Keeney House

Keeney House of Ogden, Utah

Keeney House of Ogden Utah in the 1870's

A "quote" from a reference found online dealing with the history of Ogden, Utah

Internation Society, Daughters of Utah Pioneers. Our Pioneer Heritage, (28). Salt Lake City: Infobases, Inc., 1996.

Our Pioneer Heritage
Volume 16 Early Hotels
Weber County Ogden. 

"The space between the tracks was a fairly large tract of land; and since it was very near to the Union Depot, several business houses and two or three hotels were built there. Most prominent among the hotels was the Keeney House, built in 1870.

A token from the Keeney House good for a drink.

token.jpg (201359 bytes)  The token (this one) is about the same size as a quarter if not the exact same. Tokens are kinda neat cause there were no rules against making tokens the same size or weight as legal tender coins. So many were used to slug slot machines particularly the nickel sized ones. the owners of these slot machines would save many of them up and then hide them or throw them in a outhouse to get rid of them.
                                                    John Monroe
The picture of the Keeny House was sent to Ray Keeney by Kent Leroy St. Charles

The picture of the token came from John Monroe a self proclaimed treasure hunter.

I found the reference on, (in a paid area) and only used a part of it, as I don't want to violate copyright laws. It's been suggested that I put up how I found the reference so here it is: Go to the search box below and type Keeney in the last name field and Keeney House  in the Keywords field  put in  UT in the Locality  field hit search, scroll down the results page & choose Reference, on the next page choose Utah, Our Pioneer Heritage, (Remember this is a paid area so you'll need to enter your username & password) now you'll be on the right page (see item # 2). I have to say thanks to Ray Keeney for pulling this together for me as he's the one that was able to put the two pieces together, in that he was the recipient of the Keeney House photo from Kent Leroy St. Charles, and I asked Ray if he had any idea about the token as his grandfather had the Hotel Keeney  Hotel Keeney, Rock Lake North Dakotain Rock Lake North Dakota, as I thought it may have been connected.          ~Dan

Click on the Hotel Keeney link in blue above or on the image for a larger view.

My apology for making the mistake on Hotel Keeney having been in SD when it was in Rock Lake ND. Ray has also sent me an e-mail that includes the original e-mail he received from Kent L. St. Charles and I've added it to the bottom of the page.

For what got me started on this particular page see below.


In e-mail correspondence on the 21 & 22nd of September 2000

From: John Monroe
Date: Thursday, September 21, 2000 08:06
Subject: Looking for Keeney history in West

I have recently found a Token that has a business on it that says "KEENEY HOUSE BAR  GOOD FOR A DRINK". The token was found in Ogden, Utah but that dons mean its from here in Ogden or even Utah. It is most defiantly from the west here and dates most likely from 1890's but possible from 1880's to 1910. Any help on whereabouts of this business or some town directories would be helpful. Thanks    John Monroe


Date: Thursday, September 21, 2000 08:44

I've never run across a token like this (would it be possible to get a picture of both sides of it?),  I'll include your query in my next newsletter (this is were a photo would be good) and see if anyone responds, there was a Hotel Keeney up in ND in the late 1800's early 1900's, which may be a possibility as to where it may have come from, for a picture of the hotel see .

I'll forward your e-mail to Ray Keeney and see if he would know if his grandfather used tokens like that for the hotel. ~Dan

Date: Thursday, September 21, 2000 09:28

I have a picture of this token and I will attach it to this email if you haven't already seen the picture. The back is blank because of the design the letters were punched into the token. So the front is all that has letters on it. I have posted it on two Keeney forums and when I saw that photo of the Hotel Keeney I actually got excited and I hope my search will come to an end soon. The Internet is great for some of this research. I contacted a Kenney near where I live and she said to check Nampa, ID cause there were quite a few there in this time frame. Thanks a lot for your reply and I hope I can finally attribute this to one business.    John Monroe

Date: Thursday, September 21, 2000 09:33
Subject: Re: I am greatly annoying

Here is the photo if you need it. (Photo of Token was included)

Date: Thursday, September 21, 2000 10:08


No problem on being annoying. I got the picture from the link you posted on my site and I also added the picture to your post there.
I'm going to include the following in my next newsletter;

Help finding old Keeney business in the west

Posted by John Monroe on September 21, 2000 at 10:37:11:
I recently found a token that says "Keeney House Bar Good for a drink" It was found in Ogden, Utah but that doesn't mean its from Ogden or even Utah. I am quickly running out of leads. The token most likely dates from 1890's but possible from 1880's to 1910. If any one knows of any Keeneys living in the west at about this time it will greatly help me to looking in the right town directories for this name. Thanks for your help. Please e-mail me at as I will not be able to check back with this forum very often. Thanks again John Monroe

Keeney_House_bar_small.jpg (1543 bytes)


The thumbnail will be linked to a larger view of the token. when posted.

I sent a copy of your e-mail to Ray Keeney who sent me the picture of the hotel and we'll have to see if he knows anything about the token. Let me know if you ever run across anything else with Kenney on it, I do know that there was a Keeney Super Bell game (slot)? machine., but I'd have to look for the links to it. Also let me know if you find out where the token came from if some one answers any of your posts ~Dan

Date: Thursday, September 21, 2000 21:38

I just found out there was a Keeney Hotel located in Ogden, Utah from 1877 - 1880.
Waiting for a reply from a Kent Leroy St. Charles to see if maybe he can identify the token.

