Mathias thru Norma Keffer Mathias Keffer was born about 1706 in Sitzmanns, Lower Austria. He was christened 11 December 1707 in Kleines Wiesental, Baden. He died May 1766 in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Mathias Küeffer and Barbara Rützler, who were married 19 October 1696 in Tergenau, Baden

Spouse: Anna Maria Eckenrode. According to Donald Allen Keffer, Matthias and Anna Maria came aboard the "Lydia"in 1740, from Alsace. Children: John Peter Keffer , Martin Keffer, A._ Dorothy Keffer , Mathias Keffer Jr, Louis/Ludwig Keffer, John Keffer

Mathias Keffer Jr died 11 October 1795 in York County, Pennsylvania. He was born in Alsace. Parents: Mathias and Anna Maria Keffer

He married Eva Margaret Weismiller on 7 September 1766 in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Children: John Ludwig Keffer, John Philip Keffer, John Keffer, M. Elizabeth Keffer, Mary Barbara Keffer, John Jacob Keffer

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth Eckenrode/Eckenroth. Children: M. Magdalen Keffer, M. ElizabethKeffer, Eva Rose Keffer, Catharine Keffer and Jacob Keffer

Will on file at Berwick, York County

Mathias Titus Keffer was born 1818 in Adams County, Pennsylvania. He died on 2 April 1865 in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. Christened 10 October 1818, Conewago, Adams, Pennsylvania Parents: John Jacob Keffer and Elizabeth Michael

Spouse: Susan Staub. Children: Daniel Keffer, L. Henrietta Keffer, Mary Catherine Keffer, James A. Keffer, Joeanne Keffer, Francis Keffer, Henry S. Keffer

1850 Dover, York, Pennsylvania
1860 Oxford, Adams, Pennsylvania
1870 (Susan) Reading, Adams, Pennsylvania
Burial: Greenmount Cemetery, Codorus, York, Pennsylvania "CO. I, 205 REGT. Pennsylvania. INF"

Mathilda Keffer was born 22 March 1837 in York County, Ontario. She died January 1900 in Simcoe County, Ontario. Parents: Daniel Keffer and Susannah Fisher

Spouse: John McCormack

Matilda Keffer was born 6 March 1847 in Pennsylvania. She died 25 June 1914 in New Philadelphia, Tuscarawas, Ohio. Parents: Jacob Keffer and Margaretha Kitzmiller

She married Isaac Beaver/Beaber on 8 March 1864 in Tuscarawas County, Ohio

1880, 1900, 1910 Jefferson, Tuscarawas, Ohio

Matilda Ann Keffer was born 29 October 1870 in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. She died 7 November 1925 in Schuylkill County. Parents: Francis J. Keffer and Anna Amanda Eiche

She married Matthew McGarry on 19 October 1904 in Schuylkill County

Matilda Ann Keffer was born 24 November 1850 in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Jacob Keffer and Margaret Clay

She married John F. Coonin/Cronan on 6 August 1870 in Reading, Berks, Pennsylvania

Matilda E. "Tillie" Keffer was born 25 April 1868 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. She died in Malboro, South Carolina Parents: Michael Keffer and Maria C. Waugh. (Source 23)

She married Walter Garland Stubbs on 28 December 1902 in Westmoreland County

Matilda Rosanna Agnes Keffer was born 5 October 1858 in Adams County, Pennsylvania. She died 4 September 1935, Adams County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Henry Keffer and Clarissa Marshall

Spouse: Louis Feeser

She married Jacob Anthony Little on 29 April 1879, Adams County

1900 Conewago, Adams, Pennsylvania

Matthew/Matthias Keffer was born 29 September 1818 in [Cambria County] Pennsylvania. Parents: Jacob Keffer and Catherine Connel
Matthew Alan Keffer was born 2 August 1972 in Ohio. Parents: Harry Alan Keffer and Shirley Kay
Matthew Brian Keffer was born 8 March 1968 in Ohio. Parents: Delbert William Keffer and Fay Ann
Matthew Eric Keffer was born 12 August 1988 in Ohio. Parents: Eric Todd Keffer Annette Marie Cline
Matthew Joseph Keffer was born 29 October 1968 in Ohio. Parents: Joseph Lee and Betty Lou Keffer
Matthew Thomas Keffer was born 14 November 1979 in Jefferson County, Texas. Parents: Paul Danny Keffer and Brenda Dianne Gilbert

Spouse: Traci Erin Sharpe, married 23 February 2002 in Orange County, Texas

Residences: Delta, Utah; Deseret, Utah

Matthew Thomas Keffer was born 1 September 1939

Residences: 1995 Newport, King William, Virginia

Maud Keffer was born about 1898 [Fayette County, Pennsylvania]. (Source 3) Parents: Isaac William Keffer and Currance Virginia Snyder
Maud Ellen Keffer was born 26 October 1875 in Canada. She died 4 May 1947 in Michigan. Parents: Michael Keffer and Charlotte Payne

