Cemeteries of Halifax County, Nova Scotia


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BALD ROCK Old and New Cemeteries
BAYSIDE  Bayside Cemetery
BEECHVILLE  United Baptist Church Cemetery
BLANDFORD St. Barnabas Cemetery
BOUTILIER'S POINT  St. James Anglican Church Cemetery
BROOKSIDE  Yeadon Cemetery
CARIBOU  Caribou Gold Mines - Mooseland -
St. Thomas Anglican Church Cemetery
DEAN SETTLEMENT (Upper Musquodoboit) Dean Pioneer Cemetery
EAST DOVER Fader Cemetery
St. Thomas Catholic Cemetery
United Baptist Cemetery
FRENCH VILLAGE Pioneer Cemetery
FALL RIVER St. Thomas Anglican Church Cemetery
GLEN MARGARET  St. Margaret's of Scotland Catholic Cemetery
GOODWOOD Marriott Cemetery
Purcell's Ground Cemetery
St. James United Church Cemetery
Umlah Cemetery - Big Indian Lake
GREENHEAD Carmichael's Cemetery
HACKETT'S COVE St. Peter's Anglican Church Cemetery
HALIFAX CITY Camp Hill Cemetery
Fort Massey Cemetery
Holy Cross Cemetery
Mount Olivet Cemetery
St. John's Anglican Cemetery
St. Paul's Church Cemetery
HARRIETSFIELD  Church of England Cemetery
 Fraser Cemetery
Marriett Cemetery
HATCHET LAKE Club Road Cemetery
 Umlah Cemetery
 Yeadon Burial Ground
HAMMOND PLAINS  Baptist Cemetery, Rte 213
St. James Roman Catholic Cemetery
 St. Nicholas Anglican Cemetery
HIGGINSVILLE  Higginsville Cemetery
INDIAN HARBOUR Boutilier Private Cemetery
LUCASVILLE United Baptist Church Cemetery
MIDDLE MUSQUODOBOIT  Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery
MINEVILLE  Mineville Cemetery
 Shaw Cemetery
OAKFIELD (GRAND LAKE) St. Margaret's Anglican Church Cemetery
SACKVILLE Colored People's Cemetery - Old Sackville Rd.
St. John's Anglican Cemetery (New) - Lwr. Sackville
United Baptist Cemetery
SEABRIGHT Hubley Private Cemetery
United Baptist Cemetery
United Baptist Church Cemetery
SHAD BAY Holy Cross Cemetery
SPRYFIELD Yeadon Burial Ground
TIMBERLEA  St. Andrews Anglican Cemetery
TANTALLON Dauphinee Cemetery
Miller Cemetery
 Seventh-Day Adventist Cemetery
St. Margaret's Anglican Church Cemetery
UPPER HAMMOND PLAINS Emmanuel Church & Monument
UPPER TANTALLON St. Lukes Cemetery
WEST DOVER Church Island Cemetery
Cowett Cemetery
St. James Anglican Cemetery


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