Keefes in Florida

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I have done very little research on the Keefe/O'Keefe surname in Florida. The reasoning being that I have not found any Keefe/O'Keefes to research before 1880. I have thoroughly examined Florida census indexes beginning with the state's first federal census in 1830, and continuing through 1840, 1850, 1860, and 1870. There is not one Keefe or O'Keefe listed in any of these years with any variant spelling. There were some Keith/Keeth listed after 1850, and a few of these could be mispellings of Keefe, but this is only conjecture. I have not examined census records for Florida from 1880 and afterward so I can't say for sure when the first census record appears with this surname; however, from memory I don't recall that there were any Keefes in Florida's speical state census for 1885. There may have been some land deeds under the Keefe name before 1880, but since I have not studied these records I cannot speak on this either. What I am led to believe is that the first time this surname appears in Florida would be the 1890s. I have included below what little bit I have on the Florida Keefes so far.

The following is an abstract of information from WW1 civil service registration cards completed in Florida:


Year of Birth


Place of Registry

Alexander West Keefe


Lake Park, GA

Marion, FL

Edward Joseph Keefe



Tampa, FL

George Hagans Keefe



Jacksonville, FL

James Thomas Keefe



Polk, FL

John Benjamin Keefe


(SC) sister in GA

Tampa, FL

Louis Oscar Keefe


Wellborn, FL

Marion, FL

William Henry Keefe


works in PA

Polk, FL

Edward M. O'Keefe


Birmingham, AL

Jacksonville, FL

Frank Aloysius O'Keefe



Jacksonville, FL

Harry James O'Keefe


Columbus, GA

Jacksonville, FL

Rev. Dennis O'Keeffe


Limerick, Ireland

Jacksonville, FL

Here's a cemetery record from St. Margaret's Church in Clay County, Florida:

born May 8, 1902, died November 5, 1963.

A family tree was previously completed by another researcher for this person. Kenneth Keefe was the son of Bartholomew Keefe and Anna O'Neill of Ontario County, New York. Bartholomew was the son of Maurice Keefe who was born in Ireland in 1838 and probably came to America durnig the Potato Famine. This Maurice was the son of a David Keefe, also of Ireland.