Jacob's Letters

Jacob Wesley Lineberry (1871-1915)

Letters to his family

The orginal letters are in Billy Lineberry's possession and he provided photocopies for me.  My Mother, Donna Brown, transcribed the letters keeping the grammar and spelling as they appear in the letters.  In some cases, a blank or question mark has been typed because my Mother and I could not determine the word(s).

The letters are in chronological order and I created an index of the names mentioned in each of these letters.  

ca 1894

(New letter begins on page 3 with Marceline, Linn Co Mo at the top)

NOTE: in body seems to be addressed to Linia

Have you heard from Sparks for some time.  I have not saw James B for a few days I guess he is at Thomas Burnetts.

Well we had an awful rain last week and wind I never saw the beat there was several barns that blowed down in the storm. What has become of George Bowers and Bill Warf

Well Linea I would like to see you and Alexander and all of you but I may not soon as I am too far away from home to see you soon 1 will send you a present soon.

Leander tell me something about Floyd and Sebert. Is Sebert yet waiting on Mag. B. and Floyd Cara I guess. Well I find plenty of pretty girls out here but I would like to hear from my old girl some times but I cant get the time to write much.

Well have you had my watch fixed yet if you have not I wish you would take or send it once and get it fixed and if you cant get it fixed send it any how as I cant hardly do with out my watch I never missed anything so bad in my life

After March 1894

(written along the left side - "Do you all remember the day that I left home")

Well we have begun to plow for corn. We have about 45 acres plowed and I and the fellow that I am at work for will have to tend about 90 acres and the ground is rough too part hagle(?) bush. There has not been much rain here for some time but it is looking like rain now. People will quit feeding cattle in afew days. Grass looks nice. Well how are you all getting along with your plowing or have you begun. Are you all putting out much corn this season. Did you all sow any fertilizer last fall on your wheat, how does wheat look this spring.

As expense bad waiting

(across the top "Floyd Lineberry is not married yet is he") (written across the left side - mostly cut off by the Xerox "I will send you some ________________________} {Charle")

is there any prospect of any fruit this season. People thinks that the fruit is killed here.

Well Leander not changing the subject, but so I hear you have got married. I never heard it until a few days ago. James Bowers got a letter from home that stated that you was married. Well I think you have made a good selection in getting you a wife. Well I wish you all the good luck that hearts wishes may discover and hope that you may have more enjoyment in the future than you have in the past. I think you have done the best thing that you could have done. What you make now will be yours. I wish you was in this country. You could do good if you was.

Envelope from Saint Catharine Mo Sep 11, 1895

St. Catharine Mo

Sept 9, 1895

Dear Brother,

It affords me much pleasure to rite you afew lines in ans to your letter of afew days ago. I was glad to hear from you all, and hear that you all was well.

I will try to tell all I know of interest but I don't know very much of importance. Times is some better here on acct of the good crop. There is generally plenty of work but wages is not very good. I haven't been doing very much work for some time. I stuck a pitch fork in my foot July 18th but I could walk a little and have got so I can work now but I tell you it give me lots of trouble. I stuck it in the bone of my toe next to my big toe was the cause of it being so bad. I was down at Floyd Landreth's part of my vacation and helped him build a barn and house for Joseph his boy. But I could not do much on acct. of my foot. I was working for a fellow on a barn last week, but this morning we disagreed about the wages and I quit. He wanted me to work on the barn part of the time and cut corn and fool around for less than I can get else where and that did not suit me. James is working at a good place. I see him every day or two. He is close to Lewis Bowers. Lewis is an awful good kind of a fellow. He has one boy with him grown and a girl grown and also he has boy at Bowers farm Terre Mo on lead mines and 3 others.

There is a big meeting going on close to Lewises. I have attended afew times. it is the Christian people. This is a good place to go to preaching and to parties and dances but I don't dance at all. Do they hold big meetings in Va as they use too. What church was it that Viola joined, Dunkards of Ironside babtist -

Do you still live on the creek yet. how do you like it for a house. I would to be there and see you all. but my girl is so attractive. But not so much as I though Cora B was but that was foolishness of me. Of course she was a good girl but there is others better.

say you said something about Joseph Bryant having two kids. are they twins or not. And Shelton is married. has he growed any since we left there. was Uncle Jake willing to the weding. And T. Ln. has a boy. How many have you got. Do you see Sebert Lineberry very often. is still keeping company with Meg Bowers. Didn't you tell me of Thomas Burnett's being dead. who was she. Is the mines at work yet or or not. I wish you could see James Grayham and have him to pay you and Bob Davidson two and Sid Frost owes me fifty cts. Get and send it to me or if you can get it you can have it, don't be afraid to ask them to pay you.

Yours Respy

J. W. Lineberry


about 1895

[written across the top] "I am about 1 miles from Uncles and 4 mi from Floyd Landreth. Is his folks all well. I think lots of his folks are kind. I am up nearly every Sunday. Floyd owns a coal mine but he is not working it any this summer."

I don't know anything very interesting, but I hope you all are getting along alright this spring but I know it is not like the same place without a mother. Oh, how strange it would seem to me to be at home and not see poor mother. I would feel like I was not at home.

Well how is the season with you. Does your corn look very well. And is wheat good and oats? Have you plenty of rain there in Va. We have had so much rain here that we have not plowed any corn yet on the place that I am at work and some people is not done planting yet.

[written across the top] "I will tell you afew little favordous things but nothing of much use. James Bowers has bought him a buggy and team so he can take his girl a flying but I ain't in the business with girls. I don't need one yet. Buggys are all the go here."

Is there any work in Va now and how is the wages - what is James Grayham doing. I wish you could get him to work out what he owes me for you. I can never get the money from him. Is he making anything this summer. I hate to tell you to ask him to pay it so much. He could work it out if he would. Has any of you heard from John Lineberry. We don't know where he is. Well, Leander, has all of my old gals married yet. I would like to be at home for a while and see all the people.


after January 1896

I guess you all have out a good crop of corn and grain havent you. Is Harvey and Viola still living on the place yet. How are they getting along, I guess that none of the other girls has not married have they or Thomas. Who is there company. How large is Alex and Linnie.

I don't like to bother you with so many questions but remember that things on the homestead is not as common as they use to be so I think I have asked you about all the questions that I can think of; if there is anything about this country that I know and don't tell ask me and I will tell it

Yours as Ever

Jacob Lineberry

I have not heard from any girl in Va for a year or more but I never write, very much, I wrote some time ago to Laura Melton and have not had any ans from her. I would like very much to hear from her.

I suppose you boys is sawing are you does Papa still own apart in the mill. Where is the mill now, is there any demand for lumber? What do they get for it?

Tell Thomas and Alex - that I would like go a squirrel hunting with them. I have a splendid little rifle for squirrels and rabbits that I wish Alex had. It would be nice for him. It shoots 22 shorts or longs and BB caps.

Marceline Mo

July 12, 1896

Dear Brother

With pleasure I will try and ans your letter recd afew days ago. I was much pleased to hear from you and hear that you all was well.

Those letters you spoke of writing me last winter I did not receive them but Harry told me that you had the big boy. I would like to see him, and I do admire his name very much, except the Jacob part. I guess I will have to send him a present when he gets up big enough to realize it is his uncle

I am glad to hear that your crops look well. I hope you will raise a good crop of corn. this corn in this country looks very well. we have in about 150 acres and it looks fine the prospect looks good for an average of about 40 bus to the acre. we are cutting grass now and will be done in about 4 or 5 days. grass is very good this season here, but oats was not worth cutting hardly and wheat not very good -

My ink is so bad that I will have to finish with a pencil.

Well Leander I can not tell you how sorry that I am about Thomas and Papa. It looks queer that the old gent cant get along with his children what does he expect to become of himself does he ever expect to die or not I would like to know; If he does where he will find himself. I lived in a racket and fuss all my life till I left Home I did not know how civilized people done. but I am trying to make my life happy now as possible but still I am not as happy as I would be if I was at home and could get along but know I could not and for that reason I will not come back home for a while. I would be ashamed for our relatives to know in this country how Papa does his children. People here does try to live like white folks. Leander try to be as a father amongst your children not a brute.

You know while I was at home that Papa was always mad and acted as though he would rather that I was in some other country and I tryed to do as he wanted me to. and I think I can make a living any where that I try to stay.  If I live I expect to get married some time and if I die soon I hope I will be in peace with the heavenly Father and will have money enough to put me away. Try to live this way your self Leander and wish Papa would try and do better.  you and Thomas and the rest of the children feels near to me though you may be far away and still be near. I dont like to hear of any of your being mistreated I hope Papa will try and be as a man.  If he only knew my thoughts and would listen to me he surely would be better.

Where does Thomas stay now. I wish he was out here I know he would like this country much better than Va.

In reply to the Property all being left to us I would say it might be better for you all not to say anything to the old gent about it as he would go wild. I don't think he aught to sell anything that belongs to the place that Mother had there. I was afraid when mother died that the children could not get along with Papa.  try and have them treated as good as possible. Oh: home without Mother is stilled, a vacant place without Mother which can never be filled.  the children will wander from place to place and no place will feel like home to them.   I wish the children could stay together in peace at home. Ask Papa to treat them kindly and look out for that Great day coming by and by and be ready to meet his God in peace and all of you do the same.  I will quit now as have another letter or two to write this morning.

Your Brother,

Jacob W. Lineberry
At Marceline
Linn Co MO

St. Kate Mo

Oct. 29 96

Dear Brother

Your letter of some time ago rec'd and read with pleasure. Was much pleased to hear that you all was well and doing well. It is a shame that I have not written you before now. But I hope those few lines will find you all well. As I changed my place of staying. And have been putting off from time to time to write but no time not come that I was not busy and could find something else to do. That I might put it off afew days longer but now I will begin - though I may not finish it for afew days. I would be pleased if I could write something interesting to you; but what I know may not interest you but the most interesting thing you can write to me is to say that you all are well. That is one great consolation to me to say, that I am well and keep well. I am glad that I am favored with good health. I think that I have better health here than in Va.

I am staying with Uncle Leander Lineberry now. Him and Aunt Polly is not very well this fall. Uncle Leander has a sore leg or fevered leg. He cant get around very much and is very fat. Will weigh about 325 lbs or very near that. It has been raining today the 29 and we have been working in the shop. I have been building or rebuilding his barn this fall. Will soon be done. Only afew more shingles to put on. The wind is blowing tonight like it would turn cold. We have not had any cold here you hardly any frost. It has been such a nice fall for pasture and wheat and young grass.

not dated

[across the top and cut off by the copier ] P. S. where is M -- ?? ______ staying now.  is Paterson Tayler still living. Tell Laura Melton to write to me. I have not got any ans from my last letter to her and my girl _____{Mollie, Mattie?} Bowers. Do you ever see her. Is she as sweet as ever. Tell me of her. Can there be any land bought very cheap now. Try to read and ans. soon.

we may not see each other, but think of me as a Brother. I hope you will regain your health and get stout. I guess your wife is stout. I could write all night but it would do good.

From your Brother J. W. Lineberry goodnight


After November 1896

Jacob about 1896

…… say Leander I had forgot to tell you that I was aiming to send some of my pictures home in afew days. I promised Laura Melton one. Give her one and keep one for your self and one for the homefolks and Viola. I will send one for her. The pictures are not very good. And I don't like my hair very much. If I have one to spare you can give one to Louemma Newman and Bill. I will send them in afew days after this letter or with it. I would be glad you all could have some taken and send me one.

as I sit and write my mind reflects over our boyhood so much that I will say afew things that will jog your memory and arouse fast thoughts Just think when we was boys how we liked to chop and think of them little Axest (?) that Papa told us that he would get for us.  so often I think how we used to fight. Oh! how foolish that was so childish do you remember the time you and Uncle Joseph Harmon tied me to the stump.  but we can never be boys again now we must have our minds in a different direction we must think what is going to become of us and how we may make a living in this life.  we only done then as we was told but now it is left to us we must form our own plans and look out for ourselves. do the best you can and be honest and always do as you promised and you will always be respected by others as you respect yourself.