She married Joseph Herbert Collins on 3 January 1899 in Sanilac County, Michigan

Burial: Evengelical Cemetery, Capac, St. Clair, Michigan

Maude Keffer was born about 1878 in Knox County, Illinois. Parents: Robert Rueben Keffer and Hester Hahn
Maude Keffer was born March 1884 in Indian Territory. Parents: Thomas Madison Keffer and Nancy Elvia Collins

1900 Creek Nation

Maude Geraldine Keffer was born 12 July 1882 in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Wallace Peter Keffer and Rosie Ann Gerstle
Maurice Louis Keffer was born 15 July 1912 in Canada. He died 11 December 1982 in Menlo Park, San Mateo, California. Parents: John Keffer and Sophie

Spouse: Mae E. Flegge. Children: Richard Maurice Keffer

Spouse: Aurea Pacheco, Mrs. Ramos, married 18 April 1981 in San Mateo County

Burial: Alta Mesa Memorial Park, Palo Alto, Santa Clara County

Mavis Joy Keffer was born about 1937 in Newmarket, York, Ontario. Parents: Thomas Milton Keffer and Marjorie Helen Moore

Spouse: Raymond Joseph Jesson, married 17 October 1959 in the Meeting House of the Society of Friends, Newmarket

Maxine Keffer was born about 1927 in Kentucky. Parents: Robert Henry Keffer and Minnie Catherine Steele
Maxine L. Keffer was born about 1924 in Kanawha County, West Virginia. Parents: George Shelby Keffer and Ivory May Williams
May Keffer was born about 1889 in [Fayette] Pennsylvania. Parents: Levi B. Keffer and Mary Melissa Swink
Megan Renee Keffer was born 15 April 1975 in Ohio. Parents: James Michael Keffer and Joyce Ann
Megann Marie Keffer was born to: William Harold Keffer and Ruth Calvin
Melinda Beth Keffer was born 28 September 1971 in Ohio. Parents: James Michael Keffer and Joyce Ann
Melissa Ann Keffer was born 5 May 1970 in Ohio. Parents: James Michael Keffer and Joyce Ann
Melissa Lynn Keffer was born 19 April 1970 in Ohio. Parents: John Allen Keffer and Connie Lynn Parks

Spouse: Dennis R. Alexander, married 21 October 1989 in Tuscarawas County, Ohio

Melodie Kay Keffer was born 1 November 1968 in Ohio. Parents: Robert Edward and Patsy Lee Keffer
Melrose Grace Keffer was born 2 February 1921 in Shillington, Berks, Pennsylvania. She died 18 November 2013, in Sinking Spring, Berks. Parents: Irvin Keffer and Sadie May Kohl

She married Richard Elwood Adams on 15 May 1947

Melvin Charlie Keffer was born 3 July 1887 in Indian Territory [Oklahoma]. He died 1945. Parents: Ammon Smith Keffer and Lucinda Catherine Blackard

He married Sarah Jane Brown, born 1888 in Oklahoma of Willis Warner Brown and Catherine Belk, in 1908. Children: Dessie Keffer, Bert Charley Keffer, Ruth Ann Keffer, Claud Keffer

He married Minnie Deer on 23 February 1939 in Latimer County, Oklahoma

marriage license obtained 6 January 1908 - not returned - LeFlore County, Oklahoma, Says he is from Slatonville, Arkansas
1920 Mississippi, Sebastian, Arkansas

1940 Damon, Latimer, Oklahoma

Burial: Elmwood Cemetery, Pittsburg, Oklahoma

Melvin David Keffer was born 16 February 1940 in Ohio. Parents:

Spouse: Nancy Bell Price. Children: Melvin David Keffer Jr, Audrey Sue Keffer, Robert Vernon Keffer

2004 Mansfield, Hamilton, Ohio

Melvin David Keffer Jr was born 16 October 1967 in Ohio. He died 21 December 2012 in Ohio. Parents: Melvin David Keffer and Nancy Bell Price
Melvin Francis Keffer was born 13 June 1914 in Reading, Berks, Pennsylvania. He died on 3 July 1915 in Reading. Parents: Charles Martin Keffer and Clara Mae Lachman
Melvin Park Keffer was born 12 December 1911 in Oklahoma. He died 6 February 2000 in Escondido, San Diego, California. Parents: Parkerson Keffer and Mary Malinda "Mollie" Irons

Spouse: Juanita Bernice White. Children: Melvita Beth Keffer, Phoebe Alice Keffer, James Laten Keffer

1935 McPherson, Kansas
1940 Williston City, Williams, North Dakota

Melvina Keffer was born 16 March 1922 in Sebastian County, Arkansas. She died August 2015 in Arizona. Parents: James Monroe Keffer and Myrtle Wheatley

Spouse: Earl Ray Webb, married 17 July 1940 in Sebastian County

Melvita Beth Keffer was born 1935 in North Dakota. (Source 3) Parents: Melvin Park Keffer and Juanita Bernice White

