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This site is currently under construction. My family lines are listed below with links to pages for each.

Please email me at if you are connected to any of these lines or if you have suggestions or corrections to these pages. Please note that this information is compiled from many sources and may contain errors. As always in genealogy - *verify all sources yourself!* - just to be sure!


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The two sections below, the ancestors of James E. BARNHART & Alice Louise FRIEDLINE, represent the ancestors of my maternal grandparents. Almost 100% of these ancestors immigrated from Germany from 1732 to 1766 from the Palatinate area of Germany.


They arrived in America at the port of Philadelphia. From there they usually settled somewhere in Pennsylvania. Some eventually migrated into Maryland and Virginia.


The ancestors of Alice Louise FRIEDLINE (ALF) finally settled in an area which encompassed Somerset County in southwestern Pennsylvania and Allegany & Frederick Counties in northwestern Maryland. They lived in such towns as Bakersville & Meyersdale in Pennsylvania and Thurmont, Grantsville, & Selbysport in Maryland. Regardless of state, most of these towns were no more than 20-50 miles from each other.


James Edward BARNHART's (JEB) ancestors settled in York Township in York County, Pennsylvania, in Staunton, Augusta County, Virginia, and in Shepherdstown, Jefferson County in northeastern West Virginia (which was at one time Berkeley County, VA).


The American migrations of these families usually followed either a common thoroughfare - such as the Pennsylvania Wagon Road which lead west from Philadelphia over the Sasquehanna River to York Township and the Braddock Road (later the National Road) which led west from Cumberland, Maryland into Ohio - and in later years, the railway lines of the B&O railroad which connected all of the towns you see in the map at the right.


In the brief summaries of each family below, I focus on the ancestor from each line who immigrated to America - however if you follow the links to each family, you will find many have been traced back through generations in Germany. Many wills, photos and other documentation can also be found within each families' pages. I am in the process of adding all the information I have - but it is not yet all loaded.







Ancestors of James Edward BARNHART, Jr. [JEB]:



BARNHART (Germany-->York County PA-->Shepherdstown, VA/WV)

There are many unrelated BARNHART lines in the mid-eastern seaboard of the US, which makes it very challenging to trace specific lines. This BARNHART line's first documented ancestor was Henry BARNHART who married Maria SHUNK. Henry may have been born in York County, PA and may be the Johan Henry who is the son of immigrant Nicolas BERNHARDT of York, PA. Henry and Maria's children settled in Shepherdstown, VA/WV in the late 1700s. Three sons of this line served in the Confederate Army, two of which died in service. [CivilWar] [Sublines: SHUNK]


ENTLER/ENDLER (Ittlingen, Germany-->York County PA-->Shepherdstown, VA/WV)

The ENTLER line started with carpenter Michel ENDLER in Ittlingen, Germany in the late 1600s. Michel's son Philip Adam ENDLER [PAE] immigrated to America immediately after completing a two year apprenticeship as a butcher in Ittlingen. PAE's year-long journey took him through nearby Schwaigern, Germany to Amsterdam where he boarded the SNOW MOLLY. He arrived in Philadelphia on 10 Sep 1737 at which time he took the Oath of Allegiance. He first settled in Lancaster County, PA where he married Margaretha GAEISS who had herself immigrated to America in 1738 without her parents. Around 1741 PAE moved to the newly formed town of York, PA. Sometime after the death of his wife Margaretha in 1762 and before 1783, PAE moved to Shepherdstown, VA/WV where at least two of his sons had settled. Two of PAEs sons served in the Revolutionary War. Two descendant line's from PAE owned and operated well-known hotels in Shepherdstown. One of which, the ENTLER Hotel, is still standing today. A ENTLER daughter married into the BARNHART family. [RevWar] [Sublines: GAEISS, WELSH]


WELTZHEIMER/WELSHEIMER (Alsace-->PA-->Shepherdstown, VA/WV)

The WELTZHEIMER family in America began with immigrant Johannes Philip WELTZHEIMER [JPW] who arrived on the ship POLLY on 18 Oct 1766 from "Neuloescher" in lower Alsace. JPW served as a gunsmith in a Virginia company during the Revolutionary War. Two of his sons, Frederick and Phillip II are also reported to have served during the Revolution. Both sons Frederick and Phillip II settled in Shepherdstown. Frederick married Catherine HEISER, daughter of Shepherdstown blacksmith John HIZER. As a widow, Catherine later became wealthy and well known as a property-owner and operator of the WELTZHEIMER Tavern of Shepherdstown. Catherine & Frederick's daughter married into the ENTLER family. [RevWar] [Sublines: HEISER/HIZER]


CEASE (??-->PA?-->Augusta County, VA)

The earliest CEASE from this line was Henry CEASE who was born around 1782 and may have been orphaned at an early age. He is found as an adult in Augusta County, VA where he married Elizabeth LONG. A CEASE descendant daughter married into the BARNHART family. [Sublines: LONG]


JOSEPH (??-->Augusta County, VA)

The first known JOSEPH was Daniel JOSEPH who served in the Virginia Militia during the Revolutionary War. Daniel was Jewish and one JOSEPH researcher has located his signature in Hebrew. Daniel married Eva Margaretha HANGER of the well-known HANGER family of Augusta County, VA. Their granddaughter Mary Ann JOSEPH married into the CEASE family. [RevWar] [Sublines: PIPER, ACKER]


HANGER/HENGERER (Neidenstein, Germany-->PA-->Augusta County, VA)

Johann Melchior HENGERER arrived in Philadelphia on 03 Dec 1740 with his family on board the ship "ROBERT AND ALICE". His family finally settled in and around the area of Staunton, Augusta County, VA. A descendant daughter of this family married into the JOSEPH family of Augusta County.


