In county,
,,James Kivel,13,,,In county,
,,Charles Kivel,7,,,In county,
,,William Kivel,25,,,In county,
Goosham,1,Genson Warmington,78,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Warmington,,77,,In county,
Goosham,1,Thomas Gliddon,45,,Ag Lab,Not in county,
,,Sarah Gliddon,,30,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Gliddon,,8,,In county,
,,Mary Gliddon,,6,,In county,
,,Thomas Gliddon,4,,,In county,
,,Ann Gliddon,,2,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 32 Page 8

Goosham,1,Joseph Crews,43,,Farmer,In county,
,,Jane Crews,,47,,In county,
,,Joseph Crews,15,,,In county,
,,Jane Crews,,9,,In county,
,,Mary Crews,,6,,In county,
,,Richard Crews,5,,,In county,
,,Emma Crews,,3,,In county,
,,Ann Cory,,77,Independent,In county,
Goosham,1,Joseph Barry,50,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Barry,,24,,In county,
,,Mary Barry,,57,,In county,
Goosham,1,Samuel Waldron,61,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Grace Waldron,,51,,In county,
,,Mary Waldron,,15,,In county,
,,Eliza Waldron,,9,,In county,
,,Grace Waldron,,11,,In county,
,,Jane Waldron,,5,,In county,
,,Mary Cloutman,,70,,Not in county,
Goosham,1,William Olde,45,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Olde,,45,,In county,
,,William Olde,25,,,In county,
Goosham,1,Mary Elicot,,50,Independent,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Elicot,,25,,Unknown,
Goosham,1,Richard Webb,40,,Pensioner,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Webb,,35,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 32 Page 9

,,Mary Webb,,11,,Not in county,
,,John Webb,10,,,Not in county,
,,Eliza Webb,,6,,Not in county,
,,Luiza Webb,,2,,Not in county,
Goosham,1,Richard Martin,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Martin,,35,,In county,
,,Emanul Martin,5,,,In county,
,,William Martin,7,,,In county,
,,Richard Martin,4,,,In county,
,,Joseph Martin,2,,,In county,
,,Mary Martin,,3w,,In county,
,,Ann Sleeman,,15,,In county,
,,Grace Sleeman,,13,,Not in county,
,,Charles Ham,16,,Ag Lab,In county,
Goosham,1,Mary Osbourn,,58,Widdow (Crossed Out),In county,
Goosham,1,Richard White,50,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth White,,48,,In county,
,,Faney White,,8,,In county,
,,Henry White,4,,,In county,
Goosham,1,John Wackley,40,,Thatcher,In county,
,,Ann Wackley,,40,,Not in county,
,,James Wackley,5,,,In county,
,,Mary Wackley,,3,,In county,
Goosham,1,Henry Harris,32,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Harris,,27,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 33 Page 10

,,John Cornish,5m,,,In county,
Goosham,1,William Herd,39,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Mary Herd,,27,,In county,
,,Job Herd,8,,,In county,
,,Susan Herd,,6,,In county,
,,William Herd,2w,,,In county,
,,Mary Stambury,,16,Female Servant,In county,
,,Dorethe Harris,,48,Nurse,Not in county,
Goosham,1,Job Palmer,71,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Palmer,,77,,In county,
,,Eliza Palmer,,20,,In county,
,,John Palmer,11,,,In county,
Goosham,1,John Jud,25,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Jud,,25,,In county,
,,Susan Sanwin,,60,,In county,
,,Ann Sanwin,,4,,Not in county,
Goosham Mill,1,John Eliot,40,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Eliot,,51,,Not in county,
,,Eliza Eliot,,15,,In county,
,,Charles Eliot,7,,,In county,
,,John Gay,56,,Mason,In county,
Goosham Mill,1,William Gay,60,,Miller,In county,
,,Ann Gay,,55,,Not in county,
,,Anthony Gay,20,,,In county,
,,Ann Gay,,14,,Not in county,

