Why the strange name for this page?
My Father's Ancestors  

Why the funny page name?

My Mother's Ancestors


William Arnold family -  research proof to date - related through Carpenter and McClung lines 

Robert Beheathland - merged through Dade line and, later, Hooe line

Moses D Bennett family

John Bollar - There is no better reference available for this man and his descendants than Howard Revercomb Hammond's History Of The Bol(l)ar Family Of Bath County, Virginia The First Three Generations

Daniel Bonnett

William Carpenter family of Rhode Island  - This line merged into the McClung family.

Robert Coles - related through Carpenter line- related through Carpenter line. http://www.newenglandancestors.org /research/database/GreatMigrations has a good write up on Robert Coles but you need to be a member to access it

Dade Family

Ferguson and McEwen families - Most contributed by Hal Beumer, Marilyn Pulliam, and Norm Ferguson.. Thank you Hal, Marilyn, and Norm!

William Fitzhugh ancestry - Henry Fitzhugh's excellent page. His book on the Fitzhugh family since 1223 is a "Must-get" for Fitzhugh rsearchers

William Fitzhugh and his Chesapeake World is available on CD-Rom from me with permission of The Virginia Historical Society - Thanks to them for originally publishing it and giving me permission to help people acquire this priceless collection of William Fitzhugh letters!

Benjamin Garside

William Greenfield's descendants

Elmer Morgan Harris (Thank you to cousin Brenda Hare!)

Rice Hooe

Peter Horn - Frances Celia Don Carlos

Jesse Hughes information dominates Border Settler's of Northwestern Virginia and the work is another "Must-get" for descendents. The Chronicles of Border Warfare is another good work for understanding the times Jesse and his family (and the Bonnetts) lived in.

Another Hughes family link

Dennis McCarty - link to content found in excellent book on the McCarty, Pope, and Billington families. Also, Lou Murphy's informative post with new/clarified information on Humphrey Pope Sr.

Virginia McClung

Frederick Parks

Manassah Reeves family – adopted Nancy Virginia Parks as an infant.  A lot of information on Nancy Virginia Parks Reeves’ life and marriages.

John Archibald Smith

Thomas Thirsk

Richard Townsend (related through Dade and Hooe lines)

Rootsweb gave me a unique opportunity back in October, 1999. They offered free web hosting space and a simple method to upload web pages. I used that opportunity to begin building extremely primitive hyperlinked collections of my genealogy documents, sources, pictures, etc. to better keep track of the filing-cabinet drawers full of data which I had been collecting.

I had all of these bits of data but had not actually been (efficiently) able to connect the pieces and was having difficulty realizing what my next step should be. How should the narrative of these lives be constructed in order to make this meaningful to anyone else? And what new bits of data did I still need?

I've never been a terribly artistic person, so my first few attempts to compile some readable family history were pretty bare-bones. Pictures were hyperlinks, not to detract from the text of the "story". Also, in the earlier days of web surfing, graphics of any type could slow web surfing to an agonizing patience-testing exercise. Text-only format was (is, and may always be) still the fastest way to get data from the internet.

Additionally, this started out years ago as a test to see how hard it was to make web pages, edit and then publish them. Thus the name. Quickly, some folks had accessed the site to find useful info and I didn't want to confuse anyone by later changing to the "standard" web page naming convention; I just kept this. As such, this site has long been overdue for a facelift!

I used to plainly state that this was a test page and would be "cleaned" soon. In the earliest days, many of my family lines had only lists of disorganized hyperlinks, scraps I'd scanned from books, received by snail mail (or, later, by email), or that I'd simply found from copious searches through the new power of the internet - some pages still do. You can't get much more barebones than that!

But these don't feel like test pages anymore. Rather, it feels (for a very good reason, I might add) as if I have invested a significant amount of time here.

Through my ancestors I have e-met some wonderful people. I have much much more work to do on this site, and the URL is a bit long. I will have to think of a way to shorten the name. I have put a link to here from my family tree maker site, below. FTM has recently changed their format, so it was easier to do that.


There are far too many people out there who've helped share their research, their advice and their friendship for me to adequately thank them all. I only hope I've been able to repay a portion of that debt with information I've been fortunate enough to find and try to share also. And that they each know of my gratitude.

One of the problems of the internet is that pages are not constant. What was "there" once may be removed. So I save a copy of valuable items I find. These may be on my site because they were well-written or had good data. I have tried to attribute credit in these few cases. Please, if you see your material here and it is not attributed, let me know. I will either remove it or correctly attribute it at your discretion. I understand the feeling of seeing my work (un-cited) as someone else's and want to ensure I do not do this to anyone else. If it's here and yours, let me know and tell me how you want me to handle it. I don't expect much of this as I work to clean up, re-write and re-link these pages to what is still fresh and current on the internet. I would be grateful if you notice broken links please point them out to me...

Please feel free to email me any comments you might have on this site. Specifically, any sources for additions or changes are certainly welcomed.


William Adams

Also, here is http://worldconnect.genealogy.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=adams02&id=I1565 - Larry D Adams' Adams worldconnect tree internet site which has some of our ancestors also.

Christian Heinrich Arfman

Allen Barlow - Note Snelling links from Barlow page

Caldwell lineage - tied in through Adams line

Joshua Coley

Peter Dillon and his descendants - by Matt Sutko and Henry Dillon. If it weren't for these two men (and Sherm Dilon before them) I'd still be looking!

William H. Groves (I believe this is updated with the info given to me by MargieB to whom a great debt is owed. Thanx Margie!).

Frederick Koch - Thank you Lois and John!

McAfee - Jenny didn't have our James Curry ancestor indicated as a son of William Curry. I sent her my data and she added to her page.

John McFadden's descendants

Joseph Shipp's descendants

Jacob Thomas' descendants

Henry Van Dyke (and possible Freeman ancestry) - Original page by Dell L. & Carolyn M. Nelson, modified.

Richard Wells – Thank you Jane Spencer!