Spouse: James Clifford Whittington, married 12 February 1956 in Apache County, Arizona

Spouse: Ronald L. Chicone, married 27 October 1963 in San Diego County, California

Merle Bolton Keffer was born 1 October 1914 in Grand Traverse County, Michigan. He died 1 April 2003 in Grand Traverse County, Michigan. Parents: AllanKeffer and Laverne Selkirk Bolton

Spouse: Madeline M. Champman, married 1 July 1937 in Kalamazoo County

Burial: Evergreen Cemetery, Kingsley, Grand Traverse

Merle Scott Keffer was born 20 February 1915 in Oklahoma. He died in June 1985. Parents: Earl Keffer and Zetta Pursell

Spouse: Kay Rosemary Lefevre. Children: Stephen Gary Keffer, Diane Roberta Keffer, both born in Texas

Burial: Woodlawn Cemetery, Houston, Harris, Texas

Merry Ann Keffer was born 17 December 1963 in Ohio. Parents: Benjamin Howard Keffer and Nancy Elma Robinson
Mervin Carl Keffer was born 7 February 1902 in Markham, York, Ontario. He died 7 December 1972. Parents: Passavant Keffer and Rachel Calvert

Spouse: Ethel A. Robinson

Burial: Hillcrest Cemetery, Woodbridge

Meryl Keffer was born about 1924 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Wilbur B. Keffer and Bessie Mae Newell
Michael Keffer was born 8 January 1777 in Germany. He came to America in 1800 with wife and eldest son (supposedly to Baltimore), and lived for 25 years in Somerset county, Pennsylvania, and was naturalized there. He was a soldier in the war of 1812. He moved to Westmoreland County in spring, 1826 and died 28 October1851 in Ligonier Twp, Westmoreland County Pennsylvania. He was a shoemaker and farmer. (Source 23)

Spouse: Elizabeth Lachmann. Children: Jacob E. Keffer, Elizabeth Keffer, Michael Keffer Jr and Catherine Keffer.

He married Susanna Maria Miller a few years after moving to Westmoreland

1850 Ligonier, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania

Michael Keffer Jr was born 3 June 1811 in [Bedford County,] Pennsylvania. He died on 5 April 1884 [Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania]. Parents: Michael Keffer and Elizabeth Lachmann. (Source 23)

He married Jane Clark on 9 April 1835 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Children: Henry L. Keffer, Elizabeth Keffer, John Clark Keffer, Mary Ellen Keffer, Harriet Keffer, Jonas M. Keffer, Jacob W. Keffer, Ann Matilda Keffer, Sarah Francis Keffer

1850, 1860, 1870 Ligonier, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania

Michael Keffer was born 28 October 1810 in Berks County, Pennsylvania, and christened 9 December 1810, Bally, Berks, Pennsylvania. He died 10 March 1889 in Reading. Parents: John Louis Keffer and Susan Spang

He married Anna Elizabeth Clay on 16 September 1832 in St Pauls Roman Catholic Church, Reading. Children: Francis "Frank" J. Keffer, Sarah "Sally"Keffer, James Augustus Keffer, Joseph W. Keffer, Amelia Keffer, Margaret Keffer, Charles A. Keffer

1850, 1860 Southwest Ward, Reading, Berks, Pennsylvania
1870, 1880 Reading, Berks, Pennsylvania

Michael Keffer Jr was born 27 February 1799. He died in 1884 .(Source 3) Parents: Michael Keffer and Anna Maria Welch

He married Rachel Fisher. Children: Susan Keffer (1821), Joseph Keffer, Johanna Keffer

He married 2nd Jane Dixon. Children: Louisa Keffer, Jane Ann Keffer, Benjamin Keffer, Maria Kieffer, Thomas Dixon Keffer, Harriet Keffer, Phillip Keffer (1833-1833)

1851, 1881 Vaughan, York, Ontartio
Burial: Zion Evangelical Lutheran, Vaughan

Michael Keffer was born about 1820 in Pennsylvania

He married Sarah Ann Miller on 31 May 1846 in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Children: Anna Elizabeth Keffer, Henry Keffer, John Michael Keffer

1850 Cumru, Berks, Pennsylvania
Michael probably died before the 1860 census. Henry is known to have a step-sister named Emma, who is not in the family in 1850

Michael Keffer was born 11 October 1825 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. He died 5 April 1884 in Ligonier, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Jacob E. Keffer and Matilda Glessner

He married Maria C. Waugh on 10 October 1854 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Children: Jacob E. Keffer, Margaret E. "Maggie" Keffer, William Albert Keffer (1858-1860), Catherine "Kate" Keffer, Harry Luther Keffer, Joseph Waugh Keffer, Alexander Glessner Keffer, Matilda E. Keffer, Michael Augustus Keffer, Frank M. Keffer, Rankin S. Keffer

