Knutson/Hicks Genealogy

The Knutson/Hicks Genealogy

This is a serious work in project, please bare with me.

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Thomas Knutson/Jennie Gunderson Knutson    Knud Nilsen/Tone Torsdatter Nilsen Mindrebo    Gunder Gunderson/Elida Anderson Gunderson    Charles Anderson/Johanna Pe(l)terson Anderson

Knut Gunderson/Anna Gergison Gunderson


Lynn Hicks/Goldie Morris Hicks    Francis Hicks/Clemma Brooks Hicks    John Morris Jr./Alverna Bittenbender Morris    Daniel Hicks/Delia Brewster Hicks    John Morris Sr./Alice Allison Morris

William Hicks/Catherine Pickney Hicks    Thomas Brooks/Betsey Hard Brooks    Henry Bittenbender/Elizabeth Backert Bittenbender    William Brewster/Cherity Goodermote Brewster

John Brooks/Elizabeth Merchant Brooks    Jehial Hard/Matilda Barker Hard    Peter Bittenbender/Margaret Myers Bittenbender    Solomon Backert/Sarah Miller Backert

William Brewter/Persia Hodge Brewster    Johannes Goodemote/Christina Shultes Goodemote    Philo Hard/Currence Hawley Hard    Silas Barker/Lucinda Fish Barker

Fredrick Miller/Elizabeth Zull Miller    David Shultes/Rebecca Kuper Shultes    Johann Schultes/Anna Remagen Schultes    Johannes Remagen/Anna Catharina?

Theiss Remagen/Anna Catharina?


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