What's New

Like an artist creating a masterpiece, the web designers site is a constant a work in progress. There is always new research to bring to light, pictures to add or corrections to be made. Be sure to come back here often to find out what has been changed or added. Thanks for your interest. See you again soon!

Oct, 2002

There has been a whack of new pictures added to the Photo Album for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to check out the Mystery Men and Women, and contact me if you recognize anyone. I have not yet figured out the guestbook, but will continue to try. Until that is figured out feel free to contact me via e-mail.

I have also added some marriage and death records for you to view via the Records page.


Sept, 2002

My website is finally up! Because of my love for both genealogy and surfing the web, I thought that it would be fun to to try my hand at a family web page. And so, armed with "The Idiot's Guide to Web Design" and a lot of enthusiasum, I began my journey. But despite my inexperience, I have been able to at least make a start. I have lots of plans for the improved layout of this new site as well as some newly found information. As you have seen, a number of the pages are still under construction. Come back soon to check out my progress! Thanks for your patience.