George Lineberry's Letters
These are letters that were written by George to his siblings while he was in World War II
(sources: Richard Lineberry, Virginia Lineberry, Carol Wolf)

Postcard post  marked Fort Sill, Okla. Feb. 8, 1941
Addressed to:
Mr. Johnnie Lineberry
Route 3, box 420
Okla. City, Okla.

Friday Nite

Hello folks,
I am in the 45th Division Batd. D.
I called up Robert and he was out on a job  You can call him at the field office if you come down here you can find me on Sunday in the 189th Infantry Batd. D.
We will go to Abilene

November 20, 1941 Menu for Thanksgiving Day and listed all men, including George, in the Battery D 189th Field Artillery at Camp Barkeley, Texas

Camp Barkeley, Texas March 9, 1942

Mr. Johnnie Lineberry
4315 N.W. 23 St.
Okla. City, Oklahoma
Box 420, Rt. 3

Camp Barkeley

Hi folks,

Will drop a few lines this morning  this is the first day we have not worked in no telling when  how is every little thing  is it cold up there  it snowed here last nite  it melted as fast as it fell but it is a nice day not so cold.  I wrote Leonard the other day but no answer yet.
I walked guard the 5th Birthday present maby.
D. Btry has been changed to B Btry 202 instead of 198  We are G. H. Q. troops this is not the 45th 90th maby tho score was 92 at the firing school at Fort Sill  the best is the 8th core army  We are speicle troops  go where the fighting is the worst.  the F. A. from camp Walton went to java  I don’t know if they got there or not.  
We will move in the new camp in a few days  nothing there but just the tents cold water.
How is Julia  fine I hop.  I am going to rais my insurance to ten thousand the first of the month  I have 5 now it will cost 7.20 a month  chicken dinner today so I better close to get in on this.  with love Geo.
                B Btry 202 F. A.

envelope Camp Barkeley, Tex July 9, 1942

on letterhead from Camp Barkeley, Texas


Hello John, Julia,

We came back from Cherokee last nite that is a nice town I went out to the Salt Plains the most of it is under water after the government built that dam.
The battery moves over to Muskogee the 15th  my transfer will come back about the first of August  I am sending 45 dollars home if it comes before the 1st will you send this back if I leave it in my locker some body will steal it as I will have to pay my own fair when transferring.
Julia can you understand Bobbie yet how is he.  
I will have to close for now, answer soon.

(it appears as though these two letters were sent together)

letterhead from Camp Barkeley, Texas

Friday eve.

Hello folks,

Will write a few lines to let y know I am getting along all rite.  How is everything at home how is Bobbie you misunderstood me in that letter  I have asked for a transfer to the parachute troops and it will be a time before I can here from it I have to pay my fare to Ft. Benning Georgia if I can not get in that I am going to the Mountain infantry.  We move the 5th maby to Muskogee I am on the morter section I drive a jeep   Not a peep in this, quit filed this pen, tho first time I have rote since I cam back from Cherokee we had a nice time the 4th I have not wrote to Jean since I was home and Leonard I could not say when I heard from him.  I am sending 60 dollars if I go to Ft. Benning I can send a telegram and y can send some back if I keep it here some body will steal it. better close this time Geo.

letterhead from Camp Barkeley, Texas


Dear Sister,

Will write again  sitting around nothing to do  I got a letter from Julie today she sent a picture of the baby.
the batry is going to Cherokee the 4th of July  I am going to school again on Rifles  the same old thing.  We move to Muskogee about the 15th of July.  Sister will you tell Jr. to go down to the pool hall and get me John Garner address he is in the parachut troops I thing   I have asked for a transfer to the par. troops and kneed his adress to make it, it pays moore money.  i’ll never get no place here looks like.
I asked for a seventy two hour pass the 26th the top kick started shaking his head no  so I asked for one on the 22nd no pass given at all  it beats me  will y run Jr. down and get that adress and sent it back in a hurry.
        With love Geo.

Fort Benning, GA Sept 11, 1942



Well today was my last day but I was not by myself I fell out that made about 50 out of 171  When the next 2 week is out they will be lucky to be 50.  When I fell out the instructor cursed wanted to know what is wrong but I could say nothing.  9 of the men fell out  is over the hill  i’ll never do that.  outside you never here how many get hurt or killed  I have not lost my nerve but I am glad, a live coward is better then a dead hero, it will be K.P. for me the next 6 months maby but iam in good shape for it now
I would ask for a transfer but this captain is a wreck  he’ll pull his hair when he find out about all of us.  I will got the hospital in the morning for my first cursing
I am glad Virginia & Tomie moved an I would like to have been there to see Lillian an the baby.  I was at camp Gruber 2 weeks.
If I was Johnnie I would not join the Navy ask to be deferred  there is nothing like asking.  Y said Arthur was home he ort to make Sgt. in 6 months  I would like to see him  Wonder what he looks like.  Can y understand Bobby 15 pounds is a lot of flours an a good garden.  I better quit for this time. Geo.
My insurance is due in Oct. y can pay it
Tell Sis hello & Va.

