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Karen Chappell's
Genealogy Research Service

Announcing a Genealogy research service that provides a copies of documents for your ancestors.

Member: National Genealogical Society

Hubbell Family Historical Society

Pinellas County Genealogical Society

Services Offered

   Research by the hour - $25.00 per hour - one hour minimum

   Obituary or Cemetery Gravestone search in Central Florida - hourly research rate applies.         (Note if the cemetery is known, a minimal $10.00 fee will be charged for a photo of the               gravestone.)

    Search of Central Florida newspaper obituaries-hourly research rate applies.
(Note--if the date of death is known within a week and exact county of death is known, a minimal fee of $6.00 will be charged for the research time.)

Why use a commercial research service?

Convenient                                     Specializing in Florida and the Southern States
Accurate                                      Access to records not available in your area
Economical                                     Quick Response Time
Professional                             Experience - 3 years with genealogical research

Services Provided

      Search of one Census record (one county, one year)      $15.00
     Search of five Census records( one county, five years) or (five counties, one year)
        Any combination resulting in five searches                      $60.00

Ordering a Census Search

Send questions regarding Census Searches to:
In order to do a search, you will need to provide first and last name, county to search and year to search. No searches will be attempted unless all of the above information is provided. To make it more likely that I have an exact match of the family you are researching the following information is also helpful:

Search Requested:

Census Year (Required)

Head of Household

Other Residents of Household

Mail the above information along with a check made to Karen Chappell for the Census services requested.

The address is:

Karen Chappell, Research Consultant
P.O. Box 540114
Orlando, FL  32854-0114

Every effort will be made to complete the search in two weeks.

If you send your e-mail address or fax no. I will contact you if I run into an unexpected delay.

For other research send an e-mail to:

Describe the type of research needed.  I will require $25 as a retainer to start the work.  You will be invoiced for the remainder of the work.  Before I begin any work, I will give you an estimate of the time required to produce the information that you need.

When you have determined how many hours of research, you would like.  Please mail me a complete description of what information is desired.  The more information that you provide, the more successful, the search will be.

The minimum information needed is the name of the individual, the names of any known family members, approximate date of birth, and approximate place of birth.  (Substitute marriage, or death information if that is known.)

Copies of all documents found will be sent to you.

To order research:

Send a retainer of $25.00 to:

Karen Chappell, Research Consultant
P. O. Box 540114
Orlando, FL  32804-0114

Happy Hunting with your family research!!

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