That is my motto and I want you all to do the same as we can live some way so let it be an honest way. how is Papa and his new wife getting along.  does he do his own work or hire. Is he good to his wife but I guess he is very loving to her. I would not thought he would married such a woman but you don't know any one. I can safely say that I am learning all the time by experience and it is worth more than any body can tell me but I learn slow.  have you heard from Martin Lineberry since he has gone away I think that was a wise trick of Martin. How is Sebert and Mag getting along. I know you are tired of reading if you can read it at all I cant write very much as my finger is sore.

Yours Truly

Jacob W. Lineberry

at St. Catharine J Co. MO

write soon

St. Catharine Mo

Jun 22 1897

Dear Brother

It affords me much pleasure write you afew lines in ans. to your letter rec'd afew days ago.

I was glad that you all was well and doing well. I was sorry to hear of Francis Lineberry dieing but that is one thing we all have to do. It is dangerous for us to put it off. We ought to join the Church and do the best we can.  I try to be as good as I can but there is many temptations for us to bear. Has any of joined the Church except Viola. I wish we all was Christians. I think I will join the church soon but I have been thinking that for some time. If I thought I would stay in this country I would join right away but I don't know what will become of me. Thought I can make some money here and have saved up some little money but I have to work every day and very hard, but it is honest.

[written upside down on the bottom - give this picture of Thomas]

I am glad that you're all well and doing well and have a fine prospect for corn that is good if you only can have a good season. I am staying at Uncle Leander L. yet we have out about 25 acres of corn. It looks very nice too. I have been hoeing today some of the corn is about shoulder high. We don't hoe much. In this country plan it so we can plow both ways. It is the way to plant corn. If a person can, one man here can tend 50 to sixty acres according to the land.

Do you all work oxin yet. I am glad that people don't work them here for you know that I don't like to drive them. I think that I am a good hand with a team of horses. I have never bought me any horse yet. I get a horse to ride any time that I want it. People here is very good to let a man have a horse to ride any time if he is good to the horse.

You did not tell me anything about the place there at home. Have they tried to have it divided yet.

[written up the left side] Leander what can you get good whiskey for. I may send the money and get you to send me a gallon.

I hope you all will get a long in peace and harmony that is at home. Of course I may never see you all again but I do want there to be peace amongst you all. Peace on earth and good will toward men. Where is Brother Thomas living now. I hope he will do well, but I would rather he had not married such a girl. Couldn't he get any body else. But it is too late to say anything now but to wish him well. and Papa how is he getting along. Is he so wicked now as he was.  I hope he will get to trying to do better though I must pick the mote out of my own eye before any one else's. I wish him happiness and success. Tell me something about all the children and tell them to write to me and put in your letter I would be so glad to hear from them, any of them. Try to teach the single ones what kind of company to keep that they may do well and not marry just anything. You are older than any of them. They ought to believe you.

I am just the same yet as I was when in Va. I don't expect to marry soon. I have no girl that I depend on as a friend at all. I may have to come back to Va to get me a girl. There is no girls that beat them anywhere.

Are you all sawing any now. Can you get anything for the lumber when you get it sawed. You told me that Sebert Lineberry got his house burnt that was bad for a new beginner. Has Uncle Joseph bought all that land. How is Henderson and Wm Newman getting along. So I hear M. D. L. is in Dakota. I hope he will do well up there. Do you hear of John W. L. any more. And F. M. L. How is he getting with Melvin and P -- . If you see Floyd tell him I am going to write to him when I get _______. Adam and Wm. L. where are they. I would like to see all the boys. Give my best regards to everybody. This leaves me well hoping it may find you all the same. It is thundering in the N.E. as we might have a storm. Write soon and give all the the news.

Yours Respy

J. W. Lineberry
At St. Catharine Linn Co Mo

Omaha, Nebr

Feb 15, 1898

Leander Lineberry

Monarat Va

Dear Brother

It affords me much pleasure to write you afew lines to let you all know that I am well and hope those few lines will find you all the same. I suppose you have been looking for a letter from me before now but I have been working ever day except Sundays and did not feel like writing or seemed to be dietary about writing and would look around over the city.

I like the place here very well Leander I wish you could be here to work with me. I have one helper all the time, and could take any body that suits me but the work will soon be done and I don't know where I will go there but possibly back to Missouri.  though I can do very well here but I don't like City life at all though it is very nice. I can just step across the street and mail my letters and the mail brought to the house and all kinds of goods is very cheap. I can buy a good suit of clothes here for from $7 to $10.00.

We have had some very cold weather here. I have worked days here that the thermometer was as low as 15 below zero. We had an awful sleet afew days ago and it is cloudy now. The contractor that I am at work for has considerable work to do yet he expects to complete by the first of June. There will be an exposition at Buffalo N. Y. next summer and our contractor is talking of going there.  If I go with him I expect that I will stop at home and see you all.

Jacob Lineberry in Omaha, NebraskaI sent you some of my pictures afew days ago and hope you will get them in good order. I have been putting off sending them for quite a while and thought they would be a good Valentine for you. I want you to give Laura Melton one of them and keep one yourself and give the rest to some of our Sisters and Brothers.  I wish you could tell me something about all the Children. I would be so glad to see them all but I am strayed off so far I cant tell whether I will see you all any more or not but I do want to hear from you all occasionally. Tell Alex and Linia to write to me and I will send them something that will please them. How large are they now. Please tell me.  Of course you think it is useless to tell me such things as you are use to seeing them every day but I have not seen them in so long.  how is your boy getting along.  Tell all the children to write and tell Harvey Bryant that I will write him soon and how is Papa getting along I have not had a letter him in Two or Three Years I suppose he will never write to me any more though I would be glad to hear from him

how is Floyd L. getting along and Sebert L. and Shelton him and Perley Johnson did marry so I have heard. I hear H. M. Burnett has married Nicatie Jennings. Whose girl was she. It surprised me to hear of H. M. B. marrying. Has all my girls married yet. You told me that the land at the old place had been divided and that I got 25 acres. I believe you said you wanted to buy my part. If it would do you any good I will sell it for what you think it is worth for I don't think that I can ever use it the land might be good for you for timber. I would be glad to have it if it was at the place where I want it. I hear that John W. Lineberry is in Oklahoma and I suppose doing very well. Do you ever on my old Cora girl or any of them. I wonder if she has forgotten me yet

Well Leander it is getting late now and I will close for this time hoping to hear from you soon and give me all the news. This leaves me well hoping it may find you all the same. Your Brother

Jacob W. Lineberry

30001 North, 24 St.
Omaha Nebraska

April 4, 1898

[envelope Omaha Neb April 4 ?? Probably 1898]

3001 North 24 St. Omaha Nebr

Sunday April

Dear Brother:

Your letter of afew days ago read and was much pleased to hear from you. And hear that you all was well.

Well Leander I am kindly lonesome today on this eve rather. I have been out at work today and it is raining considerable and very windy. And last Sunday we had an awful snowstorm.  this is a very bad country for cold windy weather. And changes so quick.

Well Leander I would be very glad that you all could come up and see the exposition. I tell you the Buildings are looking fine. It will open the first of June and close the first of Sept. It will be grand. People say that it will be nicer than the world's fair at Chicago. Tell Papa he ought to come up and see the exposition. I know he would never regret it.  he may say it would be foolishness but I say not because life is too short for a person to live and die and not get out of the State. Look at Poor Mother. She lived and died in the same place almost. It is too bad. The one that loved us is gone. We can never have another one that would treat us so well.

{At the top it says "Second leaf. Write your add on the envelope please 3001 North 24 Street Omaha Nebr. Your B Jacob W. Lineberry. Write soon"}

Tomorrow it will be five years since I left Va and the last time that I can ever see Poor Mother on this earth, but I did not think when I left home that I would never see her any more. I did not realize what it was be away from her but I do now more than ever. Leander I tell you, since I left home I have seen all kinds of women but I have never seen a mother. We never know the ways of different people until we travel a while from one place to an other.

This is my longest time to ever stay in a city. And I want to get away from here. I am getting $2.50 per day now or 25 cts per hour and work Sundays just the same as any other day. We will have about 2 months work yet. I have a very good time and get all the nice not all but all that I can do.  the Contractor Smith that I am working for thinks that no one can do as well as me.

Well, supper is ready now and will ask you questions and close. How is Bill L and Adams and their familys and Wilson L. and Joseph Squire Joe and what are they doing and J. E. Grayham. Will he ever pay you the money that he owes me. You must try and work it out of him and I will give you the money or Thomas or the child that can get it and needs it. Tell me about all the children and what they are doing and Papa and his wife with Alex and Linna. Can they write. Tell them if they cant to be sure and learn and write me a letter. I would like to see them so bad.  well I don't expect they would know me now -

You said something about the land that I got. Of course Leander, you know that I have as much right to part as any of you and should have something for it and if you think you can get the $40.00 dollars out of it you can take it. I hope you can get more for it than that.  but the land will never be of any use to me I don't think.  for my best girl is married now and I can't move the land and you say you would like me to wait a while but if I should need the money I suppose you can get it ___ any time.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Your Brother Jacob W. Lineberry

Tell Papa and Uncle Joseph and all of them to come up and stop in Missouri and see their Brother and relation as the R. R. fair will be very cheap. As for the cost it would not be anything in a lifetime. And it might be his last chance to see me and Uncle Wesley and Uncle Leander and all of his Mo friends. I know it would be worth more to him than anything or trip he ever took in his life. Tell him to think of it and the other uncles.

Omaha Nebr

June 11, 98

Dear Brother

This is about my last Sunday in this so I will write you as you may know that I am gone. We only have afew days work here but I will write to you when I stop again. Did you get my letter that I wrote to you some time ago. I have not got any ans from it.

The exposition has opened and it is beautiful I wish you could be here and see it but I suppose you are too far off. I am getting so tired of this place that I can hardly stay till it is finished though I have made very good money here. I have save about two hundred dollars. It cost so much to live but I don't begrude my trip to this place.  I wish I could see you all now but it seems that I cant never get started back home again. I am very desirous to go west from here but I may go back and stop a while in Mo.

I hope you are all well, Leander, I would be so glad to see the little brothers and sisters. I have spent a tough winter here but now it is kindly like summer. It is very warm. All the men has quit but myself and one more. I only wish you could see the fine work that I have done here and not only that but every _____ _________ I ______ send you a small pamphlet of some of the buildings hoping that this will find you all well. I will close

Good by

[envelope dated Sept 18, 1898 from Marceline]

Marceline, Mo

Sept 18 98

Mr. Leander Linebery

Monarat Va

Dear Brother

It affords me much pleassure to write [copier crease is black and covers a line] to let you know that I am well and doing very well at present and hope those few lines will find you the same. I am at Marceline Mo now but do not know how long I will stay.

Times is kindly dull here now. Nothing much to do but coal mining or Railroading. James Newman is coalmining near here and James Bowers is south west of here about 200 two hundred miles in Mo working in the mines. I got back from Omaha Nebr about the first of July and went up to South and North Dakota and got back from there afew days ago. I am not satisfied so well with this country as I once was. Wages is generally poor here now. I am sorry I came back from Dakota but it will soon be cold up there.

Our cousin Jake Newman wants me to stay with him this winter and work in the coal mines but I don't know whether I will or not. I would like very well to stay here this winter if I can make and [ copier crease is unreadable] but I will not stay here. I cant stay for nothing and work on the farm as I have been usually doing. I made some money while in Omaha. I saved about $250.00 but did not make my expenses up north. If I had knew it sooner I would of  come back to Virginia instead of going north. It would not cost me very much more but it is too late now for me to come this fall. I would like very well to come back and see you all but I may never see you all anymore.

