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Breakthrough in Genealogical Research

     Descendants of the Palatine emigrants who left Germany in 1708-09 and settled in the far reaches of the British Empire, including the Hudson Valley and beyond in New York State, may soon be able to connect with long-lost family members and learn far more about their German roots than they ever thought was possible.

     A Palatine DNA Project has been established that welcomes all direct descendants of these brave and hardy men and women. The goal is to determine if and how these families are related and to reunite those families that were split apart during the great exodus from Germany and resettlement throughout the world. DNA testing can make this possible, and this new Palatine DNA Project will coordinate test results from all companies in an effort to reach this goal. Not only will participants learn about their connections to Germany but they will also learn about their very deep roots, the path their ancestors took out of Africa many thousands of years ago that led them eventually to Germany.

     All that is needed to take part in this important new research effort is to visit the website and order a DNA test if you have not already had one. If you have, instructions for transferring the results and joining the project are explained at the website.

     We would welcome anyone who descends from a Palatine emigrant, as you can see. Your family clearly qualifies. Questions are always welcome. Many thanks for your interest. Write anytime.

Best regards,
Doris Wheeler
3435 Williams Pl.
Conyers, GA 30013
Family website:


Meiser, LTC US Army (Ret) Edward H. Sr.

Meiser, Dr. Joseph A., Jr.,

Mizer, Abraham,

Mizer, Alfred Lorenzo, 6/4,

Mizer, Lloyd E.,

Winfrey, Hallie Lucille (Mizer)

(1919 - 2008)

(1921 - 2005)

(1838 - 1929)

(1847 - 1932)

(1914 - 2006)

(1911 - 2009)

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Mizer Family


Among the keepsakes of her grandmother Marjorie Matthews Stricker, Nadine Haire found the little 8 page Mizer History. The green book was signed by the owner: "J.E.Mizer, Tunnel Hill, Ohio". James Elmer 7/9, was son of Alfred Lorenzo and Mary Carnahan Mizer.

Marjorie had lovingly served as guardian for her elderly Uncle Elmer and Aunt Ferne, who had no children. Fortunately, she had preserved this family heirloom and grandaughter Nadine was able to recognize it for the precious volume it is.

Sue Matthews 9/1

Read About The
June 15 - 17, 2002 SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH

39th Reunion Photo - 2003

40th Reunion Photos - 2004 30+ Photos!

41st Reunuion - 2005 Report & Photo


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just send me an email. Charlie Keller.


Revolutionary War Ancestor

     Johann Adam Meiser 3/9 is buried on the hillside overlooking the farms and villiage near Dundee, Ohio. In 1960, a new gravemarker was dedicated by the Wooster Wayne Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. After three generations of Myser's on that property, the Miller's began farming in the Amish tradition, probably in much the same ways as our early ancestors. An early Meiser home has undergone renovation and addition on this farm.

     Adam was the youngest son Johann Michael Meiser 2/2 and Anna Elisabeth Sixt (or Zecht). Born in Millbach, Pennsylvania, he lived in Northumberland, now Snyder County as early as 1780 (ref Snyder Co. Pioneers). As a member of the County Militia, he served in Captain John Sneider's company (ref Pa. Archives 3/23/257).

     He was taken by Indians and held captive for about 18 months (Annals of Buffalo Valley). Recorded as living in a "hewed log cabin" in 1796, he went with Henry Meiser and settled lands near present day Annapolis, Ohio by 1802.

     Adam's first wife had one child. His second, Mary Eckhart, had 13 children. The family included 9 boys and 5 girls.

     In 1819 he receiveds a patent for 160 acres in Paint Twp., Wayne Co., Ohio from President James Monroe. This is the farm where his gravesite is visited by many descendants each year.

Submited by Sue Matthews 9/1 and Emily Wolfe 9/1 who with the guidance of Ruth Frock and the Miller children visited Adam's hillside resting place July 2nd, 2003.

This photo was donated by Sue Matthews.

(April 17, 2006)
Greetings Charles,
      Attached is a photo of the Meiserville Baseball Team. It is from a postcard I purchased a couple of months ago. It is signed on the back by 7/1 Harry Clayton Meiser, page 748 in the green book. Earlier today, Harry's granddaughter, 9/1 Michele H. Lacina, nee Meiser, informed me that Harry is seated on the right under the gentleman with the bow tie.