Date: Friday, September 22, 2000 07:09

Wow that's GREAT!!!   I was wondering what kind of verification you have on this. In order for it to be included in Ogden Utah tokens. I have to have some kind of proof like an old news paper ad or listing in some kind of directory. Also if the business was keeney hotel or Keeney House. Wow I really appreciate this sometimes research can be frustrating. Thanks again
     John Monroe

Date: Friday, September 22, 2000 07:40

As I stated I'm waiting for a reply from a Kent Leroy St. Charles. I forwarded a copy of your e-mail to my cousin Ray and he sent me a reply that included an e-mail from Mr. St. Charles who has a photo of this Keeney Hotel.

Ray tried to send me a copy of the photo that was sent to him and all I got was a caption that read (Keeney House, Ogden Utah - 1877- 80) so we'll have to see what happens.
Hopefully we can get  the information that you need.
Have you ever run across anything else with Keeney on it? ~Dan


Date: Friday, September 22, 2000 10:31

I would just love a photo of this Hotel!! If he could go to a photo shop and have a reprint made I would be willing to pay $15 dollars for it. I just went to the library this morning and found a ad in an old paper that was for Girls Wanted for house keeping and such if you want I will post the ad and send you a link. Basically it wanted the girls to apply at Keeney House and the positions were in Pleasant Valley Idaho. I appreciate all the great help you have been without you I would not have found it. God wanted me to see that ad it was extremely small but on the first frame of the microfilm that showed up. For your help I am willing to have some photos made of the token and send 1 or 2 to you plus the negative then you could distribute them to all others interested. This token is probably the earliest trade token from Ogden, Utah and as of now considered a one of a kind. That is of course if no others  turn up anyplace. Thanks again.   John Monroe

1879ad.jpg (586342 bytes)
Added image of ad  on 07 December 2000


Date: Friday, September 22, 2000 11:56

As soon as I get a reply I'll see what I can do about getting a hard copy of the photo of Keeney House. I'd like to see the ad when you get it posted. Would also appreciate the hard copies of the token photo. ~Dan
I'm including my mailing address below.

Mr. Daniell Lee Keeney
P.O. Box 208 Sunland, California 91041-0208


Date: Friday, September 22, 2000 20:31
Subject: Photo of Keeney house Fw: Fw: Looking for Keeney history in West

I'll try to see if we can't come up with a better photo. But at least you can see what the Keeney house looked like. ~Dan

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Sent: Friday, September 22, 2000 17:12
Subject: Re: Fw: Looking for Keeney history in West

     The picture of the token did come through, I just hadn't looked at the attachments. I'll try sending the picture of the Keeney House in Ogden as an attachment. 

     Keep in touch. Ray (Photo of Keeney House was included)

Date: Saturday, September 23, 2000 13:52

Thanks yeh and if some one can get a reprint of a photo Ill be glad to pay the cost plus whatever is fair. I will put together a package of things I have about it including the ad I found in the paper, a map of where the token was found and where on the map the hotel was. I will get some good photos but it might be till this week when I can get the token cleaned properly and get some really good photos. I might write a article for a treasure magazine about my experience researching something that I had found even though you folks did all the work. The genealogy sites are truly a fountain of knowledge for someone like myself. I hope it has been positive dealing with me and that you would help another treasure hunter in the same position. Thanks again.    John Monroe

 Ogden1933.jpg (253857 bytes)   Ogden2000.jpg (294010 bytes)

Maps added on 07 December 2000


Date: Saturday, September 23, 2000 14:21

When you get the article written up will you send me a copy and let me know which magazine you send it in to & if it gets printed let me know which issue it's in especially if you mention my site as a reference in helping to locate where the token may have come from.

My site is just a hobby and not a professionally done one but I have fun doing it.

I'm glad I was able to help and I'm sure Ray will be to, (I'm going to send him one of the hard copy photos). And I'm sure that when Kent Leroy St. Charles finally gets around to answering my e-mail he will want a copy also.  I'll try to use the items you send as a bargaining chip to keep the cost of a photo reprint down.    ~Dan


Sent: Sunday, September 24, 2000 13:51
Subject: Keeney House

     This morning I read in the bible, the parable of the lost coin [Luke  15:8,10] and I was reminded of the token that was found and the search for   where it was from. I'm probably as thrilled to have had a part in ending this  search as the woman in the parable was to find her lost coin.  I want to thank each of you for including me in the search. I really  enjoyed reading the Keeney House page in the Web, Dan. Keep up your good work.      Ray

    PS  Dan, I'd like to make one suggestion. If possible could you change the address of Hotel Keeney to Rock Lake North Dakota, and maybe even put in a picture of it too. That may be of interest to some readers.  I'm also including a copy of the first letter I received from Kent Leroy St. Charles


Subj:    Keeney hotel
Date:   7/21/00 10:12:44 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (kent leroy st.charles)

I am from a Jacob Welch Keeney b. june 8,1832, also a Hotel keeper. His  son was born in south decota and lived first at Wyoming 1867-1870, run a hotel at Madal, Francklin, Blackfoot and Pocatello, Idaho, Cornnie, Ogdon, and Salt Lake City, Cokeville, Wyoming beteen 1871 to 1893, then run about three store all  over Pocatello, until 1897 and run the largest cattle ranch in  Blackfoot, Idaho 1897 to 1907. He had died in May of 1907. In the 70's he run a stage line of eastern Idaho. J. B.Keeney lived in Kelton, Utah in the 70's and had many cattle and  house, was  the same sussful as my keeney. Are they the same or are they  related.

     I have a picture of the Keeney Hotel of Ogdon. 1877- 80.    sinerely Kent St.Charles