I am at Floyd's now. He has [copier crease is blank] something about Va and the people it seems that all is just about like it was when I left there and some few things has occurred that you all have not told me about at all. You never tell me anything about the Brothers Sisters as you ought. Floyd says that Lina and Alex is about grown and hope people they will go to school and try and an education. I find a man without education is like a horse without harness. He can hardly struggle [copier crease is blank] Floyd was telling me about the land that you all had divided and where my part was located. I believe you all got the best of me but when I come back I can raise rabbits on my part of the land. I suppose there is no farming land on it at all. You said something about buying my part of the land. If you can do anything with it and can pay me anything about the worth of it you may take it as it will do me no good. I may ________ come back ___ farm it. I have seen to much good land to ever come back and farm them mountains and hills. But if you stay there the land will be valuable for you for the lumber surely will pay for it. I believe you say I have 25 acres and I think it ought to be worth $2.00 per acre and that is dirt cheap for that kind of land but the circumstances cause me to want to sell it cheap. I might get more for it but am willing to give you the advantage but [copier crease is black and blank] think _______ ________ ______ that much ______ much more than it is worth but I think I ought to have something for my part as well as any of you all. You can write to me and tell me what you will do and whether you will pay cash for the land or not.  Write soon. I may not stay here very long.

I was grieved to hear some things that I knew nothing about. I don't see why you did not tell me. I think it your duty to tell me anything [copier crease most of 2 lines is gone] but you may think it best for me not to know anything about your troubles and I suppose it would not make the case any better at all but I hope all our Brothers and Sisters may get along alright and live happy as they deserve.

[The ending is written slanted across the top of the page] from your Brother. Please write soon and give me all the news. Tell Laura Melton that I will write to her soon.

Yours truly, Jacob W. Lineberry at Marceline Linn Co Mo

Carterville Mo

Oct 23, 1898

Mr. Leander Linebery

Dear Brother

It affords me much pleasure to write you afew lines as I have not heard from you in so long that I suppose you have forgotten me almost.  but I hope those few lines will reach you all well and doing the same as it leaves me.

I am in the south west part of Mo working at a mine underground I like the place very well but I don't expect to stay any longer than spring. I have been thinking of buying a farm somewhere in this country. Land is worth from 3 to 30 dollars per acre according to quality. It is mostly timbered land in this part and timber is not worth anything here much. Wages here in the mines is from $1.60 to $2.00

did you get my letter that I wrote from Marceline Mo. Since I left Omaha I have been in North and South Dakota. They had a fine wheat crop up there this year but it is a cold country up there in the winter time and that don't suit me. It has been cold here and snowed some but it is warmer now. I think it will soon be winter again.  It don't seem long to me but it has more than five yrs since we came out here. I did not think of staying so long.

I hope you all have good crops this year. Is there any work going on in your part now. I have seen Floyd Landreth since he came back. He told me considerable about Va. I suppose all our Brothers and Sisters are getting along.  how is the little ones getting along. Alex and Linia and your boy. I hope you are all getting along fine. Where does Thomas live and is Calla still staying with you. Tell them to write to me. They don't know how it would please to get a letter from them. I suppose Linnie is about grown now is she.  Are you still living on the creek yet. Are you still in the notion of taking my part of the land. I would just as soon for you to have it as any one as it is of no use to me and I think you could use it for something. How is all of uncles boys getting along. I would like to in Va so much and see ever body alright are they. I would like so much to see you all. I wish I had come back this fall and stayed a while but it is too late now but I expect to come back sometime if possible. This life is too lonesome for me not to see any of you all as you may not come out here but I can come and see you If I only will. Where is Papa living now. How is he getting along. Tell him that I would like so much to hear from him. I guess he and his wife is getting along fine. Hoping to hear from you soon and tell all of them that will to please write. Your Brother

Jacob W. Linebery
At Cartersville
Jasper Co Mo

Cartersville Mo

Jan 21, 99

Leander Lineberry

Monarat Va

Dear Brother

I will try and ans. Your letter rec'd afew days ago I was glad to hear from you all and learn that you was all well. I have kindly got the gripp and don't feel very good but I have not lost any time and think I will be alright in afew days will write hoping to find you all well. I have sold out my first prospect and have an interest in an other place which I think will be good we are sinking a shaft will have to go about 60 or 70 ft before striking good Jack they call the Bin? Here Jack I am not working this week I have quit work under ground and expect to work at carpenter work.

I suppose you all is well how is all the boys getting along.  is Brother Thomas getting along very well.  is his wife any good. Does Alex go to school I surely wish Papa would send him to school and let him get an education. It is a poor thing to start a boy out now without an education he will be doomed for hard work all his like And the hardest of the work. Is Linna staying at the ridge yet I think it is too bad for the poor child to be working away from home.

I suppose I had better close for this time hoping these few lines to find you all well and doing. Give all the news when you write.

Your Brother

Jacob Lineberry
At Carterville
Jasper Co  Mo

Carterville Mo

May 23. 99

Dear Brother

I will try and write you afew lines to let you know how I am getting along.

I rec'd your letter of some time past and ought of written before now but I thought I would get to come house and spend a short time but I did not get ready to come and

It is raining this morning and looks like it might rain all day. We have had lots of rain here. I am never out on the farms here. I don't know how they are getting along. This is not much of a farming country but is the greatest mining place I ever saw.

Is you boys sawing any now or have you got any saw mill. How is Papa getting along and all of them

Carterville, Mo

August 14, 99

Mr. Leander Lineberry

Dear Brother

I will try and write you afew lines I have not heard from any of you in so long.  I did not get any ans from my last letter to you probably you did not get it you would surely write I would be glad to hear from but better pleased if I could see you all.  I guess you have good crops and plenty of all kinds of fruit crops seems to be good in this country though I have not been out in the country but hear the crops are good and see some corn by passing in the street cars and it looks fine.

[missing page] prospecting if I can.

I suppose you had heard that James Bowers had left his wife It seemed that Jim was as good and kind to her as he could be but still she would take spells crying and cry for two or three days and seemed to be very quarrelsome I was very sorry that he had to leave her.

[missing page] for cotton and seems to do well this summer has been very dry for Mo and all those western states but there is some very good corn and cotton raised here they tell me that cotton will average this season about 1/3 to ¾ of a bale to the acre, and it is worth about $35.00 to 40.00 dollars to the Bale so you see that is not bad and corn will make from 12 to 50 bushels to the acre is quite abit better than No crops this year - and the finest sweet potatoes that I ever saw. I see them here and watermelons to beat anything that I ever saw - so you see a man will not starve if he can get started up here - and you can farm here without working yourself to death . you could plow over 160 acres and not see a gravel or sprout of any kind of wood - and they tell me that this will be a good fruit country I think it will because it is warm. I think we are having some of the finest weather that I ever saw anywhere.

does any body ever hear from J. Wesley L. I have not heard from him in a year or so. if you get this you will surely write I would be pleased to hear from any of you. tell me about the Brothers and Sisters when you write and tell them to write too so I must close by asking you to write.

Your Brother

Jacob Lineberry

Carterville Mo

Carterville MO

Oct 11 1899

Mr. Leander Lineberry

Dear Brother

I take pleasure in writing you afew lines so you can know that I have not forgotten you and would be pleased to hear from. I would of written you before now but I have been up in North Mo. and just got back afew days ago and will start tomorrow to take a trip in Arkansas to look after some minerals and and will be gone a wk or two I still have an interest in a prospect here and it is looking very good too but I think I will find something that will be fine in this pending trip. James Bowers and Andy is in Colorado and seems to like it fine. I suppose you have heard from them do you ever hear from John Lineberry.

The mines here is on a strike with the smelter run but I think they will go at work again in afew days. Times seems better all over this country than for years. How are they with you all now.  is crops good and any fruit this season.  crops are good up in N. Mo. and ______ fruit and plenty hickory nuts. I would like to see you all but it is so far I cannot come this fall I dont think. If I can't see you all I would be pleased to hear from you often as possible I have just wrote a letter to Jim he wants Alex and me to come out to him

How is all the people getting along now I have not heard in so long I am not posted.  I suppose Callie and Linnie is not married yet. is Alex growing how big is he will he make a big man does he chew tobacco or swear yet.  If he does try to get him to quit it. I promised to send Linnie a ring but I have not thought of it when I could get it but I will yet. I hope the little Brothers and Sisters will get a good education I think is worth more than a Father can give to a child . if Papa had given me a good education I would thank him for a thousand times but we was raised up like kins that is not sent to school. I hope he will try and send the other children to school if he will spend any money on them that is the only way and Leander try and send your children to school. I have tried enough of the world to know what a man needs.

How is Papa and his wife getting along.

Where is Thomas living now.  tell him and all to write to me.  is every body generally well has there been any new weddings lately.  is there any work going on in Va now or is it dulltimes. Write soon as you can and give me all the news.

Your Brother

Jacob W. Lineberry
Carterville, MO
jasper Co

envelope dated January 21, 1900 from Carterville Mo

P. S. may I hear from you soon and look out for me I will come back home if it is 25 yrs. I expect to see you and hope this will find you all well Jacob Lineberry

Carterville, Mo

Jan 21, 1900

Dear Brother Leander,

inreply to your letter afew days past would say that it reached me well and getting along very well. I had not heard from you for some time before.  it is queer that your letters will not rech me but never theless I was glad to get your letter at anytime.

We are having some fine weather here now fine for winter we hardly had any snow at all

I was glad to hear that you all was well and satisfied with your wages.  here we get from $1.75 to $2.75 and not hardly satisfied with that.  I am getting $2.50 a day and have had studdy work all winter and we have got our Drilling Machine at work we get $1.20 per foot and will make about 75 to 100 foot a week.  I only have ½ interest in the machine it cost us about $1200. Twelve Hundred Dollars but I think it will pay well if we can get plenty work to do and I think we can - this has been a fine country for a working man but I am afraid it will not be so good in the future.  I guess you know that James and Andy Bowers are in Col. Nearly all the Va boys has gone from here but me.  I don't know when I will leave. I don't like the Country but I can do very well

This is a lovely day. How I would like to be with you all today and hope I may soon.

has all my girls married.  do you ever hear of my Cora girl and how is she getting along.  and you say that Bill Lineberry's wife is dead.  Such must be but if we can only be prepared how sweet it is to die and if we are not prepard oh! What a darkness that we may see before us. Leander I do desire to be a Christian and expect to be, but I am too neglictfull of my self.  that is the only hope we have of eternal life and we will live till we die.  Sure and I don't think it costs anything to be a Christian and gives us a much better life and gives us a better class of people to associate with. I have often thought of our Papa how he would curse and it all be for nothing and for the six years I have been away from home I have worked with hundreds of men and never used one cuss word and I find by my kindness that I may do more good amongst people or cattle; that with rough words the man who tryes to curse and force may never get anywhere.  If he does get a position he can-not hold it unless it be something that a nice man would not have. I would be glad if Papa and all of us was good Christians and hope if any you Brothers do swear that you will quit it. I would be glad that Papa would keep Alex and the little ones in School and give something that no one can take with them. I can only regret that we was raised as we was you don't know how much children ought to think of their parents that will send them to school and give them an education.

Carterville Mo

August 27, 1900

L. Lineberry

Dear Brother

Your letter of afew days ago to hand and was glad to hear from you and hear that you was all well. I had been expecting a letter from some of you for some time but you did not seem to care to write me . as I wrote Harvy Bryant last and did not hear from him at all though I suppose that he has not got the time to spare.

