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   Historic Scotland.....
The McCormick Family Lineage Is Traced Back To St.David Of Scotland,Robert Bruce,And King James I. They Belonged to a sept.of the MacClaine Clan Of Locburie.Generations Followed...Donough MacCormack,Chief of the clan / Donough MacCormick,Letter Kenny, Oxford / Bryon MacCormack b.1583 / Owen MacCormick 1600 / Thomas McCormick married Matilda Patterson/ James McCormick (Loudenberry War Captain) b.1645-m. Sara Welsh. At the seize of Louderberry in the protestant cause that swept thru Scotland by John Knox & John Calvin Preslztery Theology.With Governor offices and other gentlemen signed the humble address to the crown on july 29,1684 to William And Mary. Later in the 1600 years the McCormick's and families left Scotland and sailed across the north channel to settle in northern Ireland,they called themselves colonizers residents of Ulster county near Belfast.they were hired by the english king to fight the catholics during the irish rebellion at which time Ireland was divided forming the stage for protestant domination in northern Ireland.
{The McCormick's religiously embraced the John Calvin Presbyterian doctrine}
    The First America Settlers...
 The McCormick & Carruth Families
Ancestorsl, Hugh b.1695 in Ulster,Ireland Ulster,Ireland and his brother Thomas McCormick  b.1702 were the first to settle in america in 1735,they were son's of Londonderry War Captain, James McCormick  b.1645 in Londonderry,Ulster Prov, Ireland and SarahWelsh.  Thomas married Elizabeth Carruth b.1705 in Antrim Co., Ireland -d. 1766 in Cumberland Co, PA. She is the daughter of James Carruth  b.,22 June 1679, in Dumbarton, Scotland -d.1728 in Antrim County, Ireland. and Margaret Law. b. 1679, they were married Dec.4, 1700 in Glasgow, Scotland.. Elizabeth's other siblings include....Mary Carruth, Walter Carruth b.1703, Adam Carruth b.1704, and Alexander Carruth.. Walter and Adam immigrated in 1729 and Alexander came shortly after as they are all found in records while they lived in Pa. before moving on to N.C. and spreading  throughout the Southeast U.S.  Elizabeth had two other brothers that stayed in Antrim Co.,Ireland and  have families there today-their names were James and John Carruth.
For more information on the CarruthFamilies see Harvey Carrouth's web Page.
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  The First McCormick Reunion...
The First Reunion Was Held At Riverside Park In Indianapolis. The Oldest McCormick  was Catherine Kirkwood, ,granddaughter Of  John McCormick ,Was Present And The Youngest Descendent Was Lotus-Lily McCormick ,Baby From Muncie,Indiana-including Muncie Relatives.
(They Must Of Traveled By Horse & Buggy There 60 miles).
Military War Records & Pioneer History Of John McCormick,Sr
  (Thanks you Harry McCormick for this information for the war pension)
John's Application For Pension
 John McCormick Sr. born Aug 30,1754 in Frederick Co.,Va.- and died on April 16,1837 in Connersville, Fayette Co, Indiana. He married Catherine Drennan on March 24,1785 in Bedford County.,Pennsylvania.  Estate Settlement of John Sr.
"Our Revolutionary Soldier" When John was born in 1754 Virginia was a Province of Great Britain and the McCormick's were still Legal to the English Goverment at that time but opposed  it's Tyrannical Measure by the King. when the struggle for Independence Protestors. His First Enlistment was 1775 as a private for two years with the Virginia Troops. his captain James Robertson under Colonel Christie. His Second Enlistment 1778 as a private for two years with Captain Mack's Company 14th Regiment Commanded By Col.Charlie Lewis. His 3rd Enlistment 1780 for two years in Capt. McCall's 'Company, after his service in Virginia the War ended in 1781. He later enlisted two more years Indian Fighting in Bedford County Pennsyvania in the Wataga River,His name appears in the roll call with the "On Guard" Troops. His application for pension was Sept.1831 at the age of 71 resident of Fayette County, Indiana as a Private No 9785 for Eight years of service. Signed H.Clay Evans Comm.of Pensions. President Monroe signed the Revolution War Pension Artical.... March 1818. McCormick  recieved $8.00 per month, after his death his widow Catherine Drennan McCormick  b. Jan 25,1769 in Bedford, Co.,  Pennsylvania was given a small pension 1845-1862 until she died at age 93 on Feb 22,1862 in Connersville,Indiana.
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