Dear Brother,
I will write a few lines to let you know that iam still alive but that is about all  my feet are killing me  We had a hike about 60 miles   my arches is trying to fall.
How is Bobbie can he crawal how many teeth does he have.  I have 10 days furlough and spent it at Galax  Wesley is crawaling all over the place and can take 2 or 3 steps.  I saw all the kins getting along just fine taken there pictures but Uncle Thomas and Aunt Cindy I taken it 4 different times it looks like witchery but the rest is good.
Joe is still working but Leonard was layed off while I was there.
Shelton’s wife fell an broke her leg. iam sending 30 dollars did y pay my insurance.  I have not been payed, only partial pay  those bonds it may be the first of the year before you get them it will be from September. iam going to ask for a transfer some day it might mean 6 months in the Brig I can not go know where   they way it is an these long hikes.  I have not been to town Fayetteville 12 miles the pop. is 17, 000 or so.
Have y heard from the army get the money   Would not be as bad as this I am sure for this outfit is on the ball.  I think we jump next week  I have not jumped up here yet.
I will close for this time so this will go of in the mail hoping to here from y soon.
        With love Geo.

envelope empty Fort Bragg, NC Dec 7, 1942

Ft. Bragg

Hello Brother,

Will answer your letter I rec. the other day   was glad to here from y you never said y had a lot of flowers or not  has it been cold there yet  it has not been cold here cool in the morning.  I was K.P. the other day and the door slammed shut it hit on the forehead cut it a little and now iam bandage up  head an foot  my feet are sore I can hardly walk from the long hikes I asked for a transfer the other day  I think I will get it but it will take some time the captain fell out a few hikes and they ran him out of the para. troop he left yesterday  I do not know the com. that taken his place.
I can not get to a store or town so will y buy Bobbie a wedding present fore me this will be one xmas I will only see the day.  this outfit only gives 3 passes a week Wednesday Saturday and Sunday that is what I mean the stores all closed before I can get in.  You did not say y got the $30 I sent or not  I was payed my back pay the other day and I will send 100.00 dollars y can put it in the bank or bonds.  
Dinner is ready an I better get it  so answer soon.            as ever Geo.

Postmarked Fort Bragg, NC Dec 18, 1942

Geo. Lineberry
502 Para Inf.
101 A/B Div.
Ft. Bragg
 Co. F

Mr. Leonard Lineberry
Galax, Virginia

Dec. 18 ‘42
Ft. Bragg

Dear Brother,
Will answer your letter I rec. today noon before have inspection it is in 30 more minutes.  I now ben out in the field all evening in the snow it about 2 in. deep  it fell yesterday if this don’t give everybody the fever it will fool me.
I am sending 10. bucks to buy xmas for the kids Carol Ann Billy, Wesley  y can pick out something as I cannot get to twon I have to do something on Saturday that is the only time we are of that the stores is open.  Only 3 passes a week Sat. Sun. & Wed. I have,   it is over now my rifle was in good shape.  I have forget who June married is it to late to send the pictures I got a card from Clayton Alderman and answered it yesterday.
I was going to send Sister my wings but I can not send them from here the post office is to busy she wanted something to wear on her uniform.
I will send a few scapes of paper to see how far the boys hikes that is whats wrong with my feet.
I better close for this time answer
        as ever Geo.

June 29, 43
Evansville, Ind.

Howdy folks,
Will answer your letter this morning between shivers  it rain yesterday am so cold now  I am writing this here in the woods next to a large lake  my tent is 10 feet from the water.  I just wore a pair of shorts sun burnt black   about ten miles from town it is a good size town lot of defense work from bullets, carbine rifle p. 47 planes, sea going boars an so forth.
Is Johnnie still at Douglass; bet Joe was glad to come back  have not heard from Leonard in a long time guess he is still alive, send me a little picture of Bobby.  I sent Bobbie Louise $50 for wedding present and have not heard from them  I could not buy a thing I should have stayed another day   came back in plenty time  well about 8 hours but the way the buses run you can’t tell.  I made my 9th jump in Tennessee some place   two weeks ago we rode down there in planes jump go on a problem an ride a truck back to Bolen Green, K.Y. where we caught the planes back to Evansville   we leave here for Tenn. in a day   will be there a few more before going back to Ft. Bragg.
I better bring this to a close now hoping to hear from you all soon.  as ever George.