Times is kindly dull here now as the prices for ore is dull so wages are also. Wages $1.75 to $2.00 per day. There is not much prospecting being done. The decrease in business is tough on people that has money invested. I expect to loose about $500.00 which if times had been good as the last year I would of come out alright though I had made some money here. I will sell out if possible and expect to leave here as soon as possible.

how is this political affairs in your country. It seems that the people here at this place is in favor of Bryan but I am afraid of him. I think that it would be best to let well enough alone though a change might help.

I suppose that crops are good are they. If you had seen the country that I have you would not stay there and farm. Any time that you can sell out yours I can sight you to a place that you can live where you can lease ground and do well.  of course people will tell you anything about the west but it is just as far ahead of Va as Wythe Co is Carroll. There is plenty of good land that can be bought for from $5.00 to Seven per acre that is as level as a floor and not a tree to be found. If you could sell out I think this country would be better for you and better chance for your children to go to school. Write soon.

Your brother,

Jacob Lineberry
At Carterville
Jasper Co Mo

Carterville, MO

Nov 28 1900

Leander Lineberry

Dear Brother

As I wrote to you some time ago telling you not to write any more at this place to me but I am yet here and cant get away for awhile but I am very anxious to get off to Oklahoma before that land comes in. I have not heard yet just when it will be ready for settlement but between now and spring anyway.

I would of gone from here some time ago but am interested in a prospect drill and cant sell it just now. But business is getting better now since the election of McKinley again. How does it suit the People about your country. I think it is all right if Bryan had been elected. A man could not live in this mining camp but it will be all right now as business has increased wonderful since the campaign has been over. Is all our people Republicans yet.

I expect to go away from this place in a short time, myself and others and lease some mining ground and prospect it. I have not been up to see the land yet, but those that have seen it say it will be good. I am trying to get something out of this country if I can.  I am awful anxious to come home and see you all. I get kindly homesick sometimes but I could not make anything in Va now unless it is better than when I left there.

I suppose you people do not think about getting away from that place do you. Could you sell our land for anything. If you can I can find you a place that you can make a living and make some money. How would you like to get a 160 acre farm as level as a floor and not a tree in sight. After plowing in the rocks and hills as we have, that is nice don't you think. If you can get up enough money to buy a Team and start in business I will get you a place if I have to rent it. You never saw a country where you could raise 30 or 40 bushels of wheat and 75 to 100 bus. of corn did you. I have seen lots of them where one man can farm one hundred to one fifty acres of land himself.  But Leader a man must get out of Va to find such a place. It would surprise you to get out of that country and see how people live. Just notice the amt of land one man can farm and ten acres is good for one man to put in corn in Va and another thing try and get where you can school your children. We not have any schools and that country is not as healthy as this is.  Of course people will tell you that where you live is good enough, but I don't think so. I like to see a man where he can get something from his work but he cannot in Va.

Leander you know that the most corn that we ever raised when I was there was about 400 bus. and you might say 4 men to do the work - compare this country. One man 50 acres at 60 bus per acre = 3000 bushels 3000 - 100 = 2900 bus. 100 bus what one man can make ( line is missing on the Xerox copy).

I just want you to think over this matter. You need not say anything about it to anyone if you are well satisfied with what you have, but remember that nothing will never come to you.

Louis Bowers from north Mo. is in the Territory now and he thinks that is the only place.

This leaves me well and hope it may find you the same.

Your brother,

Jacob Lineberry
Carterville, Mo

P. S. I could tell you more if could see you. I want to come out and see all just as soon as possible but if you can sell our land for anything do so by March and I believe it would be good your health to get away from that place. Hoping this to find you all well. Good by.

Carterville Mo

March 5, 1901

Leander Lineberry

Monarat Va

Dear Brother. I will try and write you afew lines to let you know that I am still existing and hope those few lines may find you all well. As I have not heard from any of you in so long I don't know what has become of you. I am yet at Carterville but don't want to stay but a short time as I have been prospecting and mining but I do not work in the mines myself. I carpenter when I work. I am just getting over the Grip and am so nervous I can't hardly write. There has been quite a lot of sickness here this winter. It has been so warm we have not had any snow at all and only two little cold spells.

Business is dull here on account of our being low but I hope it will be better after while.   How is business in Va now but I suppose good what is wages about as usual I suppose. Wages run from $1.50 to $3.00 here.

James Bowers and wife is here.   How is all the Folks getting along do you all keep well. How is Papa and his family. I suppose Alex and Linnie is grown aren't they.

I should like very much to come home this spring but can't tell how it will be. When I leave here I don't know where I will go.

do any body ever hear from John W. L. Where is he.

It has been 8 years since I left home. It don't seem so but the time passes in a hurry.  It is all right if we are right with God. Is James Landreth still preaching.

Hoping to hear from you soon and give me all the news. Tell the little Brothers and Sisters to write.

Your Brother

Jacob W. Lineberry
At Carterville
Jasper Co Mo

Carterville Mo

April 28, 1901

Leander Lineberry

Dear Brother I will try and write you afew lines in answer to your letter of afew days past. I was much pleased to hear from you. Was glad to hear that you was well and doing well. I suppose you will have lots of fruit wont you. I never did see so much bloom and indications of fruit and wheat if nothing happens to it. We are having some good weather here it is warm to day and looks like rain. Did you have any of that snow about April 20th. I believe it was before this date I noticed it in the papers of the East. We had some snow here but not much but was very cold for the time.

Well I suppose that business is good now with you all and you say that wages are good but that is not as good as our wages here but owing to the price of ore wages is not as good as usual but the prospect is better for the future. The prices seems to be advancing and I hope will be good as I am interested in the mines and the advance being the only thing that will bring us out. I have a good prospect with the drill but we have no shaft down yet and it will cost about $2000.00 to put the shaft down. We expect to sell it before we spend any more on it. I am getting tired of this mining business and shall hope to jar loose just as soon as possible and get out.

James Bowers will start to Colorado in afew days. He will leave his wife for awhile and send for her after afew weeks. It is cold out there yet. Several of the boys has gone out there. They seem to like that place better than here, wages being better.

I suppose you all are well and farming. Does wheat look nice. James Bowers was telling me that his oldest sister had died afew days past but you did not say anything about it. How is Mr. Frost, poor fellow. That is auful to have a cancer but we must die. This place has more consumption than any place that I ever saw. It seems to be caused by working in the ground. I am well at this writing. Hope those few lines will find you the same.

Your Brother

Jacob W. Lineberry
At Carterville Mo

Envelope dated Carterville Mo


I am very anxious to go to Oklahoma Terr this summer and try and see what I can get. I think it will be a good chance for a fellow to make a start if all is as represented. I suppose you have not thought of going have you. It might pay you to come out and try and see if you can get you a claim. If I mistake not I have a right to take a claim for Father and also one for my self him being an old Soldier. I will investigate it and if it is possible I will take a claim for him. Ask him how much land he has. If he has over 160 acres he cannot work the chance at all. You find out and write me and if I go I will try and get him a claim. There will be only about 14,000 claims and I expect there will be more people than can enter.

[envelope dated Oct 26, 1901 from Hobart Okla]

{written across the top - "Is all in folks well? I wish I could see all of you but I have got strayed off down here amongst the Indians and am almost a wild man but I have the same heart and love for people and self - and hopes of being a Christian that is my only object in the future. I only wish I could see you all and be once more as Brothers and sisters and see our Father. I hope he will be a Christian and quit his wicked. Tell him to read my letters.

Hobart Okla

Oct 23, 1901

Dear Brother

I suppose you have come to the conclusion that I am out of existance by not hearing from me before now but I have been looking over this new country and not in one place but a short time before moving so I did not write. I have been away from Mo about 2 months and been Several different towns in the Territorie this is a beautiful country to the eye. But for the production I don't know just how it will be but it is fine looking land you can see level prairie as far as you can see and not a house in sight . quite afew Indians here in this part but they are generally so they can talk english and understand white people alright.  I did expect to come and try to get me a claim but I did not get here in time to Register.  there was about 13000 claims and 179,000 people Registered so you can see the chance of one.  I have saw people here from nearly all the States.  one fellow got a claim near Hobart from Tennessee. He has just went back I suppose to bring his family out. I have been here about four weeks. I have been working all the time I am now helping to finish the best building in town since the 6th of august this place has made a town of about 3000 people and some good buildings.  the worst fault I have against this place is the water it is salty and Jip water which don't seem to agree with all people, but I believe a fellow will get use to it in a short time. It don't seem to make any difference with me but I may not stay here but a short time. I am kindly anxious to go to St. Louis Mo to work on the World's Fair buildings which I think would be much better for me than here but the contractor that I am working with says he will have plenty of work. If he does I may stay till next spring before going to St. Louis.

I believe that a man could make some money here if he would buy him a claim and stay with it for afew years. I believe one can be bought for from one to five hundred dollars and in not ________ ______ _____ will be worth from 2 to 6 thousand dollars. Other countries that has been settled near this is worth and more. This seems to be quite a place.   Of course now Leander I expect that you think that Va is the only place for you but if you could get you a farm out here you can make more money in three years than you can in your life. That is a big thing to say but it is true. There is hundreds of people here that have taken claims five yrs ago that could get from five to ten thousand dollars for them and don't work ¼ as hard as you do - I know whereof I speak. You can cultivate 75 acres here - after the first year as easy as 10 in Va and one acre here if good season will produce just as much as three of your hill land. Now for example there is Louis Bowers that has bought him a place in old Okla and if he will improve it he can get more money for it in 3 yrs than he would make in all his life in Mo where he was. Now I want you to know that a man must have a place that he can utilize his

And if he has a farm in this country he could be at work all the time on improving his place and it would surely be big money for him if he wanted to sell or make a beautiful home where he could live easy. Of course I don't know just how you are fixed or anything about that but I will say if you can sell your land and mine to I will watch for a chance and buy you a claim for about $200. And probably less. I will let you have all you can get out of my land till you can get so you can pay it back and I will help you to all I can. All you would have to have is money enough to buy you a team and some farming tools. That would not cost much. Of course you would have to live saving for awhile till you got started and I tell you, you would not have to grub for a living and you would bring your family up in a country that they could make a living now. Since I have been away from I have been in several different States but Va is the hardest State I ever tried to make money in. It is nothing for me to $2.50 a day here now and any place I am it is just the same. I don't know how the wages are in Va now. This means something to you if you can only sell out and get enough money to start you up. Think about and let me hear from you at once - I think this would improve your health and be worth more than anything you could do. So write soon and tell me how you all are

[written along the left side: don't forget to write_________

Your brother at Hobart Okla Ter Jacob W. Lineberry

[written along the side: "good night Leander and all. I wish I could be with you. I would surely be happy once more."]

[written across the left side across the top copier missed most of first line]: "tell me how you all are getting along and tell about all Thomas and his family tell him I would like for him to write me.

I can't quit writing I have so much to say that I hope will do no harm if it don't interest you.

I just got to thinking as I finished up my last sheet about our boyhood. It almost seems like a dream to me, but it has not been long - If we had made a million dollars in this time is past and should loose our soul. What a failure this life would have been. Just think that you and I is past 30 and probably half our life is past and it might not be a month that one of us may be no more but if we're right with God we will have protection and if not what have we accomplished in this life. Only for the sake of being at liberty from the church must we pass through life that way - it is a great thing to think of. I would be pleased to see James Landreth and talk with him. I can almost see that pleasant smile on his face. That influence that God has over him makes men pleasant. {Words in the crease came out black on the copier} a good Christian man how much more pleasant he would have been. I hope you all will get to thinking as I do. Without the grace of God no man can be safe. I hope to hear from all of you

[written along the left side - "I could write all night and not tell you all that I think would be of importance.

Hobart I. T.

Dec 29, 1901

Mr. Leander Lineberry

Dear Brother

Your letter of some time ago to hand and was glad to hear from you and glad to hear that you all was well and doing well but you did not say very much about the youngest children as I have not from from Lina or Calley and Alex is a man now I suppose.