Miscellaneous JEB-related links - Includes town histories.


Ancestors of Alice Louise FRIEDLINE [ALF]:



FRIEDLINE (Germany-->PA)

The FRIEDLINE family immigrant is Ludwig FRIEDLINE who arrived in Philadelphia on 16 Sep 1751 on board the ship "BROTHER." According to family tradition, Ludwig originated from "Barvaria" in Germany. Ludwig is reported to have served in the Revolutionary war. He is reported to have been a weaver and farmer and lived in what is currently now Somerset County, PA. The FRIEDLINE family descendants are vast and so far all FRIEDLINEs found seem to have been descended from Ludwig and his wife Anna Margaret LENHART. [RevWar]


LENHART (Horn Hunsruck, Germany-->PA)

Johan Peter LENHART [JPL] arrived in Philadelphia with his family on 15 Sep 1748 on board the ship "TWO BROTHERS." They settled in York County, PA. His daughter Anna Margaret LENHART married into the FRIEDLINE family.


MILLER (Germany-->PA)

John Ludwig Solomon MUELLER arrived in Philadelphia on 17 Aug 1733 on board the ship "SAMUEL." He settled in Pennsylvania. His granddaughter married into the FRIEDLINE family. [Sublines: HILLIER]


LICHTENBERGER (Germany-->Somerset County, PA)

Shortly after their marriage in Nordpfalzer-bergland, Germany Johan Casper LICHTENBERGER and his wife Anna Maria Clara EISENMANGER immigrated to America on board the ship "TWO BROTHERS," arriving in Philadelphia on 15 Sep 1752. They settled in York County, PA where they raised a family of seven children. One of those children, Johan Killian LICHTENBERGER recorded his own marriage and family in his family bible which is preserved in the Meyersdale City Library in Somerset County, PA. Killian served in the Revolutionary War, married Catherine BOHN and raised 12-13 children. One of those children, a daughter, married into the FRIEDLINE family. [RevWar] [Sublines: EISENMANGER, BOHN]


WELLER (Diedenshausen, Germany-->PA-->Thurmont, MD-->Somerset County, PA)

There are two WELLER families which settled in Mechanicstown (now Thurmont), Maryland in the mid-1700s. It is not known whether the two families were related, but both families are considered to be founding families of that town. Johannes WELLER arrived in Philadelphia on 20 Sep 1743 on the ship "LYDIA." From Pennsylvania he found his way to Mechanicstown (now Thurmont), Maryland where he married Catherine AMBROSE. Johannes operated the mill on Owens Creek in Mechanicstown/Thurmont. Johannes (known as John) served in the Revolutionary War. A descendant daughter of Johannes married into the FRIEDLINE family. [RevWar] [Sublines: SPIES]


AMBROSE (Germany-->PA-->Thurmont, MD)

Mathias AMBROSE immigrated to America in 1732 when he arrived in Philadelphia on 11 Oct 1732 on board the ship "PLEASANT." Mathias finally settled in Mechanicstown (now Thurmont), Maryland where he operated "Ambrose's Mill" near Thurmont. His daughter Catherine married into the WELLER family.


SLICER (?Scotland-->MD-->Meyersdale, Somerset County, PA)

According to SLICER researcher Sam SLICER, the founder of this SLICER family in America was Nathaniel SLICER who is believed to have been born in Scotland in 1714. The first record of Nathaniel was in Maryland in 1753, where he was involved with horse breeding. Several generations of his descendants owned and operated hotels in Maryland, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. One of Nathaniel's descendants served in the Revolutionary War. A further descendant daughter married into the FRIEDLINE family. [RevWar] [Sublines: HOFFMAN]


FRANTZ (??-->PA-->Allegany County, MD)

The first documented FRANTZ in this line is Joseph who was born in 1778 in Bedford County, PA. He settled in the village of Selbysport, MD around 1800. Joseph married Elizabeth HERRING from Berks County, PA, daughter of Ludwig HERRING II. Joseph was a tanner and farmer and served in various elected government positions. His daughter Rachel married into the SLICER family. [Sublines: HERRING & BRACH]


BLOCHER/PLOCHER (Wurttemburg, Germany-->PA-->Grantsville, MD)

Andreas "Andrew" BLOCHER immigrated to America from Germany sometime between 1770 and 1790. Around 1790 Andrew settled in the "Grassy Cabbin" tract of land in Allegany County, MD near Grantsville. One of his descendant daughters married into the SLICER family. [Sublines: KOUTZ, WOODIN/WOODMAN]

Miscellaneous ALF-related links


Ancestors of Arthur Andersen, Jr.:

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Ancestors of Robert Cooke:



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