Ai School, 1917 Year Book, Fulton Co., Ohio


ulton Centralized High School; Ai, Ohio

A year book owned by Joyce ZEIGLER, that was printed in 1917, has yielded the following photos and articles:

Published by the Junior Class of Fulton High School
Class of Eighteen

List of contents:

Dedication Page, Professor E.J. Kreiger

Editorial Staff


First School Board & Present School Board

Centralization, A Brief Account of its Growth
in Fulton Township

    with photos of the Old & New School Buildings

Fulton High School History, 1916-1917

Freshman Class

History of the Freshman Class

Sophomore Class

Junior Class

Junior Class History

Senior class
with biography of

Senior Class History,

1917 Class Will

  Merry Milk Maids play photo

  High School Teachers

  Class of 1908 & Class of 1910  

  Class of 1911 & Class of 1912  

  Class of 1913 & Class of 1914   

  Class of 1915 & Class of 1916   

Dedicated to Professor E. J. Krieger
Whose unrestrained efforts and constant labor
has brought our school to the standard
of a first grade school.

Note: On the back of the Dedication Page is written:
Student - Angola, Heidelberg, Bowling Green State Normal College
Instructor - Rural School, Fulton Twp. school grade, Principal Fulton Twp. Schools, Township Supt. Bacom, Supt. Fulton Schools.

   Editorial Staff
Editor-in-Chief - Ruth E. Habel
Assistant Editor - Fred W. Keller
Art Editor - LaVern Dowling
Literary Editor - Eva B. Deck
Social Editor - Dorthy D. Putman
Business Mgr. - Kenneth Vaughan


      The Spizerinktum has been written for the benefit of the members of the Alumni, the pupils now in the High School, the faculty and any others who may be interested in the welfare and the progress of Fulton High School.

      The Class of Nineteen-sixteen was requested to edit an annual, but they thought, not only that their time was short but that they did not care to attempt it.    To no other class until now, the Class of 1918, has this suggestion been made.    We have attempted and to you we wish to prove our success.

      The Literary Editor, Eva Deck, with her assistants, Ralph Mohr, Archie Kreiger and Ruth Potter, have endeavored to make their productions interesting to all.    Dorothy Putnam, as Social Editor, has faithfully searched through the F. H. S. register book for the necessary information; behold the result of her work!    LaVern Dowling, our Art Editor, has gathered every picture solemn or vice versa and placed them in the Spizerinktum for you to look at when far away from F. H. S.   We hope our efforts have not been in vain.

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