Haughton Cemetery History & Tombstone Inscriptions

Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio

        Statistics compiled by the Toledo Department of Traffic Engineering show that 48,000 automobiles pass thru the intersection of Central Avenue and Secor Road on an average week day. From either street one can see the small cemetery which stands there behind its chain fence.

        Some years ago before the cemetery was annexed by the City of Toledo from Washington Township in July 1963 - the name stood over the old gate, "Houghton Cemetery." A new fence was erected by the city and there is no sign telling the name.

        Miss Alice Haughton of San Mateo, California, recently wrote the writer that Haughton Cemetery started first as a private burial ground by the six Haughton brothers, Lyman, Stephen, Marvin, Cyrus, John and William. The first four came to the area during the winter of 1833-1834 from Monroe County, New York. They settled on large tracks of Government land along what then became known as Haughton Street, but now is known as Central Avenue. A few years later two other brothers, John and William, came west and settled in the same area.

        Stephen Haughton (1801-1887) was one of the early physicians of this part of Ohio. He owned a two hundred forty acre farm and carried on his medical practice. After some years he moved his family to Fulton County where he continued to farm and practice medicine. He died in Wauseon, Ohio on May 26, 1887, but his body was returned to Haughton Cemetery for burial. His tombstone is still readable as it stands among less than one hundred headstones and monuments. Some are broken and some are so weathered that the inscriptions are no longer clear.

        The oldest readable stone appears to be that of Ruby Brown who died August 7, 1835. The oldest Haughton stone still standing is that of Ann Eliza Wiggins, the first wife
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of Smith Haughton, who died December 4, 1857 at the age of 32. The last Haughton to be buried there was Ernest Haughton who had lived in California for many years, but had made arrangements before his death on July 31, 1964 at the age of 86 to be brought back and buried in the old cemetery.

        The family took a very active part in all phases of the life of the area. During the Civil War several members of the family including Nathaniel (1833-1899), the son of Lyman Haughton, were members of Co. K of the 25th O.V.I, He served throughout the War and was mustered out a breveted brigadier- general. On his return to Toledo he entered the foundry and machine business. Today that business is known as the Haughton Elevator Company, Division of the Toledo Scale Corporation.

        A study of old atlases of Washington Township, Lucas County, shows the names of landowners in the area. Many of these names are found on the tombstones.

        The Westgate Chapel of the Christian and Missionary Alliance stands beside the cemetery. This lovely modern church had its beginning in 1861 as a Community Sunday School under the direction of Mr. Emerson Hasty. The Sunday School met in Haughton School for 48 years until 1909. During the winter of 1907-1908 a very successful series of Evangelistic meetings was held and it was decided to build a church. The church was erected in 1909. The present building on the same site was dedicated November 27, 1966.

        Mrs. Cora Conrad of Middlesex Drive, who was Cora Vischer attended Haughton School, recalls how the pupils like to wander into the cemetery on a warm spring day and eat their lunch. To Mrs. Conrad also goes the honor of suggesting the building of the church of which she is still an active member.

        It may be assumed when reading this list of tombstone inscriptions which follows that these people were either related to the Haughtons by marriage or were close friends and early settlers of the Haughton neighborhood.

Daniel Brown, Born Mar. 1, 1798
Died Apr. 1, 1863
Permelia Brown, Born Apr. 11, 1813.
Died Nov. 25, 1842
Lexus D. Brown, Born July 25, 1838
Died Aug. 23, 1838
Permilia J. Brown, Born Nov. 9, 1842
        Died Apr. 12, 1844
Maria Brown, 1800 - 1880
Orlando Brown, Died June 18, 1850
        Aged 50 yrs. 4 mos.
Nelson Brown, Died Dec. 12, 1851
        Aged 11 yrs 9 mos.
Ruby Brown, Died Aug. 7, 1835
        Aged 7 yrs.
In The Memory of Lieut. Henry Brown,
who died in the service of his country
at Fort's Monroe, Va., Aug. 6, 1864
Aged 32 yrs. 3 mos. Dearest Husband
thou has left me. Here I deeply feel.

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Laura A. Brown, 1837 - 1923
Ann Eliza Wiggins, wife of Smith Haughton
Died Dec. 3, 1857, Aged 32 yrs. 7 mos.
Smith Houghton, Died July 10, 1897
Aged 76 yrs. 6 mos.
John B. Holly, 1827-1903

Fred B. Haughton, 1848 - 1919

John A. Houghton, Died July 19, 1871
        Aged 61 yrs. 2 mos. 21 das.
Eliza Underwood, Wife of John A. Haughton
        Died July 8, 1874, Aged 51 yrs.
        5 mos. 18 das.
Lula A. Marsh, Died Aug. 4, 1883
        Aged 25 yrs.
Maud E. Marsh, Died July 24, 1886
        Aged 9 yrs. 3 mos. 24 das.
Phillip Schramm, 1803 - 1879
Margaret, Wife of Phillip Schramm
        1802 - 1879