      I sent a high resolution scanning to the owner of the Meiserville Inn, and the attached 8 x 10 is now hanging on the wall at the inn. He says, "People really enjoy it."

Charles William Meiser
Historian, Meisser Genealogy Association
Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan
[email protected]

THE HISTORIAN , a publication of the Times Reporter of Tuscarawas County, has a name Index of photos that appeared in prior issues. I found numerous listings of Mizers who are in the photos. Photocopies of the photos can be obtained by vistiting The Historian web site.

The Historian Index is on a web site at:


Aron Mizer

George Washington MIZER
Descendant photos

13 photos

Samuel Henry Miser

Samuel Henry MISER,

Jacob Sidney Miser, Delilah Shrock, John Edward Myser

John MYSER 5/7,

Nancy (MIZER) HAWK 5/15

Mary & Jeremiah Mizer
Jeremiah MIZER 6/1 Descendants

Abrham Mizer BarnA History of the
Abraham MIZER Barn;
Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

Albert C. Mizer Family
Albert C. MIZER, Ancestors & Family

If you would like to have a photo from your family posted on a web page, email it to [email protected], along with identifying names & line of descent if possible.
Charles Paul Keller 10/1


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1997 Fourth Edition
(Supplement to the 1986 Edition)

Reprint of 1986 Third Edition
(The Green Book)
(The all inclusive edition)

"A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding the Miser surname and variations (e.g., MIZER, MYSER, MEISSER) in any place and at any time. To subscribe send an email with the word "subscribe" in the body to [email protected] (mail mode) or [email protected] (digest mode). Please send your queries & "Brick Walls."


FILLERS (FOSHIE), Annette: [email protected]
     (Willie N. Miser, Arnley R. Miser, Lee "Bose" Miser, Peter Miser,
      George Miser, John George Miser, John "Johannes" Meiser,
     Johann Michael Meiser 2/2, Johan Jurg Meisser 1/1)

     Additional Surnames: Miser, Mullins, Collins, Gibson, Owens, Foshee, Hilton, Shelton, and Murdock.

FRY (CHAMPION), Jean 9/4: [email protected];
     (Martha Mizer 7/5, Jacob Sidney Miser 6/2, John Myser 5/7, Jacob Myser 4/2,
     Johann Adam Meiser 3/9, Johann Michael Meiser 2/2, Johan Jurg Meiser 1/1)

     Additional Surnames: Champion,Hassan, Holland, Fry, Pugh

HALL (TECCO), Jo-Ann 10/1: [email protected]
     103 Independence Place; Aspen, CO 81611; Phone 970-925-2810
     (Alice Avadnia Wiandt Tecco 9/1; Avadnia L. Mizer Wiandt 8/1; Charles Edward Mizer 7/l;
     Daniel Mizer 6/8; George Meiser 5/5; Johannes Adam Meiser 4/1; John Johannes 3/7;
     Johann Michael Meiser 2/2, ;Johan Jurg Meisser 1/1)

     Additional Surnames: Wiandt, Schwab, Tecca

HOLMES (DENNIS), Penny: [email protected];
     Thomas Elmer Baker, Alice Zerelda Anderson, William C. Anderson,
     Zelder McAlister, Mary Webb, Mary Elizabeth Hafley,
  (Mary Elizabeth Meiser, Henry Meiser, Johann Michael Meiser 2/2, Johan Jurg Meiser 1/1)

     Tennessee to Arizona to Texas

JONES (MIZER), Mary-Jo: [email protected];

KELLER, Charles Paul 10/1: [email protected];
     Descended from Coshocton to Fulton County, Ohio Mysers, Misers & Mizers
     (Paul Watson Mizer 8/1, Romeo D. Mizer 7/6, Jacob Sidney Miser 6/2, John Myser 5/7, Jacob Myser 4/2,
     Johann Adam Meiser 3/9, Johann Michael Meiser 2/2, Johan Jurg Meiser 1/1)

    200 Sand Creek Hwy, #156, Adrian, Mich 49221, (517) 263-4011

KUGLER, Randy: [email protected];
     Researching Mizers in Dover & Tuscarawas Counties, Ohio
     Also Surnames: Lorenz, Beitzel, Kughler, Kugler & Fellman
     (John Meiser 4/2, John ‘Johannes’ Meiser 3/7, Johann Michael Meiser 2/2, Johan Jurg Meisser 1/1)