I would surely be glad to see all of you but I cannot afford it as I spend too much money now going from place to place as it is time for me to come to a stop. Well I forgot to tell you that wife would be down in a short time as she is in Mo but I expect her here in a short time and we will try housekeeping for the first time to ourselves but I hope we will not starve, but I am anxious to get me a claim here.  If possible as land will be worth something here in afew years but claims can be bought here for a small sum of money to compare with their values according as it is in other states though I can make a good living carpentering but I am getting tired of hunting work and wish to have a farm.

I only wish you could come out here. Of course as you are satisfied and can make a good living the short time that we have to live we can spend anywhere if we are only satisfied. I find that contentment is worth more than all the money that could be had and not contented.

I stayed at Carterville Mo for Three years and made quite a bit of money but spent more than I made and I concluded to pull out from the place. I have a Drill Rig up there that Cost $700.00 and I don't suppose I will ever get anything out of it after I had left there but it has only added to my knowledge of business and I could use the money to a good advantage if I had it.

I suppose you have not had any winter yet have you. It has not been cold here to amount to anything. It has been down to zero once but people say it hardly ever gets colder than that here and cattle can live on the grass all winter. The wind is the worse but it only takes spells. This has been a fine day - what are you all doing now. Can you get plenty of work to do.

I have been very lucky since I came here I get 25 cts per hour but we can only work about 9 hrs the days being short.

Do you ever hear from James Bowers. I have not heard from him in quite a long time but I suppose he don't want to hear from me as he has never paid the 40 Dollars that he owes me. But suppose that he has had a hard time since he was married.

Well Leander, I see there is no use of asking you to come out as you all seem to be well contented where you and as I am here I expect to stay and know that the land awarded me at home will not be worth anything to me unless I can sell it you and you said you would take it and pay what it was worth. I hope you will take it or sell it to Uncle Jerry Lineberry or some one that can use it, though I would rather you have it than any of them as I don't think it would be right to set me out in the cold without anything.  and hope you will think I am right as I suppose the other children has had the benefit of their part of the land and I have not had a cent though I have not needed it until now and I think I ought to have my part if it is worth anything.  you told me some time ago that you would take the place and I hope you are prepared to do so as it will help me out and I will thank you very much. You can tell what it is worth and allow me just what you can get or it is worth to you so I shall expect to hear from you soon.

Your Brother

Jacob Lineberry
At Hobart I. T.



and Sisters.

With pleasure I will try to write you all a few lines, but I dont know any thing that will interest you very much. but it gives me great relief to tell what I know.

It has been so long since I saw any of you that I _______ know hardly what to say. I expect when I sit down to write that I am kindly like you all are. I cant think of what I would like to tell I know when you read my letters and

I ought but when you write all you know you have to quit whether it suits the correspondent or not, that is my fix.

Well we have not had any winter here hardly not _________ ___________ to track a Rabbit. ________ had not rained for along . there is not any water hardly in this country. People here digs ponds about in their fields and get water that way there is no springs here at all to amount to anything.

[envelope not readable except for Hobart 1902. Day has only one number]

Hobart I. T.

Jan 26, 1902

Mr. Leander Lineberry

Dear Brother

Yours of afew days past to hand was glad to hear from you and to hear that you all was well and doing well.

It is cold here today and windy that the worst trouble with the cold here, there is so much wind, but this is the second cold spell that we have had here. One time it was about 4 below zero but it is not that cold now.  it has been very dry since I have been here. People say that it rains considerable in the spring.

I have had plenty of work so far and have not lost a day on account of cold weather but I am afraid that we will have some bad weather yet. My partners and I have a job of building a house out in the country about 16 miles for next week

What are you doing this winter. Do you still live on the creek yet. I suppose your boy is a good sized chap now is he.

How is the other Sisters and Brothers. Is any more of them married yet. Where does Thomas live. I know that great changes has taken place since I left home, but I hope you are all well satisfied as there is nothing that beats contentment in this life. If I have married several yrs ago, I could have had a good house.

I invested about all my money in Carterville Mo in the mining business and when I need it I can't get a cent but it will learn me how and when to invest. I have bought a lot here in this town and will have to finish paying for it about April is the reason I am anxious for you to pay me if you possibly can. I know that the $35.00 will be worth more to me here than the land in Va and I hope it will be worth more to you than you pay.

as it is getting late I will close for the present hoping that you will not have any trouble in raising the money and send as soon as possible.

I am sure sorry to hear of James Bowers getting in such an accident as I have not heard from him before in a long time I don't count on getting what he owes me so write soon.

Your Brother

Jacob Lineberry
At Hobart
Kiowa Co.     I. T.

Hobart Okla

March 9, 1902

Mr. Leander Lineberry

Dear Brother.

Your letter rec'd afew days ago was read and glad to hear from you. I also got Callie's letter which I will answer soon. I was surely glad to hear that you all was well as it is a great Blessing that we can be alive and doing as well as we are

from what you say it is quite different weather in Va than here as we have not had any rain in Three months or more but it has not been cold here.  the wind being being the only bad object now it is blowing today very hard from the South and looks some like rain. Several days lately the wind and dust has been so bad we could not work. You could not see fifty feet for the dust in Town so you can see what it is like.  after March we don't expect so much wind as the wind and water is the worst problem here.  I think the Land is surely good and a man can buy a good farm cheap just now but if it is dry this Summer. claims will be still cheaper but if a good crop can be brought in grown in this country the Land will be out of sight that is now going at $200.00 to $1500.00 and if they prove to be as good as the land north and south it is sure a good investment.

about 10 miles north of here in Washita Co in old Okla - Land is from $2000.00 to $10,000.00 which shows good for this country. Of course Leander as you are making a good living well satisfied it is hard to beat that but a man with little money here could come out all right in a short time.

If I had had some of my money up at Carterville Mo that I have invested there it would be good now and I would not ask you to pay me but I cannot get a cent it seems - easy to borrow money or invest in but just ask some one to pay a few Dollars and the whole bus. friends and all will turn a deaf ear to you. Now J.W. Bowers I let him have $40.00 3 or 4 yrs ago and now he will not answer my letters. So you see why I need the money that you owe me - you spoke of borrowing but did not want to pay the interest and now I will try to show you how I have favored you and how the interest on $35.00 looks to it .  about six years ago you told me that you would give $40.00 for the Land. Figure and see what the interest on $40.00 for six yrs at 8 per cent 40 x 8 = 3.20 one year for 6 yrs 3.20 x 6 = 9.20 + 40 - 19.20 + 40 = $5.920. So you see if you had paid me and I put it out at interest what it would have been but see what it is now but I am not kicking at the price but I do think after I have this long you ought not ask for any explanation but send the money at once if you have to borrow it I will invest where it will make more than $2.80 in one year and will send that back for you pay your interest. if you need if I live and if not it will all be over with me as we know not how long we may resist that awful thing death

as you did not say anything about Thomas but I suppose he is getting along alright.  how large is Alex I wish he was out in this country if he is a good rustler and worker he can do better here than at home. is he a large man I have forgot his age and you say Linia and Emmet Bowers is going to marry is he any good. I am afraid it will be all to her sorrow but maybe not .  Leander it is a shame when any one gets out of Va and sees how other people done.  we think that we all was started out in life without any educations and so few other people in that part of the country that is any better and all of them marrying and remarrying amongst one another and not try to educate their children.  how do they expect to be anything else but ignorant. So Leander for your childrens sake try and send them to school.  this new country that has not known white man for only a short time is 100 years a head of Va.  so If Alex is a good hard working stout boy he is auful foolish think of of marrying him a Bowers and settle down there.  I think as much of my people as any body but I am glad I left.  so tell Alex to write to me and if you will send the money send money order - good by hoping to hear from you soon.

Your Brother

Jacob Lineberry
Hobart  O. T.
Kiowa Co.

Hobart, O.T.

May 6, 1902

Dear Brother I rec'd your letter and money afew days ago alright and was glad to get it as it will help me to buy a Lot and build which I expect to do at once If I stay here. I am not very well satisfied here as I am afraid of this place for carpentering as it seems the work will surely come to an end before long. I am now working on the Congregational Church which will take quite awhile to finish it and by that time I will know whether I will stay or not. I am very anxious to go to St. Louis Mo to work on exposition buildings.

how is Father and Family getting along and Thomas. but I suppose all working hard and getting nothing out of it as was when I was there. Leander I was auful sorry to go away from home and leave all of my folks but that is all I can regret.  I can do do so much better in the west any place that I have been than I could in Va and you would only get away from there you would never go back again to live. If you could sell out for afew Hundred Dollars and get out here and get started you would be well satisfied.  think of it and see what you could do or could you or Harvey sell out your place.  I could trade my place here in Town for a claim. but I don't want to go on one and stay for awhile I am so anxious to go to St. Louis Mo. and work on the Exposition Buildings that I cant hardly wait and may go yet but It might pay me to stay where I am.

If I do go to St. Louis I want Father to come out and see the Fair. Tell him about it. This is only one life and why live and dye in the same country.

Well it is getting quite late and I must retire for the night hoping those few lines will find you all well as they leave me.

I have plenty of beans and have had for some time past. We have a nice garden. How is your seed that I sent you.

May the Lord bless and comfort you and your Family in This and all Trouble that may arise in this life.

Your Brother

Jacob W. Lineberry


Kiowa Co. Okla

envelope from Hobart January 12, 1903

From your Brother

Jacob W. Lineberry

At Hobart Okla

Hobart, Okla

Jan 11, 1903

Dear Brother I will try and answer your letter of afew days past. I was glad to hear from you all as you say well.  it is kindly cold here now and has been for the past week but I hope it will not continue long as my partner and me has begun a schoolhouse out in the country about seven miles from here and we are very anxious to get that completed but it don't take us as long to build a house here as in Va. It would surprise you to see about 4 of us start on a building in this country. This country is a little over one year and it is more than one hundred years ahead of Va for Schools and everything. You may not believe this but it is just about true and is made up of the best citizens in the United States from all parts. I saw one fellow afew days ago that was from Grayson Co Va and he knew Uncle Joseph and seemed to be very well acquainted at Christian (Christine or Chistmas) yard and from what I could find out from him times is just about as when I left there.  about one dollar per day or probably a little more. I never think of making less than $2.50 a day and am not satisfied with that. I expect to get me a claim sometime in the near future. If I don't I mean to go east from here and rent me a place. I would rather 2 to 1 rent in this country than to own a farm in our part of Va.

I was sorry to hear of Papa and the boys buying the saw mill outfit of Uncle Josephs. I am afraid it will cause them trouble. I have just been trying the machinery before I came down here. I lost about $1200.00 Twelve Hundred Dollars in a drill machine in the Joplin mining District. I could not make anything out of it and just went off and left it. The machine is up there yet but I cannot sell it for anything. I made all that money at from 50 cts a day to $2.50, but I depend too much on what some one else told me about the business.  but if I keep my health I will make it all right and I was anxious to get Alex to come out here but he would not pay any attention to what I was telling him and I think they have to saw lumber for 30 cts a hundred. If you will pay any attention to what I tell you you will leave that country just as soon as you can get out. Don't hold your place for a big price but take what you can get. Come out here where you can live comfortably and educate your children. Bring them out of the back woods. Think of our selves and Brother and Sisters all grown and you can't read their writing to save your life. I think that is a sin to rear children up in such a country. So if you will think of the subject as it is you will surely try and get away from that place. I look at it this way if we can educate our children it will be all the footing that they will. Is life worth living or must we live like beasts and not know how enlightened people live. I would like to impress those most important parts of our lives on your mind. So I think that is make a nice comfortable living for our selves and prepare our children for the enlighten future after we are gone. The time that will surely come soon with us. Think over this proposition and tell Harvey and Viola about it. I would like to see you all where you could make something. It seems that it is no use to ask any of the rest of our people to come out.