1870 Michael's parents live with him in Ligonier, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
1880, 1900 Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

Burial: Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

Michael Keffer was born [Cottage Grove, Lane, Oregon]. Glen Keffer and Mattie Ruth Montgomery. (Source 19)

Spouse: Barbara

Michael Keffer was born 21 October 1834 in York County, Ontario, Canada. He died 3 December 1915 in Michigan. Parents: Valentine Keffer and Mary Ann Peterman

He married Charlotte Payne on 24 July 1855 in Vaughan, York, Ontario. They had nine children: Catherine Keffer, Augusta Charlotte Keffer, William Thomas Keffer, Adelaide Elizabeth Keffer, Albert Edmund Keffer, Hannah Melinda Keffer, Stephen Keffer, Adelaide Rebecca Keffer, John Franklin Keffer, Maud Ellen Keffer, Ida M. Keefer

An Adeline Keefer, dau of Michael and Charlotte Payne, married Edmund Perkin on 5 December 1894 in Detroit. The marriage record says she was born 1874.

1881 Grey, Huron, Ontario

He married Melissa Smith Keffer, former wife of his brother, William, on 29 September 1884. They raised William and Melissa's child: Floaive Lillian Keefer Family moved to Sanilac County, Michigan in 1887 and changed the spelling of the name to Keefer

1871 Vaughan, York, Ontario
1881 Grey, Ontario
1900 Fremont, Sanilac, Michigan

Burial: Port Huron, St. Clair, Michigan

Michael Keffer was born 1760's, Philadelphia, a son of John George Keffer and Eva Maria Berenstecherin
Michael A. Keffer was born to Parents: Thomas Edward Keffer and Joan McNeil
Michael A. Keffer was born about 1937 in Harney, Oregon. He died 1963 in Harney County. Parents: David Frank Keffer and Helen G. McCaulay
Michael Adam Keffer was born 17 June 1971. Parents: Raleigh Jerry Keffer and Carlyn Jean Ott
Michael Allen Keffer was born 12 November 1945 in Athens County, Ohio. Parents: Donald Leroy Keffer and Elsie Mae Pemberton
Michael Augustus Keffer was born 16 January 1871 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. (Source 23) Parents: Michael Keffer and Maria C. Waugh

He married Ethel Ellen Griffith on 11 April 1900 in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Children: Evelyn Ruth Keffer, Glessner Pollock Keffer, Ralph Allen Keffer, Margaret Elizabeth Keffer, Robert Michael Keffer, Alice Sarah Keffer, Chester G. Keffer

1900 Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
1920, 1930 Brentwood, Allegheny, Pennsylvania

Michael Dean Keffer was born in Cambridge, England, Parents: Harry Wesley Keffer and Marjorie Evelyn Campbell

His wife was/is Janet. Child: April Keffer

Michael Earl Keffer was born to: Roy Lafayette Keffer and Sarah Jane Wheeler
Michael G. Keffer was born 26 January 1766. He died 7 July 1852 in York County, Ontario. Parents: Johann Jacob Keffer Sr and Annamaria Nass

Spouse: Anna Maria Welch. Children: Daniel Keffer, Maria Elizabeth Keffer, Michael Keffer Jr, Samuel Keffer, Valentine Keffer, William Keffer and Jacob Keffer baptized 14 July 1816 in York County, Ontario

The family lived in Brothers Valley, Somerset, Pennsylvania, until 1806 when they moved to York County, Ontario
Burial: Zion Evangelical Lutheran, Vaughan

Michael Glessner Keffer was born 4 November 1933 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania. He deid 20 September 2005 in Clairton, Allegheny County. Parents: Glessner Pollock Keffer and Ruth Alice Aufdrheide

Spouse: Adirenne Edwards
Burial: Jefferson United Presbyterian, Gill Hall, Allegheny, Pennsylvania

Michael John Keffer was born 23 June 1973 in Ohio. Parents: John Allen Keffer and Connie Lynn
Michael Joseph Keffer Parents: Ralph Clair Keffer and Mary Jane Livelsberger
Michael L. "Larry" Keffer was born to Parents: Leslie Lowell Keffer and Edna Mae Wilson
Michael Owen Keffer was born to Parents: Donald Webb Keffer and Mary Louise Anson

Spouse: Adrienne Lev. Children: Lesley Kieffer, Mark Andrew Keffer

Michael Payne Keffer Jr was born 14 December 1975 in Ohio. Parents: Michael Payne Keffer and Elizabeth Ann
Michael Ryan Keffer was born 26 February 1982 in Ohio. Parents: Richard Lee and Mary Elizabeth Keffer
Michele Lea Keffer was born 25 May 1968 in Ohio. Parents: James Michael Keffer and Joyce Ann
Michelle Lorraine Keffer was born 24 November 1980 in Ohio. Parents: Ricky Lynn Keffer and Gayle Lorraine Henry
Michelle Lynn Keffer was born 9 March 1965 in Ohio. Parents: Cameron J. and Leatha Keffer
Mickey Edward Keffer was born 17 November 1928 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California. Parents: Henry Edward Keffer and Nellie May Archer(d)