April 3
Ft. Bragg

Hello Johnnie
Will answer your letter after so long a time  was glad to here everything is fine.
I am in Hq (?), Co. now to many men in F Co.  so I was put over here on light machine gun  it sure is a job to carry they have a para. artillery an I wanted in it but not a chance  was in the kitchen for two weeks on the account of my feet callous.
We were in the field over a week the nites cold sleeping out but the days are warm  Maby I can get a furlough next week have asked about 3 times for one  looks like if I get it I will have to take it.
You were talking about a movie camera  I was about to buy one 27 dollars about the size of your hand 8 m.m.  do you have a projector.  I could buy one at the P.X. cheaper then you can.  Can you tell the difference in the pin  this is a Sheffer the first a eversharp I lost my other ben trading.   Can’t think of a thing to write so answer soon Geo.

Saturday Nite
Ft. Bragg

Hello folks,
I will answer your letter tonite to let you know that iam well an hoping this finds you the same.  The bonds will be on sometime if they don’t it will show up on my service record  they are slow or so many to get out all of the bonds are made out to Johnnie.  You can pay my insurance if you will an I will send the money to you before long.  You can draw my money out of the bank if you have not.
I went on furlough 5 days up to Galax everybody is just fine  Billy was sick taken him to Roanoke Hospital or did I tell you this:  he is back home now Leonard is doing the best I ever saw him  an Joe is a boss in the powder plant.
Uncle David Wilber will go to the army this month sure has taken a lot of the boys around there.
I have to write to Sister an others so I will close now.  You can put these pictures with my others.
        as ever Geo.

Oct 31, 1943

Mr. Johnnie Lineberry
4315 NW 23 St
Okla. City, Oklahoma USA

PVT George Lineberry 38018070
502 Para. Inf.
2nd Bn. Hq Co.
A.P.O. 472
U.S. Army
NY City, NY

letter inspection stamp Jan 11, 1944

Somewhere England
Oct 24, 43

Hello folks,

Will answer your letter I rec. them yesterday iam well an hoping this letter finds you the same.
There are very few things I can say in a letter  this is a better place then I expected, all but the food is just fair, so if you have a cake cooking, send the, it would be appreciated.  Iam going to London on my first pass when that is hard to say, I want to buy a few souvenirs fi I can  we can’t buy anything around here this will be a dull Christmas from the looks now.
I have not heard from Sister or anybody except you iam sure a long way from being caught up on my letter writing.  If I send any more money home don’t buy bonds put it in the safe or well if I find a diamond I am going to buy it.
Well iam going to quit for now answer when you can.
P.S. is the war still going on I never hear. thanks. as ever Geo.

Nov 6, 1943

a form telling where to mail things to George.

postmarked Nov 6, 1943

Nov 4, 1943

A card that said “Greetings from Britain” and signed George

envelope May 10, 1944

May 8, 44

Hello Johnnie,

Just a few words to let you know I rec. the package this morning, thanks an you can send another if you will, I want a Kaywoodie pipe, I can’t buy a thing like that here.
June wrote me a few days ago but I lost her name so you can send me her address.  We are having some nice weather but the mornings are frosty an cold the leaves are out but it don’t seem to bother or the flowers, sutch as polyanthers or Viola two or three more there about like pansies.
Iam sending 150 dollars I had my bonds increased from 18.75 to 37.50 in April  don’t suppose you will get them for a while.
the papers say you don’t have Ration on mat all but stakes an beef roast.
Well I better close for now its about time to fall out.
                answer Geo.

V-mail postmarked July 17, 1944

an old ammunition dump in France or a Robot plant

Hello Johnnie, Julia and sons,
I will write a few lines to let you know iam still going an hope this finds you the same.
Well I guess you know we came to France a little after midnite June 5th  I was in the first combat tonite to hit the ground to be exact plane no 9.
We got the presidential citation I can’t say where or when.  there sure are some fine cattle around here brought in here from Germany  we have been getting plenty of milk & butter but that is all they have, plenty of cider to drink, black bread only a few eggs.
We all have under estimate our enemy to much I would not believe another paper. The people here are better off then they are in England that is what I think.  the wooden shoes the people wear is enough to kill a horse.
Johnnie will you send me some cakes, candy, Baby Ruth  we get enough hard candy and cig this is the hungriest bunch of men I ever saw.
Did Sister go the visit Leonard I have just wrote him for the first time.  Well how does it feel to be back in the stand again if they don’t draft men over 26 any more they should turn us a older ones out.  I better close as it is so dark I can’t see 11 p.m. an raining  call Virginia tell her I will write sometime.
            as ever