Lyman Haughton, Born May 19, 1799
        Died June 28, 1872
Hugo K. Kurth, Ohio Pvt. 214 P.W. Escort
        Co. A.S.C. World War I, Nov 2,
        1893 - Oct. 11, 1959
Darling, Keith L. Baker, April 6, 1937
        April 8, 1937, Son of Oscar and Mae
C. R. Bishop, 1851 - 1918
Margaret, His Wife, 1854 - 1918
Lucretia Woolverton, Sister of
Mrs. L. Haughton, Died Apr. 6, 1888
Aged 74 yrs. 4 mos. 15 das.
Michael J. Best, 1839 - 1922        
Adelia Jane Haughton, His Wife
        1838 - 1911
Mother - Cynthia R. Houghton, 1842-1918
Father - Solon Haughton, 1842-1917
Homer De Line - Montana, Corpl. 516
        Supply Train,91 Div., May 13, 1928
(No age listed)
Martha J. Lawson, 1851 - 1918
William E. Lawson, 1851 - 1925
Maybelle A. Best, 1902 - 1926
Donna J. Goodwin, Feb. 27, 1933 -
        Mar. 25, 1934
Wife - Harriet A. Rollman, 1908 - 1950
Son - Warren J. Rollman, 1903 - 1918
Henry Rollman, 1875 - 1952
Edith Viola Rollman Born 26 Nov.1882
-4 June 1951 w/o Henry Michael
Rollman, (same stone:)
Son Ernest George Rollman Born 18
March 1906 - 16 April 1972
George R. Ferguson, 1848 - 1918
Ruth H. Ferguson, 1848 - 1923
Stephen Haughton, Born April 21, 1801
        Died May 26, 1887
Hulda Haughton, Born Apr. 17, 1808        
        Died Feb. 18, 1883
Clara Hendrys, Born May 6, 1839
        Died Jan. 13, 1872
Clark Haughton, Born Sep 14, 1844
        Died Sep 7, 1874
Sarah P; Haughton, Born Sep. 6, 1847
        Died Apr. 6, 1850
Husband - Father, Clyde F. Barringer
        1910 1959
Samuel Haskell, 1811 - 1892
Elsena Haskell, His Wife, 1827 - 1895
Lucy Haskell, 1856 - 1914
Joel Marsh, Died July 31, 1867
        Aged 75 yrs. 8 mos.
Edward M. Wright, 1889 - 1918
Edwin C. Burge, Died Aug. 13, 1862
        at Cumberland, Maryland
        Aged 22 yrs. 8 mos.
Father - James Brown, 1831 - 1917
Mother - Elizabeth Brown, 1838 - 1892
Ira Haughton, Died in 1898 (b. 1841)
Ernest Haughton, 1877 - 1964
Isabel Burge Haughton, Died in 1897
George T. Watson, 1839 - 1904
Marvin Haughton, Died Dec. 28, 1855
        in the 51st yr. of his age
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Alphabetical listing of the names on this page
& Surname Researchers Email Addresses.
Lucy M. Bristol, Wife of George Martin
formerly wife of Marvin Haughton
Died Nov. 20, 1878, Aged 66 yrs.
Lillian Gensler Betz, 1898 - 1921
Elmer H. Tifft, Sr. Ohio, PFC Co. E.
68 Infantry, Nov 21, 1895-
Jan 12, 1966
Lousia P. M.., Daughter of A. & C. Schramm
Died Dec. 31, 1877, Aged 20 yrs.
6 mos. 8 das.
Mary P., Daughter of A. & C. Schramm
Died Aug. 22, 1878, Aged 17 yrs.
6 mos. 5 das.
Mother - Frederika Schnittker, 1843 - 1919
Father - Wilhelmine Schnittker, 1819 -1902
Baltser Schramm, 1840 - 1886
L. William, Son of A. & C. Schramm
Died May 10, 1876, Aged 9 yrs. 21 das.
Abraham Schramm, 1834 - 1924
Caroline, His Wife, 1839 – 1915
Louisa C. Volk, 1856 - 1915
Jacob G. Volk, 1852 - 1917
Gottleib Schrieber, 1817 - 1896
Nettie, Daughter of A. & C. Vischer
        Died Aug. 20, 1861, Aged 4 mos.
Adolph, Son of A. & C. Vischer
        Died May 22, 1857, Aged 2 mos.
Adolph F. Vischer, Died May 19, 1888
        Aged 71 yrs. 4 mos. 19 das.
Christina, Wife of Adolph Vischer
        Died Apr. 6, 1882, Aged 62 yrs.
        2 mos. 18 das.
Christopher Gunn, Died May 16, 1851
        Aged 68 yrs. 7 mos.
John Dale, Died Apr. 6, 1863
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        a diagram of the cemetery)

From: Northwest Ohio Quarterly
A Journal of History and Civilization
Winter, 1967-68, Volume XL, No. 1
(Note: of the 80 individuals, 8 died in 1918 and 3 died in 1917.)

Posted by permission of:
Ann Bowers, 419-372-2411,
Jim Marshall 419-259-5235,
Northwest Ohio Quarterly
Center for Archival Collections,
Bowling Green State University
Jerome Library
Bowling Green, Ohio 43403-0175

History of the HAUGHTON name.

If you need to check burial records, the cemetery office for all the Toledo city cemeteries is located at:

Parks & Forestry Administration Building
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Phone: 419-936-3081
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