Spouse: Gloria E Trivalos, married 8 October 1950 in San Francisco, California

Mildred Ann Keffer was born about 1928 to: Lloyd Raymond Keffer and Myrtle Lee Barnes

Spouse: Anthony Natoli, married 1 July 1950, Stark County, Ohio

Mildred Ina Keffer was born 18 September 1913 in Hundred, Wetzel, West Virginia. She died 28 December 1995 in Wyandotte, Wayne, Michigan. Parents: Bernard Keffer and Ina Blanche Stewart

Spouse: Clarence Herman Six, married 1931 in Wetzel County

Burial: Michigan Memorial Park, Flat Rock, Wayne County

Mildred Mabel Keffer was born 28 January 1909, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. She died 3 January 2000 in Youngstown, Mahoning, Ohio. Parents: Jon William Keffer and Mary Agnes "Dot" Shumar

She married Edward Francis Rosine on 11 September 1929 in Sharon, Mercer, Pennsylvania. Child: Edward Keffer

1935, 1940 Youngstown, Ohio

Mildred Sarah Keffer was born 27 March 1901 in [Greene County,] Pennsylvania. She died 25 February 1983 in Texas. Parents: WileyWimer Keffer and Ella M. Caseman

She married Loyd Gates Bussard on 3 March 1923

1930 Lipscomb, Texas

Burial: Lipscomb, Texas

Mildred V. Keffer was born about 1918 in Tuscarawas County, Ohio. Parents: William Henry Keffer and Rosetta Agnes Treacle

She married Harold K. Hill on 22 December 1936 in Wheeling, Ohio, West Virginia

1940 Dennison, Tuscarawas, Ohio

Miles Wilson Keffer was born 16 July 1860 in [Gasconade County,] Missouri. He died on 22 February 1925. Parents: Daniel Austin Keffer and Amanda Stump

Spouse: Maggie Ryerson. Children: Austin Daniel Keffer, Edward Thomas Keffer, Alva William Keffer, Polly Lucinda Keffer, Sally Amanda Keffer, Leora Keffer, Jacob Charles Keffer, George P. Keffer, Mary Keffer

1900, 1910 Gasconade County, Missouri
1920 Mapleton, Bourbon, Kansas

Burial: Mapleton Cemetery

Millie Ethel Keffer was born 21 August 1904 in St. Francois County, Missouri. She died 11 October 1968 in Madison County, Illinois. Parents: James L. Keffer and Ida Ann Johnson

Spouse: Henry Belcher

Spouse: Frank Walla

1920 Alton, Madison, Illinois
1930 St. Louis County
1940 St. Louis City

Franklin Milton Keffer was born 19 November 1858 in Allen County, Indiana. He died 20 May 1929 [Greeley, Weld, Colorado]. Parents: William Keffer and Amanda Bowser

1880 Deer Creek, Mills, Iowa
1900 Gipson, Weld, Colorado
1910 Crow Creek, Weld, Colorado

Burial: Linn Grove Cemetery, Greeley

Milton Burton Keffer was born [Ontario] to: Thomas Milton Keffer and Marjorie Helen Moore

He married Carol Janet Macleod 11 October 1958 in Ontario, Canada. Children: Stephen Glen Keffer, Robert Burton Keffer

Milton John Henry Keffer was born 9 July 1879, Berks County, Pennsylvania. He died 3 October 1945 in Berks, Pennsylvania, and is buried at St. John's, Sinking Spring, Berks. Parents: Henry Keffer and Mary Hoster

He married Martha Pierce 17 December 1898 in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Children: Raymond Stephen P. Keffer, Oscar Keffer, John P. Keffer, Stella P./Mable Keffer

1900 Berks County, ed 111
1910, 1930 Spring, Berks, Pennsylvania
1942 registration, Spring, Berks

Minerva Keffer was born February 1854 in Pennsylvania. She died 1939. Parents: Adam Keffer and Rebecca Miller

She married Charles Walter Keefer. Children: Elizabeth Keefer, Georgeana Keefer, Alice Keefer, Alva C. Keefer, John D. Keefer, Eugene Keefer (d. before 1900)

1900 Rostraver, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

Minerva/Manerva Keffer was born July 1883 in [Fayette County,] Pennsylvania. She died 28 December 1968 in Pynnsylvania. Parents: George W. Keffer and Cynthia Anna Derrick

Spouse: Joseph Barnett Francis, married 25 May 1951, Frederick, Virginia

Minnie Lee Keffer was born 7 February 1919 in Cass County, Texas. She died 30 November 1935 in Stuttgart, Arkansas, Arkansas. Parents: William Keffer and Nora Burris/Burress

