Williams Family Tree
South Carolina

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Those in the Williams Family have resided in the area of Barnwell County, South Carolina since at least the time of the American Revolution. Williams in the 1790 Orangeburg District-South Census included: Abraham, Benjamin, Even, John, Joseph, Thomas, and Wilson. Most of these men left considerable descendants in Barnwell County.

Britton Williams in the 1770s came to the Barnwell area from Georgia after trouble with the Indians forced Georgia pioneers to flee to the safety of South Carolina. During the Revolution, Britton Williams was a patriot militia man who was captured after the battle of Wiggins Hill on the Coosahatchie River. There he was then hung by the British.in 1781. His children included Wilson Williams, Sarah Williams, and Martha Williams.. Britton was supposedly born circa 1740 in Northampton County, NC.

Marmaduke Williams, born c1756 and Mary Matthews?, his wife, were residents of the Darlington area of SC in the 1790s. Later they moved the family to Barnwell County. Their children included Stephen Williams and John M. Williams, who left descendants in the area. They also had a son named Britton. Marmaduke's grandmother was Susannah Burnett of Bertie County, NC.

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