Hobart, Okla

Feb 25 1903

Dear Brother

Your letter of some time ago was gladly rec'd. Glad to hear that you all was well and doing well. We have had quite a bit of winter here in Feb'y but it is warmer now and raining. Has been raining all day and I have not been at work today. This is the mudyest place in the world I guess when it is raining. There is quite a lot of building being done. I have happened with good luck during cold spell. I had inside work at $3.00 per day so I did not loose any time on account of cold. We had nice weather for building the school house in the country that I was telling you about. It took us a little less than two weeks but we have not got the money yet. We will clear about $75.00 each for the two weeks. That would take a year in Va to clear that if wages is like they was when I was at home. You know a man could make any money if it takes all his earnings for a living and keeping a cow or two. Of course it costs like fury to live here now but it will not be so bad in afew years. I see people here from Kentucky and all places and they think this country is a paradise for farming. There will be about 500,000 acres of fine land sold I suppose at auction. It was reserved by the government for pasture but there is some dissatisfaction some way and the bill will pass in a short time for the land to be sold.  It is thought the land will bring about $3.00 per acre and it is as fine as any land in the country and will raise almost anything. If you are interested in this land I will keep you posted and if you should wish to buy or can buy it would surely pay you. 40 acres of this land will make more money for a man than 300 acres like yours in Va.

I will send you some seed of a watermellon that weighed about 60 or 70 lbs but one raised by the land man weighed about 110 lbs and I will send some seed out of the finest musk mellon that I ever saw and you know that one that Squire Joe and us stoled from Jerry L. was fine.

You know them Laurel seed you sent there was not a seed in there nothing but pads. You examine the pads and see if you can find any seed among them. This is no use of sending the pads. I would like surely to get some of the Laurels. If possible I suppose you could find lots of small bushes that you could box in a paper box and send by mail. You would have to rap them with green moss and if your wife will weave us two cover lids for the ten dollars I will be satisfied and the two blankets I will pay you for them. We are not in any hurry for them. Do you ever hear from J. W. Bowers or John Lineberry. I would like to hear from James but I suppose he does not want to hear from me. How is the boys getting along with their Saw mill. If you have any good variety of garden seeds that you want me to have send them. Have you any Tommy beans - you know what they are. I would like some of them

Something I wish to tell about raising feed that I have learned since I came down here is to sow cane seed or kaffer corn that grows just like cane. Either one will make more feed per acre than anything I ever saw and better feed. Cattle and horses will stay fat on the feed. Cut and cure and stack just as other fodder and the feed is fine for the chickens. I will try and send you some Kaffer seed, enough to give you a start and it will pay to have an acre or two to let the hogs run on in the fall. If you can get the cane seed try it and you will be surprised to see what a saving that every body don't know it or try it. Tell your wife and our sisters if they have any nice flowers seed to send us afew. You know how childish I am about flowers and gardens. I am just the same

[envelope dated Feb 26, 1903]

[Envelope from Hobart but dated July ? 1903]

Hobart Okla

July 5, 1903

Dear Bother and Family

I will try and answer your kind letter Rec'd to day.  was glad to hear from you but sorry to hear of the death of your little boy.  I realize it to be a Sad affair to loose one of our loved ones. I was always fond of children but never knew the real love and sympathy for a child as I now do. Our little boy taken very sick last night and has been sick all day but seems to be some better now. though I have been very uneasy about him. I think it is his teeth and hope he will be well in afew days, the only thing that we can do is to be in Peace with the Father that we may meet where we will

(reverse of former page but says page 3 and just begins) an ocean of water and haild balls fell that went through house roofs and any amount of (looks like Tims) valleys. They sounded like thowing stones against a building several families in the east part of Town had a narrow escape, in the worst of the storm the whistles began blowing and it struck me at once what the cause was. I put on my (looks like ginns) boots and and before I got to the place several houses had already washed away and the water at most any places was nearly knee deep in the low land about 10 to 15 feet as it was backed up by the RR, and could not run out as fast as in womens and was doing all kinds of screaming one house the punched a hole in. The roof got on top and was all got out alright.

I suppose you read of Kansas City and Topika -- what floods they had there

Hobart, Okla

Dec 13, 1903

Dear Brother

I will try and answer your letter rec'd affew days ago was glad to hear that you all was well and doing well. we have not had any bad cold weather to amount to anything but it is dry and windy the wind is awful bad this winter but I suppose it is because it is so dry we have not had any rain since last spring to speak of but quite good crops has been raised the corn would go 25 to 40 bus. On the bottoms and cotton about ½ bale to the acre which was good money at the price paid this year. It has been selling from $50.00 to 60.00 a bale and even as high as $80.00.

Some farmers in this country had 20 59 30 bales. It only make me think the more of the country to see such good crops for this dry season every body seems to have plenty of money and business goes on

I have been out to see several Indian allotments I have been thinking about selling out here in town and take an allotment which will cost $80.00 a year and your lease is good for five years and you will have the next first chance on the land I have been out see a place seven miles from town there is 3 quarter section and about 160 acres broke up that will raise fine corn cotton or anything in the piece of land there 420 acres and it is all in the bottom except about one hundred acres that has fine building sit on it.  in the lease a man has to put up a two room box house and fence the land with three wires but he don't have to do that first year unless he wants to.  If you and Harvey was here we could get the place and make some money out of it . this county is not like Va you can sell anything that you can raise and get a good price for it the kind of chicken that our mother use to raise and sell for seven or eight cts you can sell here for 25 any time and more eggs is 35 cts now. Any good russeler can make off his hoggs cows and chickens. I sure wish you was here

Did you raise any Kaffer corn from the seed I sent that is the finest feed for any king of stock that I ever saw and it does grow abundant here and I think this will be a good wheat country in a short time.

I believe you said the cover lids was ready and as to the color you know I am kindly partial blue but any color that you and your wife may decide on will do us. Send them by freight or express freight would be the cheapest if you think it will be alright. Express is very expensive but is reliable.  box it in as small a box as possible and have it addressed plainly and it will be all OK.

Send the goods and if any more is coming to you I will send you the money. What is all the boys doing .I suppose Floyd is getting fine. how is Sebert and Bill Newman. tell Bill if he was in this country he could make some money.

Well I suppose I had better quit for the present hoping to hear from you all soon.

Your Brother

Jacob W. Lineberry
Hobart, Oklahoma Ter

Hobart Okla

July 3rd 1904

Dear Brother

I will try and answer your letter of some time ago as I have not been at home so very much for the past few weeks. It has caused me to delay writing but hope it will find you all well. as usual I am working on an oil well about 50 miles away [bottom line missing on copy]

summers work if I will stay with it but it is awful heavy work

There is the greatest prospect for a good crop here that I have ever seen as the wheat was no good and most of the ground was plowed up and put in cotton and it looks fine now and corn is looking good. I only wish you have of come out and had out a good crop you could of made more money in one year than you have in ten years. One man can put out 150 acres in crop and do all the chopping and picking in the fall. I think I will be ready to farm next year I am going to sell out of my place here for a price. I have got a nice place and fine garden this season but it is hard to have a nice place at home and have to work away all the time in order to make a living but carpenter work is scarce here this year and will be till fall or after.

Have you heard from Alex for the past few weeks I did not answer his last letter. I thought he would be gone before he would get my letter but tell him to come down at any time he may and he can get plenty of work at very good wages they are paying for cotton choppers $1.00 and $2.00 a day and Board and picking will be a good price.

If you wish to send them quilts you can send them by the Wells Fargo Express Co. at Hobart will reach me.

And your papers and I will sign them at any time and return them so write soon and give all the news. Well I did not tell you about our girl baby. She is about [bottom line gone on the copy]

So I shall close by asking you to write and tell Father he ought to go to the St. Louis Fair. I want to go up later in the Fall as I think it will be better. I will write and let you know I did expect to come back to Va this Fall, but I guess I can't. Tell Father that I will see at St. Louis if possible

from your Brother

Jacob W. Lineberry
At Hobart Okla

Altus, Okla

July 31, 1904

Dear Brother

I read your letter afew days past was glad to hear from you. I did not get your letter for several days after it arrived at Hobart as I am not at home now I am about 50 miles away working on an oil well and dont know Just how long I will work here as it is quite unhandy for me but I have not been at home since the first of July.

I am getting $2.75 a day and pay 4.00 a week for Board and I expect our work will last till December or later work is kindly quite at Hobart and not much in my line in anywhere at this season of the year but I think there will be plenty of building again this fall

I believe you say Alex is in W Va Tell Him to write to me and I will answer him. I expect to go to St. Louis to the Fair this fall and I expect it will be about Sept. I think he can make more money in this country than he can in Va and have much better health

I would like to see Father at St. Louis too -- but I suppose he will not want to go and also I would like to see all of you but I know it is impossible for us all to be there I suppose you can get cheap rates from your place.

I did aim to come home this Fall but I guess I can't anway. Tell Father to go to St. Louis as he will see a great display of (mins / intedegunce) that he can never see any more. I would like to know if Papa can come uncle Joseph or some of His Brothers will go with him and Probably uncle Wesley will go, to -- you ask me if I would sign you and if you would send it to me of course I will I told you in my last letter just as plain as I could speak that I would sign the deed and if you wish to send the coverlids send by Wells Fargo Express Co. or US Express Co at Hobart Okla.

I would be glad to see you all and stay with you for awhile and as I have so often told you before how I think it would pay you to come out to this country as you can make more money out here and I am sure you cant in Va -- What is Harvey Bryant doing as I have not heard from or Thomas in so long but I hope they are well and doing well. tell me how Brother is getting along and if he would need any money if he comes to The Fair at St Louis.  If that is all he needs I can get it for him I would be glad for him to go.

So I guess I must close by asking you to write soon and give me all the news.

Write me at Hobart Okla

Your Brother

Jacob W. Lineberry

Altus Okla

Oct 16 04

Dear Brother

Yours of afew days past was gladly rec'd as it had been months since I had heard from you.  I could not think what had become of you and I expected to hear from Alex or expected him to come out but I have not heard anything from him and you did not say anything about him of course I suppose he has concluded not to come. I should be glad to have him come or any of you that would like to be where you can have better health and make money, but if you are satisfied where you are, that is quite a consideration but I am sure I could never be satisfied there again since I have been away from home and know of better places. The prospect for crops was fine for awhile this last spring but it turned too dry still they have good crops yet I think more than can be taken care of -- cotton is a very good price but not as good as last year. I am still working on the oil well and will for some time yet. I rented my place at Hobart and moved to this place because I was getting better wages than I can at Home -- I expect to quit here about the first of Dec -- if I can sell out at Hobart I am going over east of here and go in business of some kind I am getting tired of days work although I am getting very good wages here and can get more as I advance. I am getting $3.00 a day. it looks like a man could save some money at that price but it costs like everything to live here.

I wish Alex had come he could of got work all summer here with me.

You spoke something of sending them coverlets of course you can send them any time you can get ready as it has been about 2 or 3 years since you was to send and I hope you rec'd the deed alright as you did not say anything about it. If you send the goods in a short time you can send them to Altus Okla (word begins with fancy "F" and might be "free") by the Wells Fargo Express Co -- be carefull how you box them as they will get busted in shipping.

How is all the folks getting along.  is Father still able to work -- I would be glad to see all of you I dream of seeing you all very often I dreamed afew nights ago that Papa was building a fine House but I guess it was not true. Tell me something about Harvey and Viola as they will not write.  I would be glad to know how they are all getting along is Calla still single.  Tell her that she had better come out and stay with me as Alex will not -- hoping to hear from you soon again I will close

Your Brother as ever

Jacob W. Lineberry
Altus Okla

Jan 2 1905

[Envelope date Jan 2 1905 from Hobart, Okla has Jacob Lineberry practiced in cursive all over it. Leander was in Dipsey, Va]

Dear Brother

In answer to your letter of some time ago would say that we was well pleased with coverlids. The expense was $1.85 much less than I expected. We have moved back to Hobart but I don't expect to stay here only afew days as work is slack just at present.

