MUNN Family*
(Related Surnames: Campbell, DeWitt, Hyman,
Keefe, Moore, Prosser, .Steele)

A great deal of the information this researcher has on the Munn family is from a Bible Record taken by Daniel Munn (dated 1849 - 1880s); a family history book completed by a Fred O. Munn of North Carolina and other tertiary sources.

Scottish Origin

A Saint Munn came from Ireland to Scotland in 579 A.D, and once there was said to have been a driving force in an evangelism movement of the time period. Indeed, the Munn surname can be found in the records of Scotland going back several centuries, and it is from hence the name derives its heritage.

First Munns in America

The earliest mention of this surname in America is a Benjamin Munn who was from either England or Scotland. He was listed as a soldier in the Pequot-Indian war of 1637 and listed killed by Indians in 1675(?). It is not known if this Munn ever married or had children.

As it seems, an Alexander McAlpine Munn came from the Isle of Skye in Scotland to Philadelphia. in 1769 and 'might' be the same Alexander Munn who settled in Virginia during the Revolution and supported the British. After the War he and maybe a few sons sailed back to Scotland. It appears that Alexander Munn (and sons?) then returned to NC about 1800.

Munns of South Carolina

George Washington Munn, a 'supposed' great grandson of Alexander McAlpine Munn stated the following in Florence Morning News written by Nellie Bristow in ca. 1931: "My father, John Munn, had brothers Duncan, Hector, Archie, Daniel and Jimmie who came from Scotland about 1800." G. W. Munn's obituary in 1933 states that is father, John, was from Scotland.

By the 1790s, Cumberland County, North Carolina had at least two large Munn families: One of an Alexander Munn with eight children and another of Angus Munn with ten children. It appears that some of the children from these families became the progenitors for the Munns along the Pee Dee river in South Carolina. Also in Fred O. Munn’s book it states: “John J. Munn from Pennsylvania came to South Carolina and married Nannie Gardner." However, I'm not aware of the relationship of this John J. Munn to SC Munn families in Pee Dee area. The Pee Dee Munns do appear to have originated with Munn men named John, Alexander, Angus, and Archibald. (all probably grandsons of Alexander McAlpine Munn)

It is recognized that the Munns of Florence County have been very successful in business, particularly owning and managing the Bank and Hardware store for successive generations in the town of Pamplico.

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