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We are cousins, Kelli Foster Fannin and Max Blanton. We are working to build our family shrub, we hope our efforts will lead to a towering oak with many branches. There are numerous limbs on our tree and we are trying to serve them all well by recording their ancestry for them, and future generations, (whom we hope) will keep the tree alive and well tended.

Our family is now primarily concentrated in Texas, however, we came from Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Ohio, Arkansas and other places of which we are not certain. It is thought that some of our earlier ancesters came from Lancashire, England and maybe Scotland and France.

We wish you a pleasant journey through our part of the world, should you have any comments, corrections or suggestions, please submit them for us to consider. We have made every attempt to be as accurate as possible in our work. We have many people to thank for their help, they know who they are. Again, welcome, and we hope you enjoy meeting our family.

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