Spouse: Walter Rolland Beeble, married 18 August 1934 in White, Arkansas

Minnie Margaret Keffer was born 29 October 1881 in York County, Ontario. She died 1974. Parents: Frederick Keffer and Elizabeth Monkman

She married Thomas Hodson on 22 November 1912

Burial: Zion Evangelical Lutheran, Vaughan, York, Ontario

Minnie Virginia Keffer/Keifer was born May 1883 in [Wood County] West Virginia. She died 1956. Parents: John J. Keiffer and Rosa Schmaltz

She married James Perly Lott on 21 June 1903

Burial: Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Lubeck, Wood, West Virginia

Missouri A. Keffer was born 19 March 1852 in Missouri. Parents: William W. Keffer and Elizabeth Kincaid

She married James Wright, 19 July 1868 in Washington County, Oregon

1870 Washington, Oregon

Monica Keffer was born 17 May 1909 in McSherrystown, Adams, Pennsylvania. Parents: Francis A. Keffer and Mary Bertha Yake
Morgan Ann Keffer was born 6 September 1995 in Ohio. Parents: Jason Miles Keffer and Tawna Lynn
Morgan Scott Keffer was born 15 February 1984 in Ohio. Parents: Gary Wayne Keffer and Stephanie Jo Milligan
Morris Keffer was born 1879 and died 20 May 1880 in Philadelphia County Pennsylvania. Parents: Joseph Keiffer and Margaret Allen
Morris Ralston Keffer was born 20 February 1893 in Chester County Pennsylvania. He died in 1962 in hospital in Pottstown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania. Parents: W. Ambrose Keffer and Elberta Lukens

He married Mary Hendricks Heacock on 21 December 1912 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Children: Dorothy Viola Keffer, Ruth N. Keffer, Florence Beatrice Keffer

1920 Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
1930 Royersford, Montgomery, Pennsylvania
1942 registration, Royersford, Montgomery

Burial: Pottstown

Muriel Keffer was born 22 November 1922 [in Toronto, York, Ontario]. She died 30 January 2008 in Newfoundland. Parents: Abner Valentine Keffer and Eunice Estella Terry
Murl Keffer was born 6 March 1910 and died 13 April 1911 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. Parents: James J. Keffer and Emma Elizabeth Easter (Source 3)
Myrl Samuel Keffer was born May 1920 in Beamsville, Niagara, Ontario. He died January 1966 in Oriollia, Ontario. Parents: Lemuel James Keffer and Cora Priest
Myrtle Bell Keffer was born 9 February 1882 in Orrville, Wayne, Ohio. Parents: William Frederick Keiffer and Lydia Croft

She married Howard Floyde Harkless on 26 November 1903 in Carroll County, Ohio

Howard died in 1922 and was married to "Ida", per his death record

Myrtle Elizabeth Keffer was born 26 July 1892 in Tuscarawas County, Ohio. She died 1978. Parents: Joseph William Keffer and Mary Catherine Croghan

She married John Shisler Horst on 23 August 1910 in Summit County, Ohio

Spouse: Walter Perry Cole, married 1 January 1921 in Summit County, Ohio

Burial: Union Lawn Cemetery, Navarre, Stark, Ohio

Myrtle Gladys Keffer was born 13 October 1904 in Kerby, Josephine, Oregon. She died 1989. Parents: Thomas Tilton Keffer and Martha Elizabeth Seyferth

Spouse: Wallace Walter Rhett

Spouse: George Golightly

Myrtle Laurene Keffer was born 30 September 1920 in Ontario, Canada. She died 23 February 2012 in Newmarket, York, Ontario. Parents: William Thomas Keffer and Mabel Agertha Woolven

Spouse: William Martin Sweezie, married 18 April 1942 in Ontario

Myrtle Leone Keffer was born 17 August 1922 to Elmer Roy Keffer and Verna Downey

She married Leonard Klink on 19 July 1944

M. Elizabeth Keffer was born 3 October 1776 in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Mathias Keffer Jr and Eva Margaret Weismiller
M. Elizabeth Keffer was born 6 October 1783 in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Mathias Keffer Jr and Mary Elizabeth Eckenrode

Spouse: John Felix

M. Magdalen Keffer was born 20 May 1782 in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Mathias Keffer Jr and Mary Elizabeth Eckenrode
Nadine Ann Keffer was born to: Warren G. Keffer and Anna Marie Bain
Nadine Louise Keffer was born 13 February 1930 in Baxter Springs, Cherokee, Kansas. She died 4 April 1987 in Hutchinson, Reno, Kansas. Parents: Jacob Charles Keffer and Jessie E. Albertson

Spouse: Burton Milan Kuntz, married, 3 March 1947 in Hutchinson

Burial: Memorial Park Cemetery, Hutchinson

Nancy Keffer was born February 1855 in Greene County, Pennsylvania. Parents: David M. Keffer and Marie Elizabeth Bungard

