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You have reached the genealogy and family history site documenting the KEHRING family of Glidden, Ashland County, Wisconsin.

This branch of the Kehring family also has ties in Michigan (Keweenaw County), Minnesota (Carlton County), and Maryland (Anne Arundel County).

Common spellings of the Kehring surname discovered during this research: Köhring , Kohring , Kahring , Koehring , Karring , Karing , Koering

Return often as this site will be a constant work in progress.

Please visit the Photo Gallery below! Many of the pictures were taken during several summer vacation visits to Glidden, WI.

Kehring / Kahring / Kohring - History and Photographs

Genealogy Ancestor Book

Photo Gallery

August Köhring (August Kahring) Family Group Record

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Kathy Klement Kehring


Last Updated: 12/26/2013

The following lines are here for s e a r c h e n g i n e i n d e x i n g purposes only:

August Köhring Glidden Wisconsin August Kohring Moose Lake Minnesota August Kahring obituary Glidden WI August Koehring Leland Kehring Stevens Point August Karring August Karing August Koering August Kehring obituary William Köhring William Kohring William Kahring William Koehring William Karring William Karing William Koering William Kehring Wm Köhring Wm Kohring Wm Kahring Wm Koehring Wm Karring John Kohring John Kahring Wm Karing Wm Koering Wm Kehring Jacob Köhring Jacob Kohring Jacob Kahring Jacob Koehring Jacob Karring Jacob Karing Jacob Koering Jacob Kehring Jakub Köhring Jakub Kohring Jakub Kahring Jakub Koehring Jakub Karring Jakub Karing Jakub Koering Jakub Kehring Henry Köhring Henry Kohring Henry Kahring Henry Koehring Henry Karring Henry Karing Henry Koering Henry Kehring Woodrow Köhring Woodrow Kohring Woodrow Kahring Woodrow Koehring Woodrow Karring Woodrow Karing Woodrow Koering Woodrow Kehring Leland Kahring Arthur Köhring Arthur Kohring Arthur Kahring Arthur Koehring Arthur Karring Arthur Karing Arthur Koering Arthur Kehring John Köhring John Koehring John Karring John Karing John Koering John Kehring Rosina J. M. Schönheit Woody Rosina Schonheit Rosina Schönheit Rosine Schönheit Ferdinand A Schaefer Ferdinand Schaefer Ferdinand Shafer Ferdinand Shaffer Mary Schaefer Margaretta Emma Charles Lottie Lenora Harold Dee Kahring Marie Piper Marie Pieper Marie Peiper Marie Peeper Florence Marcella Neveil Amelia Flick Dorothy Delores Bennett Clem Donna Erwin Betty Lyle Loraine Allen Lee Dennis Halberg Lucille Eder Greg Gregory Dabney Valorey Allan Kathy Kehring Kathleen Alice Andy Hencik Moose Lake MN Carlton County Houghton Michigan Houghton MI Keweenaw County Keeweenaw County William T. Glidden obituary Wisconsin Railroad Wisconsin Central Railroad WCRR Colby Phillips Koering Koehring Gehering William KAHRING Allouez Keweenaw County Michigan Marie PIPER Houghton MI Margaretta KAHRING Mary SCHAEFER Ferdinand A. SCHAEFER Jacob Herman KAHRING Moose Lake Carlton County Minnesota MN Theresa Caroline HITTMANN Henry Philip KAHRING John M. KAHRING Augustus Carl Bernhard KAHRING George Dryden Park Falls WI Fred Peiper Houghton Emma Schulz Harold HALBERG Marcella Leroy Halberg Dorothy Leonore HALL Lenore Hall Colleen Bauer Fred Bauer Lenore Tal Geraldine Corrigan Ottowa L. HALL Otto Hall Helena WOLF Theresa Caroline HITTMANN Theresa HUETTMANN Rosa KAHRING John August KAHRING William J. KAHRING St. Charles Winona County Minnesota Blanche RICHARDS Charles Christopher KAHRING Archie Henry KAHRING Lucy Martha Frederick Bernard KAHRING

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