Book 7 Folio 33 Page 11

,,Elizabeth Ashton,,30,Female Servant,In county,
Goosham Mill,1,Thomas Tape,45,,Tailor,In county,
,,Honour Tape,,37,,In county,
,,Thomas Tape,6,,,In county,
,,William Tape,4,,,In county,
,,Mary Tape,,2,,In county,
,,John Tape,11m,,,In county,
Marsland,1,John Brimacombe,45,,Farmer,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Brimacombe,,43,,Not in county,
,,William Brimacombe,20,,,In county,
,,Charles Brimacombe,18,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Brimacombe,,16,,In county,
,,Joanna Brimacombe,,14,,In county,
,,Grace Brimacombe,,11,,In county,
,,Mary Brimacombe,,5,,In county,
,,James Barry,25,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Peter Dinner,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Thomas Brook,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Faney Pasco,,16,Female Servant,In county,
Hollaton,1,Richard Ham,38,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ham,,45,,In county,
,,John Ham,10,,,In county,
,,Richard Ham,6,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Boundy,,17,Female Servant,In county,
,,Mary Boundy,,15,Female Servant,In county,

Book 7 Folio 34 Page 12

Hollaton,1,Dewance Burrow,71,,Independent,In county,
,,Jane Burrow,,25,Dressmaker,In county,
Cory,1,Richard Baker,50,,Farmer,In county,
,,Grace Baker,,50,,In county,
,,Zacharias Baker,23,,,In county,
,,William Baker,21,,,In county,
,,Henry Baker,,17,,In county,
,,Nathaniel Baker,14,,,In county,
,,Thomas Baker,9,,,In county,
,,Faney Grills,,17,Female Servant,In county,
Cornesa,1,Thomas Kinsman,55,,Farmer,In county,
,,Margret Kinsman,,54,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Kinsman,,18,,In county,
,,Frances Kinsman,,16,,In county,
,,Thomas Kinsman,12,,,In county,
,,William Brook,20,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Joseph Orsborn,19,,Male Servant,In county,
,,John Adams,10,,Male Servant,In county,
Westcott,1,Richard Burrow,60,,Farmer,In county,
,,Ann Burrow,,50,,Not in county,
,,Humphry Burrow,20,,,Not in county,
,,Mary Burrow,,25,,Not in county,
,,Richard Burrow,18,,,Not in county,
,,Lewis Burrow,16,,,Not in county,
,,William Burrow,10,,,Not in county,

Book 7 Folio 34 Page 13

,,Henry Adams,18,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Ann Stambury,,15,Female Servant,In county,
,,William Steen,30,,Joiner,In county,
Creaton,1,Humphrey Burrow,60,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Burrow,,65,,In county,
,,William Kemthorn,20,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Charles Eliot,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Eliza Kinsman,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Cory,1,Richard Cann,21,,Farmer,Not in county,
,,Thomas Cann,23,,,Not in county,
,,John Cann,18,,,In county,
,,Ann Cann,,55,,Not in county,
Yeolmouth,1,Samuel Bambury,40,,Farmer,In county,
,,Rebecca Bambury,,40,,Not in county,
,,Samuel Bambury,12,,,Not in county,
,,Esther Bambury,,9,,In county,
,,Rebecca Bambury,,5,,In county,
,,John Bambury,9m,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Batten,,20,Female Servant,Not in county,
,,Thomas Kivel,20,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Thomas White,20,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Charles Ham,15,,Male Servant,In county,
Wattingap,1,Milloney Trood,45,,Independent,In county,
,,John Trood,22,,Malster,In county,

Book 7 Folio 35 Page 14

,,Dorcas Eliot,,16,Female Servant,In county,
Wattingap,1,Thomas Ashton,36,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Prissilla Ashton,,32,,In county,
,,William Ashton,4,,,In county,
,,Luesa Ashton,,2,,In county,
,,Mary Ashton,,1m,,In county,
Wattingap,1,William Ham,57,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Grace Ham,,58,,In county,
,,Jane Ham,,12,,In county,

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