Charles Anderson & Johanna Pe(l)terson Anderson

Charles Anderson

Born:  abt 1856
Place:  Sweden
Death: 1900-1910
Place:  probally LaSalle, IL
Wife:  Johanna Pe(l)terson
Marriage: unknown
Place:  unknown
Occupation:  Laborer at Factory

Johanna Pe(l)terson Anderson

Born:  abt 1852
Place:  Sweden
Death: unknown
Place: unknown
Husband:  Charles Anderson
Occupation: House wife
Number of Children:  5 or 6

The 1900 census of Ottawa Twp, LaSalle Co., IL shows Charles Anderson(age 44) living with Johanna(48), Elida(19), Albert(9), George(7) and Jule(4).  It states that Johanna had 5 children, with 4 living.  Additionally, Charles worked as a laborer in a factory, Charles, Johanna, and Elida immigrated in 1881, and Charles and Johanna had been married for 19yrs.  Sometime between 1900 and 1910, Charles dies.  The 1910 census of Ottawa, IL, shows Johanna(58) as head of household, and a widow.  Living with her is Albert(20), George(17), Gustave (14,son, can only assume Jule), and Gust Anderson(52, boarder, possibally a brother in-law).  It also states Johanna immigrated in 1881 or 1887, and Gust Anderson immigrated in 1882/0. (hand writing is hard to read.)  I think I found Johanna(68, mother in-law) on the 1920 census in Cook Co, IL, living with Carl(41, head) and Maria(42, wife) Olson.  This Maria would've been born around 1878, in Sweden, and may have been the 5th child Johanna mentions in the 1900 census.  But then again, it may not be the same Johanna Anderson.  This census states that both Maria and Johanna immigrated to America in 1903.  That was the last I could find on Johanna Anderson, and I presume she passed away in Illinois.

**Note on Johanna's Maiden Name:  Elida Gunderson's Death Cert states that her mother was Johanna Peterson, but Elida and Gunder Gunderson's Marriage Cert says its Pelterson.  I have nothing else that proves either one.

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