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Kennedy, Shaver

Recording of Births of Bernit (Bernard) Shaver Kennedy, his wife, Phebe Freeman and their first six
children (of 15)

Source: Deerskin journal of Dr. Samuel Kennedy, NJ Historical Society,
Newark, NJ
This document can also be found in Rutgers University Alexander Library,
Bible Records section and the genealogy files of
Virginia Alleman Brown, Shippen Manor, Oxford, NJ

Bernit Shaver Kennedy was born March 16, 1798

Phebe Freeman was born Marcy 19th 1801

Ann Maria Kennedy their eldest daughter
Was born October 26th 1821

Emeline McCombs Kennedy their second daughter
Was born January 8th 1823

Sarah Elizabeth Kennedy their third daughter
was born February 15th 1824

Samuel Wesley Kennedy their eldest son
Was born January 17th 1826

William Freeman Kennedy their second son
Was born April 16th 1827

Charlotte Swayze Kennedy their fourth
Daughter was born June 16th 1829

Catharine Jane Kennedy their fifth daughter
Was born April 17th 1831

Daniel Freeman Kennedy their thrid son
Was born July 13th 1833

Rebecca Mararetta Kennedy their sixth
Daughter was born March 1 1835