Meiser, Charles William 10/1: [email protected];
FAX # 775-429-8086
(Rolland Overmyer Meiser 9/1, Charles Walker Meiser 8/7, Frederick S. Meiser 7/1, John Meiser 6/1, Michael Meiser 5/1, John Michael Meiser 4/3, Henry Meiser 3/4, Johann Michael Meiser 2/2, Johan Jurg Meisser 1/1)
2402 W 4TH AVE, SAULT SAINTE MARIE MI 49783-1212, (906) 635-5109
     Additional Surnames: Bischoff, Brooks, Brumbaugh, Burkett, Burkhardt, Casper,      Clapper, Collins, Druckenmiller, Early, Hiester, Hoover, Houtz, Ickes, Keever, Lay,      Locke, Lucht, Metzgaar, Millen, Overmyer, Parr, Powell, Prichtel, Schuler, Shultz,      Sixt, Vogt, Waugaman, Wike, Wise, Zeller and various spelling of these names

MIZAR, Renee 11/2: [email protected];
     (Arley Paul Mizar 10/1, Arley Ryonald Mizar 9/2, George Walter Mizar 8/3, Michael Claudius Mizar 7/1,
     Burel Mizar 6/7, Michael Mizer, Sr. 5/1, John Miser 4/8, Henry Meiser 3/4, Johann Michael Meiser 2/2,
     Johan Jurg Meisser 1/1)

     Additional Surnames: Nafe, Chastin, Seeley, Crippen, Rose, Fuller, Kost, Shanks, Lambourne

MISER, Mike 9/7: [email protected];
     Descended from Jefferson County, Ohio Misers
     Jacob Leas Miser, George Miser, Henry Miser,
     Henry Meiser, Johann Michael Meiser 2/2, Johann Jurg Meisser 1/1

     Box 13; Pleasant City, Ohio 43772
     Additional Surnames: Berry, Cale (Kale, Kail) Matheney, Oliver, Hendry, Gault,      Zimmerman, Secrest, Spaid, Lorimer.

MIZER, Vern C. 8/4 & Fran: [email protected];
     Descended from Tuscarawas County, Ohio Mizers
     Clyde T. Mizer 7/7, Jeremiah Mizer 6/1, Benjamin Mizer 5/16, John W. Mizer 4/4,
     Johann Adam Meiser 3/9, Johann Michael Meiser 2/2, Johan Jurg Meisser 1/1

ROGERS (CHAMPION), Margaret 9/2: [email protected];
     (Martha Mizer 7/5, Jacob Sidney Miser 6/2, John Myser 5/7, Jacob Myser 4/2,
     Johann Adam Meiser 3/9, Johann Michael Meiser 2/2, Johan Jurg Meiser 1/1)

     Additional Surnames: Hopkins, Holland, Hassan, Champion, Schrock

SUNDAY, Larry 9/1: [email protected];
     (Martha Mizer 7/5, Jacob Sidney Miser 6/2, John Myser 5/7, Jacob Myser 4/2,
      Johann Adam Meiser 3/9, Johann Michael Meiser 2/2, Johan Jurg Meiser 1/1)

     11451 S. Half Moon Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85044-2206
      Additional Surnames: Sunday, Harmon, Carr, Schrock, Snyder

SWIGERT, Phyllis & Rodney: [email protected]
     (Flora Ella Mizer & John Sherman Fry(e)
     ( John Edward Myser 6/1 (John Myser 5/7, Jacob Myser 4/2,
      Johann Adam Meisser 3/9, Johann Michael Meiser 2/2, Johan Jurg Meisser 1/1)
     Additional Surnames, Rodney: Fry(e), Hass, Mizer, Sixt, Voight
     Additional Surnames, Phyllis: Campbell, Coy, Steinhour, Walters, Willis
     10025 N. Avenida Martin; Kingman, Arizonia 86409

ZINGERY, Sharon 9/1: [email protected];
     (Arminta Frances Mizer 6/5, Abraham Mizer 5/6, Henry Mizer 4/7,
     Johann Adam Meiser 3/9, Johann Michael Meiser 2/2, Johan Jurg Meiser 1/1)


Misener Genealogy by Rodney Misener

CIVIL WAR - 80th Ohio Vounteer Infantry:

The Jacob MISER Family History Page:

Paul & Valleda Mizer Family Photos, Fulton Co., Ohio

Encil MIZER Family History

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