Spouse: William Simms Jr

1900 Aleppo, Greene, Pennsylvania
1910 Cameron, Marshall, West Virginia

Nancy Keffer was born about 1847 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. Parents: George Kieffer and Sarah A. Stahl
Nancy Agnes Keffer was born about 1871 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. She died 17 October 1940 in Georges, Fayette, Pennsylvania, as Mrs. Edward Holliday Parents: Joel Marietta Keffer and Lydia Jane Sullivan

Spouse: Sylvester Stewart

Nancy Christine Keffer was born 23 October 1918 in Portsmouth, Scioto, Ohio. She died 26 December 1933 in Lake County, Ohio. Parents: Oscar Lee Keffer and Mary Johnson
Nancy Cornell Keffer was born 1 April 1906 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. She died 9 May 1961 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (as Mrs. Ford). Parents: Harry George Keffer and Adeline Gearing Milligan

She married Herbert Lage Hosking Jr on 3 September 1929 in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania

Burial: Rolling Green, Camp Hill, Cumberland County

Nancy Emeline Keffer was born 1837. She died in January 1863. Parents: William Keffer and Mahalath Reed

She married James Monroe Bloodworth on 19 July 1854

Nancy Faye Keffer was born 21 April 1954 in Fayette County, West Virginia. Parents: Alvin Vernon Keffer and Hilda Lee Hill
Nancy K. Keffer was born in Berks County, Pennsylvania, to: John Lewis Keffer and Margaret Jaeger
Nancy Kay Keffer was born 7 August 1957 in Tarrant County, Texas. Parents: John Lindsay Keffer and Marilyn Maxine McDonald
Nancy Louise Keffer was born 10 December 1946 in Ohio. Parents: Dick Blair Keffer and Catherine Dockendorf
Nancy Margaret Keffer was born 4 March 1833 in Adams County, Pennsylvania. She died 27 May 1901 in Clarion County. Parents: Eli Keffer and Susannah Noel

She married Bartlett Clark Conner on 17 January 1854 in Clarion County, Pennsylvania

1870, 1880 , 1900 Madison, Clarion, Pennsylvania


Naomi Eileen Keffer was born 14 February 1919 in Pennsylvania. Parents: Omer Wilson Keffer and Jennie "Lizzie" Masters
Nathan Keffer was born to: Harry Wesley (Jr) and Jean Keffer
Nathan Daniel Keffer was born 31 December 1987 in Ohio. Parents: Jason Miles Keffer and Angela Denise Lavender
Nathan Dean Keffer was born to: Terrance Joseph Keffer and Charlajean Havens
Nathaniel Keffer was born about 1870 in York County, Ontario. Parents: Joseph Keffer and Elizabeth Dyer
Nathaniel Keffer was born 7 July 1869 in York County, Ontario. Parents: George S. Keffer and Nancy Ann Snider

Likely same as Nathaniel Kaffer who died 8 May 1886 in York County, Ontario

Nellie Keffer was born 11 September 1881, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. (Source 23) Parents: Henry L. Keffer and Margaret E. McClelland

She married Charles Reeger Selby on 14 June 1905, in Monongalia County, West Virginia

1910, 1920, 1930 Morgantown, Monongalia, West Virginia

Nellie Keffer was born 1928 in [Fayette County] Pennsylvania. Parents: Lloyd Thomas Keffer and Lyda Maxine Swink

Spouse: Clifford McBeth

Spouse: Henry Lynn

(2004) Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania

Nellie Alzada Keffer was born 27 September 1923 in Sebastian County, Arkansas. She died 5 December 1985 in Oklahoma. Parents: James Monroe Keffer and Myrtle Wheatley

She married Charles Emery Greene on 4 April 1942 in Tulsa County, Oklahoma

Burial: Rose Hill Cemetery, Wapanucka, Johnston, Oklahoma

Nellie Jane Keffer was born 17 January 1909 in St. Francois County, Missouri. She died 1981 in Madison, Illinois. Parents: James L. Keffer and (Mrs) Ida Ann Johnson Ratley

Spouse: Oscar D. Keller, married 1 October 1930 in St. Louis County as Nellie Hammond, a resident of Alton, Illinois.

1920 Alton, Madison, Illinois

Nellie Jane Keffer was born February 1893 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. She died 8 April 1955 in Fayette County. (Source 6) Parents: Charles B. Keffer and Elizabeth Jane Simpson

Spouse: Ira Curtis Cook, married 1 February 1910 in Connellsville, Fayette County. Death certificate info provided by Walter (E?) Cook

1920 Redstone, Fayette, Pennsylvania
1930 Grant, Monongalia, West Virginia

Burial: Fairview United Methodist, Fayette County

Nellie Jane Keffer was born about 1927 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Parents: Edward Brooks Keffer and Dorothy Stayman Reading
Nellie Marie Keffer was born July 1896 in Wayndot County, Ohio. She died 12 November 1944. Parents: Peter Keffer and Della M. Hutter