I think I will go away in afew days east of here about 300 miles, but my wife and children will stay for awhile, and if I find a good place we will move again. I have had good work all summer at Altus on the oil well but it is about completed. There will be plenty of work here in a short time but I will not wait for it. There will be a Court House and Jail and School built here in the near future.

Well I suppose you are having some winter aren't you. We have not had any very cold weather yet and practically no snow and rain. Today has been a fine day for the first of a new year.

I suppose you had a good crop did you. The crop in this part was not very good and the cotton has got so low that part of it is being held for better prices but seems to stay low.

I suppose you had a nice time Xmas did you. I had a dull day, as there was not much doing here. Everything was quite slow for the Holidays. I did not see as much as one person drunk as it was in Va. The boys generally got full about Christmas but it seems to me that is only a habit.

Has Father begun his house yet. I would like to be there and help him build it as I think I can build a house for less money than any body and I have found many new sistems in building since I have been in the business. Of course you know a man can learn something about different work all his life. We can build a house for Two thirds the cost that we could in Va and do a great deal better job of work. Tell Father to have his studding sit 16" centers and plaster his house the way my house is fixed. I only had Two coats of plaster had the last coat made smooth and had it papered and looks fine and is almost air tight. If I ever have another house to build for myself I expect to hang all the windows with weight and pulleys as there is no chance of getting the windows broken. Of course I don't know how people builds house in Va now but I expect you have some good up to date carpenters same as any other place. You would be surprised to see this country so far a head of our old State, the oldest State in the union for churches and and all public building.

Well I hope that you are all employed and in good health

I did expect Alex to come out last fall, but I guess he concluded to stay at home. I hope he will do well and even better than I think a man can do in this country.

Do you know where James Bowers is.  he is owing me about $40.00 but I guess I will never hear from him again. Well I must close for this time hoping those few lines will find you all well wishing you a happy New Year I will quit.

Your broth Jacob

Hobart Okla

Tulsa IT

May 28 05

Dear Brother

I will try write you afew lines after so long as it has been quite awhile since I had any letter from any of you. But I have no excuse but to say that I did not take the time or just put off from time to time waiting for a better opportunity. We have been away from Hobart for quite a while and I was kindly glad to get out of that country as it was so stormy and dry. They had an awfull bad cyclone south of Hobart about 30 miles killing about 125 people and injuring several others that will die. The wind was so bad that it Blowed the Railroad track away. I am very well pleased with this part of the country it is a fine productive farming country. And I think if stay here I shall try and get me a farm and try the farming business as I am getting tired of days work but still it is kindly facinating as a man gets his money every Saturday night.

we have had plenty of rain here and I am afraid it will ruin severall grains of all kinds. This is a fine place for fruit and gardening of all kinds I am so well pleased with this country that I think It will pay you to sell out in Va and come out and we will get us a Farm and Raise hogs and cattle. We can Rent Land cheap here yet but it will be worth more in a short time. I would be glad that all of our people would come out here. I know you could do

how is Father and his Family.  how many children has he and how many have you and all of our Brothers & Sisters.  it seems that it is impossible for me to write to all the Folks there's so many of us. Is Father and Alex still in the saw mill business. Are they making any money out of it.  have they paid Uncle Joseph for there old outfit. I have had some experience in the machine business.  I lost about $1400.00 on a drill outfit up at Joplin Mo. It busted me but it was a good lesson if it was expensive.

I only wish we could be close together as we could enjoy our selves much better. I was sure that Alex would come out as he promised so faithful . he could make Dollars here where he cant make pennys in Va but it seems that we all like to stay about home to much. I heard from James Bowers he was at a small town in Colorado and was sick not expected to live but I hope he will get better. He has not wrote to me for years. I suppose that you hear more often than I do --

Tulsa I. T.

Sept 24 05

Dear Brother

I have not written in quite awhile, but will try and answer your letter of some time ago. I have been very busy, but not too busy to write, I have just neglected writing. Well it looks a little like fall as the leaves is beginning to drop, and we are drifting through life as fast as the wheels of time can move. We may neglect writing but we should not forget the one that gives us life. Often I am reminded of the great importance of being prepared to meet our Lord in peace but know it is neglected too much.

I have just completed my house about a month ago and rented it. I am getting $20.00 a month. Am living in Two Rooms that costs us $6.00. I did aim to live in my house but I expected to sell it at once, so I concluded to Rent it.

Well I guess you had good crops in your part and I suppose plenty of fruit. We don't get any fruit here only as we pay a big price for it. Apples is about $1.00 a bushel and not good at that, but there is good corn crops in this country. It has rained too much for any kind of small grain. But I think this is one of the finest countrys that I ever saw for farming and there is plenty of oil and gas. I guess you have plenty of chestnuts and chinquapins. They don't's grown in this country.

Some time ago I got a letter from Floyd Newman but have not heard from since. Do you ever hear from James Bowers or John W. Lineberry. I have lost track of them.

It has been the Hottest Summer that I ever saw and is still quite warm.

I did expect to come home and see you all this fall but hardly expect I will get too. Some gentleman stole about $40.00 worth of Tools from me. I will have to buy or quit work.

How is your family and all the Sisters and Brothers and Father's Family. I would be glad to see all of you and if I can I will come Home Soon. We have Two little ones to look after and I can't get up and go like I once could.

So I shall close by asking you to write soon and give me all the news. Does Papa keep well and able to work. Did you tell me that Alex was married. Give me all the news when you write.

Your Brother

Jacob W. Lineberry
Tulsa   I. T.

Capital Hill Okla

Dec 30 05

Dear Brother,

As this is my last oportunity to write you in this year I will answer your letter read some time ago. As I have been moving in this fall I am at Okla City now or in the suberbs at Capital Hill. I recd your letter directed to Tulsa _________. It came here shortly after we moved here. I like this place some better than Tulsa but it is like Hobart Okla. I am afraid it is almost too dry for farming purposes but it is a good healthy country and this town is growing like magic.

I have not worked very much since I came here. I have bought me 4 lots and expect to begin building me a house in afew days as we are paying rent now.

This has been one of the first falls that I ever saw in any place we had our first snow yesterday and it melted about as fast as it fell but it snowed all day just the same. Did Father get his house built. What kind of a house did he build. I am expecting to build one for sale as I did at Tulsa.

You asked me something about comeing to this country and farming I think it will pay any one to leave Va and come west where you can make money and a good healthy place to live. As I have told you many times I would be glad to have you come out and I am sure you could make more money in this country and have a better place for your children to go to school as that is the main object for you and me as we surely see the need of an education. as I look at this life we are only living to prepare for the next life and our children that we must give an education.

If you wish to come out to this country I will get us a place that we can make some money farming as you can sell anything that you can raise in this country at a good price. You can raise two crops of potatoes in one season and the last crop is a good price. I think this fall about $1.00 a bushel and you can raise from 180 to 200 bus. to ____ acre so they tell me and I don't doubt it as this is a fine farming country. Of course I prefer the Ind Ter to this but you can make good money in this country .   If you wish to work for wages you can get good money as any kind of labor is not less than $1.50 and carpenters get 3.00 to $4.00 a day. Brick layers get $5.60 for 8 hrs work and I don't suppose it will cost you much more than in Va.

Well how is all the folks. I hope they are all well. I suppose Father is getting along . _______ is he.  I did expect to come home and see you all this fall but we have already been spending too much money but I will try and come before many years probably next spring. If you don't come

It is raining today and I am not at work. I am very anxious to get my House started before it gets so cold and bad but I don't _________ we will have very cold winter here

I suppose you could dispose of your property at anytime couldn't you. I would like very much for you to come out and see this country. If you __________________________ country that Va can _______ reach if you take a notion to. Do let me know at once so I can get us a place to farm this year. one great advantage of this country it don't cost hardly anything to keep your stock through the winter as there is plenty of stock that is not fed any all and get through alright, but of course it is best to feed some and if you want to you can have 50 to 100 hogs fat at most any time to sell and you can fat them at much less cost than any place I have ever been. It is a good healthy place for hogs and children. They do fine.

Respy yours

Jacob W. Lineberry
Capital Hill
Okla Terr 

Well this is Jan 2nd before I have had a chance to send it off. I suppose you had a Merry Xmas didn't you. Everything was fine with us. I would be glad if you would make up your mind ____ out and come out to Okla so we can spend a part of our lives together as I think we can be of use to each other. If our Father had come to the _______ ____ ____ age. He was not ___________________ and be wor__ _______________ as easy as what he is. It would be a great pleasure to you to get where you could farm good _________ _________ So I must close for ___________ hoping to hear from you soon.

(envelope Capitol Hill, Jul 9 a.m. 1906 Okla. )

Capitol Hill, Okla

July 8 06

Dear Brother

I shall try and write you afew lines as I have been neglecting writing all summer I am getting to lazy for anything but I have been working hard and evenings I had to hoe in my garden and you see it is so easy for time to move whether anything else is done time waits for no one.

Well Leander I am getting very anxious to come back home and see you all once more I will try and come this fall if I possibly can as I am not fixed to come now as I was afew yrs ago. but I kept neglecting and putting off and now I have a wife and babys to leave.  If I come I will bring our boy with me did I tell you we had another boy he's about 4 months old and a fine big boy.

I suppose crops are good in Va this season arent they.  I think that crops looks very well here but it has been quite dry for some time there is quite a lot of small fruit here but I am afraid apples and late fruit will be damaged if it dont rain soon.

Well it hardly seems that is has been 13 yrs since I left Va but it has and I suppose things has changed wonderful since I left. All our sisters and Brothers grown since I left.  I expect I would be surprised to come back I know there has been quite a difference with me.  our oldest boy is 4 yrs and has been going school this summer he thinks it is a big trick.

Is James Bowers wife still with his folks. did you know what killed him poor Jim he certainly had a hard time after he got married but this life is a hard road to travel.  what is Father and the Rest of our folks doing.  I guess Father is getting quite gray now is he. I hope he is not so wicked as he once was. does any of our Brothers swear I hope not I have never sworn a word since I was a baby and I will never forget that time I expect you have forgotten it.

Well I am getting tired I will quit now and write again hoping those few lines to find you all as it leaves us well -- so I will close for the time write soon.

Your Brother

Jacob W. Lineberry
Capitol Hill Okla

Capitol Hill ca 1906?

Also I have Learned of a saw mill proposition in Arkansas that I think will be a fine thing a saw mill man. I heard that Otis(? Or Ati?) Dobyns(?) wanted to buy a Lot of Timber in Ark. I want you to see him and if he is interested I will go and see the Timber to see if it is as represented the man has a saw mill outfit that will cut 25000 ft a day planers band saws and a good outfit that cost about $6000.00 also he has 800 - acres Timber that he will put in and he says it is the finest of oak hicory and all inds. You Otis Dobyns and If he is interested tell him to write me at once and I will go and see the outfit the whole thing can be bought for $5000.00 and only a small payment down

This man that owns the outfit lives here and has a Lumber yard here and part of his family is at the mill and they want to come up here. I was talking with the owner yeterday he will sell to the first man that comes along. It might suit John Frost but you see, Dobyns, and if he wants the place tell him to let me know and I will go and see it. If it looks good I will make arrangements to pay his expenses If he buys - if he finds it as represented. So you see him at once and write me if we can sell the outfit I will make the owner pay us for our Trouble so look after this at once.

