Knud Nilsen Valebrok & Tone Torsdatter Nilsen

Knud Nilsen Valebrok

Born:  June 24,  1850
Place:  Valebrok Farm, Norway
Death:  June 4,  1895
Place:  Kollungtveit farm, Grindheim Parish, Norway
Burial:  possibally Bjelland Parish, Norway (at the church)
Wife:  Tone Torsdatter
Marriage:  unknown
Place:  unknown, Norway (more than likely Valebrok Farm or Mandal)
Occupation:  Farmer and School Teacher

There is little know about Knud Nilson other than what was stated above.  See info under Tone for details of children's birth and where they lived.

Tone Torsdatter

Birth:  July 24,  1861 (? was also give a year of 1836, but don't remember where)
Place:  Aknes, Norway
Death:  1958 (? where ever I got the other birthdate said death in 1933)
Place:  Bjelland, Norway
Burial:  Bjelland Church, Bjelland, Norway
Husband: Knud Nilson Valebrok 

The birth and death dates came from two seperate family sources.  Without and records to prove or disprove, I don't know which are correct, if either.  I do know that Knud and Tone had five children together.  They moved to Mandal, Norway around 1885, where their eldest son Nils was born.  After that they moved to Tveidt in the Aaseral Parish around 1887, more than likely where there second son, Tore (Thore, Thor) was born.  Then they moved to the eastern Odegaarden/Oigar(en) farm in the Bjelland Parish, where they lived at least until 1894, where thier youngest son Torkel was born.  Knud died at the Kolungtveit farm, Grindheim Parish in the summer of 1995.  Tone and the children had moved to the Mindrebo farm, Bjelland Parish around 1899.  There she remarried Soren Sorensen Mindrebo in August of 1900.  Tone and Soren had five additional children.  Thier decendants still own the Mindrebo family farm. 

All but one of Knud and Tone's children, Torkjill,  immigrated to America. (view thier trip)  The three older boys, Nils, Tore, and Olaf took the last name Knutson (the son of Knud (t), as was tradition in Norway until early 1900's), but Guri and Torkjill took the Mindrebo name.  Torkjill, staying in Norway, was later honored by the King of Norway, for his work with alchoholics.

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