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Kennedy, Melick, Shafer

Recording of Deaths of Barnet (Bernard)
Kennedy's children.

Source: Deerskin journal of Dr. Samuel Kennedy, NJ Historical Society,
Newark, NJ
This document can also be found in Rutgers University Alexander Library,
Bible Records section and the genealogy files of
Virginia Alleman Brown, Shippen Manor, Oxford, NJ

Adelaide Cecelia Kennedy
died Oct. 19, 1871 aged 30 years
Phebe Kennedy Freeman
died Sept. 14, 1873, aged 72 years
Bernard Shafer Kennedy
died Nov. 10, 1878, aged 80 years
Ann Maria Kennedy Shafer
died Oct. 26, 1891
William Freeman Kennedy
died Oct. 30, 1899
Samuel Wesley Kennedy
died August 16, 1904
Charlotte Swayze Kennedy
died February 28, 1905
Emeline McCombs Kennedy Melick
died Oct. 13, 1907
Bernetta Kennedy
died April 29, 1910
Catharine Jane Kennedy
died June 27, 1910
Henriella Almeda Kennedy
died October 23, 1910
Thomas Jefferson Kennedy
died July 12, 1911
Sarah Elizabeth Kennedy
died May 24, 1912
Daniel Freeman Kennedy
died July 24, 1912
Josephine Virginia Kennedy
died August 29, 1914