August 14, 1944 Dear Virginia,

I will try and answer your letter after so long a time to let you know iam well and hope this find all the family the same. is Tommy still in the taxi business iam sending Donna Marie a hankie made out of a para I brought back back from France.   Virginia do you have nice flowers an garden, Sister said your house was very nice would like to see it but, it is out be as long as it has been.  I can't think of any thing to write will write more in a few days.  

as ever Geo.

envelope Aug 19, 1944

Aug. 13, 44

Dear Johnnie,

I will write a few lines while I can  this is about the warmest day we have had in England somewhere in the naborhood of 85.  I saw some grapes an ask the price on them sure could have ate some of them but over 4 dollars a pound changed my mind  peaches are about one dollar each an just any old show will cost from 55 to 15, I don’t know how these people buy things like that , license for a care like yours will cost one hundred an fifty dollars a year, an we moan about high tax.  I bought a bicycle when I came back from France it cost me (pound mark) 4.10 that is about 18 dollars  I could sell it for 10 pounds 40 dollars  I have rode it all over the country  I won a bet of ten pound on the war ending an I have another bet Sept co. but why would the Germans quit now there not on the home ground yet.  Oh by the way I will send Julia a hankie, of a para. I brought back from France with me.  I have a watch key wound I will send you some day an old timer.  iam sending 50 bucks for a change John will you send me a some p.nuts candy  I will eat anything. I better close now hope to here from you soon.
P.S. Tell Virginia I will write in a few days
        With all my heart

envelope Sept 11, 1944

Sept 8

Hello folks,

Just a few lines to let you know I rec. your letter today was glad to here from you  I rec. your package several days ago the cakes were as fresh as they were when you brought them out of the oven  were they good.  You ask me what I wanted for Christmas - not a thing, I have plenty of socks an things like that just some thing in the line of candy.  
it has been raining of an on for the last two weeks an cold  we are sitting around a fire.
there are one thing I would like to know are you getting my bonds and money orders  you never say I have sent several money orders I don’t know if I should send it or not if you don’t get them I wish you would tell me  I sent 29-14-10 - one hundred twenty dollars thats pounds-shillins & pennies  you ask me where I jumped in France it was between Hirsville an Boutteville north of Carentan.
I have some more maps to send some day.  Well this is about all I can think of now, an please tell me if you have got May $150 Aug. 50, I know I sent some before then but have lost the receipt, 37.50 in bond since April  I found 2 more 200.00 in April 100.00 in Dec. 43.
tell everybody hello  as ever Geo.

Sept. 13
envelope dated Sep 23, 1944

Dear Virginia,
Just a line to let you know I rec. your package that is the first Baby Ruth I have saw.  Did you get the hankie.  I sent Julia said she rec. hers but Sister has not wrote so I don't know if she and you have or not.   The weather is cold it has not rain for several days now.  Virginia I can't think of a thing to write about, well thanks for the candy you can send some more when you get around to it, well answer soon love, Geo.

George was killed on September 18, 1944, so the rest of these letters are about his death.

War Department
The Adjutant General’s Office
Washington 25, DC

AG 201 Lineberry, George
PC-N ETO 204

6 October 1944

Mr. Johnnie Lineberry
4315 Northwest 23rd Street
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Dear Mr. Lineberry:
    It is with regret that I am writing to confirm the recent telegram informing you of the death of your brother, Private First Class George Lineberry, 38,018,070, Infantry, who was killed in action in Holland on 18 September 1944.
    I fully understand your desire to learn as much as possible regarding the circumstances to leading to his death and I wish that there were more information available to give you.  Unfortunately, reports of this nature contain only the briefest details as they are prepared under battle conditions and the means of transmission are limited.
    I know the sorrow this message has brought you and it is my hope that in time the knowledge of his heroic service to his country, even unto death, may be of sustaining comfort to you.
    I extend to you my deepest sympathy.
            Sincerely yours,
                J.A. Ulio
                Major General
                The Adjutant General
1 Inclosure
    Bulletin of Information

Army Service Forces
Kansas City Quartermaster Depot
Army Effects Bureau
601 Hardesty Avenue
Kansas City 1, Missouri

In reply refer to 259769
April 11, 1945

Mr. Johnnie Lineberry
4315 NW 23
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Dear Mr. Lineberry,