Respy your Brother

J. W. Lineberry

Capitol Hill

Box 113 -

Capitol Hill Okla

Sept 16 06

Dear Brother

I will try and ans your letter of some time ago I would of ans before now but I expected to come back to Va this fall but I dont know just how it will be now -- as it is hard to get an excursion East but I can get excursions west almost any time I could get an excursion to Memphis Tenns but I would be quite a distance then from home. I have been awful busy this summer I have not hardley lost a day for 6 months past

It is quite warm here and we have had plenty of rain this season crops is very good and more fruit than I ever saw at any place _____ peaches and not so many apples I wish you could of seen the Peaches halled a long by our place. It is thought that corn will be 18 cts a bushel but I dont believe it will be that cheap.

I guess your crops are good this season arent they.  well Leander when you get tired Farming in Va hills come west where you can make more money in one year than you can in four in Va you may not believe this but I can figure it out and show in 5 minutes but it is no use - until you take a notion to come out if you could sell out your stuff that you have and come out this winter and get you a place you can make much more here renting than you can the Land was give to you in Va.  besides that anything you have to sell there is always a good market for it here young chickens was 20 cts per pound last spring anything that you can raise is a good price.  well it is getting kindly late I guess I had better close for the present hoping those few line to find you all as it leaves us well write soon and I will write more next time.  tell me what Papa and all the boys and girls are doing.

(No signature)

Capitol Hill Okla

Feb. 9. 07

Dear Brother

As I have not heard from you in so long that I hardly know what to write but am always anxious to hear from any of you but have been putting off from time to time till I have forgotten when I got the last letter from you. We have had quite abit of cold weather the last few weeks but nothing like farther north it has not been to zero this winter today has been afine day. It reminds us of getting our ground ready for gardening.  how has the winter been with you but I suppose some colder than in this country.  I like Okla for its mild winters and the summers is not so hot as it is in Mo or further north.

Well Leander I suppose you are satisfied to stay in Va and not come out to Okla. I would be glad if you would come. If you could see the many advantages in this country that you never can have in Va I think you would surely come. You can make $5.00 to $1.00 in Va that is if you farm and for wages you get much better wages than in Va and you would have the advantage of educating your children something that you cannot do if you stay in Va. Leander I look at it this way -- that we are only living for the benefit of our children as it wont be long till we will pass away and I dont want to leave my children and send them out into the world without any education as you and I was. Just think of that for a moment any sensible man can see plainly. If he travels over the country as much as I have he will find out that he must be educated or he will always be in the ditch he will have the hardest work always and the least pay common labor in this country gets $1.50 to 3.00 per day while sober skilled labor gets double and less work.

I subscribed for the mail Brezz. Topeka Kansas for Father.  If he don't get it let me know and I will look it up. If you will read that paper it will tell you some good facts of western farming. It is a good paper for any body

how is Papa and all the Family.  it seems there is so many of us and Kinsfolks that I cant write all of them but I am always glad to hear that you all are well and going.  where does Thomas live now.  Harvey and Viola.  is Alex married If so who did he marry.  Is Calla still single she is the Smartest of any of us

do you ever hear from John W. Lineberry.  is James Bowers widow still in Va.  if things works out I hope I will come home some time in the summer and I want Papa to meet me at the James Town exposition at James Town Va -- Okla will have an exhibit there. Tell him to get ready if he dont feel able to aford the money I will help him pay the expense. I want him to be sure and go. I expect to bring our oldest boy with me if I get to come. I think I will if I keep well.

We have been thinking of going to California but I dont know how it will be. If we should I will come back to Va anyway before I go. I am contracting here now we have Four houses now on lands and I think more . I must close for the present hopeing that you will write soon and that those few lines will find you well as it travels.

(no closing signature -- last at bottom of page)

(typewritten letter)

Oklahoma City, Okla.

July the 6th, 1913

Leander F Lineberry,

Monarat Va.

Dear brother.

I will try and write you afew lines as I have not heard from you for some time, I have not been at home very much for some time, but came home to spend the 4th of July and will stay at home for awhile. One of our little boys has the measles and is quite sick yet, but I think he is improveing nicely, how are you folks getting along.  I did expect to hear from you before now but I guess you are busy and have neglected your answer, I at least you are all well and doing well, and have a good prospect for a good crop, I have been hearing that the east is quite dry this season, but I hope it has not struck you in Virginia, we have had plenty of rain here and crops look fine I think we will have a bumper crop if nothing happens.

How are all the folks getting along.  is Father still able to work is he farming this season.  does his boys help him I suppose they are almost grown now aren't they. is all the boys doing very well farming now, has John Frost still got that farm in Oklahoma yet does it pay him to keep it.  I think it would pay to trade him out of it if he will Trade for anything you have if you could get the place you could make some money out of it it is a fine cotton country and will raise plenty of corn most of the time, but you can figure on a good cotton crop every season and plenty kaffir corn which is just as good as corn.how is all the Brothers getting along

I have been very anxious to hear from you for some time as you told me in your last letter that Papa was very poorly but I hope he is better now or you would surely written me before now, when you wrote me I was helpless as far as any money to be had just then as I had all the money that I had invested in different property and it has depreciated about half since I bought, I did not do any good when I was in the feed business as I had a partner and he wanted to do a credit business and of course we lent about all we had out, and could hardly get back any that we had out, but it has surely learned me a lesson and I will advise anybody in business to not credit any one as it will cause you to loose your friends and money too. I want you to write to me and tell me just how papa is getting along as I hope he is better before this time, and if he needs help I will do all I can as I have not paid all my taxes yet and I expect they will be 18% on me but I could not help it as we had our money out and could not get it back and I seen that it was going to ruin me so I quit and rented my feed store.  let me hear from you right away and tell me how you all are getting along tell me how your crops are and whether Papa has a good crop or not, tell me how all the Brothers and Sisters are getting along.  well Leander if I could sell all my property here I would come back to Va.  I take the Southern Planter and read of the fine crops and it almost makes me sick to think what fine fruit and vegetables you all have and us nothing at all that we can keep all the potatoes that was raised in Oklahoma is gone now our stuff will not keep.

Has John Frost still got his Farm in Comanche Co, does he get anything out of it? a farm in this country is a poor proposition unless a man will live on the place himself,.  I expect to get on a farm just as soon as I can as this Town business does not suit me at all.  how is Sebert getting along and Uncle Jake? tell me all the news when you write and dont fail to write at once and let me know how Papa is. all the rest of you tell any of the Brothers and Sisters that will to write and I will answer them.  well I believe this is about all tonight and it is getting late but dont fail to write soon and tell me all the news that you can think of.

Your Brother

J.W. Lineberry,

318 west D ave ---------- Oklahoma City Okla.

(Letter beginning on page 2 - typewritten, probably by a later Lineberry)


and sisters, I would surely be glad to come out this fall and visit you all but I don't expect I can get off.  I expect to try and trade for me a farm this season if I possibly can it is hard to trade for a farm here that is any good, I have two good pieces of property I am trying to trade on a farm.

I tried the feed business awhile but I had a partner that did not just suit me and I thought it best to close out before we got in too far.  we begun to credit out our feed and I soon see it would brake us if we kept it up, we still have our building and have it rented for $30.00 per month.  the building cost us about $400.00 so you see it will not take very long to pay for its self at that rate, I also bought an interest in an 80 acre of oil Land that I think will be worth some money before long.  the Cushing oilfield is one of the best oilfields that has ever been struck anywhere so the oilmen say, there is not hardly a dry hole in the terytory, I will tell you later as to the out come of the oil,

I want you to write to me and tell me all the news.  I don't doubt that you are busy but you can take time to write. It is good practice for you to write and write often, I have been thinking of coming back to Va and try and get me a place but I am afraid to; as our children has been raised up in this dry country and it might not agree with them at all, as Va is so much weter than this is, be sure and write soon.

from your brother,

Jacob W. Lineberry,
Oklahoma City, Okla.
318 West D,

[handwritten agreement between J.W. Lineberry and C. C. Hughes on LINEBERRY & REED Feed and Grain note paper]


3/23/ 1914(?)


Cushing, Okla

In account with


Feed and Grain

Phone 339

This agreement by and between C. C. Hughes, party of the first and J. W. Lineberry, party of the first part that party of the second part agrees to trade farm in Roger Mills Co Okla to party of the second part for Bld ___ Tiger Theatre Bld and $200.00 to be paid the first of January 1915 without interest and party of the second part to assume mortgage of $300.00 and $18.00 interest provided the farm is as represented by party of the first part.

J. W. Lineberry

C. C. Hughes

[envelope addressed to Eva Fox at Box 377 Oilton, Oklahoma from R. G. Boatright, Agent, Cushing, Okla. Of Pennsylvania Fire Insurance Co.

Oklahoma City

March the 24 (or 29 handwritten above "the")1914

Mr. Leander Lineberry.

Monarat Va.

Dear Brother ------------- I will try and write you afew lines as it has been so long since I have heard from any of us.  I have written Sister Linna Two letters had have not had any answer to either of them as I have not been at home very much this summer and have been quite busy and have been waiting to hear from some of you folks but have not as yt. But will try and write you any way as I am anxious to know how you all are getting along as I think it is our duty to write to each other _______[looks like cc?aslenly] as we don't know just what might happen to us at any time.

I am still at Cushing yet and still have a feed store there yet I had two buildings there and traded off one of them for a farm, afew days ago. I will trade off the other one just as quick as I can and I am getting tired of being away from my family, and the feed bussiness is aufully bad ever done and I have not been doing very extra well and there is quite a bit of credit trade and I don't want that kind of business at all.  I am at home now and expect to trade for a farm before I go back if I can as my city property is expensive to keep up and I am tired of town life as it don't suit me at all.  I was just out to day to see a farmer near Oklahoma City he is near Town and sold all of his farm but ten acres to the packing plant people for $300.00 per acre, took the money and put it in City property and now he says he made a great mistake

[next page - appears to be torn in half, probably at the fold, bottom half only]

and poor crops and money is very scarce but people is putting out lots of crops this spring and the prospects are good now for plenty of wheat and oats and the fields are green and pasture has been good nearly all winter and I tell you it came in good as there was not very much feed raised last season.  but still the price has not been so aufully high on hay and other feed corn in about seventy five cents per bushel hay $15.00 per ton, corn fifty cents. are you raising any alfalfa yet if you have not tried it you ought to at once as it is the finest feed in the land and you can grow about four or five crops year and it is much better than clover for feed.  I get a paper from Va the Southern planter Richmond Va it only costs fifty cents a year and it will give you some good information about alfalfa in Va, it will pay you to get it.

Oklahoma City Okla,

9/5 1914

Mr. Leander Lineberry

Monarat Virginia.

Dear Brother,

I will try and write you afew lines as I have not heard from any of you for some time, I wrote you and sister Linia but have not heard from either of you, but nevertheless I hope this will find you all well as it leaves us. just now, our eldest boy has been sick for some time with Typhoid Fever but is well now, or at least I hope so as he had two back sets that kept him down for weeks, which caused me to loose about two months work I had just traded for a stock of goods when he took sick and had to dispose of them as the stock was at another Town, this is the first sickness that we have ever had in our family but we will have to bear our burdens as they come.  I have my store Building rented at Cushing and have started at carpenter work at the present here in the city but I don't know just how long it will last as there is not much doing here in the building line.  we was experiencing some of our old Democratic times and the war started and of course it has made things worse.  I have been in the Oil fields for the last year and it is getting awful dull up there, the standard had quit taking any Oil at all a few days but they have began again so I hear, but have cut the price to nearly one half what it was.  I guess we ought not to be kicking as we are having a good time to what Europe is experiencing just now, but I hope it will not last very much longer if it does.  I dont know what poor working people will do as there is not work hardly now.

(There is a typewritten envelope dated Oct 5 at 10:00 am Capitol Hill. Return says LINEBERRY & PRYOR,

Wholesale and retail dealers in FEED AND HAY, Cushing, Okla.

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