She married Francis William Babinger on 17 January 1914 in Defiance County, Ohio

1920, 1930, 1938, 1940 1944 Defiance, Ohio

Nellia/Nellie May Keffer was born December 1895 in Marshall County, West Virginia. She died 3 December 1980 in Abilene, Taylor, Texas. Parents: George Washington Keffer and Elizabeth Victoria Boylan

She married Harley Austin Siburt, 1913, in Ohio County, West Virginia

Burial: Elmwood Memorial Park, Abilene

Nellie Mildred Keffer was born 27 May 1896 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Edward Samuel Keefer and Julia Ann Harris

She married Emmanuel W. McFadden on 30 January 1913 in Washington County, Maryland

Nety/Netty Irean Keffer was born 27 April 1860 in Lycoming, Pennsylvania. She died 5 August 1932 in Muncy, Lycoming County. Parents: Joseph W. Keffer and Julianna Strouse

She married Lewis William Colley on 24 November 1880

Burial: Muncy Cemetery, Lycoming County

Nevin Paul Keffer (Source 3) was born 1919 [Westmoreland, Pennsylvania]. Parents: Grover Cleveland Keffer and Stella Agnes Gunder. He is missing by the 1920 Census
Nicholas Keffer was born 28 December 1820, Adams County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Joseph Keffer and Christina Baecher

He is probably the Nicholas who married Mary Keefer on 24 February 1852 in Allen County, Indiana. Children: Nicholas Frederick Keffer, Louisa Keffer, N. Fred Keffer, Lucy A. Keffer, Isaac P. Keffer

1860 Allen, Indiana
1880 (Mary) Allen, Indiana

Burial: Catholic Cemetery, Fort Wayne, Allen County

Nicholas Frederick Keffer was born 15 August 1857 in Allen County, Indiana. He died 10 October 1920 in Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana (divorced). Parents: Nicholas Keffer and Mary A. Keefer

He married Ella Epps on 13 November 1879 in Allen County, Indiana. Child: Annie Keffer

He married Jennie Oliver on 22 January 1889 in Allen County, Indiana

1900 Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana

Burial: Lindenwood Cemetery, Fort Wayne

Nicole Jane Keffer was born 9 December 1977 in Ohio. Parents: Shawn Patrick Keffer and Pixie Lynn Willoughby
Nicole Marie Keffer was born 15 March 1966 in Ohio. Parents: Gerald D. Keffer and Donna Lee Huntsberry
Noah James Keffer was born 14 June 1881 in Scioto County, Ohio. He died August 1957 in Montana. Parents: Frank R. Keffer and Susan Lewis

He married Annie E. Rowe on 16 June 1914 in Lewis and Clark County, Montana. Children: Kathryn Mildred Keffer, Clara A. Keffer

1920 Jefferson County, Montana
1930 Judith Gap, Wheatland, Montana

Noel Keffer was born about 1940 in Idaho. Parents: George Keffer and Frances Ruby Warrant
Nora B. Keffer was born April 1898 in Indian Territory [Oklahoma]. Parents: Solomon Keffer and Fannie Kitchens

She is likely the Nora Kiffer who married John Simco on 8 January 1925 in LeFlore County, Oklahoma

Nora Belle Keffer was born 22 September 1879 in Arkansas. She died 31 December 1959 in Arizona. Parents: Thomas Madison Keffer and Nancy Elvia Collins

She married James Henry Rowden on 9 February 1897 in Indian Territory

1910 Creek, Oklahoma
1920 Collin, Texas
1930 Granlee, Arizona

Burial: Sheldon, Greenlea, Arizona

Nora Ellen Keffer was born November 1878 in California. She died 26 April 1968 in Los Angeles County, California. Parents: John Culp Keffer and Rachel Carol Lovelady

She married Charles L. Lambirth on 19 October 1899 in Colusa County, Claifornia

Burial: Sylmar, Los Angeles, California

Nora Ellen Keffer was born 11 March 1902 in Berks County, Pennsylvania. She died April 1988 in Narvon, Lancaster County. Parents: John Jacob Keffer and Sarah Ellen Bicker

She married Martin H. Althouse on 15 April 1922 in Ephrata, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Nora Letitia Keffer was born 8 August 1903, Union, Oregon. She died 29 August 1966. Parents: William Umphrey Keffer and Olive Elizabeth Shaffer
Norma Keffer was born to: Lemuel James Keffer and Cora Priest
Norma Jean Keffer was born about 1937 in Columbus, Franklin, Ohio. Parents: Frank Charles Keffer and Jennie or Janice Calloway
Norma Jean Keffer was born 16 October 1943 in Newark, Licking, Ohio. She died 27 April 2012 in Newark, Licking, Ohio Parents: Elmer Oswald Keffer and Audrey Lee Kinser
Norma Rae Keffer was born in 1937 [Fayette County, Pennsylvania] and died in 1940. Parents: Wilbur B. Keffer and Bessie Mae Newell

Burial: Dawson, Fayette, Pennsylvania

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