The Army Effects Bureau has received from overseas some property of your brother, Private First Class George Lineberry.
This property, consisting of a ring, is being sent to you.
If, for some reason, it has not been received at the expiration of thirty days from this date, please notify me so that tracer may be instituted.
I regret the circumstances prompting this letter, and wish to express my sympathy in the loss of your brother.
        Yours very truly,
        P.L. Koob
        2nd Lt. Q.M.C.
        SJ Unit

Army Service Forces

April 20, 1945

The Army Effects Bureau has received some additional property of your brother, Private First Class George Lineberry.
These effects, contained in one carton, are being forwarded to you.  If delivery is not made within thirty days from this date, please notify me so that tracer action may be instituted.
The action of this Bureau in transmitting personal effects does not, of itself, vest title in the recipient.  Such property is forwarded for distribution according to the laws of the state of the soldier’s legal residence.
        Extending every sympathy, I am
                Sincerely your,


April 27, 1945

Dear Mr. Lineberry:
So glad to receive your nice letter of 9th April and I’m only too happy to be so some service to you-
Yes, you are entitled to all of George’s personal belongings including all medals and ribbons and I’m sure it is on it’s way to you.  Of course you know a great amount of time is needed in such matters but you can be assured everything possible is being done to get his things home and as fast as possible.  However, I have sent your letter to one of his buddies to see if he should happen to have any knowledge of some items not sent to you.  If so, we’ll be glad to find some and get it off.
If at any other time you wish addition information please don’t hesitate to write.
    Jack F. Riggins

Army Service Bureau

May 11, 1945

The Army Effects Bureau has received from overseas some more property of your brother, Private George Lineberry.
This property, contained in one package is being sent to you for distribution.  If, for some reason, it hs not been received within the next thirty days, this Bureau should be informed so that tracer may be instituted.
    Yours very truly,

May 29, 1945

Advice of Payment of Settlement to Accomapny Check
To Johnnie Lineberry

$35.36 which is 1/5 of his share of George’s back pay.

Armed Service Forces
July 26, 1945

Dear Mr. Lineberry:
The Army Effects Bureau has received additional property of your brother, Private First Class George Lineberry, consisting of funds in the amount of $7.26.  A check for this sum is inclosed.
As previously indicated, such property is forwarded for distribution in accordance with the laws of the state of the soldier’s residence.
        C. B. Quinn

War Department
Office of the Quartermaster General
Washington 25, DC

2 August 1946

Mr. Johnnie Lineberry
4315 North West 23rd
Oklhaoma City, Oklahoma

Dear Mr. Lineberry,

The War Department is most desirous that you be furnished information regarding the burial location of your brother, the late Private First Class George Lineberry, A.S.N. 38 018 070.

The records of this office disclose that his remains are interred in the United States Military Cemetery Son, plot B, row 10, grave 197.

This cemetery is located six miles east of Eindhover, Holland and is under the constant care and supervision of United States military personnel.

The War Department has now been authorized to compy, at Government expense, with the feasible wishes of the next of kin regarding final interment, here or abroad, of the remains of your loved one.  At a later date, this office will, without any action on your part, provide the next of kin with full information and solicit his detailed desires.

Please accept my sincere sympathy in your great loss.

Sincerely yours,

T. B. Larkin
Major General
The Quartermaster General

Western Union Telegram

FWA025 DL Govt PD=Ft Worth, Tex 17 1045A=
Johnnie Lineberry=
    DLR and report any charges 4315 Northwest 25 St OKCTY=
We have been advised remains of the late PFC George Lineberry enroute to the United States.  Our records indicate you with remains delivered to Capitol Hill Funeral Home. 2801 South Robinson, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Within forty eight hours after receipt of this message please confirm your original instructions or submit new delivery instructions and furnish your correct mailing address by telegram collect to commanding officer, Ft. Worth Quartermaster Depot, Fort Worth, 1 Texas.  Reply is necessary within this period since it will not be possible to comply at government expense with any desired changes in delivery instructions received after the expiration of forty eight hours.  While delivery of the remains will be made as soon as practicable after receipt factors beyond our control may delay delivery of remains for several weeks.  However as soon as remains are received here and it is possible to schedule them for delivery your funeral director will be notified by telegram or rail routing and scheduled time remains will arrive at railroad stations.  Also he will be requested to furnish you this information so that you may complete funeral arrangements.  This telegram will be sent at least four days prior to actual shipment from this distribution center.  Please instruct funeral director to accept remains at railroad station upon arrival.  Remains will be accompanied by military escort.  If you desire military honors at funeral you should ask any local patriotic or veterans organizations to make arrangements.  Your prompt cooperation will greatly assist this office in making final delivery.  Please include full name of deceased in reply telegram=
S H Patridge LT Colonel QMC Chief AGR Division
Dec 17 1948